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Middletown, Rhode Island

Middletown, Newport County
Rhode Island

Municipal Year Book of the Town of Middletown Rhode Island 1909-1910

Printed in Newport, R. I., by The Mercury Publishing Company, 1909. [It actually begins with July 1908.]

Valuation and Tax List for 1909

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Page 59 Page 60
Company, Barker Building and Realty
Company, Bartholomay Brewery
Company, International Reservation, Frances farm
Company, International Reservation, Elmcourt Lodge, formerly Bryer farm
Company, Newport and Fall River Street Railway, Old Colony Street Railway
Company, Newport and Providence Street Railway
Company, Old Colony Railroad
Company, Peckham Brothers
Company, The Pennsylvania, for Insurance on Lives and Granting Annuities
Company, The Philadelphia Trust, Safe Deposit, and Insurance
Clarke H. Congdon, Bailey farm
Isaac S. Congdon, 
Stephen B. Congdon
Anna H. Conley, wife of Pascal M.
Pascal M. Conley
Mary B. Conover, wife of James P., Coit estate
Convention, The Rhode Island Episcopal
Harvey F. Copeland
Edward T. Corey
Irving A. Corey
William K. Covell Jr.
Sarah W. Crandall, wife of Charles
Abby S. Cummings
Ida A Currier

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Page 61 Page 62
Agnes Dalziell, wife of John C.
Frank and Abbie M. Davenport
Rosa David, wife of Fischel
Alice M. Davies, deceased
Julien T. Davies, Ashhurst land
Julien T. Davies, Redmond lot
Mabel H. Dean, wife of Paul
Ralph D and Mary K Dean
Henry D. DeBlois, Cotton lot
Sarah H. DeBlois, widow of Henry, Charles S. Brown land
Jose S. Dechaves
Amey P. Demery, wife of Richard
Richard T. Demery
Isaac Newton Dennis
Marshall Leroy Dennis
Joseph L. Deterra, John Allen farm
Marian M. Deterra, wife of Joseph
Edward J. Diggles
Emily Diman
John B. Diman
Arthur A. and Hattie L. Dix
Samuel B and Laura Dodge, Gould estate
John Dring, Lawton land
Philip Dring
Agnes F. Easton, wife of Frederic
Mary E. Eatough
Edward W. Edwards
Otto Ehrhardt
Emma H. Elder, wife of Abram, Eno estate
Mary F. Ellis

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Page 63 Page 64
Mary M. Emery, widow of Thomas J.
Albert M. Field
Jose Pedro Figueiredo
Elizabeth C. Flagg, wife of George
Joseph Flowers, lot off Turner farm
Stephen S and Stella Fludder
John W. Foss
Perry W. Freeborn, heirs of 
Joseph Freies, lot off Turner farm
Jose da Rosa Garcia
Winfield S. Geary
Susan E. and Caroline L. Gibson
Thomas J. Gibson
Agnes L. Gillon, wife of John B
Annie M. Gladding, wife of Edward
Frank S. Goularte
Sarah J. Gould
Margaret Thayer Graham, wife of Howard, Whetstone estate
Isabella Gray
Mary M.  Greason, wife of Lawrence
Mary Ward Greene
Clara B. Grinnell, widow of Robert J.
Robert J. Grinnell, heirs of
Latta Griswold
Benjamin Hall, Johnson lot
Edward B. Hall and Henry A. Clark
Clarence A. Hammett, deceased
Matthew Harkins, McAllister farm
A. Alida Harnden
Samuel F. Harring, land late of Sophia
Lizzie L. Hart
Alfred H. Hazard
Alfred H. Hazard Jr.
Barclay Hazard, Townsend land
Daniel B. Hazard
Emma G. Hazard, wife of Henry B.
George B. Hazard

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Page 65 Page 66
Isaac S. Hazard, Bailey land
Sarah R. and Charles H. Hazard, heirs of, White land
James C. Heath
B. Frank Holbrook
Annie L. K. Horton, wife of William D.
William C. Hubbel, Whitman estate
Edith N. Hunter, wife of William R.,  T.W. Sherman estate
John T. Huntington
George H. Irish, Sherman land
William J. Irish, Coggeshall land
Minnie A. Johnson
Lyman C. Josephs
Nellie Judson, wife of E. W.
Carl H. Jurgens, Wilbur land
James T. Kaull
John S. Kimber
Mary A. Kindelan and Margaret C. Kelley
Joseph E. Kline
Thomas S. Lawton
Marie Leandra, wife of Antonio
Marie L. LeBel Bonat
Albert Lewis
Francis E. Lewis and Sarah B. DeBlois
Augustus P. Loring
Howard B. Lothrop and James W. Parker
James D. Lynch
John H. Manchester
Lewis R. Manchester
Phebe E. T. Manchester, widow of William

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Page 67 Page 68
William P. Manchester
John S. Marks, Carpenter land
Clara E. Masury, wife of John W.
Everett M. Mathes
Alice P. Mayer, wife of William H.
Manuel D. Medeiras
Francisco L. Mendonca, Lake land
Charlotte W. Miller
George L. Mirick
S. Weir Mitchell
Marie E. Mogensen, wife of Soren
Ella F. Molden, wife of Prescott, Smith land
Thomas and Ellen Molden
Mary A. Moore, wife of Ethan
Mary A. Moriarty, Gardiner land
William H. Morrison, Field farm
Mary Morse, wife of Reuben M.
William Mulligan, Johnson land
Dennis J. Murphy
Patrick J. Murphy
Thomas C. Murphy
Russell H. Nevins, Jr.
Newport Water Works, Gibbs land

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Page 69 Page 70
Dudley Newton
George H. Newton, Youman's lot
John Nicholson
Bradford Norman
Mabel Norman and Newport Water Works, Gardiner farm
Frank Nunes
Stephen J. O'Neill
Stephen St. George O'Neill
Francis J. O'Reilly
John H and Catherine Oxx
Cromwell Padelford
Seth Padelford, Yates lot
Emma J. Paine and Jennie A. Howlitt, Cleasby lot
Frank A. Paquin, James A. Brown estate
James W. Parker
Jesse Pavo, Southwick land
Lewis E. Payson, Ward land
David B. Peabody
George Peabody
Isaac S. Peabody
John F. Peabody, Mann's Meadow
Lionel H. Peabody
Mary J. Peabody, wife of David B.
Sarah S. Peabody, wife of Isaac S.
Annie L. Peckham, wife of Benjamin W.H.
Ann Maria Peckham, wife of E. Marion
Annie T. Peckham
Arthur L. Peckham
Carrie L. Peckham, wife of Edward E., Howland farm
Charles Peckham 2nd 
Charles A. Peckham
Christopher S. Peckham
Daniel A. Peckham
Edward E. Peckham

Transcribed by Barbara Austin, March 2000. These documents are made available to the public for non-commercial purposes. If you wish to incorporate this document into any published work (including an internet page), you must first obtain permission from the Newport County RIGenWeb Project.

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