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Middletown, Rhode Island

Middletown, Newport County
Rhode Island

Municipal Year Book of the Town of Middletown Rhode Island 1909-1910

Printed in Newport, R. I., by The Mercury Publishing Company, 1909. [It actually begins with July 1908.]

Valuation and Tax List
Tax Assessment of May, 1909

Page 47-8: The undersigned, Assessors of Taxes in and for the Town of Middletown, in the State of Rhode Island etc., duly elected thereto and sworn, having given notice that on Tuesday, the twenty-fifth day of May,, A. D. 1909, at twelve o'clock, noon, we would assess the Town Tax ordered to be levied and assessed on the ratable property of said Town, at the annual Town Meeting of the qualified electors thereof, duly notified and legally held therein, on the seventh day of April, A. D. 1909, on the persons, corporations, estates and property liable therefor, and taxable under the laws of said State, and that we would meet and be in session at the Town Hall in said Middletown, on Wednesday, the twenty-sixth day of May, 1909 on Thursday, the twenty-seventh, and on Friday, the twenty-eighth days of said month of May, 1909, from 10 o'clock A. M., to four o'clock P. M., for the purpose of receiving a true and exact account of all the ratable property of every person, corporation and estate liable to taxation in said Middletown, under the laws of said State, and which notice was published for three successive weeks and four times, both in the Newport Daily News and Newport Mercury, and printed copies thereof posted in more than three public places in said Middletown, and for more than three weeks next preceding the twenty-fifth day of May, A. D. 1909, and having held meetings as provided and specified in said notice, on the twenty-sixth, twenty-seventh and twenty-eighth days of said month of May, A. D. 1909, at the Town Hall in said Middletown, and been in session on each of said days, from 10 o'clock A. M., to four o'clock P. M., and heard all persons appearing and desiring to be heard in the premises, and received all accounts of ratable property presented and directed to the undersigned, as Assessors of Taxes as aforesaid, have, pursuant to the said order and vote of the qualified electors of said Town of Middletown, passed on the seventh day of April, A. D. 1909, and of the power and authority conferred upon us by the laws of said State, assessed, as of the twenty-fifth day of May, A. D. 1909, at twelve o'clock noon, a town tax upon the following-named persons, corporations and estates, at and after the rate of sixty-five cents on each one hundred dollars of their ratable property as found and valued by us, to which assessment and every part thereof, we hereby certify as true and just, according to the best of our knowledge, information and belief.

As witness our hands at the end of this said assessment of tax, signed thereto, this sixteenth day of June, A. D. Nineteen Hundred and Nine.

Note. The names of those tax-payers included in the following list, who presented an account of their ratable estate and made oath to the truth thereof before the Assessors, are marked with an asterisk, thus (*).

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Pages 49 to 82

Page 49: Arthur Albro - Albert Anthony
Page 51: Richard Ashhurst - Kate Bailey
Page 53: James H. Barker - Daniel Brinley
Page 55: William L. Brown - Charles Caswell
Page 57: Henry I. Chase - David Coggeshall
Page 59: Barker Building Company - The Pennsylvania [Insurance] Company
Page 61: Agnes Dalziell - Sarah H. DeBlois
Page 63: Mary M. Emery - Isabella Gray
Page 65: Isaac S. Hazard - James T. Kaull
Page 67: William P. Manchester - Mary A. Moriarty
Page 69: Newport Water Works - Frank A. Paquin
Page 71: Edward E. Peckham - Joseph A. Peckham
Page 73: Agnes Perry - Herbert T. Sheffield
Page 75: Joe Silva - Clinton G. Smith
Page 77: Isaac E. Smith - Frederick B. Spooner
Page 79: W. Cannon Swan - Stephen H. Underwood
Page 81: Charles H. Ward - Benjamin Wyatt
Page 50: Albert Anthony - Frances Arnold
Page 52: Mary S. Bailey - James H. Barker
Page 54: Paul Brosig - Spencer F. Brown
Page 56: John H. Caswell - Harriet B. Chase
Page 58: Elizabeth W. Coggeshall - Barker Building Company
Page 60: The Pennsylvania Company - Ida A. Currier
Page 62: Jose S. Dechaves - Mary F. Ellis
Page 64: Mary M. Greason - George B. Hazard
Page 66: John S. Kimber - Phebe E. T. Manchester
Page 68: Mary A. Moriarty - Newport Water Works
Page 70: James W. Parker - Edward E. Peckham
Page 72: Joseph A. Peckham - Jose Pereira
Page 74: William Paine Sheffield - Frank Rose Silva
Page 76: Clinton G. Smith - Howard Smith
Page 78: Frederick B. Spooner - Guilherma Sueira
Page 80: Stephen H. Underwood - Byron W. Ward
Page 82: Edward N. Wyatt - Albert C. Young
ALDEN P. BARKER,              }
J. WILLIS PECKHAM,           }       of
ALVIN P. SMITH,                  }    Taxes
DENNIS J. MURPHY,            }

Middletown Poll Tax List for 1909
List of persons assessed for poll tax for the current year 1909, under the provisions of Chapter 4 of the General Laws of this State.

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Page 83 Page 84
Albert W. Adams
Edmund A. Albro
Henry Allen
Robert T. S. Allen
William N. Almy
Christian Beck Anderson
Joseph M. Anthony
Charles E. Ash Jr.

James Bailey
Clarence E. Barker
George Ernest M. Barker
Stephen C. Barker
Francis J. Bennett
Matthew Bettencourt
Charles G. Boyd
Eugene I. Brown
Harry J. Butler

Chester A. Carr
Daniel Chase
George R. Chase 2d
Joseph D. Chase
Richard H. Chase
John L. Conley
Henry H. Copeland
Charles Crandall

Clayton E. Delamater
John Dring 2d
Philip Dring Jr.
Robert W. Duson

Laurence A. Goffe
Clairmont L. Grinnell

Crawford P. Hart
Ralph Marshall Hazard
Samuel W. Heath
William Heath
Atmore Honeywell

Garfield Lane
Everett P. Littlefield
George E. Loughman

John W. McCartney
Zachariah Milbourne
John C. Molden
Edward Moore

Raymond A. Paul
John F. Peabody Jr.
Restcom E. Peabody
Christopher S. Peckham
Julian Francis Peckham
William T. Peckham
John H. Perry

John Randolph
John L. Ray
Isaac Rice

Henry H. Sayles
Charles A. Sherman
James W. Smith
Arnold Spink
Richard M. Stewart 
Archel C. N. Strother
Walter G. Taylor

William Thurston Jr.
Herbert W. Tinson
George M. Towle

Louis T. Underwood

Prescott W. Van Alstyne
Frank S. Vargas
John Vargas

Richard F. Walsh
Charles Henry Ward 2d
Josiah C. Weaver
Samuel T. Weaver
Frank Wilson 

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