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Last Will and Testament of Abigail (née Brown) Gray

In the Name of God Amen Be it remembered that I Abigail Gray of Bristol in the county of Bristol in the State of Rhode Island Providence Plantations widow of Thomas Gray late of s'd Bristol yeoman deceased being now advanced to the age of man and labouring under bodily infirmities, but through the divine beneficence of my great Creator and Preserver, do at this time enjoy a sound disposing mind memory for which qualifications I acknowledge the greatest obligations to the Father of all Goodness being convinced that it is appointed for all men once to die and after death the judgment, do believe it to be my duty to set my house in order before so great and important takes place with me ~ Therefore do now make leave in writing this my last Will and Testament in the following words and form, to wit.

Imprimus. Principally first of all I recommend my never dying soul into the hands of my merciful Creator, through the merits of my dear Redeemer, my body I cheerfully commit to its mother Earth hoping for a part with just in the first Resurrection day and as to the small estate I shall die possessed of I give and dispose of Righteously in the following manner (viz.) ~~~~~~~~

Item. I give and bequeath to the heirs of my beloved son John Gray late deceased, Viz, Martha Almy wife of Job Almy of Tiverton, Edward Gray, Sally Pason, wife of Joseph Payson [sic] now resident in Bristol Betsey Gray. Fifty cents each, that with what I have already done for their Father is their proportion of my Estate.

Item. I give devise to my beloved son Pardon Gray of said Bristol County four acres of wood land on the south of my wood lot lying being in Tiverton in the county of Newport in s'd State of Rhode Island for the particular boundaries reference must be had to the deed from my Hon. Mother Sarah Brown to me s'd four acres is given to him to his heirs assigns forever. I also give to my s'd son the riding mare so called.

Item. I give and devise to me three beloved Daughters Viz. Meribah Munro wife of Stephen Munro of Swanzey in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Ruth Waldron wife of Thomas Waldron Abigail Peck wife of Hezekiah Peck, both of s'd Bristol, my wood land lying in Tiverton in the county of Newport as afores'd excepting the four acres devised to my son Pardon as aboves'd - share and share alike to them and their heirs forever - for the boundaries of which reference must be had as aboves'd.

Item. I give and bequeath to me beloved Grand Daughter Sarah Gray, daughter of Pardon Gray, one pair of sheets and a small looking glass.

Item. I give and bequeath to my said Daughter Ruth Waldron my cow.

Item. I give and bequeath to my said Daughters Meribah Munro, Ruth Waldron Abigail Peck all the remainder of my Estate both real personal however to be found excepting what has been bequeathed and devised as above and what is to be given to my Black Woman black woman, share & share alike to them & to their heirs forever. In particular I give to my s'd Daughters a side saddle bequeathed to me by their Hon. Father Thomas Gray.

Item. I give bequeath to my black woman Hannah one small feather bed together with the bed on which she usually lies.

Item. My will is that my servants Viz. Hannah Gray with her sons Richard & Nimena have their freedom immediately after my decease, and they are therefore hereby declared free after my decease afores'd.

Item. And of this my last Will Testament I appoint, constitute ordain my son-in-law Hezekiah Peck my Grandson Philip Munro my Executors, hereby revoking and disannulling all other former Wills, Testaments Bequests heretofore made ratifying and confirming this and only this to be my last Will Testament.

In witness whereof I the said Abigail Gray have hereunto set my hand and seal this nineteenth day of January One Thousand Eight Hundred Eight.

Signed, sealed, pronounced and declared by the s'd Abigail to be her last Will Testament in the presence of us who signed as witnesses at the same time in presence of each other. N.B. The words in 4th line from bottom page 2nd word "small" in 11th line from bottom same page being first interlined.

Abigail Gray {seal}

Daniel Bradford Jun.

David Maxfield Abigail Brown (seal)

Hezekiah Munro

Probated November 1, 1813, Probate Office of Bristol, Bristol County, Rhode Island

The information that follow for the Grays of Tiverton, Rhode Island, was researched and kindly provided by Rodney W. Gray.
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