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Newport, Rhode Island

1891 Tax List for the City of Newport, R. I.

With City Officers

Page 2

[Lists are not in strict alphabetical order. I saw no explanation for "Oath".]

Newport Tax List for 1891
Page 211 (first page)
Florence Abbot, Jr.
Florence Abbot
Timothy Abbot
Ferdinand Abell and W. R. McKee
Abraham Bridget, deceased
Charles A. Ackers
Charles H. Ackers
William H. Ackers
Mary C. Acosta
James T. Ackerson
John Adam
John B. Adams
James O. Adams
Mary A. Adams
Michael Adams
Michael E. Adams, Jr.
Richard Adams
William Adams
Theodore M. Addison
Alexander Agassiz
William H. Agys
Garrett F. Ahearn
John Ahearn
Michael Ahearn
Page 212
Thomas Ahearn
William Ahearn
Benjamin J. Ailman, dec'd
John H. Ailman
Martha H. Ailman
Martha P. Ailman
Mary C. Ailman, wife of
  William J. H. Ailman
Rebecca Ailman
Samuel T. H. Ailman
Alice Albro, wife of Daniel Albro
Charles H. Albro, of David P. ALbro
Charles Otis Albro
Daniel Albro
David P. Albro
Edward M. Albro
Herbert C. Albro
James G. Albro
James G. Albro, deceased
James G. Albro, 2d [sic]
Maurice A. Albro
Josiah Albro
Josiah Albro, Jr.
Nelson T. Albro
Norah Albro, wife of Thomas C. Albro
Samuel Albro
Stephen L. Albro
Stephen S. Albro
Abraham W. Aldred
Henry L. Aldrich
John Alexander
Charlotte Alger
Page 213
Edwin G. S. Alger
Elisha Alger
Edwin G. S. and Jane Alger
John E. Alger
Mary E. Alger
Nicholas B. Alger
Orin Alger
Samuel W. Alger
Andrew Allan
Erastus P. ALlan
Frederick A. Allan
Frederick A. Allan, Jr.
George W. Allan
James M. Allan
John J. Allan
Joseph S. Allan
Sarah E. Allan, wife of E. P. Allan
Robert J. Allan
William Allan
William Russell Allan
David B. Allen
George E. Allen
John B. Allen
John T. Allen
Robert Allen
William Allen, barber
WIlliam Allen, Jr.
William H. Allen
Mary W. Almon, wife of
  Andrew B. Almon
Abram Almy
Annah W. H. Almy, wife of
  Abram Almy
Benjamin Almy
Page 214
Emeline J. Almy, wife of Benjamin Almy
Edward Almy
Laura Almy, wife of Sam'l [sic] S. Almy
Theodore Ambrose
John Ambush
Thomas C. Amory
Anders Anderson
Caroline Anderson, wife of John Anderson
Christian Anderson
Gorton Anderson and wife
Sarah E. D. Anderson
Mary Anderson, wife of John Anderson
Mary Anderson, wife of
  Christian Anderson
Vernon B. Anderson
Frank W. Andrews
William Andrews
Edwin G. Angell
Josephine I. Angell
Abram T. Anthony
Ann Anthony
Benjamin M. Anthony
Charles G. Anthony
Charles W. Anthony
George E. Anthony
George Anthony, heirs
Henry G. Anthony
James E. Anthony
John T. Anthony
Joseph R. Anthony, heirs
Joseph S. Anthony
Margaret Anthony
Page 215
Philip Anthony
William C. Anthony
Harrison Apthorp
Arctic Ice Co.
Elizabeth Ardern and sisters
Mary Jane Armington, dec'd
Armour & Co.
Caroline M. Armstrong
George A. Armstrong, Wm. A. Armstrong, guardian
George A. Armstrong, heirs
Harriet H. Armstrong
Joseph Armstrong
Joseph & Phebe Armstrong
Minnie Armstrong,
  W. A. Armstrong, guardian
William A. Armstrong
Eliza Arnold, wife of E. F. S. Arnold
Fred A. Arnold
Julius Arnold
Minnie S. Arnold, wife of Richard J.
Stephen H. Arnold & Royal C. Taft, trustees
William H. Arnold
William M. Arnold
Abraham Ash
Charles E. Ash
James Asher, heirs
Elizabeth K. Ashhurst
William Waldorf Astor
William Astor
Charles L. F. and Josephine Atkinson
Page 216
Eugene W. Atkinson
Mary Ann Atkinson
Mary E. and Louisa F. Atkinson
Mary E. Atkinson
Frank P. Atwater
John C. Atwater
Manson B. Atwater
Robert W. Atwater
Jon Auchincloss, heirs
Joanna R. Auchincloss
Charles G. Austin
Daniel Austin
Emily S. Austin, wife of
  William M. Austin
Ivers J. Austin, deceased
James A. Austin
John R. Austin, heirs
Mary Ella Austin
Percy A. Austin
William M. Austin
Daniel J. Ayler
Annie E. and Fanny W. Aylsworth
Thomas Aylsworth
Julia Aylward
Abby Babcock
Mary C. Babcock and Susan M. Hunter
Robert G. Babcock
William R. Babcock
Annie E. Bacheller, wife of
  George W. Bacheller
John W. Bacheller
Page 217
Rebecca S. Bacheller,
  wife of J. W. Bacheller
Robert C. Bacheller
Susan T. Bacheller,
  wife of Joshua B. Bacheller
William S. Bacheller
William and Mary E. Bacon
Annie S. Bailey
Cornelia B. Bailey
John C. Bailey
Josephine I. Bailey
Josephine I. and Annie S. Bailey
Joseph I. Bailey, devisees
Joseph I. Bailey, deceased
Joseph I. Bailey, devisees, and A. Smith's heirs
Mary Julia Bailey
Samuel C. Bailey, deceased
Joseph I. Bailey, devisees, and
  A. Smith heirs and Ellen T. Baker
William M. Bailey, trustee to
  Eliza H. Greene
William S. Bailey
A. Prescott Baker
Ellen T. Baker, wife of A. P. Baker
Ellen M. Baker, trustees
Darius Baker
Darius Baker, trustee
Richard Baker, devisees
Page 218
Mary Bain, wife of Thomas L. Bain
Christopher C. Baldwin
Mary M. Baldwin
Charlotte S. Ball
Henry W. Ball and Mary Ball
Daniel E. Ball
Martin H. Ball
Jane Balshaw, wife of J. P. Balshaw
George Bancroft, deceased
Edward Bangs, trustee
Coddington Savings Bank
First National Bank
Island Savings Bank
Merchants Bank
New England Commercial Bank
Newport National Bank
Savings of Newport Bank
National Exhange Bank
National Bank of Rhode Island
Charles Banks
Sarah A. Banister
Charles R. Barber
Thomas C. Barber
William A. Barber
Alex N. Barker
Afred Barker, deceased
Alphonso Barker
Arnold M. Barker, devisees
Charles Barker
Page 219
Charlotte Barker
Christopher F. Barker
David H. Barker
Ellen F. Barker
Elizabeth Barker
Eugene Barker, heirs
Ezra J. Barker
Ezra J. and Alvin A. Barker
Francis S. and Ruth M. Barker
Francis S. and Stephen P. Barker
George C. Barker
Geo. [sic] C. and Ralph R. Barker
Henry Barker, heirs
Isaac J. Barker
Jacob A. Barker
James T. Barker
Joanna S. Barker
James P. Barker
John C. Barker
Joseph O. Barker
Joanna Barker,
  wife of Joseph P. Barker
Julia J. Barker
Lydia Maria Barker
Mary Jane Barker
Nathan Barker
Noah Barker
Paul M. Barker
Robert S. Barker
Ruth M. Barker,
  wife of Francis S. Barker
Samuel Barker, heirs
Page 220
Stephen P. Barker
William A. Barker
William H. Barker
Frederick A. Barlow
Frederick N. Barlow, deceased
Frederick N. Barlow
George G. Barlow
George W. Barlow
John L. Barlow
Moses Barlow
Mary W. Barlow, deceased, wife of
  Thomas J. Barlow
Mary E. Barlow
William F. Barlow
William H. Barlow
Matilda Barnes
Alexander Barney
Rocco Barone
Emma E. Barrett
Joseph Barrett
James H. Barney
James H. Barney, Jr.
Matthew Barrett
Ann Barry
Bridget Barry
Edward Barry, heirs
David Barry
John Barry
Lawrence J. Barry
Robert C. Barry
Margaret J. Barry
William D. Bartley
Page 221
Adelia Bateman, wife
  of Charles J. Bateman
Luther Bateman and heirs
  of Ruth Bateman
Luther Bateman, deceased
Phebe Bateman, deceased
Samuel Bateman, trustee
Seth Bateman, deceased
Charles S. Bates
C. Francis Bates
Stephen Bates
William B. Bates
William S. Bates
Henry F. Battey, heirs
John T. Battey, heirs
George F. Battene
Seth W. M. Battene
Pauline L. Baxter
Hettie Hart Beach
George and Elizabeth C. Beakhurst
William H. Beale
John Beattie, trustee
Henry Bedlow
George Began
Phebe E. Belding
Christopher M. Bell
Eliza Bell
Isaac Bell, Jr., deceased
Mary Bell, wife of C. M. Bell
August Belmont, deceased
Benjamin P. Bennet, deceased
James Gordon Bennett
Page 222
John H. Bennett and wife
Mary E. Bennett
Martin E. Bennett
Patrick Bennett
Bernard J. Benson
James J. Benson
Herriet W. Benson, wife
  of Bernard J. Benson
Patrick H. Benson
Isaac B. Bergman
Michael Berrigan
Mary A. T. Berry, dec'd
Robert P. Berry, deceased
Edward J. Berwind
Mary Best, wife of Clement L. Best
William D. Betty
Cornelius G. Betton
Bickerton & Horgan
Charles Bickerton
Samuel Bickerton
Frank J. Bicknell
Mary O. Bigley
Joshua R. Bigelow, deceased
Austin P. Bindloss
William Binney
James Birckhead, deceased, and widow
Jane Birch, heirs
Henry Biesel
Allan H. and Henrietta Bishop
John Bishop
Margaret L. Blackwell
Edwin C. Blain
Page 223
Edward Bland
Joseph Blake
Mary G. Blakely, wife of J. J. Blakely
Thomas E. Blakely
Samuel Blatchford
Sophia E. Blatchford
Mary T. Blessington
Atherton Blight
Benjamin F. Bliven
Charles T. Bliss
Herbert Bliss
John J. Bliss
Josiah S. Bliss
Benjamin Bliven
Luke Bliven
Walter S. Bliven
Jerome T. Blount
John Bluck
Mary Bluck
Emil S. Blumenkranz
Benjamin F. Boardley
John W. Bolton
George H. Borden
Jerome C. Borden
Theo W. Borden
Jane P. Boit, dec'd
John A. Boardley
Lydia A. M. Boardley
Delia Bohanna, wife of Thomas Bohanna
Henry W. Bonnick
Georgianna Boone, wife
  of Samuel R. Boone
Samuel R. Boone
Page 224
William H. Boone
Peter J. Booth
John Booth
Caroline LeRoy Bonaparte, wife
  of Jerome N. Bonaparte
G. Augustin Bonnetat, dec'd
Benjamin F. Boss
John E. Boss
Sarah E. and Elizabeth C. Boss
Thomas L. Boss, heirs
Edward T. Bosworth
Peleg S. Bosworth
Smith Bosworth
Smith Bosworth & Co.
William G. Bosworth
Virginia R. Bonnetat
Vincenzo and Anna C. L. Botta
George Bowen, heirs
George S. Bowen
Sarah S. Bowen
Stephen Bowen, heirs
Esther Bowler
James I. Bowler
Mary J. Bowler
Patrick Bowler
Thatcher T. Bowler
Thomas S. Bowler
William Bowler
Charles Bowman
Thomas Bowser, deceased
James Boyre
Catherine Boyd
Maria Boyd
Page 225
William H. Boyd
Michael C. Boyle
Michael F. Boyle
Martin Boyle
Patrick Boyle
Patrick J. Boyle
Charles A. Brackett
Charles S. Bradley, deceased
Frederick Bradley
Henry H. Bradley
James E. Bradley
Ernest W. Bradley
Helen E. Bracewell, wife
  of Jonathan Bracewell
John H. Bradford
Phebe A. Bradford and
  Gardiner B. Reynolds
Phebe A. Bradford
Frank Brady
James Brady
James H. Brady
Hugh Brady
Hugh Brady, Jr.
William L. Brady
David Braman
David and Daniel D. Braman
Oliver R. Braman
Arendt Brandt
Guiseppantonio [sic] Brangazio
James B. Brayton
Martin Breen
K. Randolph Breese, devisees
Thomas Breese, heirs
Page 226
Thomas Breese
Bridget Brennan
James Brennan
Michael T. Brennan
John J. Brett
Mary Brewer, dec'd
Annie M. Brewster
William Brewster
Edward Brick
Charles E. Brice
James Brierly
John M. Brierly
Benjamin C. Briggs
Lela E. and H. Wallace Briggs
Mary Jane Briggs
Sarah Briggs, devisees
Briggs & Co.
William Brightman
Francis Brinley, dec'd
Harriet L. Brooks
John Brooks
Josephine Brooks
Matthew Brooks, heirs
William Brooks
Thomas Brooks
James Brophy, heirs
James Brophy
Michael Brophy
William Brophy
Moses Brotherson
Abraham A. Brown
Abraham A. and Nathan B. Brown
Page 227
Anna Brown
Daniel Brown
Caroline S. Brown, wise [sic]
  of Benj. P. Brown
Eva Brown, wife of B. Clarence Brown
Edward G. Brown
Gardner Brown
Harold Brown
Jacob B. Brown
James Brown
James A. Brown
James B. Brown
James H. and Alma E. Brown
John A. Brown
J. Harry Brown
John Carter Brown, dec'd
John Nicholas Brown
John N. Brown, Harold & W. R. Matteson, trustees
John N. & Harold Brown
John Brown
John Brown, 2d [sic]
J. Stacy Brown
Joseph M. Brown
Joshua C. Brown
Lewis Brown
Martha E. Brown, wife of Daniel Brown
Mary E. Brown, wife
  of George A. Brown
Nathan B. Brown
Richard H. Brown
Page 228
Sophia A. Brown
Samuel Brown
Thomas G. Brown
William Brown
Brown & Howard
Mary E. Brownell, wife
  of William S. Brownell
William S. Brownell
William Brownell
Harriet Brownson, wife of John Brownson
Peter Brucker, Jr.
Emily H. F. Bruen,
  Russell Forsyth guardian
Herman Bruen, Russell Forsyth guardian
Mary A. D. Bruen
Mary Brundage
Adelbert C. Bryant
Adelbert P. Bryant
Elizabeth S. Bryce, heirs
Andrew Bryer
Benjamin Bryer, devisees
Benjamin and Peleg Bryer
Catherine Bryer
Georgianna Bryer
James M. Bryer
John Bryer
Peleg Bryer
Stafford Bryer
Aaron C. Buchanan
James H. Buchanan
Bridget Buckley, heirs
Daniel J. Buckley
Page 229
Daniel J. Buckley
Dennis and Ellen Buckley
John F. Buckley
John J. Buckley
John M. Buckley
Mary M. Buckley, wife of T. B. Buckley
Patrick Buckley
Timothy B. Buckley
Timothy F. Buckley
Evan M. J. Bull
Henry Bull
Henry Bull, Jr.
Charles M. Bull
John Bull, devisees
Louisa Bull
Harry Burbidge
William A. Burbidge
William J. Burdette
Agnes Burdick
Arnold L. Burdick, dec'd
Ann M. Burdick
Arthur G. Burdick
Bertha L. Burdick
Charles H. Burdick
Charles H. Burdick and Luther Bateman
Charles H. Burdick and
  Susan T. Stedman
Clara T. Burdick, wife
  of Edwin S. Burdick
Clark Burdick
Clark H. Burdick
Clark Burdick, heirs
Page 230
Cynthia M. Burdick, dec'd
Edgar W. Burdick
Edwin S. Burdick
Edmund S. Burdick
Henry C. Burdick
Henry B. Burdick
J. Truman Burdick
J. T. Burdick and T. M. Norman
Margaret D. Burdick
Rebecca R. Burdick
Sarah Burdick, devisees
Stephen A. Burdick
Thomas S. Burdick
Dewitt C. Burghardt
James Burke
Julia A. Burke
Martin J. Burke
Patrick Burke
William H. Burke
William J. and Julia Burke
Albert Burkinshaw
Ellen Burkinshaw
George E. Burkinshaw
Grace Burkinshaw
Jonathan Burkinshaw, devis's
Robert S. Burlingame
Hiram Burlingham
Thomas C. Burlingham
Gilbert H. Burnham
Daniel M. Burns
Edward T. Burns
Hiram G. Burns
Page 231
John Burns
Mary Burns, dec'd
Martin Burns
Michael Burns
Patrick Burns
Timothy Burns
Walter H. Burns
William Burns
Collins S. Burrell
George Burroughs, devisees
Ogden H. Burroughs
Emily J. Burton, dec'd
Amelia S. Bush
Joseph L. Bush
Mary Busk
Henry Butler
George Butler
Michael Butler (florist)
Michael Butler
Michael J. Butler
Morris Butler
Samuel W. Butler, heirs
Mary E. Buttrick
Noah Butts
John Byrnes, heirs
John J. Byrnes
Martin Byrnes
Michael Byrnes
Andrew Byron
Page 232
John Cadwallader
Rebecca Cahoone and sister
William J. Cahoone
Hugh Cain
William S. Caldwell, devisees
James Calhoun
George W. Callahan
Sarah E. Callahan and Mary A. Webb
Michael Callahan
Hugh and Julia Callaghan
John Callaghan
Michael W. Callaghan
Elizabeth S. Callender
Elizabeth Calvert
George Calvert
George H. Calvert, dec'd
George R. Campbell
James Campbell
John Campbell
Thomas Campbell, heirs
Elizabeth Card
Harriet Card
Nicholas Card
Alida Carey, heirs
WIlliam H. Carey
C. Grace Carley
Francis D. Carley
John Carley
John Carney
Annie P. Carr
Page 233
Alice W. and Clarence A. Carr
Alice W. Carr
Alexander Carr
Benjamin U. Carr, devisees
Benjamin U. Carr
Clarence A. Carr
David S. Carr
Edward J. Carr
Frank T. Carr
George C. Carr
George H. Carr
George W. Carr
Harriet Carr, wife of Benjamin M. Carr
John M. Carr
John Carr
John S. Carr
Joseph A. Carr
Mary L. Carr
Martha E. Carr
Robert R. Carr, deceased
Sarah H. Carr
Samuel Carr, deceased
S. Engs Carr
Theodore O. Carr
Thomas B. Carr
Thomas T. Carr, heirs
William P. Carr
William P. Carr, trustee
Emily C. Carrasco
Richard C. Carrigan
Thomas Carrigan
Michael Carroll
Page 234
Ellen Carroll, wife of John F. Caroll
Andrew Carter
Henry C. Carter
Jackson Carter
Ellen Carry, of James [sic]
Emily Carry
John J. Carry
Robert C. Carry
William Carry
William H. Carry
Alexander H. Carson
A. Ludlow Case, Jr., dec'd
Anna R. Case, wife of A. Ludlow Case
Ann E. Case, heirs
Benjamin F. and John H. Case
David Case
Joseph Case
John H. Case, Benjamin F. Case,
Philip H. Case
Dennis Casey
James Casey, heirs
James Casey
John Casey
Patrick Casey
Thomas Casey
Bridget and Patrick Cassidy
John J. Cassidy
Lucrie [sic] R. Cassidy
Patrick Cassidy
Thomas Cassidy
Page 235
Henry Castoff, devisees
Henry M. Castoff
Annie E. Caswell, wife of John R.
Benjamin S. Caswell
Charles H. Caswell
Charles J. Caswell
Daniel R. Caswell
Frederick S. T. Caswell
Philip H. Caswell
John Caswell, heirs
JOhn Caswell
John R. Caswell
Lewis B. Caswell
Philip Caswell, Wm. Allan [sic], guardian
William Caswell, heirs
William J. S., Lewis B.,
  and Benjamin S. Caswell
William J. S. Caswell
William H. and John H. Caswell
Massey Caswell & Co.
James H. Chadwick
John Chambers
Samuel H. Chambers
William J. Chambers
George H. Champlin
Anna A. Champlin, wife of Thomas D.
John W. Champlin
Thomas D. Champlin
William J. A. Champlin
WIlliam Champion
Page 236
John W. Chanler, devisees
Charles L. Chapman
Thomas Chapman, heirs
William H. Chapman
Free Chapel of St. John
James H. Chappell and wife
Isaac Chappell
Frederick A. Chapin
Agnes F. A. Chase
Albert J. Chase
Annie A. Chase
Gilbert Chase, heirs
Goerge G. Chase, dec'd
Goerge H. Chase
Charles H. Chase
James S. Chase
Nathaniel R. Chase
Robert S. Chase
Sarah J. Chase (Middletown)
Stephen G. Chase
William H. Chase
Zaccheus Chase
Marshall T. Chevers
James R. Christie
Harry C. Christian
William J. Christmas
Garafelia O. Chickering, wife
  of Charles F. Chickering
Frank H. Child
Joseph B. Child
William H. Child
Diana Church
Trinity Church (in trust)
Charles C. Churchill
Page 237
Sarah W. Clapp
Amos M. Clarke
Bridget Clarke, wife of Peter F. Clarke
Charles C. Clarke
Charles H. Clarke
David B. and Mary Clarke
Erasmus D. Clarke
Ella C. Clarke, wife
  of R. Howard Clarke
Ellen M. Clarke
Frances T. Clarke
Henry W. Clarke
Isaac O. Clarke
James Clarke, devisees
John E. Clarke
John H. Clarke
Joseph Clarke
Marcus M. Clarke
Mary D. Clarke
Phineas C. Clarke
Samuel Clarke, heirs
Sarah A. Clarke, wife
  of James H. Clarke
Susan L. Clarke
Sarah Jane Clarke, wife
  of Thomas H. Clarke
Thomas J. Clarke
William H. Clarke
William P. Clarke
George Cleary
James H. L. Clegg
Charlotte A. Cleveland
Clement Cleveland
Page 238 - Clews - Cole
Henry Clews
James C. Clifford
James Clifton, heirs
Eperaim Cobleigh, heirs
Edward J. Coen
Joseph V. Coen
Thomas Coen and wife
Thomas Coen
John J. Coffee
Jeremiah Coffee
Patrick Coffee
Simon Coffee
Catherine S. Coggeshall, wife
  of David M. Coggeshall
David M. Coggeshall, heirs
David M. Coggeshall, Jr.
David and Joseph Coggeshall
Eliza Coggeshall
George B. Coggeshall
James Coggeshall
John S. Coggeshall
Joseph C. Coggeshall
Lawton Coggeshall
Oliver H. P. Coggeshall
Robert D. Coggeshall
Thomas Coggeshall
Susan S. Coggeshall, wife
  of Frederick B. Coggeshall
William A. Coggeshall
Caroline Coit
Joseph M. Coit, devisees
Frank W. Colcord
William R. Colcord
Charles M. Cole
Page 239
Samuel Colman
Elizabeth U. Coles
Anna M. T. and George Collins, dec'd
James Collins
James Collins, Jr.
John Collins
Mary Collins
John and Mary Collon
Amos Comstock
George Comstock, deceased
James H. Comstock
Jane Connaughton
Christopher T. and Sarah E. Congdon
Isbon S. and Mary M. Congdon
James C. Congdon, dec'd,  T. Coggeshall, executor
John Congdon
Thomas B. Congdon
William C. Congdon
WIlliam P. Congdon, devisees
James J. Conheeny
Mary J. Conheeny
Louisa L. Concklin
Alfred R. Conkling
Andrew Connell
Patrick Connell
Mary A. Connell
Daniel J. Connelly
Page 240
Thomas Connelly
Thomas M. Connelly
John Connelly
Michael R. Connelly
John Connor
John J. Connors
Thomas Connors
Andrew Conroy
Edward A. Conroy
Michael Conroy
Philip F. Conroy
Mary A. Conroy
Benjamin F. Constable
John Conway
Ann M. Cooney
Catherine Cooney
John J. Cooney
Thomas Cooney
Daniel Cook
Hannah Cook, heirs
Henry H. Cook
John Cook
Josiah P. Cooke
John L. Cookinham
Alice Cooper, F. W. Tilton, trustee
Edwin F. Cooper
Henry W. Cooper
James U. Cooper
James U. Cooper, Jr.
John B. Cooper
Robert Cooper
William S. Cooper
Marmaduke C. Cope
Page 241
Charles W. Corbett
Michael Corbett
Patrick Corbett
John Corbit
Algernon B. Corbin
Bridget Corcoran
Daniel Corcoran
John F. Corcoran
Jeremiah Corcoran
Michael Corcoran
Patrick Corcoran
Timothy Corcoran
William H. Corcoran
Alfred H. Cornell
Amanda E. Cornell
Caroline M. Cornell
Ellen Cornell
George W. Cornell, deceased
Herbert F. Cornell
Mark Cornell
Mary A. Cornell
Michael Cornell
Maurice Cornell
Patience Cornell
Richard Cornell
Rodman Cornell
John Coridan
John Corridan, Jr.
James Corrigan
Michael J. Corrigan
Hugh Corrigan
John T. and Sarah T. Cory
Page 242
Frank J. Costello
Helen Costello
John G. Costello
Thomas J. Costello
William F. Costello
Frank J. Cote
Charles Cotter
John Cotter
John F. Cotter
Timothy J. Cotter
Timothy Cotter
Bella C. Cotton Joseph P. Cotton
William H. Cotton
Charles M. Cottrell
James B. Cottrell
James B. Cottrell, Jr.
John Cottrell
John H. Cottrell
Joseph S. Cottrell
Mary F. Cottrell
Michael Cottrell
Robert C. Cottrell
William A. Cottrell
James J. Courtney
John Courtney
Patrick Courtney
John W. Covell
William K. Covell, dec'd
WIlliam K. Covell
William J. Cower
Elizabeth S. Cozzens
Henry W. Cozzens
Henry W. Cozzens, Jr.
Page 243
John H. Cozzens
Martha H. and Sarah H. G. Cozzens
William C. Cozzens & Co.
William J. Cozzens
William J. Cozzens, guardian
  to Herbert Lawton
James Coyle
James S. Cowles
George M. Crabb
Robert Cradle
Mary A. Craigg
Frank C. Crampton
Albert P. Crandall
Charles Crandall
Charles Crandall, Jr.
Charles S. Crandall
Nancy G. Crandall
George F. Crandall
Ruth C. Crandall
William E. Crandall
Morris E. Crane
Henry Y. Cranston, heirs
Henry Y. Cranston, heirs,
  and Samuel Sterne
Harriet S. Cranston
William S. Cranston
Elizabeth M. Creighton, wife
  of J. McP. Creighton
William Creswell
John Cremin
Thomas Cremin
Thomas A. Cremin
Page 244
W. W. L. Cripps
Honora A. Crofton, wife
  of John E. Crofton
James Croughan
Hilton and Mary Crombie
Dennis Crombie
Timothy F. Crombie
Daniel Cronin
Dennis J. Cronin
Albert G. Crosby
James Crosby
John H. Crosby
John H. Crosby, Jr.
John H. Crosby, Jr., guardian
Maurice Crosby
Thomas Crosby
William A. Crosby
Benjamin Crowell
Eveline Crowell
James M. Crowell
John F. Crowell
William H. Crowell
Timothy P. Crowley
James R. Crowley
Joseph H. Crother
Casper Crowningshield
Peter Cruise, heirs
James Cullen
Michael J. Cullinane
George W. Cullum
Arthur B. Cummerford
Daniel L. Cumnings
Roscoe F. Cummings
Page 245
Edward L. Cunningham and wife
Robert J. Cunningham
John P. Curley
Martin L. Curley
Morris M. Curley
Michael Curley
Peter F. Curley
Thoma F. Curley
Daniel Curran
John Curran
Margaret Curran
Michael and Lucy Curran
Robert W. Curry
Timothy Curtin
Daniel R. Curtis, Jr.
Frank Curtis
John Curtis
Sheldon H. Curtis
Charlotte Cushman, trustees
John Cushing
Robert M. Cushing
Thomas F. Cushing
Thomas R. Cushing
Alexander Cuthberton
T. Nelson Dale
Dennis Dailey
John Dailey
Rosanna Dailey
Thomas J. Dailey
Teresa Damon
Dana & Hastings
Cornelius V. Danahy
Fred A. Daniels
Page 246
George F. Daniels
William H. Daniels, heirs
Rufus T. Darrah
Charles F. Davenport
Frank Davenport
Augustus B. Davis
Benjamin F. Davis
Charles Davis, devisees
David H. Davis
George C. Davis
Galen Davis
Lucius D. Davis
Simeon Davis and John H. Ailman
Simeon Davis
Theodore M. Davis
William H. Davis, heirs
Alonzo W. Dawley
Benjamin H. Dawley
Edna A. Dawley, wife
  of William P. Dawley
Perry B. Dawley
Perry B. Dawley, Jr.
Theo. B. Dawley, devisees
Theodore B. Dawley
Sherman B. Dawley
Andrew Dawson
Charles Dawson
Margaret Dawson, wife of Andrew
George W. Dean
John Dean
Andrew J. DeBlois
Emily J. DeBlois
Page 247
Frank L. DeBlois
George DeBlois
Henry D. DeBlois
Henry D. and John B. DeBlois
Harry L. DeBlois
John B. DeBlois
Edward DeBlois, devisees
Nathaniel J. DeBlois
Silas D. DeBlois
T. Amory DeBlois
William B. DeBlois
William S. S. DeCourcey
Ann Defray
Frederick G. S. d'Hautville
Ellen Delano, wife of John T. Delano
Michael Delaney
Max and Mary Duluca
Virgilio Del Genoese
James Dempsey, Jr.
Daniel C. Denham
Daniel C. Denham, heirs
Alex F. J. Denisot
Alfred Denisot
John B. F. Denman
William P. Denman
John Denning, deceased,
  P. J. Galvin, administrator
Philip Denning
Emerson Dennis
James W. Dennis
John D. Dennis
Kitty J. Dennis
Page 248 - Dennis - Dillon
Mary E. Dennis, wife
  of William E. Dennis
Sarah B. Dennis
Sarah T. Dennis
Susan H. Dennis, wife
  of William T. Dennis
William E. Dennis
William E. Dennis, trustee
George Denniston
James H. Denniston
John B. Denniston
Thomas Denniston
William A. Deplitch
Mary B. Derby, wife
  of Richard C. Derby
John Devlin
Oliver Dewick, dec'd
Oliver Dewick, Jr., and Kate B. Dewick
William H. Dewick
George Dexter
John A. Dexter
Mary H. Dickerson, wife of Silas Dickerson
Silas Dickerson
James Dimond
Hugh T. Dickey
Joseph A. and Edward J. Diggles
Daniel Dillon, dec'd
Daniel Dillon
Dicholas Dillon and wife
John Dillon
Page 249
Teresa Dillon, wife of Nicholas Dillon
Martha A. Dixon, wife of William H. Dixon
Simon Dixon
William H. Dixon
George M. Dockray
Mary L. Dodge, wife of William R. Dodge
Edmund T. Dodge
Sarah A. Dodge
William R. Dodge
Seth B. Dodge
Daniel E. Doherty
Edward J. Donahue
James Donahue
Richard Donahue
Thomas Donahue
Thomas J. Donahue
Peter Donnelly
John Donovan
Margaret and Michael Donovan
Michael Donovan
Timothy Donovan
Jacob Dorsey
John H. Dougher
Edward Dougherty
Elizabeth Douglass
George Douglass
George T. Douglass
John and Annie N. Dowd
John Dowd
Page 250
Thomas Dowd
Daniel and Mary T. Dowling
Ellen Dowling, wife of James P. Dowling
James P. Dowling
Mary F. Dowling, wife
  of John E. Dowling
Philip Dowling
Thomas C. Dowling
Mary Ann Downes
Benjamin F. Downing
Benjamin F. Downing, Jr.
George F. Downing
George T. Downing
Patrick Downing
Wealthy Ann Downing
John W. and Alma A. Doyle
Frank Doyle
Thomas Doyle
James M. Drake
Charles P. Dring
John Dring
Robert L. Dring
Walter Dring
William A. Dring
William C. Dring
Morgaret [sic] F. Driscoll
Mary Driscoll
Timothy J. Driscoll
Honora Drury
Charles T. Dubbs, heirs
Sarah Duck, deceased
John R. Duckworth
Tattersall Duckworth
Page 251
Adolphus A. Duffany
Dennis T. Duffy, heirs
Thomas Duffy
John and Isabella M. Dugan
Samuel H. Dugan
Thomas Dugan
John Dumphy
Walter F. Dumphy
John Dunbar
William J. Dunbar
Catherine Dunley
Elizabeth Dunn
Kate H. Dunn, wife of Thos. Dunn
John Dunn
Patrick H. Dunn
Thomas Dunn
Thomas Dunn, trustee
Mary J. Dunwell, wife
  of John W. Dunwell
Seth H. Dunwell
Seth M. Dunwell
James C. Durfee
Elizabeth D. W. Durfee
John B. Durfee
Sarah and Ruth A. Durfee
William H. Durfee, heirs
William H. Durfee, Jr.
Michael Durnan
Michael Dwyer
Nicholas Dwyer
Thomas O. Dwyer
Charles W. Dyer
Herbert L. Dyer
John Dynan
Page 252 - Dynan - Ebbitt
Michael Dynan
James Eagan
Julia Eagan
Kate Eagan
Eliza Earle, wife of William Dewitt
Benjamin T. Easterbrooks
David F. Easterbrooks
Ellen Easterbrooks, wife
  of James Easterbrooks
James A. Easterbrooks
Abby Easton, heirs
Albert I. Easton
Arthur H. Easton
Benjamin Easton
Benjamin Easton, Jr.
Benjamin J. Easton
Charles A. Easton, heirs
Charles A. Easton
Charles C. Easton
George H. Easton
Harry B. Easton
Henry T. and Martha A. Easton
James C. Easton, heirs
James Easton
John Easton, heirs
Rowland J. Easton
John F. Easton
William H. Easton
William J. Easton
Hugh T. Ebbitt
Lawrence Ebbitt
Patrick Ebbitt
Page 253 
Richard and Mary Ann Ebbitt
William Ebbitt
Frank J. Eckhart
Julia A. and S. Eustis Eckley
Henry Ecroyd, Jr.
George A. Eddy
James A. Eddy
Michael Eddy
Willard Eddy
Daniel M. Edgar, heirs
Edward A. Edgar
William Edgar, dec'd
George Edwards
James B. Edwards
Toby Edwards
Patrick Edwards
Edison Illuminating Co.
William P. Eagan
Ludwig Ehrhardt
Louis Ehrhardt
William J. Ehrhardt
Charles E. Eldridge
Job S. Eldred, devisees
Sarah H. Eldred
Charles E. Eldredge
Henry F. Eldridge
Julia H. Eldridge
Mary and Henrietta C. Eldridge
William C. Elliot
Jonas Elias
Caroline S. Ellis
Marshall and Sarah E. Ellis
Page 254 
Martha G. C. Ellis
Forrest F. Emerson
Elizabeth W. Emmons, dec'd
Arthur B. Emmons
Elizabeth S. Engs
George Engs, devisees
Mary M. Engs
Samuel Engs, devisees
Samuel Engs, devisees,
  and Elizabeth S. Engs
Eliza A. Ennis
John H. Ennis
Paul M. Ennis
August Erickson
Charles S. Esleeck
James O. Esleeek [sic]
Martha A. Essex, wife of James J. Essex
Peter Euler
Mary C. Eustis
William L. Ewart
Louisa L. Eyre, wife of Wilson Eyre
Emma Fadden
Frederick W. Fadden
Karl P. Faerber
Peter Faerber
Ann Fagan
Nicola Fagella
James F. Fagan
Luke Fagan
Patrick J. Fagan
Patrick Fagan
Charles Fairchild
Page 255 
Michael Falvey
James Farley
John Farell
William A. Farrent
Ann Fayerweather, heirs
Henry H. Fay
Daniel B. Fearing
Trustees of Daniel B. Fearing
George R. Fearing
Henry S. Fearing, dec'd
Henry S. Fearing, heirs,
  and Frederick Sheldon
John Feeney
John J. Feeney
Thomas J. Feeney
John Fenlon
George A. Ferguson
George L. Ferrin
Henry Ferrent
George D. Ferrent
Robert D. Ferrent
Charles W. Field
George B. Field
William Field
George T. Finch
Mary H. Finch, wife of Benjamin Finch
William Findley
Peter Finnegan
John H. Finn
Bridget Agnes Finn
Page 256 - Finn - Flanagan
Catherine Finn, wife of Patrick Finn
Michael L. Finn
George W. Fish
Peleg Fish, heirs
John W. Fisher
John H. Fisher, heirs
Josiah M. Fiske
Arthur W. Fitt
William Fitt
Daniel B. and Susan E. Fitts
Daniel B. Fitts
Susan E. Fitts
James Fitzgerald
John Fitzgerald
Daniel J. Fitzgerald
Michael Fitzgerald
Michael E. Fitzgerald
Patrick Fitzgerald
Thomas Fitzgerald
Bridget Fitzgibbons
James Fitzgibbon
Michael Fitzpatrick
Michael J. Fitzpatrick
William Fitzpatrick
Otis H. Fitzpatrick
Thomas Fitzsimmons
George T. Fizz
George W. Flagg
James Flanagan
Page 257 
Jennie L. Flood
John J. Flood, dec'd
Alexander J. Fludder
George M. Fludder
George W. Fludder
Henry W. Fludder
James Fludder
Stephen S. Fludder
William Fludder
William H. Fludder
Charles H. Flynn
John F. Flynn
Bartholomew Fogarty
James Fogarty
Edward Fogarty
John Fogarty
Patrick Fogarty
Edward Foley
Joseph Foley
Timothy and Mary B. Foley
John R. Ford
William H. Ford
Helena Forsyth, wife of Russel Forsyth
Moses R. Foss
Adolphus and Harriet N. Foster
John Foster
George F. Fowler
Gilbert Fowler, deceased
Francis Fox
Henry Fox
Mary Ann Fox
Page 258 
Samuel J. Fox
Robert Frame
Christian Francis
Emma Francis
John Francis
Medora Francis
Robert Francis
C. Philip Frank
Erwin Frank
Louis L. Frank
Katharine Franklin, wife
  of William M. Franklin
Robert M. Franklin, heirs
Robert M. Franklin
Robert S. Franklin
Robert S. and William B. Franklin
Robert S. Franklin, trustee
Ruth Franklin
Susan Franklin, wife
  of Robert S. Franklin
Thomas T. Franklin, heirs
William B. Franklin
Charles F. Frasch
Joseph T. and Isabella Fraser
Anne E. Freeborn
Benjamin W. Freeborn
Catherine G. Freeborn
George H. Freeborn
John Freeborn, deceased
Michael Freeborn, devisees
Perry W. Freeborn, heirs
Thomas M. Freeborn
Thomas W. Freeborn


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