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Ancestry of John Wood “Mariner”

By Larry Crandall-Wood
9 July 2003


V. Other Wood Connections

1. Lake Family. Bertha Clark on 2 p. 17 covers 24 years of the court case dealing with the ship "Peregrine". She believed that this was a pivotal event for the John1 Wood (and John2) families. Because of this we know that John2 Wood was a business partner with a Hugh Wood. I believe Hugh Wood was a relative but have not found confirmation. In the Peregrine Wheat affair Thomas Lake puts up 400 £ (pounds sterling) of bond, a small fortune. The question is - Who convinced Thomas Lake to put up this money? Was it because Lake and Winthrop were relatives, or was there a business/family relationship between Hugh Wood and Lake? At that time most business relationships also had family ties to them, so with the known family ties between Lake and Winthrop I can only suppose there existed an elusive family tie between Lake and Wood.

2. Francis Kirby (See II. 3. above). Francis Kirby was a wealthy merchant who dealt in furs and other trade items. Francis Kirby married Susanna Downing, daughter of George Downing and (?) Bellamy, circa 1616. Francis’ will is dated 1660. We now know that this was a second marriage for Susanna, her first husband being William Carter, brother of John1 Wood’s wife Margaret Carter. This relationship puts the Wood family in close relationship with Francis Kirby and also accounts, in some degree, for the Wood and Winthrop shipping relationship.

3. Richard Kirby was born about 1603 in Rowington, Warwickshire, England. He emigrated on 24 Jul 1635 from Gravesend, England, signed a will on 27 Oct 1688 in Oyster Bay, Nassau, NY, died after 27 Oct 1688 in Oyster Bay, Nassau, NY and was buried in 1688 in Dartmouth, Bristol, MA. Mr. C. A. Torrey calls attention to the fact that Richard Kirby’s parentage and English home are definitely known. The NEHGS Register [18] shows from correspondence between Francis Kirby (Richard’s uncle) and Governor Winthrop and from Hertfordshire wills that Richard was the son of John and Martha (Ward) of Little Munden, Hertfordshire, and grandson of widow Joan Kirby of the same town. Joan’s will, written 29 Oct 1640, mentions grandson, Richard Kirby, and son, Francis. Son Francis’ will of 24 Jul 1660 mentions deceased brother, John. John’s will of 23 Apr 1628 (proved 7 Jul 1628) mentions son, Richard, and names his brother, Francis, as executor. [19][20] Note that in addition to many other relationships we find Richard Kirby located in Oyster Bay and Dartmouth, both very much the province of John1 Wood. This is not a particularly valuable item, but does denote another Kirby-Winthrop-Wood connection. The Kirbys, like the Woods became Quakers and suffered much persecution. See13 for more detail. Additional interest is generated since the above mentioned Martha Ward may be the aunt of Samuel and Nathaniel Ward (preachers) mentioned in the 1615 will of John Wood of Stratford previously reported, at least these two preachers had an aunt Martha (daughter of Geoffrey), but it is not certain if this is the same person.

3. Downing relationship. James Downing was the son, by his first wife of Emanuel Downing, whose second wife was Lucy Winthrop, sister to the Massachusetts governor. Francis Kirby had married a sister of Emanuel Downing, the widowed Susan (Downing) Carter. This much was theorized by Bertha Clark, but we now know that Susan Downing’s Carter husband William was a brother of John1 Wood’s Carter wife, Margaret Carter. The Downing ancestry places them from Ipswitch, very close to East Bergholt, where we find the Shermans and Alefounders.

Also we know from common history that George Downing, of the first class of Harvard, was a close friend of Gov. Winthrop. George is noted for returning as advisor and confidant to the deposed King Charles II. George is credited by some for the reestablishment of the monarchy after the civil war. At least that is reportedly why George was given the rights to the land now known as 10 Downing Street in London.

The Downing, Sherman and Winthrop families were powerful associations and we have long known John1 Wood was well respected by them, placing him in the close circle of the influential people of the time. I attribute this association primarily to the intermarriage of the Wood family with these other families as noted above. This is again not of a primary importance, but illustrates not only a close family relationship but also a close geographical one.

4. Sherman-Wilbore. We know John1 Wood finally settled in Portsmouth and Little Compton RI where the excellent research by B.F. Wilbore relates the genealogy of the area. We also know the Shermans moved from Dedham England to Portsmouth and intermarried with the Wilbores.

From the Sherman and Wilbore genealogies we have: Phillip Sherman, born 1610 in Dedham, Essex, England married Sarah Odding (born 5 Feb 1610) had a daughter Mary (born 1645) who married Samuel6 Wilbore, (William5, John4, Joseph3, Nicholas2, Thomas1). The Wilbores of Essex England (aka Wilbur, Wilber) were wealthy merchants, wool drapers and Clothworkers who had dealings with the Dedham Shermans. We find that Samuel4 Wilbore (Nicholas3, Nicholas2, Thomas1) sold a house to Richard Sherman of the Dedham Shermans [21]. This very valuable source also contains many other references to the close relationship of the Wilbores and Shermans.

5. Butter-Coggeshall.Once more from 7 we have "Henry Sherman the younger with Edmond Sherman his brother, Wm. Butter and Piers Butter his son, John Wood and Richard Wood – were among the original Governors as named by Littlebury and their heirs to succeed them forever." This is repeated again because subsequent research into both Butter and Coggeshall lineages yields more "Clothier" connections. The will of John Coggeshall of Essex dated 27 Dec 1600 [22], and the will of John Butter [23] dated 26 Jan 1624, (brother of Pierce "Piers" Butter) show the relationship of these two families to be very close through marriage, business and geography.Pierce Butter’s daughter Anne married John1 Coggeshall, they being the parents of John2 Coggeshall "the Immigrant", who settled in Portsmouth RI after some religious problems in Boston. This places Dedham descendants of Butter and Coggeshall families in Portsmouth just like their contemporary, John1 Wood, all of these people being the same generation and approximate ages, making John1 the son of Henry Wood from Dedham even more likely.

The Butter (aka Butler) family is documented as a well respected "Clothier" family descending from Thomas1 Butter "Clothier" of Dedham born 1500, will dated 10 Aug 1555. This will gives Henry Sherman’s wife a silver pot and appoints Henry Sherman as executor, this is presumably either Henry Sherman "Elder" or his father Henry (another Henry Sherman). Thomas1 Butter’s son William2 married Anne Gurdon about 1546 and their children were Richard3, Edward3, Alice3, Thomas3 and Pierce3, the son noted in 7 as being named school governor with John Wood and Richard Wood of Dedham.

John1 Coggeshall baptized 29 Jul 1576, (who married Anne Butter, daughter of Pierce3 Butter) was the son of John Coggeshall "of Munchensies" [24] known as "Of London, Merchant, East Anglican Clothier".

Therefore it should now be clear that both the Butter and Coggeshall families were also "Clothiers" of both Dedham and London, who also intermarried. Lastly we find that the Coggeshall family emigrated to Portsmouth RI and remained very closely allied with the John1 Wood family there. John1 Wood’s 1655 Portsmouth estate was inventoried by John Coggeshall, among others, (probably the son of John2 Coggeshall, who had died in 1647) and later we find numerous references to John Coggeshall and John2 Wood in 2 p. 23, fined in 1663 together. Then in 1667 2 p. 26, we find them both buying land together with others. Note that John2 Coggeshall was born 1624 in Essex England and John2 Wood was born in 1620 in England. They were the same age and perhaps shared some of their English youth together, accounting for the close friendship in RI. Much later we find Rebecca4 Coggeshall (John3 Joshua2 John1) born about 1695 married Peleg3 Wood, (John2, John1) born 1686. These families remained very close after emigrating to Portsmouth.

6. Regarding Anthony Wood of Massachusetts.

Several reliable sources [25][26] have an Anthony Wood listed as follows:

Anthony Wood of Ipswich & Beverly, Essex Co., MA, death in 1684, marriage 11 Jun 1666 in Ipswich, Essex Co., MA to Mary Grover born before 17 May 1646 in Salem, Essex Co., MA, they had a son Anthony (Jr.) b. 17 Dec 1669 and also likely had a son John born abt 1664.

Note, do not confuse any of this Anthony Wood information with the Anthony Wood "of Oxford", author (1632-1695), probably the son of Thomas.Although there remains a slight possibility for a family connection, none has been established.

Anthony Wood is also linked to the John1 Wood (Mariner) line by[27], but possibly not correctly placed by Abell.Bertha Clark lists Abell as a source for her 1966 work, but other than one brief mention on her page 26 2 about John1 Wood by Abell, she did not comment on other Wood relationships he listed. If connected, and Abell, ET Wood [28] and Leander S Wood [29] seem to be sure that at one time there did exist linking documents, then all we know for sure is Anthony (Senior) who died in 1684 would have been about the same age as John2 Wood who we know was born in 1620.

We also know from Waters "Gleanings" that the Anthony1 Wood of Redrith who died in 1625 had a son Anthony2 who was born about 1613, or roughly the same age as John2 Wood. I will call these Anthony1 and 2. There is an IGI record for a 4 Sep 1632 marriage of Anthony Wood (wife unknown) in Mitcham, Surrey England, and this is the same location that we find, according to Ryan Wood, John1 Wood and Margaret Carter’s Christenings. This is probably the marriage record of Anthony2 Wood, which fits well into a birth date of 1613, or age 19/20.Anthony2 is reported by BF Wilbore and others to have been one of the founders of Little Compton RI, along with John1 and John2 Wood. As otherwise stated in this paper, I also believe Anthony1 and John1 are related, but for other reasons. I can not establish an exact connection, but we know John Wood of Suffolk died in 1615, Anthony1 died in 1625 making them somewhat close in age.They could have been brothers, but Anthony1 is not mentioned in the John Wood "Clothier" will of 1577, so he could have been "left out of the will" or perhaps he was not a direct descendent after all, but a cousin.With their Mariner interests, location in Southwark (Redrith), joint friendship with the Winthrops, emigration to Little Compton, and similar social standings I can conclude they were of the same family so I will then tentatively place Anthony1 as a cousin of John1 and at some future date search for more definitive proof of this.

Finally, even though there were several Anthony Wood people in the early Massachusetts history, there were also several John Wood people of several other Wood lines in early Massachusetts that are not known to be related and can not safely be connected to the Little Compton Wood line yet. The Anthony Wood line of Essex County is possibly another line altogether and not related to the Anthony Wood line of Little Compton.

VI. Conclusions - So, as Dorothy Ewers (and Bertha Clark) initially observed 7, we find the Coggeshall, Sherman, Wilbore, Wood families all migrated to the Portsmouth/Little Compton RI area and we can now trace them all back to Dedham, Essex together as descendents of "Clothier" merchants.

Numbered Conclusions derived from the article:

1. John1 Wood’s 1st wife was Margaret Carter, daughter of Richard Carter and Margaret Batte, sister of William Carter who married Susanna Downing. This was the Susanna Downing who 2nd married Francis Kirby, merchant and close friend of Gov. Winthrop.

2. John1 Wood was the son of Henry Wood of St. James Clerkenwell (born about 1560) and Margaret Dynnes.

3. Henry Wood (father of John1 Wood) was the son of John Wood "Clothier" who died in 1577, and brother of John Wood "of Stratford" who died in 1615.

4. George2 Wood and John2 Wood married sisters, Ann Sherman and Judith Sherman, each a first wife.

5. Cousins of John1 Wood include Anthony Wood "mariner" of Redrith (aka Rotherhithe and Southwark) and Robert Wood, both brothers-in-law to Capt. William Rainborow. This also indicates both a family and a business relationship between the politically powerful Rainborow family and the Wood "Mariner" business.

6. This particular Wood family is directly related by both marriage and business to the Alefounder and Sherman families of Dedham, Essex, England, among others.

7. This particular Wood family descends from a line of well known "Clothiers" Clothworkers of high repute in 16th century Dedham, Essex, England

8. John1 Wood was closely allied in the shipping business with the political families involved in the English Civil War, at least the families who either migrated to Massachusetts Bay or funded those who did. Families include:

Downing, Kirby, Lake, Rainborow, Sherman, Winthrop, Wilbore
9. Therefore John1 Wood’s ancestry is Henry Wood of St. James Clerkenwell, John Wood "Clothier" who died in 1577. Or in genealogical notation, John1 Wood becomes John3 Wood (Henry2, John1 "Clothier").

VII. Family Group Sheets – Attached are 4 family group sheets for assistance in sorting out the various relationships detailed:

A. Thomas Rainborow, born about 1527
B. John Winthrop, born 12 Jan 1587/8
C. Anthony Wood, will proved 3 Jan 1625
D. John Wood "Clothier" will proved 2 Apr 1577
A. Thomas Rainborow "Mariner" (aka Rainborowe, Rainsborow, Rainsborough)

Born: about 1527
Father: UNKNOWN; Mother: UNKNOWN
Died: will proved 23 Feb 1623/4
Married: about 1554 Martha Moole died will proved 23 Sep 1631

Children of Thomas and Martha:

I. Capt. William Rainborow born about 1587, will dated 16 Jul 1638 Codicil dated 1 Feb 1642 proved 8 Apr 1642. [3]
(Mariner) Resident of Southwark, husband of Judith Hoxton, daughter of Renold and Joane Hoxton and sister of John Hoxton married Martha daughter of Mary Whare (see will dated 6 Aug 1630).William’s will was witnessed by Robert Wood (brother-in-law) and William Ashley (Grandson)

    Children of William and Judith:

i Col. Thomas Rainborowe born about 1619 died 1648 married Margaret (Margery) Jenny
(Eldest son and very good friend of Gov. Winthrop & member of the Long Parliament) In 1643 he was given command of the Swallow, a 34 gun ship.In October 1647 Rainsborough took part in the Putney Debates.On 29th Oct 1648, a party of Cavaliers attempted to kidnap Rainsborough while he was in Doncaster. During the struggle to capture him he was mortally wounded.
ii William Rainborow (had daughter Mary )
iii Edward Rainborow born 1633 Whitechapel married 1656 Christian
    i. Judith Rainborow born about 1657
    ii. Mytton Rainborow born about 1659

 iv Martha Rainborow born about 1617 Whitechapel died 24 Oct 1660 Boston MA
    1st m Thomas Cotymore of New England 2nd m Gov. John Winthrop, 3rd married John Coggan.
    Note: Martha, Daughter of Capt. William & Judith (Hoxton) Rainsborough died from a self-administered dose of "rat's-bane." NEHGS "Register," Vol 138, pg. 41
    Son Joshua Winthrop born Dec 1648 died 11 Jan 1652

v Judith Rainborow born about 1624 married Steven Winthrop (4th son of Gov Winthrop)
    Daughters – Margaret, Joanna, Judith
vi Joane Rainborow married John Chamberlaine
    Daughter Judith

II.  Thomas Rainborow born about 1591 died 1671 (see will) husband of Mary also possibly married 1605 Elizabeth Edwards
    Son Thomas born about 1614 Whitechapel

III.  Martha born about 1589 Whitechapel married Anthony Wood of Redrith, Will proved 3 Jan 1625, (who had a brother John and an Uncle William) Martha died after 1625 possibly 2nd married Robert Wood (Brother of Anthony ??)

    Children of Anthony Wood and Martha Rainborowe:

i Richard Wood born about 1609 in Redrith (IGI 23 Jul 1608, St. Mary Whitechapel, London aka St. Mary Matfelon)
ii Thomas Wood born about 1611 in Redrith
iii Anthony Wood born about 1613 in Redrith
iv Sara Wood
iv Sara Rainborowe born 1597 Whitechapel (she died before 1638, note 1) married Francis Port (Porte)
    Children: Robert, John, Thomas, William, Martha married between 1638-1641 to William Ashley
v Barbara Rainborow born 1583 Whitechapel married Thomas Lee, armorer
vi Elizabeth Rainborow born about 1544 died unmarried before 1619 (Not named in father’s will)
vii Sister 1 named in source [3] (possibly Mary? married in 1605 Whitechapel) Rainborow married Mr. Buckridge (Not named in father’s will)
viii Sister 2 named in source [3] (possibly Martha? ) Rainborow married Robert Wood (Not named in father’s will)

1. Waters, Henry F. (1907) "Genealogical Gleanings in England"
2. Clark, Bertha W. (1966) "John Wood of Rhode Island, and his early descendants on the mainland"
3. Captain William Rainborow, will dated 16 Jul 1638, codicil 1 Feb 1642, proved 8 Apr 1642 (Waters "Gleanings" volume 2 p. 161).Names his father and mother in law Reynold and Joane Hoxton, both living at the time.Judith Hoxton (daughter of Reynold and Joane) baptized at Whitechapel on 20 Apr 1617, buried at Wapping on 3 Mar 1637/8.John Hoxton (son of Reynold & Joane) was probably the one mentioned in will of Mary Whare 6 Aug 1630.Will says John Hoxton was married to her daughter Martha.John Hoxton is called brother of John Bourne, mariner in will dated 7 Nov 1665.


1. Ships owned by:

A. Thomas Rainborowe; 1/16th of Barbara Constance, 1/16th of Rainbowe, 1/16th of Lilley, 1/8th of Royal Exchange.
B. William Rainborowe (eldest son of Thomas); part owner of Sampson.
C. Anthony Wood;part owner of ship (Royal) Exchange and part owner of Ship Rainbowe, willed to wife Martha
2. There is a Thomas Rainborough (son of Robert & Agnes) born about 1501 will 21 Mar 1554 married Ann

B John Winthrop, Governor Massachusetts Bay Company (MBC)

Born 12 Jan 1587/8 Edwardstone, Suff, Eng
Died 26 Mar 1649 Boston MA
Father Adam Winthrop born 10 Aug 1548 died 28 Mar 1623 in Groton Manor Eng, (youngest son of Adam Winthrop, Master of Clothworkers 1498-1562)

1st married 16 Dec 1574 to Alice Still
2nd married 20 Feb 1578 to Anne Browne
Mother Anne Browne

Siblings: Sarah Winthrop born 1579 married John Frost, Ann Winthrop born 1581 died 1581, Ann Winthrop born 16 Jan 1584 who married Thomas Fones, Jane Winthrop born 1592 1st married 5 Jan 1612 Thomas Costling 2nd married 15 Jan 1613 Thomas Gostlin, Lucy Winthrop born 1600 (See Note 5 below).

1st Marriage 16 Apr 1605 Mary Forth Estimate 1568-June 1615

i. John Winthrop Jr. (aka Fitz) b: 1606 1st married 1611 1 Martha Fones 2nd married 12 Feb 1635 Elizabeth Reade (whose sister Margaret married John Lake born 1590 son of Richard 30th generation descendent of Charlemagne)
i. Mary Winthrop b: 15 Sep 1644 in Boston, Suffolk, MA, died 8 Jan 1713, married John Livingston
ii Forth Winthrop (son and secretary to his father): born 30 Dec 1609 married Ursula Sherman, granddaughter of Henry Sherman "elder"
iii Anne Winthrop born 8 Aug 1614 in Groton Co. Suffolk Eng.
iv Anne Winthrop born 26 Jun 1615 in Groton Co. Suffolk Eng.
v Mary Winthrop born 1612 in Groton Co. Suffolk Eng.
vi Henry Winthrop born 1608 in England
2nd Marriage 6 Dec 1615 in Groton Co. Suffolk Eng. to Thomasine Clopton Estimate 1577-1616 (death probably due to childbirth)
i Child Winthrop born 30 Nov 1616
3rd Marriage 28 Apr 1618 to Margaret Tyndal born about 1591-1647
i Elizabeth Winthrop born WFT Estimate 1610-1642
ii Steven Winthrop (Owned land in Narragansett RI at the time of his death 1658) born 1619 married Judith Rainborough, sister of Martha and Thomas, (Rainborowe), daughter of William and Judith Hoxton, who were residents of Southwark.
    Possibly 6 Children. One was:Stephen born 13 May 1651 (?)
iii Adam Winthrop born 1623 died before 1658, son Adam Winthrop
iv Samuel Winthrop born 1627 (Brother of Stephen, listed in Steven’s will as having children)
v Ann Winthrop born about 1629
vi Deane Winthrop (Brother of Steven, listed in Steven’s will as having children)
4th Marriage Dec 1647 to Martha Rainborow born about 1626, widow of Thomas Cotymore (Martha was sister of Thomas Rainborow).Martha married John Coggan after Winthrop’s death 26 Mar 1649. Martha, Daughter of Capt. William & Judith (Hoxton) Rainsborough died from a self-administered dose of "rat's-bane."NEHGS "Register," Vol 138, pg. 41

Note 1: At the time of William Carter’s marriage he was of the parish of All Hallows Honey Lane, London and she (Susan Downing) was of the parish of St. Peter's in Cheape, London. William Carter married 2 Aug 1612 in All Hallows, Honey Lane, London, Eng to Susanna Downing b: About 1578 in Ipswich, co. Suffolk, England,

Note 2: Who was the Thomas Lake who was involved with John2 Wood, (1645-1669 court dates) Mr. Hugh Wood and the ship PEREGRINE wheat problem identified by Bertha Clark on page 17. There was a Hugh Wood in Normantown England who married Ann Allwood, was this the one?The Lancelot Lake who married Margaret Twisleton, was also from Normantown, another connection?? John2 Wood owed Thomas Lake a bond of 400 pounds. John Lake born 1590 in Normantown and Margaret Reade had a son Thomas born 1618, was this the one?

Note 3: [1] Mistress Margaret Lake came in 1635, with her sister Elizabeth (Read) Winthrop, wife of Governor John Winthrop, Jr., and her two daughters.She was the daughter of Edmund Read, of Wickford, Essex, England, and widow of John Lake.John Lake claimed descent from the same family to which Sir Edward Lake and Captain Thomas Lake of Boston belonged.Mistress Margaret Lake brought with her two daughters, one of who was named Hannah married John Gallup; the other named Martha married Thomas Harris of Ipswich, Mass. She also had a son John, who is said not to have come to this country.Her will is dated August 30, 1672, and was proved September 24, 1672. She mentions only her two daughters and their children.

Note 4: [1] Captain Thomas Lake, of Boston, first of New Haven, where he married Mary, daughter of Deputy Governor Stephen Goodyear.He was killed by the Indians in Maine in August 1676. He was a brother of Sir Edward Lake, and his son Thomas Lake was Sir Edward's heir. Thomas was the only son to leave issue, but a daughter Ann married, first, the Rev. John Cotton; second the Rev. Increase Mather, and has left numerous descendants

Note 5: More on Sister Lucy Winthrop. Lucy married (as his 2nd wife) Emmanuel Downing born 12 Aug 1585 died 1645 (Attorney, graduate of Cambridge and one of the financial backers of the MBC, son of George Downing (Note: The George Downing (1623-1684), 1642 graduate of 1st class of Harvard and son of Lucy, for which #10 Downing Street is named was a therefore a nephew of John Winthrop).

Note 6: The Downings came from Ipswich, which is just 10km past Dedham/East Bergholt, north-east of London. Emmanuel had a sister Susan who married in 1616 Francis Kirby (1578-1661 buried at St Olave's, Southwark) as her 2nd husband, she being the widow of Mr. William Carter died about 1615, who was brother to John Wood’s wife Margaret Carter.


1. 4 Nov 2002 Email from Judith WOOD

C. Anthony Wood of Redrith, Surrey, England [1]

Died: Will proved 3 Jan 1625
Married: Martha Rainborowe born 23 Sep 1589, Whitebridge, London daughter of Thomas Rainborowe "mariner" died will proved 23 Feb 1623/4 and Martha Moole died will proved 23 Sep 1631

Other Relatives:
Brother: John Wood
Uncle: William Wood
Brother-in-law: Thomas Rainborowe died 1671 (see will) husband of Mary
Brother-in-law: William Rainborowe, (Mariner) Resident of Southwark, husband of Judith Hoxton, daughter of Renold and Joane Hoxton and sister of John Hoxton; also Sister??? Buckridge, Sister Wood and brother-in-law Robert Wood.

Children: Thomas Rainborowe (Very Good Friend of Gov. Winthrop & member of the Long Parliament), William (had daughter Mary), Edward married Christian (daughter Judith, son Mytton), Martha 1st m Thomas Cotymore of New England 2nd m Gov. John Winthrop, 3rd married John Coggan, Judith married Steven Winthrop (4th son of Gov Winthrop) (Daughters – Margaret, Joanna, Judith), Joane married John Chamberlaine (had daughter Judith)
Note: Martha, Daughter of Capt. William & Judith (Hoxton) Rainsborough died from a self-administered dose of "rat's-bane." NEHGS "Register," Vol 138, pg. 41

Brother-in-law: Francis PORT husband of Sara Rainborowe (she died before 1638, note 3)

Children: Robert, John, Thomas, William, Martha
Brother-in-law: Thomas Lee, armorer, husband of Barbara Rainborowe
Sister-in-law: Elizabeth Rainborowe died unmarried before 1619

Children of Anthony Wood and Martha Rainborowe:

  1. Richard Wood born about 1609 in Redrith (IGI 23 Jul 1608, St. Mary Whitechapel, London aka St. Mary Matfelon)
  2. Thomas Wood born about 1611 in Redrith
  3. Anthony Wood born about 1613 in Redrith
  4. Sara Wood

1. Waters, Henry F. (1907) "Genealogical Gleanings in England"
2. Clark, Bertha W. (1966) "John Wood of Rhode Island, and his early descendants on the mainland"

D. John Wood Clothier [1]

Born Unknown, possibly about 1520
Died 1577, will proved 2 Apr 1577 [1] Dedham, Essex, England – See note 1.
Will witnessed by Henry Sherman "Elder"
Will executor was Henry Sherman "Younger", brother of Ezekiel who married Rachel Alefounder.
Ezekiel and Henry "younger" had another brother Edmond known to have had daughters Judith and Ann (Sherman) who may have married John2 Wood and his brother George2, respectively.
Father Unknown Mother Unknown
Brother: Thomas Wood [1]
Sister: Elizabeth born about 1528 who married Geoffrey Ward
Married Mary [1][4]
i Richard Wood [1]
ii George Wood [1]
iii Francis Wood [1]
iv Mary Wood [1]
v Henry Wood [1] – Presumablythe Henry Wood who m Margaret Dynnes in Mitcham, 16 Jul 1587
Son:John1 Wood, christened in Mitcham, Surrey, England, 12 Apr 1590, presumably John1 Wood

vi John Wood of Stratford, Suffolk - See Note 2. [2] born possibly about 1540, died 1615, will [2] proved 10 Jan 1615

1st married Unknown
2nd Married Bridget [2]
i John Wood(had issue John and Mary, each less than age 17 in 1615 making birth dates about 1598-1615) [2], Note: He would have been born about 1560-85, and could possibly have been the father of John1 Wood, who was born about 1590, but the two children mentioned do NOT fit my lineage.
ii Thomas Wood (had a daughter Abigail by his first wife, apparently he had a second wife when his father wrote the 1615 will??) [2]marriages Unknown

iii Elizabeth Wood married Robert Alefounder born c. 1589 died 19 Apr 1639 buried in E. Bergholt, Suffolk [3] who had a sister Rachel (Alefounder) who married Ezekiel Sherman son of Henry Sherman "Elder" [3]. Since Elizabeth’s two sons are listed in [2] she must have been at least 20 and married for 2+ years, placing her birth about 1595 or earlier. This coincides with a projected birth date of 1590 for her brother John.

i Robert Alefounder [3] Listed in [2]
ii John Alefounder [3] Listed in [2]
iv Mary Wood married Thomas Brauston of Flowton SFK [4]

vii Robert Wood [1]


1. Henry Sherman "Elder" had a granddaughter Ursula Sherman (daughter of Belaziel who was a brother of Henry "younger") who married Forth Winthrop, son of Gov. John Winthrop.

2. As Henry Sherman also mentions Mrs. Dowe in his will of 1610, the Sherman-Wood connection may be through Stratford. (B.L. Stratton, Sherman and Allied Families, p. 27).

3. Butter-Coggeshall genealogy has William Butter born about 1521 married Anne Gurdon, they had son Pierce Butter born about 1550 in Dedham, he had children William born about 1579 in Dedham and Anne who married John Coggeshall, which extends into Newport and Portsmouth RI New England circa 1650. See Rebecca Coggeshall born 1695 married Peleg Wood.Also Agnes Butter (sister of Pierce’ father William) married Henry Sherman who died 1589, probably "Elder". Pierce Butter - A clothier, of Dedham and Colchester, co. Essex; died at Colchester between 27 Aug and 3 Oct 1599. He married first, at Dedham, 21 Feb 1574/5, Edith Skynner, who was buried at Dedham 22 Apr 1576; secondly ______; and thirdly, probably 19 Nov 1591,and certainly before Aug 1592, Thomasine (_____) Tomson, who died before Aug 1599, widow of John Tomson. - -Source: Robert Walden Coggeshall, "Ancestors and Kin"; Spartanburg, SC: The Reprint Company, 1988; pp 79. So now we have Dedham clothiers Alefounder, Butter, Sherman, Wood.


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5. Letter from Bertha Clark regarding a possible Sherman-Wood marriage connection.

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