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1905 Old Home Week Program
Newport, Rhode Island

Page 11: Oakdale Manufacturing Co. Oleomargarine. J. H. Pierce Co. Old Grist Mill dog food. D. P. Burke. The Abbott Co. Newport Dog Show, Sept. 11-13: Hamilton Fish Webster, O. H. P. Belmont, Henry F. Eldridge, Center Hitchcock, Prescott Lawrence, Stuyvesant LeRoy, Henry A. C. Taylor, Reginald Vanderbilt, E. L. Winthrop, Jr., Francis M. Ware, H. E. Gero, James Mortimer, Frank Fressenden Dole, Anna H. Whitney, W. C. Codman, Walter H. Hanley, Dr. C. Horseman, Cornelius F. Sullivan. Page 12: Newport Paper & Grocery Co. Beech-Nut Packing Co. H. W. Rankin & Co. Frasch's Confectionery. Joseph Graham. Programme for Wednesday, September 13. Page 13: A. C. Landers & Son. Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. Picture of "The Breakers" Mr. Cornelius Vanderbilt's Residence Page 14: H. D. Wood. 5 and 10 Cent Store McMullen and Holmes proprietors. Commerford tailor. Rice's paint. Henry F. Rooney. Geo. H. Chase. Easton's Beach. Artic Ice Company. Programme for Thursday, September 14. Herbert Bliss.
Page 15: Barton-Child Co., Frank W. Barton, Chas. A. Fowle, Edward L. Child. H. L. Marsh & Co. Smith & Holden Co. C. R. Blackmar, Jr. & Co. Henry H. Lawton. Hunter Club Cafe, James Dunn. Bishop Bros. Easton's Sausage. Del Monte - Cooper & Sisson. Crown Clothing Co. John E. Good. Legido Cigars. Programme continued for Thursday, September 14 Page 16: Fleischmann's yeast. Wm. Lee Chinese Restaurant. Hayman & Nason. Boston Branch, Norman Whitney, Prop. Picture of Spouting Rock near Bailey's Beach. Programme for Friday, September 15. Places of Interest continued. Inside back cover: Howard W. Spurr Coffee Co. Baker's Extract. Lewis Mears & Co. Grocers. S. G. Londres cigars, S. Gryzmish. Back cover: National Fireworks Co.
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