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1917 City of Newport Grammar Graduation

The graduation program for June 21, 1917 has been scanned as well as transcribed. On the cover teachers and school committee members are listed: Dudley E. Campbell; Jennie W. Mackie; Nellie B. Curry; Annie E. Caswell; Clarence A. Carr; Isabella T. Mackie; Henry C. Stevens, Jr.; Rev. Emery H. Porter, D.D.; William R. Harvey; Anna F. Hunter; John P. Sullivan; Robert C. Bacheller; William P. Clarke; William J. Cozzens; William A. Sherman, M.D.; Leander K. Carr; Thomas B. Congdon; William Covell; Herbert Warren Lull.

The second page has the program of events and these additional names: Charles Franklin Towne; Henry Stuart Hendy; Marguerite L. Ferrin. The third page was scanned because it was the words to the Star-Spanled Banner. The forth page lists graduates as follows:

John Clarke School
Dorothy Mae Adams
Frederick Arthur Amster
John Leslie Andrews
Elizabeth Barnett Anthony
Henry Mumford Anthony
Lawrence Billard
George Douglas Boyle
Gladys Pegrouhi Bozyan
Edward Hedrick Brown
Wilfred Joseph Buckley
Wilfrid Mellor Burgess
Lillian Katherine Burns
Emily Marie Carpenter
Gladys Virginia Casseen
Augusta Christensen
Isabella Viola Christensen
Adna Gerard Clarke, Jr.
Kenneth Clarke
May Whitton Cruickshank
Edith Eleanor Dadley
William Jeremiah Donovan
George Francis Ebbitt
Signe Augusta Falkenholm
John Patrick Adrian Finn
Harold August Greenlund
Anthony Henry Stewart Greenman
Mae Clarissa Harrington
Ethel Florence Harry
Gertrude Isabel Hennion
Samuel Albert Hoyle
Chester Weber Jensen
Adelaide May Johnsen
Percy Charles Judd
Ellen Jeanette Kalquist
Emma Madora Kelly
Mary Gertrude Kelley
Jessie Murray Kenyon
James William Knott
Anie Kraut
Charles Dudley Lawton
Margaret Constance Lawton
Mary Elizabeth Lawton
Louise Frances Luth
Annie May Mackey
Ludlow Persse Mahan
Jeremiah Mahoney
Dorothy Catherine Malzacher
Sarah Esther McAvoy
Edith Helen McCarthy
Helen Cameron McLeish
Emma Louise Mills
John Edwin Mills
Edith May Mobley
Anna Mabel Moore
Leonard Thomas Murphy
Anna Ebbitt Murray
Gwendolin Albra Norton
Marion Teresa O'Brien
George Russell Parrott
Saverio Joseph Perrotta
Dorothy Louise Peckham
Franklin Pollitt
Frances Chalmers Pryde
Adeline Hortense Quinche
Mary Reavey
Eveline Ritchie
Dorothy Sanborn
Adelaide Elizabeth Scannevin
Frank Hunter Schofield
Harry Shuser
Elisie Louise Smith
Esther Marcella Smith
Ralph Caswell Smith
Alfred Hugh James Steinman
Emily Stewart
Gunnar Alfred Stone
Helen Agnes Regina Sullivan
Thomas Joseph Sweeney
Mary Tammany
Aimee Comstock Taylor
George Henry Taylor
Minnie Theodorea Taylor
Annette Yivonne Vioni
George Westley
Mary Glendone Williams
Charles Robert Wilson

Cranston School
Abbie Anna Allan
Clara Phoebe Andrews
Percy Laurance Bailey, Jr.
Jeanette Alexandra Ball
Elizabeth Bellman
Jeanette Brightman
Stella Eileen Burke
Mary Jane Herman Caldwell
Gladys Mae Ruth Chapman
Francis Herbert Clarkson
Dorothy Amelia Coggeshall
Henry Davis Cooper
Rose Dorothy David
Louis Gabriel Dring
Helen Frances Easton
John Gladding Elgar
Ruth Davenport Hammett
Ruth Dingley Hildreth
Elsie Ingeborg Jacobsen
Frederick Henry Augustus Johnson
John Kazanjian, Jr.
John Simpson Kesson
Constance Catherine Knobelsdorff
Edward Levy
Elizabeth Taggart Leys
Esabella Smith Leys
Margaret Zita Nason
Theodore Roosevelt Norton
Warren Bell Sampson
William Henry Courtis Sellers
Edwi Carl Steijen
Jacquelyn Pearl Stocking
Edwin Robinson Swinburne
Rose Ida Teitz
Ruth Lawton Thurston
Frederick Joseph Wagner, Jr.
Arthur Merrell Watson
Howard Augustin Wheeler

Mumford School
Samuel Abramovitz
Mildred Abrams
Thomas Cranston Albro, 3rd.
Maurice John Alderson
Nicholas George Axiotes
Edith Alice Bailey
Marion Law Bailey
Rufus Elmer Darrah Bailey
Benjamin Marsh Barker
Theodore Roosevelt Bloom
Sara Wilson Bloomfield
Lily Mae Booker
Esther Albro Carlisle
Beatrice Winifred Carr
Albert Hazard Caswell
Marion Field Caswell
Milton Henry Chase
Charles Edwin Child
Howard George Cliniff
James Anthony Collins
John Coriander
Thomas William Curtis
Mae Donovan
Lilly Matilda Edin
Catherine Agnes Veronica Fogerty
Michael Foley
John Raymond Fritz
Doris Isabella Frye
Madeline Viola Gadsby
Flora McDonald Gerrie
Josephine Wyndham Gore
Herbert Herman Hallendorff
Charles Herman Horowitz
Frank Mitchel James
Edith Richards Johnson
Eunice Lawton Johnston
Harold William Jones
Edith Wilhelmine Jurgens
Jane Auld Langley
Dorothy Ann Lewis
Loretta Agnes Lonergan
Gladys May Manning
Annie Laurine Mathews
Kathryn Wilde Maxwell
Mary Adeline McCormick
Ruth McEnness
Mary Magdalen Medeiros
Amalie Charlotte Melerovitz
Lillian Regina Morgan
Edith Moskovich
Harold Russell Mumford
Isabella Marie Nagao
William John North
Mary Madeline Pike
Rose Mary Pinto
Louis Joseph Pulice
Mary Genevieve Riley
John Bartholomew Rooney
Sadie Rosenthal
Helen Miriam Shaw
Francis Traynor Shea
Ada Clara Simpson
Martha Irene Smith
William Champion Sweet
Hattie Evelyn Taber
Catherine Thompson
Lillian Thompson
Lester Allan Weaver
Raymond Edgar West
Margaret Catherine Georgiana White
Edward Gilman Wood
Arthur Adams Young

Scans and transcription by Susan W. Pieroth, 2004. These documents are made available to the public for non-commercial purposes. If you wish to incorporate any document into any published work (including an internet page), you must first obtain permission from the Newport County RIGenWeb Project.

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