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Middletown, Newport County, RI - 2

Isaac Peckham Lot MT028
Located 30 ft west of Green End Avenue - Valley Road intersection at telephone pole # 112. Enclosed with a stone wall. 30 feet west of Valley Rd and 500 ft from the intersection of Green End Ave and Valley Rd. Stone wall on east and south sides. Across from Congregational Church.12 burials with 4 inscribed stones and 8 fieldstones

Clement Peckham died 1756 Frances A., daughter of Jethro and Harriet B. Peckham, died 186?
Isaac Peckham, husband of Barbara Phillips, died 1765 John & Margaret, children of  Clement & Elizabeth Peckham, died 1753

Taggart Lot MT033
Located 170 ft north of Marshall Lane  (#3) at telephone pole #1. 18  ft x 26 feet in good condition enclosed with a stone wall; 3 burials with 3 inscribed stones and 0 fieldstones. Cemetery is behind residence on West Main Rd. Easiest approach is from Marshall Ln. It is 170 ft behind NEL pole #1 at #3 Marshall Lane, in the northwest corner of the yard behind a garage. Wall on north and west sides.

Julia M. Lake born 1835, died 1858, daughter of Harry E. & Emeline Elizabeth widow of William Taggart, died 1841 Deacon William Taggart died 1833. Veteran of American Revolution

Thomas Coggeshall Farm Lot MT035
From Green Lane corner of Dwyer Drive. 2 burials with 2 inscribed stones and 0 fieldstones.

Thomas Coggeshall died 1870 John H. son of Thomas & Susan Coggeshall died 1854 John H. Coggeshall footstone

Images provided by Barbara Austin and Letty Champion
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