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Letter from George Cozzins to Wife Mary

November 21, 1845

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Rhode Island Historical Magazine.

[Formerly the Newport Historical Magazine.]
July, 1885
Vol. 1, No. 6

Published by the Newport Historical Publishing Co., Newport, R. I., R. H. Tilley, Editor

Page 51-53:
Genealogical Notes.

COZZENS.--From an old Bible, printed A.D. 1715, in possession of Mr. Benjamin Weaver, of Newport, R. I., we are permitted to make the following abstracts from a paper pasted on the last page of the Bible:

"I [Leonard Cozzens] was born in ye year of our Lord 1690, in ye parish of All Cannon, in Wiltshere, near the Divisors of Nearest Market Town.

I came to Newport in ye year 1711 and was married in ye year 1712, in July [to Margaret Taylor--in another hand.]

Robert Cozzens was born in ye year 1713, April 17.
Matthew Cozzens was born in ye year 1715, November ye 12th.
Our Daughter Deborah was born April ye 13, 1716.
Our Daughter Elenor was born aboute ye middle of Nov. 1718
Our son Peter was born March ye 5th, 1720.
Our two sons, Joseph and Benjamin, were born Oct. ye 30th, 1721.
Our second daughter Deborah was born ye 17th March, in year 1724.
Our son Matthew was born April ye 4th, 1726.
Our two sons, William and Charles, were born January ye 16th, 1728.
Our Gregory was born in ye year 1730, June ye 5th.
Our son Andrew was born Oct, 16, 1761."

"William Cozzens, son of Benjamin, was born January the 9th, 1779, and recorded this himself, Oct. the 10th, 1799.

Benjamin Cozzens was born January the 1st, 1790.
John Cozzens was born Sept. the 26th, 1792.
Sarah Cozzens was born Oct. the 11th, 1795.
Mary Hoxsey Cozzens was born August 15, 1799.
Charles Cozzens was born August 25, 1801.

"William Peckham Cozzens, son of Benjamin Cozzens and Hannah, his wife, was born January, the 9th day, 1779.

Hannah Cozzens departed this life July the 12th, at half-past 4 P. M., in the year 1785."

From the Friends' records of Newport we make the following abstracts relating to the above family:

Cozzens, Joseph, of Leonard and Margaret, married Mary Casey, of John and Elizabeth, Newport, August 29, 1752.

Cozzens, Andrew, of Leonard and Margaret, married Mary Carpenter, of Jabez and Elizabeth, Newport, Sept. 27, 1759.

Cozzens, Mary, widow of Andrew, married Gideon Wanton, of Gideon and Mary, Newport, Oct. 2, 1766.

Cozzens, Joseph, of Leonard, Newport, age 43, lost on passage to New York, Dec. 19, 1764.

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