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1915 City of Newport Grammar Graduation

The graduation program for June 24, 1915 has been scanned as well as transcribed. On the cover teachers and school committee members are listed: Dudley E. Campbell; Jennie W. Mackie; Annie E. Caswell; Clarence A. Carr; Rebecca T. Bosworth; Thomas P. Peckham; Rev. Emery H. Potter; Robert C. Bacheller; William J. Cozzens; John P. Sullivan; Christopher F. Barker; Thomas B. Congdon; William W. Covell; Henry C. Stevens; Rufus E. Darrah; William R. Harvey; Anna F. Hunter; Herbert Warren Lull.

The second page has the program of events and these additional names: Robert Sherman Burlingame; David Francis Egan; Helen Marion Wheatland; Raymond Henry Edwards; Mary Snow Norton; Charles William Hughes; Helen Agnes Mauran. The third page continues the program and lists the names: Ellor Carlisle Ripley; Henry Stuart Hendy; Marguerite L. Ferrin. The forth page lists graduates as follows:

Graduates of 1915




Emma Merle Andrews

Lester Rutherford Fulton

James Whitney Rainey

Rollo Atwater

John Borland Gibson

Robert Audley Randall, Jr.

Walberg Matilda Bernadena

Hugh Nelson Gifford, Jr.

Miriam Magdalene Richards


Ruth Davenport Gifford

William Atley Richardson, Jr.

Audrey Bernice Berry

Robert Gladding

Bernice Eleanor Reavey

Gertrude Constance Bonner

Edward Irving Gorton

Philip Shanahan

Gertrude Marie Booth

Myra Alberta Haire

Arthur Leo Vincent Shea

Frank Bozyan

Joseph Waller Hall

Mary Agnes Veronica Sheehan

Victoria Tarvezig Bozyan

Donald Grant Hay

William Francis Sheehan

Elizabeth Clayton Chase

Alice May Hoyle

Dora Florence Shuser

Alice Geneva Connolly

Doris Gertrude King

Elizabeth Irene Smith

Robert James Mullaney Connolly

Ernestine Esther Kosch

Herman Chace Spingler

Mary Grace Agnes Conway

Harold Christian Larsen

Ruth Bateman Spingler

Frederick John Cook

Cornelius Lyons

David Patterson Stewart

Louise Howland Cowles

Esther Lyons

John Thomas Joseph Sullivan

Josephine Debris Davis

Francis McCarthy

Katherine Cecelia Sullivan

Anna Josephine Deasy

Marguerite McGowan

Marguerite Laurel Frances Sweeney

Elvira Mary Deluca

Edna Mae Meier

Winona Rogers Sweet

William Ronayne Denniston

George Frederick Meier

Carl Anton Tollefsen

Margery Donovan

Ruth Louise Miller

Harold Nicholas Tollefson

Marjorie Violet Dorey

Margaret Calista Murphy

Francis Joseph Toomey

Alexander Joseph Doyle

John Henry Ney

Mae Jones Townsend

Frances Dring

Sina Marie Nielson

Camilles August Wadst

Benjamin Joseph Edwards

David Patrick O'Neil

Samuel Theodore Washington

David Francis Egan

Gertrude Katherine Pauline

Pauline Knowe Weaver

Margaret Egan


Helen Marion Wheatland

Peter Kenzie Faerber

Reginald Vincent Peirson

Charles Vincent Wiggenhauser

Frederick Joseph Franco

Arthur William Potter, 3d.

Mary Bowie Yule

Coddington School about 1906-1909
Pat Wary sent this photograph. Her grand aunt Alice Genevieve Connolly is standing at the left behind the first seated girl. Pat says Alice, "graduated from there [Coddington School] in 1915.  By looking at them, I would say they were all about 6-8 years old, which would put this picture about 1906-1909, certainly before 1910, but not before 1906.  Alice was born in October of 1899, so her first grade class probably would have been in 1906." Click the picture to enlarge. For an even larger (439kb) image, click here.




Hazel Sherman Bailey

Elizabeth Catherine Feltham

Elizabeth Burdick Oxx

Elmer Morton Bloch

Frank Leroy Goddard

Madeline May Oxx

Charles Barnes Braley

Gladys Mane Greene

Gordon Dixon Oxx

Helen Holland Brooks

Reginald Stanley Hass

Edith Barbara Popple

Marion Stetson Brown

Harry Allen Hayward

Gilbert Arthur Ramlose

Sarah Carolyn Chapman

Helen Louise Healey

Charlotte Ida Rugen

Rainford Harding Clarkson

Anna Pierce Kelley

Roberta Louise Shea

Joseph Cyril Augustine Denniston

Matilda Miriam Kravetz

Ena Madge Stanley

Kathryn Loretta Agnes Denniston

Emily Madeline Martin

George Lyndsaye Sutherland

Ida Clarke Durfee

Eva Lovejoy Martin

Mary Louise Sypher

Dorothy Woodward Edes

Clara Craig Kathryn Murphy

Anna Lucia Wheeler

Paul Bradley Edes

Mary Snow Norton

Frank Mortimer Wheeler, Jr.

Raymond Henry Edwards

Edward Charles Reilly O'Sullivan

Agnes Loretta White




Vera Alma Ackers

Bernard Friedman

Peter Paul Pagano

Joseph Edward Adelson

Edith Mary Groff

Annie Slocumb Patrick

Catherine Helen Aldrich

Sarah Rockett Groff

Dorothy Augusta Peckham

Happie Marion Austin

Clara Evelyn Marie Hayse

Robert Augustus Peckham

Emily Allan Barker

Charles William Hughes

Victor Laurence Pedorella

Edward Lawton Behrman

Arnold Clyde James

Richard Theodore Piper

Gallileo Joseph Bencivenga

Adele Jenkins

Harry Campbell Probert

John Howard Benson

Norman Henry Kazanjian

Rita Elizabeth Ray

Thomas Austin Brice

Harry Charles Carey Koehne

Myrtle Belmont Records

Reginald Moffitt Bryer

Israel Hyman Lack

Augusta Ruede

Clifford Albro Champlin

Rose Ann Ladyman

William Taylor Schwarz

Sarah Albro Champlin

Louisa Augusta Lewis

Irene Dorothy Sewall

Alice Elizabeth Chase

Nathalie May Lovinggood

Catherine Henrietta Smith

Marietta Agnes Cleary

Annie Louise Luth

Axell Harry Stenholm

Alice Emily Conway

Dorothy Mary Lyons

Francis Osborn Stoddard

Sarah Coddington Davis

Catherine Eleanor Martin

William Shepley George Sullivan

Amy Angelia Demery

Julia Arleigh Mathews

Lottie Catherine Taber

Albert Irving Deplitch

Helen Agnes Mauran

Raymond William Taylor

Abraham Joseph Dannin

Alice Helene Monsen

Joseph Thompson

Harry Joseph Dannin

Ralph Dimon Morse

Shepard Vogelgesang

John Joseph Dannin

Marion Frances Teresa Nason

David Yantes

Reuben Eric Edin

Charles Stewart North

Mary Maud Washington

Benjamin Estner

John August Edwin Olsson


For a picture of 1919 Rogers High School graduates (the year many of the above would have graduated) click here.

Scans and transcription by Susan W. Pieroth, 2006. These documents are made available to the public for non-commercial purposes.
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