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Located 15 ft.  from Tilden & Feke streets at telephone pole # 5X  150 burials  A refreshing open space in a very built-up neighborhood, the cemetery is surrounded by a chain link fence. Clearly many of the stones have disappeared as there are wide grassy patches. Presumably many of the people noted in Quaker records are actually buried here---but we may never know because the stones have gone or were, in the early Quaker way, never inscribed. Some of the names in the database come from Alden Beaman's transcription (AGB), some from the continuing efforts of Len Panaggio (LP). A note in Quaker records for Jacob Mott who died in 1779 at age 88 (perhaps in Newport, perhaps not) gives an interesting glimpse of the past of this cemetery. It says that he was buried in his own ground, "the meeting house and yard [this cemetery] occupied by Hessians."

Edward Anthony, died 1853 Elijah Anthony died 1842 Elizabeth,daughter of Jonathan & Elizabeth Anthony, died 1840
George Anthony, died 1888 George H. Anthony died 1854 Hannah Greene, daugher of George & Margaret Anthony, died 1857
Hannah, daughter of Elijah & Lois Anthony died 1878 Jonathan Anthony died 1774. Elizabeth, his wife, died 1812 Joseph Anthony, died 1842
Lois, widow of Elija Anthony, died 1852 Margaret Anthony, died 1880 Rachel, daughter of George & Margaret Anthony, died 1900
Anthony row view Ruth, widow of Joseph Anthony, died 1879 Sarah Potter, wife of Joseph S. Anthony, born 1842, died 1916
William, son of George & Margaret Anthony, died 1843 Christopher P. Boss, born 1796, died 1870 Esther Bowen, died 1821
Rowena Bowen died 1825 Sarah Bowen died 1822 Stephen Bowen Jun. died 1825
Bathsheba Brayton died 1829 Hannah Brayton died 1817 age 106 Hannah wife of Robert Brayton, died 1833
Robert Brayton, died 1813 Mary T. Brinley, died 1856 Thomas Brinley died 1851
Benjamin Buffum died 1822 David Buffum died 1829 David Buffum died 1873
David Francis son of David and Marianna Buffum died 1882 Hepzibah Buffum died 1834 Marianna Nicholson, wife of David Buffum died 1888
Susan Ann, wife of David Buffum died 1861 Wait Buffum died 1809 Margaret Chase died 184?
Mary B. Chace died 1825 Peter Chace died 1839 ___ah D. Chase daughter of  ? died 1821

Images provided by Barbara Austin and Letty Champion
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