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Portsmouth, Newport County, RI

Brightman Cemetery PO047

Right side (south) of Sisson Pond Road, off Jepson Lane, at end of stone wall - a single stone.

Here lieth ye body of/ Mary, ye wife of /William Brightman/ died Decemr ye 17, 1737 In her 53d year of her age.
Slate stone, tri-tops broken off, carving and legibility good. Carver: J. Stevens II

Captain Clarke Cornell Cemetery PO033
Located in the community of Oakland Farm, enter from East Main Road. Follow entry street straight in, turn left at end, left again on Young St. and cemetery is just around corner on the right. It is on Young St. off Rte. 138, South of Union St.

It is enclosed by a neat wooden fence, gate in one side. Approx. 20 x 20', no Sign. Only one carved stone with footstone. 8 smaller stones, no inscriptions seen by BJA in 2006 In memory of/ Priscilla the Wife of/ Cap Clarke Cornell/ who Departed this/ Life Oct the 14th 1758/ in the 42d year of her/ Age./  "Greately Lemented"
also footstone. Carver:  John Bull

Cory Lot PO038

West of West Main Road, on south side of Cory's Lane.
4 sides stone walls, sign in place.  Slate stones are below ground level, unreadable.

Boyd Lot PO045

Location: 250 ft east of W MAIN ROAD - RT. #114 at TEL pole # 116
6 burials with 4 inscriptions from 1823 to 1854
NOTE: Across from Melville Ave., north of Mobil station and behind Duncan Donuts. Registered in 1995 by Mildred Champlin.
Four stones recorded in the 19th century by Dr Henry Turner (HET) on the Boyd Farm. This is the site from which the windmill was moved to Middletown in 1995 (see "Wind Grist Mills on Aquidneck Island" pub. Middletown Historical Society, 1992). The four marble stones were not seen in 1996. We are told they were there as late as 1940.

PETERSON, JOHN, ESQ. born 1788c died 25 JUN 1823 age 35

Note: Henry G. Place, born 1786c and died 29 Jan 1842 at age 56 and Rebecca, born 1774c died  8 Jan 1854 age 80, wife of Henry G. and Phebe Southwick, born 1816c, died 14 Aug 1842 at age 26, wife of Josiah, daughter of Henry G. & Rebecca Place are buried in the Common Burial Ground, NT003, in Newport. Their graves have been photographed by Barbara Austin and Letty Champion and will be posted at a later date.

McCurrie Lot PO054

From East Main Rd 2 burials with 2 inscribed stones (was PO616)
"Rhode Island Tombstone Inscriptions" (ANON), circa 1900, at RIHS, gives a transcription of two McCurrie stones "on the Alanson Peckham farm now owned by Frederick Greene of Newport." George H. Richardson (GHR) visited this lot in 1903, read surname as CORRIE (Richardson Scrapbook 974 at NHS, p. 64). On property of Craig Bass; 3338 E. Main Rd, at rear of property, probably two meadows length away from East Main Road.
It was suggested this may be a lot for former slaves of Andrew McCorrie who were later freed. Only stubs remain in 2002.
MCCURRIE, ELIAS born 1784c died 1 FEB 1817 age 33
MCCORRIE, CORNELIUS born 1785c died 27 JAN 1810 age 25

Images provided by Barbara Austin and Letty Champion
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