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The Jamestown and New Shoreham Rhode Island Directory 1918-19

Includes a House, Business and Street Directory for the Towns of Jamestown and New Shoreham, Churches, Libraries, Post Offices, Etc. Also Names of the Summer Residents and in Most Cases Their Winter Address. C. De Witt White Co., Publisher, copyright 1918.

Unlike telephone books, this directory lists all the adults at a location and their occupation. The listings are not always in strict alphabetical order - I saw a name that belonged at the top of a page, stuck at the bottom. Many of the advertisers are Newport businesses. Abbreviations are explained on Page 46.

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Page 1: Front cover Page 2: Inside front cover: Savings Bank of Newport Page 3: Newport National Bank; S. W. Coggeshall hardware
Page 4: Mercury Printing; Sheffield & Harvey; Liggetts's Drug; Pathe Shop Page 5: Samuel W. Marsh; Dennis Shanahan; Case & Chase; Mortimer A. Sullivan; W. A. Cottrell; Downing Brothers; William P. Clarke; J. W. Horton Page 6: F. W. Putman; The Bee Hive; Carr's Bookshop; John A. Murphy, Jr.; The I. X. I. Company; Directory ad
Page 7: Jamestown and Newport Ferry; Tollefson & Dewick; Isaac H. Clarke Page 8: Amos L. Peckham; Alton F. Coggeshall; Frank Jencek; Jamestown Ferry Lunch Room Page 9: Albert A. Boone; Harry's Garage; C. J. Wise; B. T. Gladding; Samuel Smith's Sons; Mrs. John E. Watson
Page 10: A. C. Knowles; Vernon A. Head; Littlefield's Lunch; Awashonks Lunch; The Gables, Leslie H. Dodge; Atlantic Inn, C. F. Gustafson; Crown Cottage, William Everett Hall; Charles A. Negus Page 11: Darius B. Dodge; Block Island Market, W. B. Sharpe; Enterprise Store, J. P. Maloof; Crescent Beach Bath Houses, Block Island Page 12: The Surf Hotel, Block Island. C. W. Willis Hotel Co., Proprietors
Page 13: Bay Voyage Hotel, Jamestown. Mrs. Wm. Carry, Mgr. Page 14: J. T. O'Connell Hardware; Newport Auto Supply Page 15: North Point View, Jamestown, Andrew O. Erickson; Neilan Typewriter
Page 16: Tilden - Thurger, Providence Page 17: Title pages (see above) Page 18: Content: Jamestown; New Shoreham
Page 19: Index to Jamestown Advertisers Page 20: Index to New Shoreham Advertisers Page 21: Out-of-Town Advertisers: A to Mac
Page 22: Out-of-Town Advertisers: Mac to end Page 23: Jamestown Street Directory: A to Florida Page 24: Jamestown Street Directory: Friendship to North
Page 25: Jamestown Street Directory: Ocean to end Page 26: New Shoreham Street Directory Page 26a: Downing's; M. J. Doran; National Detective Agency; William B. Scott hardware
Page 26b: A. & H. G. Hammett; Mackenzie & Winslow, Wm. E. O'Donnell; Ralph R. Barker Page 27: Jamestown Post Office Page 28: Jamestown Churches; Library
Page 29: Jamestown Clubs and Societies Page 30: Jamestown and Newport Ferry Page 31: Block Island Post Office; Block Island Churches
Page 32: Block Island facts and places Page 32a: W. E. Barrett Seeds Page 32b: Frederick W. Fowler; Broadway Hardware; Title Guarantee; Newport Rubber
Page 33: Jamestown Summer Residents: Abbott to Baugh Page 34: Jamestown Summer Residents: Bayley to Carter Page 35: Jamestown Summer Residents: Carroll to Davis
Page 36: Jamestown Summer Residents: Davis to Erickson Page 37: Jamestown Summer Residents: Eustis to Hayden Page 38: Jamestown Summer Residents: Hazard to Kimber
Page 39: Jamestown Summer Residents: Kindleberger to Manning Page 40: Jamestown Summer Residents: Marshall to Owens Page 41: Jamestown Summer Residents: Parker to Richard
Page 42: Jamestown Summer Residents: Rogers to Stevens Page 43: Jamestown Summer Residents: Stoney to Vose Page 44: Jamestown Summer Residents: Vose to Wickham
Page 45: Jamestown Summer Residents: Wicks to Ziegler Page 46: Jamestown General Directory: Abbreviations. Adams to Anderson Page 47: Jamestown General Directory: Anderson to Barker
Page 48: Jamestown General Directory: Barry to Boone Page 49: Jamestown General Directory: Braman to Cahoone Page 50: Jamestown General Directory: Campbell to Chappell
Page 51: Jamestown General Directory: Clarke to Conant Page 52: Jamestown General Directory: Condgon to Dowling Page 53: Jamestown General Directory: Drury to Furtodo
Page 54: Jamestown General Directory: Gage to Graff Page 55: Jamestown General Directory: Gravett to Hills Page 56: Hickley to Jamestown
Page 57: Jamestown General Directory:  Jamestown to Knowles Page 58: Jamestown General Directory: Knowles to Lyon Page 59: Jamestown General Directory: MacDonald to McGarth
Page 60: Jamestown General Directory: McGarty to Morrell Page 61: Jamestown General Directory: Morris to Peaslee Page 62: Jamestown General Directory: Peckham to Rankin
Page 63: Jamestown General Directory: Redfern to Sidley Page 64: Jamestown General Directory: Simpson to Tennent Page 65: Jamestown General Directory: Tennent to Watson
Page 66: Jamestown General Directory: Watson to Williams Page 67: Jamestown General Directory: Willis to Young Page 68: New Shoreham General Directory: Abbreviations. Adrian to Allen
Page 69: New Shoreham General Directory: Allen to Atkinson Page 70: New Shoreham General Directory: Atlantic to Ball Page 71: New Shoreham General Directory: Ball to Campbell
Page 72: New Shoreham General Directory: Card to Cunningham Page 73: New Shoreham General Directory: Darrow to Dodge Page 74: New Shoreham General Directory: Dodge to Dunn
Page 75: New Shoreham General Directory: Dunn to Geradi Page 76: New Shoreham General Directory: Glancy to Hull Page 77: New Shoreham General Directory: Hull to Lathan
Page 78: New Shoreham General Directory: Lathan to Littlefield Page 79: New Shoreham General Directory: Littlefield to McGinty Page 80: New Shoreham General Directory: McGuade to Mitchell
Page 81: New Shoreham General Directory: Mitchell to Mott Page 82: New Shoreham General Directory: Mott to Negus Page 83: New Shoreham General Directory: Negus to Peckham
Page 84: New Shoreham General Directory: Peckham to Rose Page 85: New Shoreham General Directory: Rose to Sands Page 86: New Shoreham General Directory: Sharpe to Smith
Page 87: New Shoreham General Directory: Smith to Sprague Page 88: New Shoreham General Directory: Sprague to Tracy Page 89: New Shoreham General Directory: Tripler to Willis
Page 90: New Shoreham General Directory: Willis to end Page 91: Jamestown Business Directory: Architect to Carpenters and Builders Page 92: Jamestown Business Directory: Clergymen to Dressmakers
Page 93: Jamestown Business Directory: Farm Supplies to Gasoline and Oil Page 94: Jamestown Business Directory: Grocers to Ice Dealers Page 95: Jamestown Business Directory: Insurance Agents to Masons
Page 96: Jamestown Business Directory: Meat Markets to Plumbers Page 97: Jamestown Business Directory: Pool to Spring Water Page 98: Jamestown Business Directory: Stables to Wood Dealers
Page 99: New Shoreham Business Directory: Agricultural Tools to Blacksmiths Page 100: New Shoreham Business Directory: Boarding Houses to Carpenters and Builders Page 101: New Shoreham Business Directory: Cigars and Tobacco to Dry and Fancy Goods
Page 102: New Shoreham Business Directory: Embalmers to Hardware Page 103: New Shoreham Business Directory: Hotels to Lumber Page 104: New Shoreham Business Directory: Meat Markets to Photographers
Page 105: New Shoreham Business Directory: Physicians to Souvenirs Page 106: New Shoreham Business Directory: Stable to Theatres Page 107: New Shoreham Business Directory: Toilet Articles to Variety
Page 108: Out-of-Town Advertisers: Agricultural Implements to Auto Dealers Page 109: Out-of-Town Advertisers: Automobile Supplies to Book and Job Printers Page 110: Out-of-Town Advertisers: Books and Stationery to Circulating Library
Page 111: Out-of-Town Advertisers: Coats and Suits to Department Stores Page 112: Out-of-Town Advertisers: Detective Agency to Farming Tools Page 113: Out-of-Town Advertisers: Fertilizers to Hardware Dealers
Page 114: Out-of-Town Advertisers: Hardware to Jewelers and Silverware Page 115: Out-of-Town Advertisers: Ladies' Ware to Marine Supplies Page 116: Out-of-Town Advertisers: Masons' Supplies to Music
Page 117: Out-of-Town Advertisers: Musical Instruments to Paints Page 118: Out-of-Town Advertisers: Paints to Piano Tuning and Repair Page 119: Out-of-Town Advertisers: Poultry Supplies to Roofing Materials
Page 120: Out-of-Town Advertisers: Rubber Goods to Shoe Dealers Page 121: Out-of-Town Advertisers: Silverware to Talking Machines and Records Page 122: Out-of-Town Advertisers: Talking Machines to Upholsterers
Page 123: Out-of-Town Advertisers: Watches, Clocks & Jewelry to Wedding Gifts Page 124: Union Publishing Co; Boston Suburban Book Co. Page R: Eureka Hotel, Block Island, Ollie Rose, Proprietor
Page S: John Rose & Co. Block Island Lumber, Souvenir Post Cards, Fishing Tackle, Stationery Page 125: The New National Hotel, Block Island, R. G. Lewis Proprietor Page 126: Industrial Trust; City Drug Store, Block Island, J. E. Costello; E. Boudreau & Son Tailors, Newport

Scanned and Donated by Susan White Pieroth, 2005
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