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Newport County, Rhode Island
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Mercury Almanac for 1901 published by John P. Sanborn, Newport, R.I.
December 30, 1899 to December 13, 1900. Scans are over 300 kb.
1901 Important Events - 1:
December 1899.
30. Fire in the Horgan-Newton building on Thames street, occupied by the Model Clothing Co., caused damage to the extent of $,000.
January 1900.
1. Municipal Government for 1900 inaugurated.
6. Captain A. A. Barker, captain in 26th U. S. Volunteers, on duty in Philippines, acknowledges in the Mercury the receipt of the congratulatory cablegram sent him by the people of Newport.
6. Michael Butler died.
8. School Committee meet and organize for the year.
14. Medical Inspector Charles A. Siegfried, U. S. N., died.
14. John W. Hooper died at Block Island, aged 77 years.
15. Tow Italians arrested at Jamestown, charged with breaking and entering.
26. Building for contagious diseases at Newport Hospital destroyed by fire.
4. George H. Norman died at Palm Beach, Florida, in hi 74th year. Funeral services were held at Trinity Church on the 8th.
6. Engine Company No. 3 is made a part of the regular fire department.
12. Will of George H. Norman offered for probate. All property is left to the family. A trust fund is created with George H. Norman, Jr., as trustee.
16. Fire department has a long run to the Bateman estate on the Ocean drive. The small building used for a laundry is destroyed.
17. Announcement is made that the Young Men's Christian Association has purchased the Pell estate on Mary Street for the use of the Association.
17. Heaviest snow storm of the season begins.
19. Philip B. Chase died at his home in Portsmouth.
22. Washington's Birthday. Very quiet observance in this city.
24. Barge. Gen. Wiley went down off Beavertail in a severe storm. The captain and his four young children were drowned.
26. Brigadier General Frederic M. Sackett paid his annual visit of inspection to the Newport Artillery Company.
27. Newport Camp, No. 7,677, Modern Woodmen of America, instituted.
6. Republican ward caucuses held.
8. Abram A. Tilley died after a short illness.
10. Announcement of the sale of the Portsmouth Grove property gives rise to many conjectures as to the use to which it will be put.
12. At a meeting of the school committee it was voted to request the city council to issue bonds for $15,000, for an addition to the Townsend Industrial School building to make the Coles bequest available.
13. Republican state convention held in Providence. Will Gregory nominated for governor.
Brilliant Hebrew wedding at Touro Synagogue; Miss Lillie Lewisohn married to Albert Lewisohn, all of New York.
2. William Fludder died, aged 96 years.
3. Daniel L. Cummings died.
3. State election. On the local ticket the two parties split even, electing a Republican senator, two Republican representatives, and three Democratic representatives. Of the four propositions to issue bonds, three were defeated and one, that for the Townsend Industrial School, was carried.
1901 Important Events - 2
15. Easter Sunday. Special services in all the churches.
16. Week of Grand Parada at the Opera House by local amateurs for the benefit of the Mianetuck Golf Club, begins.
19. John H. Jordan, for many years local agent for the Consolidated road and its predecessors, died.
21. William W. Sampson, for many years one of the most popular conductors on the Consolidated road, died suddenly.
24. Bill introduced in the General Assembly to create a police commission for the city of Newport.
25. Captain Nathan M. Russell, a retired sea captain, committed suicide by shooting.
27. Tax assessment completed. Total valuation, $39,737,600; total tax, $437,113.60; rate, $11 per $1,000. Total valuation is a gain of $1,616,300 over that of last year.
1. John Nicholas Brown died in New York after a short illness.
4. New battleship Kearsarge pays her first visit to this harbor.
4. The handsome villa of W. Storrs Wells at Bellevue and Ruggles avenues was almost totally destroyed by fire. Many valuable furnishing that cannot be replaced were lost. The building was insured.
10. Harold Brown died in New York. His sudden death, following so soon after that of his brother, was a great shock to his friends here as well as elsewhere.
12. Special town meeting at New Shoreham. The sum of $50,000 in bonds voted for the construction of a new steamer to replace the Danielson. Dr. J. P. Camplain and Mr. J. Truman Doge appointed a committee to build the vessel.
15. Violent electrical storms do much damage in the northern part of the State.
15. Charles A. Lee, editor of the Pawtucket Gazette and Chronicle, died in Portland, Me.
22. Wills of John Nicholas and Harold Brown offered for probate. There are valuable bequests for Newport institutions under each.
26. Bernard J. Benson died.
28. Memorial Day. William G. Cassard, D. D., chaplain of the Training Station, delivered the annual oration.
28. William Lovey Tilley died after a long illness.
28. Will of Sarah E. Gardner offered for probate. An estate of $24,000 was left for charitable purposes. Mrs. Gardner was an old colored woman in supposedly moderate circumstances.
29. 'Lection Day, Governor Gregory and other State officers inaugurated with fitting ceremonies. General Assembly begin its May session.
1. Rev. Charles H. Porter, Jr., installed as pastor of Channing Memorial Church.
4. Audley Clarke Peckham, son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Peckham, died.
10. Joel B. Wolfe, one of Newport's best known summer residents, died suddenly at his home on Bellevue avenue.
11. Mr. Benjamin Baker tenders his resignation as superintendent of schools.
13. Governor Gregory appoints the members of the Newport Police Commission as follows: Col. Jeremiah Horton, Col. John H. Wetherell, and Mr. Harwood E. Read.
15. Herbert W. Lull, of Quincy, Mass., chosen superintendent of schools to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Mr. Benjamin Baker.
20. At a special meeting of the city council steps were taken to determine the legality of the legislative act, creating a police commission for the city of Newport.
21. McKinley and Roosevelt nominated for President and Vice President at Philadelphia.
21. Graduating exercises of the Class of 1900 of the Rogers High School held.
22. Graduating exercises of the Class of 1900 of the Grammar Schools held.
24. Twenty-fifth anniversary of the ordination and installation of Rev. H. N. Jeter held.
4. Independence Day. Long street parade, largely composed of marines and sailors from the ships of the North Atlantic Squadron.
1901 Important Events - 3
11. Society wedding at "Swanhurst", Miss Charlotte Whiting married to Mr. Harry O. Havemeyer.
17. Electric Hansom runs away on Cannon street and demolishes store at the foot of the street, without damage to the vehicle.
25. William H. Cotton died, age 63 years.
2. A decision of the Supreme Court declares that the act creating a police commission for the city of Newport is constitutional.
2. New torpedo boat destroyer Stringham arrives at Newport. This is the first vessel of her class to enter the harbor.
16. Hon. Thomas Coggeshall died in New York.
16. Batter C, Seventh Artillery, starts for China, 150 strong, Capt. Stone in command. The Newport Artillery Company escorted the battery to the boat.
22. Capt. Alfred S. Chase, one of the few members of the Newport Marine Society, died in South Portsmouth, in his 78th year.
29. Anniversary of the Battle of Rhode Island observed by the Sons of the Revolution and by the American-Irish Historical Society.
29. Annual floral fete at Jamestown.
6. Automobile races at Aquidneck Park draw large crowds. Wm. K. Vanderbilt, Jr., carries off the honors with his gasoline machine.
12. Miss Harriet Ives Gammell and Mr. Thomas Shaw Safe married at Emmanuel Church before a brilliant assemblage.
14. William P. Ball died at Block Island.
25. Republicans open campaign of 1900 by a rally in their headquarters. McKinley & Roosevelt campaign club organized.
25. Newport County Fair opens its annual exhibition in Oakland Hall.
29. William K. Vanderbilt, Jr., left Newport in his fast automobile to establish a record for the run to New York. Bad roads and many accidents interfered with his plans for a fast run.
8. Special meeting of the board of Alderman held to consider the prevalence of typhoid fever in this city.
11. Republican state convention held in Providence.
22. Republican city convention held. Frederick P. Garrettson nominated for mayor.
30. New city hall dedicated and a bronze tablet to the late Capt. John Waters unveiled.
30. Hugh K. Norman died/
31. Lucius D. Davis died, after a long and useful life.
6 National election. McKinley & Roosevelt elected by enormous pluralities. Garrettson defeats Boyle for mayor by 32 votes. Newport returns a majority against the constitutional amendment. Republican city ticket generally successful.
6. Newport ceases to be one of the capitals of the State of Rhode Island.
9. Two fires at the Mahoney stable on Bellevue avenue are evidently of incendiary origin.
11. Fire at the bathing pavilion of Bailey's Beach is evidently of incendiary origin. Dennistoun M. Bell is subsequently arrested, charged with arson.
20. Dennistoun M. Bell, awaiting action by the grand jury on the charge of arson, is declared insane, and ordered committed to an institution.
26. William Brooks accidentally shot and killed by a companion at Jamestown, while shooting wild birds.
28. Contract for the new steamer for the town of New Shoreham placed in Boston.
29. Thanksgiving Day. Special church services held.
30. Ezra J. Barker died.
3. Federation of Newport churches formed.
9. Announcement made that Mrs. John Nicholas Brown will erect a new church building for Emmanuel church.
13. N. James DeBlois died.
13. Dr. Peter F. Curley died.

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