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Tax Book of the Town of Tiverton, R. I.

Assessed 1882

Title Page 1882 Tax List of the Town of Tiverton

[Pages average 200 KB. Lists are not in strict alphabetical order. Not all of these people live in Tiverton.]
Tiverton Tax List for 1882
Page 1 Almy - Albert Page 2 Albert - Borden Page 3 Borden - Brown
Page 4 Brown - Church Page 5 Church - Cornell Page 6 Cornell - Desmond
Page 7 Dewhurst - Durfee Page 8 Durfee - Estes Page 9 Evans - Gray
Page 10 Gray - Grinnell Page 11 Grinnell - Hambly Page 12 Hambly - Hodgate
Page 13 Hoar - King Page 14 King - Lippitt Page 15 Luther - Manchester
Page 16 Manchester - Millard Page 17 Milne - Pemberton Page 18 Pawtucket Savings - Rounds
Page 19 Rounds - Simmons Page 20 Simmons - Taber Page 21 Taber - White
Page 22 White - Wilcox Page 23 Wilcox - Wyatt Page 24 Summary and signed

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