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Newport Mercury Masthead 1834 - click to enlarge
Newport Mercury, October 11, 1834

Letters Remaining at the Post Office, Newport, R.I. September 30th, 1834
Mail at Post Office Sept. 30, 1834 - click to enlarge John M. Austin
James Albro
Miss E. M. Almy
Catherine Allen
William Brunson
Messrs Baxter & Ruggles
Seth Bateman
Smith Borsworth
Mr. Barnitt
Mrs. Samuel Banon
Mrs. Mary Ann Brown
Miss Julia A. Blanchard
Elizabeth C. Burdick
Caroline Brewster
Louisa T. Brown
James Clarke
Edward H. Center
Richard Clarke
Thomas Crowson
Daniel M. Coxe
John T. Dew
Frances Cattender
George Danforth
Y. Gilbert
George A. Gray
Lyntha Gardener
Phebe Gladding
Elias Horry
James Hammond
Stephen Harris
J. J. Clarke Hare
Mrs. T. B. Holmes
Capt. Charles Ingles
Lucy Ann Ingols
Daniel Jackson
Capt. Barr Knapp
John Lawton
James Love
Mr. Leicester
Joshua Murran
Miss Ann McIntosh
Sarah Mowry
Harriet A. Milikin
Abagail Mitchel
Joanna Mitchel
Gideon Olny
John Palmer
John C. Palmer
Ambrose S. Page
Thatcher T. Payne
Mary Peaters
Christopher Rhodes
Thomas Romer
William Rounds
Lucinda Sanders
Mrs. A. M. Springer
Daniel B. Smith
Charles Spalding
Gideon C. Smith
Hezekiah Smith
Isaac Stall
Henry Shaw
Robert Sherman
Levi Tower
Mr. M. E. Tredwell
Miss Turner
Miss Sarah C. Tuckerman
Messrs Welch & Macumber
Job B. Wilbour
William G. Wall
Mrs. Elizabeth Watson
Mary Ann B. White
Joseph Vener
John Vaughan
Isaac Brown
Daniel Cook
Timothy Peckham
Jethro Peckham
Sally Smith
George Anthony
John Weeden
Ann Eliza Weeden Irish
William Salmon
John Ryne
John Ceasy
John Fleming
Bermara Jordan
Michael Mahan
James Murphy
Daniel O. Sullivan
Wm. T. Patts

R. R. Carr, Post-Master

Advertisement and Notice Examples
Newport Mercury Notices Oct. 11, 1834 For Sale, property formerly the Thomas Greene house and lot. Joseph F. Havens, agent

Estate of Elizabeth Cornell of Portsmouth. Administrator, George Brownell.

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