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Tax Book of the City of Newport, R. I.

For 1855

[Pages average 700 KB. Lists are not in strict alphabetical order. There is probably a page missing at the end.]
Newport Tax List for 1855
Page 1 Cover Page 2 Explanation Page 3 Adams to Anderson
Page 4 Anderson to Bancroft Page 5 Bank to Bennett Page 6 Bennett to Brooks
Page 7 Brooks to Burkenshaw Page 8 Burlingham to Carpenter Page 9 Carroll to Clarke
Page 10 Clarke to Connolly Page 11 Considine to Crocker Page 12 Crooke to Dring
Page 13 Drummond to Fales Page 14 Fossett to Gardner Page 15 Gardner to Gould
Page 16 Gould to Hammett Page 17 Hammett to Hazard Page 18 Hazard to Holt
Page 19 Hold to Izard Page 20 Jack to Lamann Page 21 Langley to Lovie
Page 22 Lucas to McDonald Page 23 McGill to Mumford Page 24 Mumford to Northup
Page 25 Oakley to Peckham Page 26 Peckham to Potter Page 27 Potter to Rider
Page 28 Riley to Sears Page 29 Seatle to Simmons Page 30 Simmons to Spencer
Page 31 Spencer to Stevens Page 32 Stevens to Taggart Page 33 Taggart to Tilley
Page 34 Tilley to Utter Page 35 Vars to Weaver Page 36 Weaver to Wilson

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