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Rogers High School, Newport, RI

Rogers High School Basketball team for 1916-17. Seated L to R: J. Francis Sullivan; Andrew Conheeney; Captain Augustus J. Martin; Sheldon Crowell; Alexander S Edward. Standing L to R: John O'Hanley, Student manager; Francis Conheeheeny, sub; Mr. Wallace A Clifford, Faculty Manager; Wm. Lawton, sub; James Grant; Mr. Wm. S. West, Coach. Information provided by Patrick F. Murphy from the Newport Daily News 30 March 1917

The graduation program for June 24, 1921 has been scanned. The cover is shown here. The second page has the order of exercises with the address given by architect J. Randolph Cooledge, Jr. The third page lists graduates as follows: 
1921 Graduating Class, Rogers High School
Clara Phoebe Andrews
Percy Laurance Bailey, Jr.
Jeannette Ball
Alfred Barker
Gladys Pegrouhi Bozyan
Helen Claire Brennan
Edward hedrick Brown
Margaret Elizabeth Buckley
Cecil Bull
Alonzo Edward Campbell
Winifred Evelyn Carter
Milton Henry Chase
Margeret Mary Cummings
Archibald Henry Dailey
Rose Dorothy David
Henry Francis Dence
William Jeremiah Donovan
Helen Frances Easton
David Milton Edes
Josephine Frances Egan
John Gladding Elgar
Charles Wilson Eliason, Jr.
Helen Mary Ewart
Joseph Leo Fagan
Signe Augusta Falkenholm
John Patrick Adrian Finn
John Raymond Fritz
Ruth Davenport Hammett
Ruth Dingley Hildreth
Edith Richards Johnson
Harold William Jones
Edith Wilhelmine Jurgens
John Howard Kazanjian, Jr.
John Simpson Kesson
Constance Katharine Knoblesdorff
Jane Auld Langley
Margaret Constance Lawton
Thelma Caroline Lawton
Lillian Monica Lehane
Estelle Marie Levitre
Elizabeth Taggart Leys
Isabella Smith Leys
Louise Frances Luth
George Francis Mahoney
Jeremiah Paul Mahoney
Bertha Marvel
Sarah Esther McAvoy
Raymond Bennett Meisnere
Samuel Mirman
Anna Mabel Moore
Lillian Regina Morgan
Edith Moskovich
Lottie Moskovich
Harold Russell Mumford
Anna Ebbitt Murray
Attracta Frances Murray
Katharine Ellen Newbauer
William John North
Theodore Roosevelt Norton
Mary Theresa O'Neil
Frank Doherty O'Neill
Mary Collins O'Neill
William Collins O'Neill, Jr.
Alice Gibbs Peckham
Dorothy Louise Peckham
Emmett Cornelius Phelan
Margaret Frances Phelan
Mary Madeline Pike
Joseph William Pinto, Jr.
Catherine Claire Quinn
Rosella Frances Quinn
Alice Lena Renaud
Helen Agnes Riley
Mary Genevieve Riley
Edward Cecil Ritchie
Ellen Josephine Rogers
Francis Traymor Shea
William Albert Sherman
Ada Clara Simpson
Martha Irene Smith
William Arthur Smith
Thomas James Smyth
Louise Elliott Stuart
Anna Marie Sullivan
Julia Pauline Sullivan
Edwin Robinson Swinburne
Almee Comstock Taylor
Minnie Theodora Taylor
Rosa Ida Teitz
Ruth Lawton Thurston
Louis Edward Tilley, Jr.
Minot Aldrich Tucker
Arthur Merrell Watson
Walter Henry Weicker
Arthur Adams Young

Scans and transcription by Susan W. Pieroth, 2004. These documents are made available to the public for non-commercial purposes. If you wish to incorporate any document into any published work (including an internet page), you must first obtain permission from the Newport County RIGenWeb Project.

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