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1916 City of Newport Grammar Graduation

With a Picture of the Students from the Coddington School

The picture has numbers inked on each person, however, I didn't find the key. The only one I know is number 60 and because he's listed as a graduate of Coddington Grammar School in 1916, I expect that the rest are from the same school and year. More students graduated from the school that year than are pictured. The scan was split into four sections, from left to right, so that the images could be made larger for better identification. If you recognize anyone please let me know.

Section 1; Section 2; Section 3; Section 4.

The graduation program for June 22, 1916 has been scanned. On the cover teachers and school committee members are listed: Dudley E. Campbell; Jennie W. Mackie; Annie E. Caswell; Clarence A. Carr; Rebecca T. Bosworth; Henry C. Stevens, Jr.; Rev. Emery H. Porter, D.D.; Christopher F. Barker, M.D.; Thomas B. Congdon; William W. Covell; William R. Harvey; Anna F. Hunter; John P. Sullivan; Robert C. Bacheller; William P. Clarke; William J. Cozzens; William A. Sherman, M.D.; Herbert Warren Lull.

The second page and the third page have the program of events where the following names can be found: Herbert Warren Lull; Nathan Haskell Dole; Henry Stuart Hendy; Marguerite L. Ferrin. The forth page lists graduates as follows:

Coddington School
Gertrude Alberts
Ruth Elvira Anderson
William Joseph Alexander
Frank Almeida
Beatrice Palmer Bailey
Nina Gertrude Belyea - #55
 (Provided by Katherine Gullette)
Amelia Biello
Edith Lucy Boyd
Erna Anna Emily Brandt
John Justus Brandt
Lawrence Kenneth Britton
William Horace Brown
John Thomas Burns #16
Raymond Lawrence Butler
Alfa Caroline Bye
Alonzo Edward Campbell
Sears Franklin Carr
George Edward Chaquet
Natalie Grayson Clarke
Humphrey Edward Collins
Thomas Lee Collins
Theresa Margaret Louise Conroy
Robert Francis Conway
James Gibson Edward
Josephine Wilhelmine Forssman
Albert Gould Friend
Helen Florence Gelineau
Helen Bernardine Louise Golden
Louis Greenberg
Andrew Martin Hathaway - #17
  (Provided by son Jim Hathaway)
Gladys Annie Hodgson
Gladys Fidelia Jackman
Helen Margaret Johnson
Ina Constance Johnson
James Malachi Keefe
Viola Louise Magdalen Kivlehan
Ethel Elizabeth Knott
Stewart Landers
Americo Washinton Luistro
Kathryn Evina Luth
Raymond George McDonald
Mary McCarthy
Isabella McCool
Harold McIntosh
Mary Lees McMahon
Lottie Moskovich
St. Clair Newman
Harry Francis Noonan
Margaret Mary O'Rourke
Marion Loretta Palmer
Isabel Rutherford Peabody
Oscar Eugene Peabody
Marie Giovanna Elizabeth Perrotta
Angela Rosina Radice
Evelyn Marie Randall
Peter Francis Razza
Alice Evelyn Reavey
Theresa Marcella Regan
Elizabeth Irene Riley
Florence Elizabeth Rodda
Charles Nelson Russell
Mary Anna Scheibl
William Albert Sherman - #60
Nathan Shuser
Ellen Wilhelmina Sidfeldt
Gertrude Margaret Simmons - #46
 (Provided by Constance Anderson)
William Freeman Simpson
Harry Anthony Smith
John Horswell Spooner, Jr.
Alice Marie Sullivan
Edward Oliver Sullivan
Florence Sullivan
George Carroll Sweeney
Malcolm Randall Taber
John Crocker Titus
Harry Alexander Tollefson
Grace Rita Vaughan
Hildegarde Ida Wadst
Charles Frank Walsh
Axel Clifford Westerdahl
Helen Liguori Whitty
Kathleeen Agnes Williams
Ruth Marion Wyllie

Cranston School
John Nicholas Alger
Arthur Edwin Andews
Gordon Fraser Bain
Evelyn Beardsall
Lillian Potter Brown
Ruth Ann Burton
Henrietta Lyman Butler
Russell William Carpenter
Laurence Shadrac Chase
William Lawrence Cliniff
Madeline Louise Coffey
Anna Irene Coggeshall
Harry Francis Dence
Arthur Michael Dring
David Milton Edes
Charles Henry Edward
John Richard Gibson
Lillian Catherine Greenlund
Catherine Tilley Hammett
Phyllis Hazard
Martha Veronica Hazel
Ella Mae Hicks
Calvin Kenneth Holm
Charlotte Louise Holt
Esther Corlis Jennings
Bessie Marie Johnson
Edwin Lewis Josephson
Harold Roger Lawton
Edward Perry Lake
Marie Mitchell
Charles Ellsworth Peckham
Zella Adelaide Podrat
Lillian Viola Richardson
Leonore Elizabeth Roll
Charles Firnges Schoentzeler
Joseph Francis Silvia
Thomas James Smyth
Dorothy Gould Vars
Frederick Joseph Wagner

Mumford School
Edward Allan
Margaret Allan
Gladys Christina Anderson
Helen Axiotes
Elisie Louise Bacheller
Junius Leonard Barker
Alfred Arnold Beeson
Mildred Lamonte Bishop
Emma Edwina Boole
Raymond James Bradfield
Pauline Buenzle
Jane Elizabeth Catherine Champion
Dora Chapman
Mary Gould Chase
Charles Francis Corcoran
Robert Martin Dannin
Loretta Mary Donahue
Lillian Evelyn Ehrhardt
Madelyn Fry
Henrika Annetta Fulton
Alferetta Pauline Elizabeth Gaines
David Griswold Goddard
James Harold Goddard, Jr.
Joseph Bernard Hackett
Helen Margeret Harris
Martha Herbert
Pauline Page Jackson
Lillian James
Margaret Florence James
Sarah Elizabeth James
Annabelle Jestings
Ethel Amelia Jones
Leslie Augustus Thorpe Jones
Edward Stevens Kaull
Roger Nicholson Kehew
Arthur Wright Kelly
Frederick William Knowe
Thomas Charles Ladyman
Ruth Evelyn Larson
Elizabeth Gertrude Lawton
Gertrude Marie Lawton
Estelle Marie Levitre
Ethel Francis Luth
Henry Benedict Lynch
Michael George McAuliffe, Jr.
Adelaide Gladys McLeod
Rose Anna Loraine Melley
Vila Eva Orswell
Nellie Manchester Peabody
Ella Leona Remembrance Peckham
Eloise Mary Peckham
Gladys Jessamine Louise Peckham
Janet Campbell Peckham
John Dudley Pike
Joseph William Pinto, Jr.
Vittorio Anthony Pinto
Anton Paul Pohl, 3rd
Elizabeth Mary Ray
Joseph Francis Ray
Mathile Elizabeth Salmoune
Cora Gertrude Sanford
William Irving Shepley
Catherine Florence Sherman
Edith Sawyer Sherman
Anna Marie Sullivan
Henry Francis Sullivan
Walter Lester Sweet
Clarence Burnham Tarr
Louis Edward Tilley, Jr.
Harold Thurston Twigg
Caroline Clauson Underwood
Sarah Carr Underwood
Manuel Joseph Vargas
Norman Watson
Ottilie Margaretha Wendel
Winfield Horace White, Jr.
Mary Caroline Wilcox
Orba Evelyn Willis
Osborne Everett Willis
Edith Lillian Wyatt

Katherine Gullette wrote on July 1, 2006, that Nina Gertrude Belyea is her grandmother. "I think the locket she has on is in my possession at this time. Her name is listed among the graduates: Nina Gertrude Belyea. She was born in 1900 on April 25th. At age 17 she joined the U.S. Navy and became one of the first women in the Navy, A “Yeomanette”."

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