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Newport County, Rhode Island
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Newport Mercury 1903 Almanac published by John P. Sanborn, Newport, R.I.
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1903 Important Events - 1:
December 1901.
10. Annual Session of the Rhode Island State Grange was held at Oakland Hall, South Portsmouth, on Tuesday and Wednesday.
14. Stone Bridge commission give public hearing on the matter of a new draw for the Stone Bridge.
16. William Gregory, Governor of Rhode Island, died at his home in Wickford.
25. Christmas Day.
January 1902.
6. City Government of Newport for 1902, inaugurated with appropriate ceremonies. Mayor Boyle succeeded May Garrettson. City officers elected were practically the same as during the previous year.
7. First inauguration of a Governor in the new State House is held in Providence with ceremonies in imitation of those formerly in vogue in Newport.
13. School committee meets and organizes for the year.
19. New electric light equipment in the United Congregational church, the gift of Miss Caroline Newton, was used for the first time.
24. Mrs. Benjamin F. Thurston died suddenly in New York.
28. City Council in making annual appropriations cuts down the estimates of various departments, making the total amount only $517,763.93.
29. Abram Almy died after a short illness.
3. New gymnasium of the Young Men's Christian Association as formally opened to the public.
4. Ira W. Wilbor elected keeper of the city asylum after a prolonged fight.
10. At the regular meeting of the school committee the finance committee reports that owing to the decreased appropriation granted by the city council it will be impossible to open the schools in the fall unless money is forthcoming.
13. Peleg Cornell, an aged resident of Little Compton, was found murdered at his home in that town. Subsequent investigation failed to furnish a clew to his assailant.
15. Mr. B. B. H. Sherman retired from the grocery business to take up his duties as cashier of the Union National Bank.
17. Severe snow storm, which considerably impedes travel, begins.
1903 Important Events - 2:
22. Washington's Birthday observed with fitting ceremonies. On the preceeding [sic.] evening the Society of the Sons of the Revolution entertained at a banquet.
3. Captain Francis Willis, an old "Forty niner," died at his home on Block Island.
18. Fire destroyed the Johnston Planing mill on Mill street, making a spectacular blaze and a difficult one to handle.
23. Rev. Charles H. Porter, Jr., resigns as pastor of Channing Memorial church.
30. Easter Sunday, ideal weather for this great church holiday.
2. Town Meeting Day. The various county towns of Newport county held their annual meetings. At Jamestown the session was a very interesting one, the affairs of the Ferry Company being up for discussion.
6. George W. Swinburne died at his home on Broadway after a long illness.
6. Mrs. Mary E. Head was accidentally burned to death at her home in Jamestown.
7. Washingtown Commandery, No. 4, K. T., entertains Sutton and Godfrey de Bouillon commanderies of New Bedford and Fall River at cards, dinner and dancing.
16. Newport Trust Company moves into temporary quarters on Franklin street in order to allow of the construction of this magnificent new building on Thames street and Commercial wharf.
18. Captain Richmond Pearson Hobson of Marrimac fame addressed a good sized audience at the Opera House under the auspices of the Daughters of the American Revolution.
21. Small riot between contending factions of the congregation at the Jewish Synagogue. The door was broken open and the police made several arrests.
23. Daniel B. Fitts died.
24. James H. Barney died.
29. William B. Sherman died.
1. The Newport Trust Company institutes an innovation for Newport by opening a branch bank on Bellevue avenue for the accommodation of the summer residents.
1903 Important Events - 3
7. The Tax Assessors complete their duties in assessing the tax for 1902. The total valuation of the city is $41,754,100, an increase of $1,128,800. The rate of taxation is $1.14 on each $100.
10. Rev. Forrest F. Emerson, for many years pastor of the United Congregational Church in this city, died in Brooklyn.
18. The moving of the old building at the corner of Thames street and Commercial wharf, the property of the Newport Trust Company, to its new location further south, proved a difficult task, it being the largest building ever moved through Thames street.
30. Memorial Day. French special delegation visited Newport to strew flowers on the grave of Admiral de Ternay in Trinity Church yard. The distinguished visitors were treated to every courtesy and were escorted to the grave by a long military and naval parade. Dinner was served at the Casino. The Governor and State dignitaries as well as the city officials assisted in entertaining the visiting Frenchmen with their ladies.
3. The new Emmanuel Church, the gift of Mrs. John Nicholas Brown was consecrated with appropriate ceremony by Rt. Rev. William N. McVickar, bishop coadjutor of the diocese of Rhode Island. Many prominent members of the clergy from all over the country were present at the services.
12. The sessions of the New England Yearly of the Society of Friends began at the old meeting house on Farewell street.
13. Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show gave an exhibition on the old circus lot on Middletown avenue.
19. Anthony S. Sherman for 30 years cashier of the Merchants Bank, committed suicide by shooting at his home on Kay street, death ensuing on the 26th of June. The act was probably caused by the entangled condition of affairs at the bank.
1903 Important Events - 4: June 19 to July 9, 1902.
1903 Important Events - 5: July 12 to September 1, 1902. 1903 Important Events - 6: September 1 to October 32, 1902
1903 Important Events - 7: November 1 to December 9, 1902.  

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