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Gertrude Elma Mann-Stirmon, Murdered by her husband Roy Stirmon

Newport Daily News
Newport, RI.

Murdered by her husband Roy Stirmon, Chief Gunners Mate Stirmon

Kills His Wife And Himself

Letters Imply that the woman was in love with a man named Lawrence

One of the most startling murder ending in what is thought to be also suicide ever known in Newport, occurring early this morning in the outer broadway district when Chief Gunner's Mate Roy Stirmon C. M. N. Shot and killed his wife Elma Stirmon, and then turned the revolver on himself. The tragedy was committed at about 1 o'clock in the morning with so far known the following circumstances.

Stirmon and his wife had not been living together at the place on Broadway where the latter bearded man according to information received from members of the family there, yesterday was the first time he called at the house. The young couple went to the theater together that night, and returning after the show. He left came back again just before midnight. No loud language was heard in the room, and nothing to indicate a real argument until the fatal shot was heard.

When the shot was heard Captain Laury was notified said Sargent Watson and Patrolman Hamilton with Mechanicican Setneck. to the house. Upon bursting open the door they found what had happened. Stirmon was dead, and his wife was still breathing, but died shortly afterward.

Three officers from the Torpedo Station went with Chief Tobin this afternoon to view the room on Broadway for the expertise of the court of(???) From correspondence between Mrs. Stirmon and a gunner's mate, from the Training Station who's first or last name was Lawrence, it was decided the two were in love. In one instance she called "Lawrence" her love, and said she could not live without him. Other letters admitted that the husband knew abut the correspondence, and intimate that be seriously objected.

The room occupied by Stirmon was on Mt Vernon Street, while his wife lived on Warner street. The wife wrote that her husband had been "Nasty" to her. She gave him six months to go and make a man of himself, when he might come back to her. In one of the letters the husband wrote that he hoped to do this and then he will reclaim his sweet bride" and have another honeymoon. This item was written on the diary November 17.

One of the best clues which the police have at present to the cause of the trouble is a diary found on the person of Stirmon. Some significant jottings, on some of the dates would indicate that he had lost the confidences of his wife and was trying to win her back. One note stated that he had played his last card and failed. The records show that Stirmon had been in the navy for the last three enlistments.

So far as can be learned, Mrs. Stirmon had been in the city about three months, residing first on Warner Street. She seamed to have sufficient money, paying her room rent in advance and eating well. She was very uneasy, though and could not seem to rest. She always locked her door at night. A sitza .3 revolver with cartridge was found among her affects but Stirmon's revolver was the weapon was used for the time.

From those who had talk with her at the place where she boarded, it was learned that she was about 24 years of age, attractive, and of a pleasing disposition. She was highly educated, speaking three languages, and seemed to be generally cheerful.

Mrs. Stirmon registered with the United States Employment Bureau at the local office on Hull Street, October 27. Her address at that time was given as 42 1/2 Warner Street. She registered as a chauffeur for heavy egrs.

Stirmon it is learned by late records at the police station, was from Hillsboro, TX, and his wife was from Pomeroy, Washington. He was 27 Years of age, and the wife was...

My connection to the family is. My grandmother Bertha Jeanette Mann, is the younger sister to Gertrude Elma Mann
Nan Curtis
Bishop, CA

Gertrude Elma Mann-Stirmon
b: 24 Jan 1899, Monroe, Monroe, MI
d: 20 Nov. 1918, Newport, Newport, RI
Never was able to find their marriage date

Transcribed 2005 by Nan Curtis
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