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Portsmouth, Rhode Island Town of Portsmouth, Newport County, Rhode Island

1883 Tax Book of the Town of Portsmouth, R. I. with Treasurer's Report and Town Officers

[lists are not in strict alphabetical order] 
Tax Book for 1883
Title Page;   Page 2
Town Officers of Portsmouth, R. I., 1883
  • Moderator – Joseph G. Dennis
  • Town Clerk – Philip B. Chase.
  • Town Council – Wm. Borden, 2d, J. H. Stoddard, R. D. Hall, Samuel Cory and Henry Anthony.
  • Justices of the Peace – Asa B. Anthony, John Roberts, Joseph Coggeshall and George A. Tucker
  • Commissioners of Asylum – Edward Almy, Abner B. Cory and Charles A. Chase.
  • Town Treasurer – Edward F. Dyer.
  • Collector of Taxes – Edward F. Dyer
  • Town Auditors – Hon. Edward T. DeBlois, George N. Dennis an John F. Chase, Esq.
  • Town Sergeant – Frederick W. Tallman
  • Assessors of Taxes – Charles C. Slocum, Peleg A. Coggeshall, Samuel Cory, R. D. Hall, Charles Carr, 2d, Thomas L Albro and Philip B. Chase.
  • Surveyors of Highways – Wm. L. Sisson, Capt. A. G. Manchester, Benjamin C. Sherman, Wm. W. Anthony, Charles A. Chase, Benjamin S. Anthony, Charles Henry Dyer, Colby C. Mitchell, Edwin Slocum, Charles H. Dyer, Wm. Hathaway, Cornelius S. Greene, Herbert Chase, Wm. M. Sisson and P. B. Chas.  
  • Town Constables – John W. Franklin and Charles Carr, 2d
  • Auctioneers – Jonathan A. Sisson, Stephen A. Watson, E. F. Anthony, Joseph G. Dennis and Coomer A. Easterbrooks.
  • Sealer of Weights and Measures – Fred W. Tallman.
  • Weighers and Measurers of Farm Produce – E. F. Dyer, Charles H. Dyer and Charles C. Slocum.
  • Overseers of the Poor – Town Council.
  • Pound Keeper – John B. Cornell.
  • Field Drivers – David S. Hedley, Samuel Sisson, Nelson G. Weaver, George G. Smith, George A. Boyd, David E. Brownell and David F. Hilliard
  • Surveyors of Land – Samuel Cory, Joseph Coggeshall and John H. Cross.
  • School Committee – Stephen T. Sherman, Restcom P. Manchester, E. F. Dyer, Joseph Cogge-shall, Benj. B. White, George R. Hicks, Elbridge I. Stoddard and Eugene Chase.
  • Fence Viewers – Jacob Mott, Edward A. Coggeshall and Albert Sisson
  • Appraisers of Dog Damages – Wm. A. Chase, Albert Sisson, Restcom P. Manchester and Charles H. Potter.
  • Police Constables – A. G. Manchester, Cornelius S. Greene and Charles H. Potter
  • Page 3 
    Daniel B. Almy
    Peleg Almy
    Edward Almy, heirs of
    Edward Almy, Jr.
    Levi Almy
    Jacob Almy
    Henry W. Almy
    Robert B. Almy
    Holder Almy
    Peleg Almy, 2d
    Philip Almy
    Gorton L. Austin, heirs of
    Abby Austin
    Morgan R. Ayler
    Robert M. Ayler
    Edward B. Ayler
    Henry C. Anthony, homestead
    Henry C. Anthony, Barker land
    James C. Anthony
    Joseph Anthony, 2d
    Asa B. Anthony and wife
    Samuel Anthony, heirs of
    Edward Anthony
    Edward Anthony by E. F. A.
    Edward F. Anthony
    George B. Anthony
    Gould Anthony
    George Anthony (of Middletown)
    Benjamin S. Anthony
    Joseph Anthony
    Henry Anthony, homestead
    Henry Anthony, mill
    Robert W. Anthony and Caroline Anthony
    Edward E. Anthony & George Anthony
    George Anthony and wife
    William W. Anthony
    Albert C. Anthony
    Elwin B. Anthony
    Peleg Albro, homestead
    Peleg Albro, Cornell Place
    Freeborn Albro
    Lucinda Albro
    Jonathan Allen, farm
    Jonathan Allen, homestead
    Elisha Allen
    Page 4 
    Robert T. S. Allen
    James B. Ashley and wife
    Isaac Borden, heirs of homestead
    Isaac Borden, heirs of Munro farm
    Isaac Borden, heirs of Meeting Lot
    Isaac Borden, heirs of Sherman Farm
    Isaac Borden, heirs of Point Farm
    Isaac Borden, heirs of Greene land
    William Borden, homestead
    William Borden, Neck Land
    William Borden, Thomas farm
    William Borden and Henry C. Anthony
    William Borden, 2d
    Benjamin F. Borden
    John L. Borden
    Herbert W. Borden
    John Borden
    Alfred H. Borden
    Henry H. Burrington and wife
    Leonard Brown and wife
    John T. Brown and wife
    Benj. T. Brown
    William J. Brown
    George A. Brown
    Benjamin Brown
    Christopher Barker
    John C. Barker
    William T. Barker
    John G. Barker
    George N. Baylies
    Oliver G. Brownell and wife
    Phebe A. Brownell
    Benjamin E. Brownell
    William B. Brownell
    Susan A. Brownell
    Andrew C. Brownell
    Elery G. Brownell
    Albert C. Brownell
    John M. Brownell
    Charles E. Brownell
    David E. Brownell
    Thomas E. Brayton
    Willard S. Brayton and  wife
    Catherine A. Barstow
    Daniel H. Barstow
    Leander Boyd, mill place
    Leander Boyd, farm
    Charles E. Boyd
    Byron D. Boyd
    Peter D. Boyd and wife
    William K. Boyd
    James T. Boyd
    George A. Boyd
    Daniel G. Bacon
    August Belmont
    Joe Teachel Brazil
    Joseph P. Bailey
    Page 5 
    David Buffum and Thomas B. Buffum
    Harriet N. Bourn
    David C. Brent
    William Carr and wife
    Eleanor Carr
    Charles Carr
    Alfred Carr
    Benjamin H. Carr
    William F. Carr
    Charles Carr 2d
    John Croucher, homestead
    John Croucher, Albro farm
    Benjamin F. Chase, Neck farm
    Benjamin F. Chase, Gifford farm
    William A. Chase
    James S. Chase
    Alfred C. Chase and wife
    William H. Chase
    Rowland S. Chase
    John F. Chase
    Philip B. Chase
    Joseph W. Chase and wife
    Arthur C. Chase
    Levi Chase
    Abner Chase 
    Herbert Chase
    Isaac Chase 
    Josiah Chase
    Mary Chase
    Alfred S. Chase
    Constant W. Chase
    Charles A. Chase 
    C. C.  Chase and C. E. Chase
    John H. Chase
    Andrew A. Chase and wife
    Abraham C. Chase
    Jacob Chase
    George M. Chase
    James Chase and Albert L. Chase
    Towson Caldwell and wife
    Isaac Cundall
    Wm. J. Carter, heirs 
    Samuel A. Carter
    Wm. J. Carter, heirs of, by Geo. A. 
    John D. Clarke and wife
    Wm. E. Cook and wife
    Stephen W. Cook
    Albert G. Cook
    William M. Cook
    Peleg A. Coggeshall
    George B. Coggeshall
    Elizabeth T. Coggeshall
    Dennis Coggeshall
    Jonathan W. Coggeshall
    Sarah G. Coggeshall
    Thomas Coggeshall
    Thomas Coggeshall and Wm. E. Coggeshall
    Page 6 
    Joseph Coggeshall
    Edward A. Coggeshall and wife
    Samuel Coggeshall, heirs of 
    David Coggeshall
    John P. Coggeshall
    Peleg T. Coggeshall
    Leander W. Coggeshall
    Nancy Coggeshall
    Charles L. Coggeshall
    George R. Coggeshall
    Asa Coggeshall and wife
    Ella M. Coggeshall
    Filmore Coggeshall
    John Cory and wife
    Edward T. Cory
    Samuel Cory
    William Cory
    Cynthia Cory, heirs of 
    Abner B. Cory and wife
    Asa Cory
    Joseph B. Cory
    William H. Cory
    Levi W. Cory
    Mary Cory, heirs of
    Thomas Cory, heirs of
    Henry Cory
    Mary Ann Cross
    John H. Cross
    Taunton Copper Company
    Mt. Hope Coal Mine Company
    Narragansett Oil Company
    Atlantic Oil and Guano Company
    Old Colony Railroad Company
    F. R. & Prov. Steamboat Company
    John Corcoran
    Dwight E. Cone and wife
    John B. Cornell and wife
    Albert Cornell, heirs of
    Benjamin F. Cornell
    Benj. F. Cornell of Tarrytown
    Sidney J. Colford
    William R. Dennis
    Joseph G. Dennis
    George N. Dennis
    John Dennis and wife
    William C. Dennis
    Silas Devol
    James P. Devol
    William A. Devol
    Benjamin Devol
    Alexander M. Durfee and wife
    James L. Durfee
    Annie Durfee and Emily Chase
    Timothy P. Durfee
    Charles H. Dyer
    Edward F. Dyer and wife
    Charles Henry Dyer and wife
    Page 7 
    Charles Henry Dyer, Mott land
    William O. Dyer
    Edward T. DeBlois
    Arba B. Dike
    William B. Fales, heirs
    George C. Fish
    Abby Fish
    George L. Fish
    David Fish
    David Fish and Sylvanus P. Fish
    Abial C. Fish and wife 
    William L. Fish, Lehigh
    Wm. L. Fish, store, etc.
    Wm. L. Fish and C.A. Easterbrooks
    Isaac L. Fish
    Melvina F. Fish
    William B. Fish
    Charles L. Fish
    Pierce A. Faulkner
    George A. Faulkner
    William H. Faulkner, Market
    Parker H. P. Faulkner
    Richard Fields
    Thomas M. Fields
    Frederick A. Fields
    William Fields
    John A. Franklin and wife
    John W. Franklin
    Leander W. Franklin
    Charles A. Franklin
    John S. Freeborn
    Wm. F. Freeborn and wife
    Rufus T. Fuller
    Thomas D. Fuller
    Enos Gibbs, heirs of 
    William S. Gibbs
    David D. Gifford
    Wm. Henry Gifford and wife
    Albert G. Gifford
    Hezekiah Gifford
    Josiah C. Gifford
    William H. Gifford, heirs of
    Ralph E. Gifford
    Leonard W. Goff
    Isaiah W. Goff
    Benjamin Greene
    Henry F. Greene and wife
    Joseph W. Greene, homestead
    Joseph Greene, Freeborn place
    Oliver D. Greene, heirs of 
    Albert C. Greene, heirs of
    Cornelius S. Greene and wife
    Dr. Benjamin Greene
    Jonathan C. Gould
    Solomon Gardner
    William H. Gardner
    George F. Grinnell
    Page 8 
    Julia Ward Howe 
    Robert D. Hall
    Elizabeth P. Hall
    Benjamin Hall
    Catherine S. Hall, heirs of
    Harriet A. Hall
    Robert D. Hall and E. F. Dyer
    Benjamin Hall, Jr.
    David F. Hall
    George M. Hall
    Thomas Holman
    David F. Hilliard and wife
    David J. Hilliard
    Almon D. Hodges, heirs of
    Patrick Hunt
    John Hedly, homestead
    John Hedly, land
    Henry Hedly
    David S. Hedly, Jr.
    David S. Hedly
    Samuel Hedly
    Atwell F. Hedly
    Isaac W. Head and wife
    Rachel Head
    Robert Hicks, homestead
    Robert Hicks, Ferry lot
    Robert Hicks, Fish lot
    Burrington Hicks
    Gideon Hicks and wife, heirs of
    George R. Hicks
    Oliver G. Hicks
    Horace B. Hicks
    William Hathaway
    John M. Hathaway
    George Hathaway
    Carmi Harrington
    John B. Hambly
    Charles H. Hughes, heirs of
    Ann L. Hughes
    Thomas R. Hazard
    Charles C. Hazard and wife
    James T. Hazard
    Barclay Hazard
    Samuel S. E. Harvey
    William T. Harvey
    Charles E. Harvey
    Frances G. Keith, heirs of
    Borden Lawton
    Parker Lawton
    John C. Lawton
    Edward W. Lawton
    Luke Lawrence
    Albert W. Lawrence 
    John Macomber
    Joseph E. Macomber, Cory farm
    Joseph E. Macomber, Greene land
    Joseph E. Macomber, Fort land
    Page 9 
    Edward P. Macomber
    William P. Macomber
    Isaac B. Macomber
    Nathan D. Main
    Wm. D. C. Main
    Abner S. Main
    Truman C. Main
    Jacob Mott
    John C. Mott
    Oscar C. Manchester
    John Manchester
    Wm. M. Manchester, homestead & Head land
    Wm. M. Manchester, Almy land
    Wm. M. Manchester, Hedly farm
    Wm. M. Manchester, Durfee farm
    Wm. M. Manchester, Slocum farm
    John Manchester, 2d
    Cook Manchester, homestead
    Cook Manchester, farm
    A. G. Manchester and wife
    Alexander G. Manchester
    Restcom P. Manchester
    William Manchester
    Thomas Manchester
    Lenora W. Manchester
    Thomas L. Mitchell and wife
    Colby C. Mitchell
    Stephen C. Munroe
    David E. Munroe and wife
    Lewis J. Munroe
    Joseph H. Munroe and wife
    Thomas B. Munroe
    David F. Munroe
    Jonathan B. Munroe
    Dennis Murphy
    Patrick Murphy
    Cornelius H. Murphy
    Dennis Murphy, Jr.
    Jacob Marz
    George H. Norman, water works
    George H. Norman, Coggeshall land
    Israel H. Orswell and wife
    Abner Potter
    Abram T. Peckham
    Alanson Peckham
    Alanson Peckham and wife
    John O. C. Peckham and wife
    Elisha Peckham and Geo. E. Perry
    Eliza Ann Pierce
    Preserved F. Pierce
    Benjamin F. Pierce
    Welcome W. Pitcher
    Isaac M. Rogers
    Frances B. Rogers, heirs of 
    William M. Rogers
    John Roberts
    Page 10 
    Perry G. Randall
    Nelson H. Russell
    Mrs. Amos D. Smith
    Amos D. Smith, heirs of 
    Amos D. Smith, heirs of Manton place
    William Smith
    Edward Smith and wife
    Alfred Smith
    Eugene Sturtevant, Russell land
    Eugene Sturtevant, Ogden farm
    Eugene Sturtevant, Swan farm
    Harriet E. Smyth
    Samuel Sisson
    Albert Sisson
    Alfred Sisson, cottage
    Alfred Sisson, hotel
    Alfred Sisson, Gifford land
    Edmund S. Sisson
    Edward P. Sisson
    Philo B. Sisson, Geo. H. Sisson land
    William M. Sisson
    Edward Sisson, Northam farm
    Edward Sisson, Sisson farm
    Richard W. Sisson
    Susan E. Sisson and Philo B. Sisson
    Wm. L. Sisson, hotel
    Wm. L. Sisson, Neck land
    Wm. B. Sisson, homestead
    Wm. B. Sisson, Chase farm
    Wm. B. Sisson, Almy land
    William Sisson
    James Manning Sisson
    James Moses Sisson
    Jonathan A. Sisson
    George E. Sisson
    Frederick A. Sisson
    Elbert A. Sisson
    Charles S. Sisson
    Elsworth Sisson
    Alfred G. Sisson
    Winfield S. Sisson
    Job Sowle and wife
    James Sweet
    Thomas J. Sweet
    Benjamin C. Sherman
    Benjamin C. Sherman, Hall place
    Benj. C. Sherman and wife
    Parker H. Sherman
    Robert A. Sherman
    Gardner T. Sherman
    Wanton T. Sherman
    Stephen D. Sherman and wife
    Mary A. Sherman
    Frederick M. Sherman and wife
    Stephen T. Sherman
    Charles L. Sherman
    Jonathan Sherman and wife
    Page 11 S to End
    Elijah B. Sherman
    Sarah A. Sherman, Lake land
    James R. Sherman
    Warren R. Sherman
    Clarence W. Sherman
    Charles C. Slocum
    Frank Slocum
    Edwin Slocum 
    Stephen Slocum
    Byron Sprague, heirs of
    Richard Swan, heirs of 
    Robert Scott
    Daniel C. Sullivan
    Cornelius Sullivan
    Wm. H. Sanford and wife
    J. Henry Stoddard
    Elbridge I. Stoddard
    Samuel Shaw
    Amy J. Tallman
    James K. Tallman
    Benj. Tallman and wife 
    Lorenzo D. Tallman
    Levi Tallman
    John Tallman
    Benjamin Tallman, Jr.
    Wm. T. Tallman and wife
    George P. Tallman
    Charles J. Tallman and wife
    Hannah B. Tallman
    William N. Tallman
    Joseph T. Tallman
    Frederick U. Tallman
    Sylvester B. Tallman
    John L. Tallman
    Harry A. Tallman
    Parker L. Thurston
    Lewis J. Thurston
    Robert L. Thurston
    Peleg L. Thurston
    Ellen Townsend
    Gardner Thomas, heirs of 
    Amy C. Thomas and Sara A. Thomas
    Sarah A. Thomas
    Amy C. Thomas
    Charles G. Thomas
    Laura Thomas
    Henry A. C. Taylor
    Robert Wilcox, heirs, by Mary Wilcox
    Lorenzo D. Watts
    John W. Watts
    Stephen A. Watson and Hannah H. Watson
    George V. Wilbur
    Benj. B. White and wife
    Stephen P. Weaver
    William R. Ware
    William A. Wilkinson
    Page 12 Prudence & Other Islands
    Sarah M. Aldrich
    Caleb J. Albro
    William S. Albro
    Thomas L. Albro
    Daniel H. Arnold and wife
    Helen F. Barrett, wood cottage
    Helen F. Barrett
    Joseph F. Brown
    Daniel Chase
    Harriet A. Chase, heirs of
    Eugene Chase
    Pliny Chase
    Paul Chase
    William T. Chase
    Clara F. Fiske, cottage
    Edward Farnham and wife
    Elizabeth A. Gammell
    Charles Hunter, heirs of 
    Sarah Hereschoff, by C. H. Potter
    Hereschoffs, by Daniel Chase
    David F. Harris
    Persis H. Hallister
    Prudence Land Company
    Charles L. Prier
    Charles H. Potter 
    William H. Potter
    Charles F. Potter
    H.G. Russell and wife and Anna Ives
    Henry F. Maxwell
    George A. Tucker
    Amy E. Williams, heirs of
    Thomas H. Wilcox
    Herbert A. Howe (Hogg Island)
    Hiram B. Aylesworth (Hope)
    Anna M. Greene (Patience)

    Amount of Real Estate taxed
    Amount of Personal Property taxed
    Whole amount of property taxes
    Amount of tax

    Page 13 Treasurer's Certificate
    The subscribers, Assessors of Taxes in and for the Town of Portsmouth, respectfully report the foregoing list and assessment of the town tax of said Portsmouth, which was ordered in town meeting held April 4th, and assessed by us May 1st and 2d, 1883.

    ROBERT D. HALL,   :
    SAMUEL CORY,   :
    PELEG A. COGGESHALL:> Assessors.
    CHARLES CARR, 2d,  :
    PHILIP B. CHASE,   :

         Town Clerk’s Office, Portsmouth, R.I., June 15, 1883
     I hereby certify that the foregoing is a true copy of the original town tax of said Ports-mouth, for 1883, now remaining in this office. 

          Philip B. Chase, Town Clerk.

    By a vote of the Town of Portsmouth, April 4th, 1883, a discount of 5 per cent. will be allowed to those persons who voluntarily pay their taxes on or before the last secular day of Au-gust, and 3 per cent. to those who thus pay after the last secular day in August and on or before the last secular day in September A. D. 1883, and the collector of taxes is directed to complete the collection of said taxes on or before the first secular day in October next; also that on all taxes not paid on or before said first secular day in October, interest will be added at the rate of 10 per cent. per annum, until collected by law.

    Page 14 Treasurer's Report
    Year ending April 3, 1883


    Balance in treasury April 4, 1882,
    Amount received for taxes,
    Amount received of E. F. Anthony, auctioneer,
    Amount received from estate of Frederick Brown,


    Charles A. Chase, keeper Town Asylum,
    Henry C. Anthony, services and expenses as Overseer of Poor,
    Henry C. Anthony, assistance to Benjamin Macomber,
    Henry C. Anthony, assistance to Jethro Coggeshall,
    Henry C. Anthony, assistance to Richmond Dennis,
    Henry C. Anthony, assistance to Deborah Borden,
    Henry C. Anthony, assistance to Manuel Soloman,
    Henry C. Anthony, assistance to Robert Banks,
    Susan Barker, board Oliver W. Barker,
    Dr. Benjamin Green, medical attendance at Town Asylum,
    Board of State Charities and Corrections,
    Commissioners of the Town Asylum,
    Philip B. Chase, recoding, copying and returning births, marriages and Deaths,
    Philip B. Chase, attending registering of voters,
    Philip B. Chase, services and expenses as Town Clerk,
    Philip B. Chase, taking school census,
    Philip B. Chase and E. F. Dyer, assessing registry tax,
    E. F. Dyer, book for school record and tax notices,
    Joseph G. Dennis, Moderator, April 5, 1882,
    Joseph G. Dennis, Moderator Nov. 7, 1882, and taking ballots to Providence,
    William H. Gifford, taking ballots to Providence,
    Joseph Coggeshall, extra services as clerk of School Committee,
    School Committee,
    Town Auditors,
    Assessors of Taxes,

    Page 15 Treasurer's Report; School & Dog Account

    Passed to the credit of school account,
    John P. Sanborn, advertising for the Town,
    Fisk & Munroe, printing tax books,
    Perry G. Randall, bookcase for Town Clerk’s office,
    General Treasurer for State Tax,
    Canvasser’s and Clerk’s fees,
    Henry Anthony, for the Council’s fees,
    Frederick U. Tallman, services and expenses Town Sergeant,
    Frederick U. Tallman, listing 104 dogs,
    Frederick U. Tallman, killing and burying 2 dogs,
    John H. Appleton, sealing Town’s weights and measures,
    Gideon Manchester, bridge tender,
    Repairs on Stone Bridge,
    Road machine and freight,
    A. B. Cory, road scraper,
    William M. Sisson, repairs on plow,
    William W. Anthony, clearing snow from road,
    William M. Sisson, clearing snow from road,
    Cornelius S. Green, clearing snow from road,
    Surveyors of road district Nos. 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10,
    Treasurer’s and collector’s salary,
    Balance in treasury April 3, 1883,


    Balance in treasury April 4, 1882,
    Balance brought from dog account,
    Received from General Treasurer,
    Received from registry tax,
    Town’s appropriation,


    Amount paid out by order of School Committee,
    Balance in treasury April 3, 1883,



    Amount in treasury, April 4, 1882,
    Amount received for dog taxes,

    Page 16 Dog Account


    Amount paid for dog damages,
    Carried to School account,
    Balance in treasury April 3, 1883,

     All of which is respectfully submitted by

          Edward F. Dyer, Town Treasurer

    Scans by Susan W. Pieroth, 2002. Transcription by Dianna Bratcher, 2004. These documents are made available to the public for non-commercial purposes. If you wish to incorporate any document into any published work (including an internet page), you must first obtain permission from the Newport County RIGenWeb Project.

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