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Middletown, Newport County, RI - 4

Peabody Lot MT026

Located 200 ft north of Green End Ave. at 3rd Beach Rd at telephone pole # 1320. 25 ft x 25 ft in fair condition with no enclosure; 20 burials with 7 inscribed stones and 13 fieldstones. In an open yard at the intersection of Green End Ave and 3rd Beach Rd. G H Richardson recorded this lot as "Peabody Burying Ground - east of Daniel Congdon's house"
William Bly born 1762, died 1819 and his son Joseph died 1817 Lydia daughter of John & Lydia Peabody, died 1840 Footstone of John Peabody died 1809
Jane W/O John Sisson died 1714. Footstone. Rachel D/O Henry and Rachel [Peabody] Smith died 1748/9. Footstone. Dorcas P widow of Josiah Southwick died 1850

Tew-Sweet Lot MT042
From Paradise Ave to Paradise school. 7 burials with 5 inscribed stones and 0 fieldstones. These stones were placed in the yard of Paradise School in March of 1987 under the direction of Michael O'Shea. It is not known exactly where they were originally located. They were found in back of a shed owned by George M. Hawes of 346 Paradise Ave. They were taken to the John Stevens Shop in Newport by Mr. Hawes. From there they were placed in their current location. Henry Turner calls this the Tew Burial Ground, Middletown, and comments: "Farm now owned and occupied by Cyrus Wightman."
Hannah Lawton 1772 two sons Silvester son of Silvester & Sarah [Tew] Sweet died 1719 William Tey H/O Abigail died 1718
Abigail daugher of William & Abigail Tew died 1718

Edward son of William & Abigail Tew died 1718

Images provided by Barbara Austin and Letty Champion
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