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Newport, Rhode Island

City of Newport,
Rhode Island

Title Page 1919 Newport Manual

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 Page 5 Facts about Newport  Page 28 City Officers  Page 29 Representative Council
 Page 30 Representative Council  Page 31 Representative Council  Page 32 Representative Council
 Page 33 Representative Council  Page 34 Committee of Twenty-Five  Page 35 Special Committees
 Page 36 Special Committees  Page 37 Special Committees  Page 65 City Officers
 Page 66 City Officers  Page 67 City Officers  Page 68 City Officers
 Page 69 City Officers  Page 70 City Officers  Page 71 City Officers
 Page 72 City Officers  Page 73 City Officers  Page 74 City Officers
 Page 75 City Officers  Page 76 City Officers  Page 77 City Officers
 Page 78 Police Department  Page 79 Police Department  Page 80 School Committee
 Page 81 School Committee  Page 82 Schools  Page 83 Fire Department
 Page 84 Fire Department  Page 85 Fire Department  Page 86 Fire Department
 Page 87 Fire Department  Page 88 Fire Department  

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