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Almanac for the Year 1894

Mercury Publishing Co., Newport, R. I.

1894 Newport Almanac

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Record of Important Events.
In Newport and Vicinity During 1893,
Taken from the Files of the Newport Mercury.
The record begin Dec. 3, 1892, and closes Dec. 6, 1893.


Dec. 2. Walter Watson of Jamestown burned to death in the conflagration of his home.

Dec. 9. Wm. S. Child, D. D. rector of St. Mathew’s church, Jamestown, and one of the oldest Episcopal clergymen in the diocese, died at his home in Jamestown. Funeral solemnized on the 12th and the remains taken to Springfield for burial.

Dec. 11. A seal 5ft. long and weighing 192 pounds was caught by one of the men at the Life Saving Station and purchased for a present to the Natural History Society.

Dec. 12. Adjourned session of the September term of the Supreme Court opened at the State House.

Dec. 13. New Emergency Hospital at Eagle Crest inspected by the City Council and pronounced satisfactory.

Dec. 14. Miss Helen Louise Gammell, daughter of Mrs. Elizabeth Ives Gammell, married to Mr. Arthur Herbert, under-secretary of the British Legation.

Dec. 15. Newport Observer bought by Mr. Horatio G. Wood.

Dec. 19. Adjourned session of the November term of the Court of Common Pleas opened at the State House.

Dec. 19. Mr. George A. Weaver’s new block, replacing that burned to the ground in April, formally opened to the public.

Dec. 22. New Knights of Pythias Lodge instituted at Block Island.

Dec 24. Patrick O’Connell, while seeing friends off at the Old Colony depot, fell from the platform and being struck by the rear truck of the last car, received injuries from the effects of which he died without recovering consciousness.

Dec. 25. Final Meeting of the City Council for 1892.

 Newport Area Events for Year 1893 continued:


Jan. 2. City Government for 1893 inaugurated with appropriate ceremonies.

Jan 3. The gable, 35x30 feet on the Broadway front of the Presbyterian church on Broadway, fell.

Jan. 3. First meeting of the City Council for 1893.

Jan. 21. Capt. Gideon Wilcox, an old and respected citizen of Tiverton, died after a long and painful illness.

Jan. 23. Geo. M. Cooper, while painting at the new residence of Mrs. H. Ruthven Pratt, fell from a ladder and received injuries from which he died.


Feb. 1. Hon. Wm. J. Swinburne retired from business.

Feb. 20. Mrs. Benj. Finch died at her residence on School street.

Feb. 20. Coal barge Reliance, of the Reading R. R. Col, with 1450 tons of coal, driven on the rocks on the west side of Block Island and the Captain, his wife and a crew of three men lost.


Mar. 13. Republicans held their primary meeting and nominated their Assembly ticket.

Mar. 15. Democrats held their primary meeting and nominated their Assembly ticket.

Mar. 21. Newport Artillery Company gave a full dress battalion drill and dress parade in honor of Col. Thomas’ return from New York.

Mar. 25. Col. Agustus Perry Sherman, one of Newport’s most prominent citizens died.


Apr. 5. Spring election. The entire Democratic Assembly ticket elected.

Apr. 8. Announced to the people of St. John’s chapel that they were to have a new church built for them. Donor believed to be Mrs. Sarah Titus Zabriskie.

Apr. 11. Steamer Tockwogh of the Newport and Wickford R. R. & S. B. Co., burned to the water’s edge at Wickford.

Apr. 29. Henry R. A. Carey, representative-elect to the General Assembly, died at the Everet House, New York.


May - . Purchase of the lot corner of Washington and Willow streets by Mrs. Zabriskie confirms the rumor that she is the donor of the new chapel for the Point.

May 10. Bee Hive Building set back, thus materializing the long-talked of project of widening Thames street.

May 12. Bryer’s Exchange considerably damaged by fire.

May 23. Bye-election held to fill a vacancy caused by the death of H. R. A. Carey, Samuel R. Honey, democrat, elected.

May 24. New Steamer General, replacing the Tockwogh, went on the line.

May 30. ‘Lection Day.


Jun. 10. Work begun on the new Townsend Industrial School, Col. James Fludder architect and Mr. Peter Knowe contractor.

Jun. 14. The Viking ship arrived from Norway and remained until the 16th. During her stay her officers and crew were entertained by the city and by private individuals.

Jun. 20. Princess Eulalia of Spain paid an informal visit to Newport.

Jun. 30. An Explosion at the Torpedo Station broke several windows and J. Harry Brown, who was working among the gun cotton, had his fingers badly torn.

 Newport Area Events for Year 1893 continued:


Jul. 3. William A. Barber, a well known and highly esteemed citizen of Newport, died.

Jul. 3. Fire and explosion at the Torpedo Station. Jeremiah Harrington, Frank Laughlin and Michael O’Regan killed and many injured.

Jul. 5. Cardinal Gibbons of Baltimore paid a brief visit to Newport.

Jul. 7. Judge Blatchford died at his residence on Greenough Place.

Jul. 20. Training and Torpedo Stations officially inspected by Secretary Herbert.

Jul. 25. His Royal Highness Jajatjit Singh Rajah Rajagan of Kapurthalia visited Newport.

Jul. 28. Three Russian ships, Dimitri Donskoi, Rhynda and Admiral Nachimoff arrive in Newport.


Aug. 4. The Russians depart.

Aug. 19. Annual coaching parade.

Aug. 21. Death of George Babcock Hazard, donor of the Hazard Memorial School.

Aug. 22. Robert D. Warren won the Tennis Championship.


Sep. 29. Corner stone of the Zabriskie Memorial Chapel on the Point laid with appropriate ceremonies.


Oct. 1. Newport Artillery Co. started for the World’s Fair, accompanied by a large party.

Oct. 7. Edward Luby, fireman of the City of Fitchburg, drowned in the Old Colony Co’s north slip.

Oct. 8. Charles Cole, of Gloucester, Mass., drowned off Perry Mill wharf.

Oct. 12. Artillery Company return from their trip to Chicago and make a street parade.

Oct. 12. Republicans held their caucus and nominated candidates for the city government of 1893.

Oct. 19. City Treasurer David M. Coggeshall died, after serving the city as treasurer for 24 years.

Oct. 23. Special session of City Council to fill vacancy in the office of City treasurer. John S. Coggeshatl [sic] chosen.

Oct. 25. City election, D. B. Fearing, Democrat, elected Mayor. Republicans elect aldermen and councilmen from the First, Second and Third Wards and Democrats win the Fourth and Fifth.


Nov. 6. Newport Horticultural Society held the most successful chrysanthemum show in the history of the organization.

Nov. 16. Mr. Thos. S. Burdick, for many years an officer of the Newport Artillery Company, died suddenly while waiting to embark on the Providence boat.

Nov. 20. Industrial Education incorporated into the Public School System.

Nov. 20. Embankment at the Torpedo Station, which was being undermined, caved in, killing one man and injuring seven.

Nov. 26. Philip Caswell, one of the oldest citizens of Jamestown, died.


Dec. 5. City Council held its regular meeting and passed an ordinance putting the Newport Fire Department on a permanent basis in conformity with the State law recently enacted.

Dec. 6. Debate held at the Unity Club between two Yale and two Harvard students. Subject—Should United States Senators be Elected by Popular Vote?

 Newport County Town Officers for Year 1894
 Newport County - Distances to Prominent Places In and Around Newport. From the Government Survey. (The State House is now called the Old Colony House and the Court House was then on Broadway near the schools.)

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