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Middletown, Rhode Island

Middletown, Newport County
Rhode Island

Municipal Year Book of the Town of Middletown Rhode Island 1909-1910

Printed in Newport, R. I., by The Mercury Publishing Company, 1909. [It actually begins with July 1908.]

Valuation and Tax List for 1909

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Page 49 Page 50
Arthur A. Albro
Charles A. Albro, Cornell Place and Isaac Albro Place 
George Herbert Albro, Manchester land
Joseph F. and Jane E. Albro, Peckham land
Sarah M. Albro, wife of Charles
William G. Albro, Manchester land
William H. Allen
John Anderson
Maria F. Andrews, widow of Frank, Spooner lot
Walter S. Andrews
Abraham Anthony, Wood lot
Albert A. Anthony, James T. Barker lot and John P. Barker lot
Albert A. Anthony, Samuel Peckham lot and Taber Place 
Alfred C. Anthony
Anna G. W. Anthony, wife of Benjamin T.
Arthur R. Anthony
Charlotte S. Anthony, wife of James
James Anthony
Jessie B. Anthony, wife of John H.
Joseph S. Anthony
Lucy Anthony, deceased, wife of George, Randolph land
Mary Anthony
Ruth M. Anthony, wife of Abraham
Susan A. Anthony
William H. Anthony
Harrison O. Apthorp
William A. Armstrong
Edmund K. Arnold, Benjamin Easton farm, and Walter Easton farm
Eliza A. Arnold
Frances R. Arnold and Cornelia A. Rogers, Smith land

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Page 51 Page 52
Richard Ashhurst, trustee
Adolph L. Audrain and Mary E, his wife
Mary T. Babcock and Philo F. Bullock 
Daniel T. Babson, Channing estate
Joshua B. Bacheller
Susan T. Bacheller
Alton Howard Bailey
Kate Bailey, widow of Joseph P., Tompkins lot
Mary S. Bailey and Ellen I. Mac Kaye
Percy T. Bailey, Gould land
William Bailey, estate of, Mary S. Bailey and Elizabeth E. Underwood
Alwyn Ball Jr., Booth estate, Bispham lot and Pugh lot
Rebecca Ball, wife of Alwyn, Jr.
John C. Bancroft, estate of, William L. Putnam and Wilder D. Bancroft
Bank, The Savings of Newport, Tilley land
Abbie A. Barker, wife of Ashton C.
Alden P. Barker
Archibald L. Barker
Christopher F. Barker, trustee
Clarke T. Barker, Anthony land
Esther A. Barker, wife of James H.
Frederica C. Barker, wife of William
Helen E. Barker, wife of  C. Frank
Isaac Barker, deceased, estate of, Laura A. Barker
James H. Barker, Sherman estate

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Page 53 Page 54
James H. Barker, Cranston land
James T. Barker, Homestead place
John G. Barker
Laura A. Barker, widow of Isaac
Lyman H. Barker
Mumford P. Barker
Robinson P. Barker
Thomas S. Barker, deceased
Walter S. Barker
Washington Scott Barker
*Aurel Batonyi
Frances Batonyi
Eliza E. Beck, wife of J. R., Geary Cottage
Harriet F. Bellman, wife of Frank
Frederic de M Bertram
Joseph S. Bettencourt
Thomas Bishop
John D. Blair
Martha C. Bliss, widow of William
James Bloomfield
Mary B. Bookstaver, widow of Henry W.
James H. and Catherine Boyd
William H. Bradley, estate of, Grace B. Keep
Frank Brandt and wife
Annie C. Branston and Isabella G. Chase
Daniel P. Brinley, Russell land
Paul Brosig
Abram A. Brown
Abram A. Brown, T. B. Congdon farm
Benjamin T. Brown and wife
Chester B. Brown, Ward land
David A. Brown
Early B. Brown
Edward A. Brown, Anthony farm, Bowen farm and Hammond land
Fannie A. Brown, wife of Edward H.
George A. Brown, heirs of, land late of Nathaniel
Lydia M. Brown, deceased, wife of Nathan B
Mabel T. Brown, wife of Edward A.
Mary J. Brown
Nathan B. Brown, Barker land and Barney land
Philip A. Brown
Sarah W. A. Brown
Spencer F. Brown

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Page 55 Page 56
William L. Brown
Alfred S. Brownell
Harriet F. Brownell, widow of Seth
Charles M. Bull, Hazard land
Henry Bull, west part of Ford lot
Louise Bull, wife of Charles M.
Melville Bull
William T. Bull, deceased
Joseph L. Bush, deceased
Stephen P. Cabot
Ida V. Calvert
Jose Luis Cardoza, Sherman land
Manuel Luis Cardoza, Sherman land
Alfred Carr
Caroline M. Carr, wife of Charles
Charles H. Carr
John S. Carr
John T. Carr
Daniel A. Carter
A. Ludlow Case Jr.
Martha W. and Philip B. Case
Charles Caswell, heirs of
John H. Caswell, Bryer land
Lilla Jane Caswell, wife of William S.
Philip Caswell, Bull land
William S. Caswell, Bannister farm
Joseph L. Chace
Lydia B. Chace, wife of Joseph L.
Sarah C. Chace and others, Freeborn land
Samuel Chambers
Eliabeth P Champlin, wife of Nathaniel L.
Nathaniel L. Champlin, Jr.
Nicholas B. A. and Helen T. Champlin
Abraham C. Chase
Albert L. Chase, and heirs of Sarah D.
Amarintha R. Chase
Annie A. Chase, wife of Arthur W.
Arthur W. Chase
Charles F. Chase
Daniel Chase, heirs of
Daniel M. Chase
George R. and James R. Chase
Harold R. Chase
Harriet B. Chase, wife of Arthur C., Dennis land

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Page 57 Page 58
Henry I. Chase
James R. Chase 2d. and Julia C., his wife
John F. Chase, Tilley Farm
Martha R. Chase, widow of John
Mary E. Chase, wife of Daniel M.
Sarah I. Chase
Susan G. Chase
William B. Chase, devisees of
William J. C. and Rhoda A. Chase, Homestead estatee
Whitney W. Child
Church of the Holy Cross, trustees of
Mary Emma Clapp, wife of Augustus
Frederick A. Clarke 2d
Lena Clarke and Anna M. Mottram
John Clarke, assigns of, George Peabody
Sarah Wood Clarke, wife of J. Mitchell, Gray Crag  
Clambake Club of Newport
Arthur A. Coe
Alton F. Coggeshall
David Coggeshall, estate of, Albert T. Chase, administrator
Elizabeth W. Coggeshall, wife of Joshua
Fillmore Coggeshall
Fillmore Coggeshall Jr.
Francis J. Coggeshall
George Coggeshall, devisees of, and Sarah C.
George B. Coggeshall, son of David
John R. Coggeshall, Peckham land
Joseph R. and William S. Coggeshall
Joshua Coggeshall and others
Sarah C. Coggeshall, widow of David, Harriet B. Chase, guardian
Thomas and William E. Coggeshall
Thomas Coggeshall
William E. Coggeshall
William S. Coggeshall
William T. Coggeshall
Company, American Loan and Trust, Lisa Curtis 
Company, Artic Ice
Company, Barker Building and Realty, Barker land, Francisco Nunes, tenant

Transcribed by Barbara Austin, March 2000. These documents are made available to the public for non-commercial purposes. If you wish to incorporate this document into any published work (including an internet page), you must first obtain permission from the Newport County RIGenWeb Project.

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