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Middletown, Rhode Island

Middletown, Newport County
Rhode Island

Municipal Year Book of the Town of Middletown Rhode Island 1909-1910

Printed in Newport, R. I., by The Mercury Publishing Company, 1909. [It actually begins with July 1908.]

Valuation and Tax List for 1909

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Page 71 Page 72
Edward J. Peckham
Elisha A. Peckham
Elisha C. Peckham
Elma M. Peckham, widow of John
Elton W. Peckham
Frank T. Peckham, Braman farm
Harry E. Peckham
Herbert J. Peckham
Howard G. Peckham
Howard R. Peckham
James Oscar Peckham
James T. Peckham, and heirs of Sarah M.
James Willis Peckham
Joel Peckham
John H. Peckham
Joseph A. Peckham, Holmes land
Joseph A. Peckham, Thomas J. Peckham farm
Julian Overton Peckham
Laura Peckham, wife of William G.
Lida W. Peckham, widow of Philip
Lydia E. Peckham
Mary Ella Peckham, widow of Arthur L
Nancy H. Peckham
Paul and Ruth Peckham, Dennis land
Restcom S. Peckham
Reuben Wallace Peckham
Ruth M. Peckham
William Clarence Peckham
William G. Peckham
William J. Peckham
William W. Peckham and wife, Lawton estate
T. Richard Peede
John B. Pell
Jose Pereira

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Page 73 Page 74
Agnes Perry, wife of Ernest
John and Rosabelle Pwerry
Mary E. Perry, widow of Gardner B., Hoppin estate
Edward M. Petzka
Bion C. Pierce
George H. Potter
Nathaniel P. Potter
Charles E. Proctor, Southwick Grove estate
Jose P. Racinth, George E. Perry estate
Manuel Ray
John C. Redmond
James F. Reynolds
Anna M. Ripley
Charles S. Ritchie
James J. Ritchie
Stewart and Emily Ritchie
Charles Ritt
Arthur S. Roberts
William S. Rogers
School, St. George's
Juliette A. Schwartz
Ruth E. Schwarz, wife of Charles J. H.
Minnie Sharkey, wife of Louis W.
Herbert T. Sheffield and heirs of Theodore
William Paine Sheffield, Prince estate
Annie A. and Elizabeth M. Sherman, Chace land
Annie E. Sherman, wife of I Lincoln
Elizabeth Sherman, wife of William S.
Frank H. Sherman
Henry C. Sherman, Anthony land
Henry C. Sherman, Jr.
Isaac Lincoln Sherman
Jennette R. Sherman, Peckham farm
Sally Sherman, widow of Peleg T.
William Sherman, devisees of, George S. Wyatt, tenant
William H. Sherman
William Irish Sherman
William I. Sherman
William Watts
Ann Shove
Etoliano Preira da Silva, Stevens lot
Frank Silva
Frank Rose Silva

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Page 75 Page 76
Joe Silva
Joye Rodige da Silva
Pieira da Etoliano Silva, Sherman land
Antonio D. da Silveira
Jose Dutra and Rose de Silveira
Joas B. Silvia
Joseph F. de Silvia
Elizabeth H. Simmons, wife of John L.
George Alvin Simmons
John L. Simmons
Rebecca B. Simmons
William C. Simmons
Arthur G. Sisson
Charles H. Sisson
Christiana Sisson, widow of George H.
Elbert A. Sisson
Elmer B. Sisson
Lusanna E. Sisson, wife of Lincoln H.
William H. Sisson
Alvin P. Smith
Arnold B. Smith, Whitman land and Ward land
Clinton G. Smith
Clinton G. Smith
Ellen E. Smith
Emma W. Smith, wife of Francis W.
Frederick A. Smith
George N. Smith and Mary J. Smith, trustee
Henry Smith, White land
Howard Smith

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Page 77 Page 78
Isaac E. Smith
Isaac T. Smith
Lucy A. Smith, wife of Frederick
Mercy Smith, wife of David C.
Millard F. Smith, Barker lot
Robert W. Smith
Harriet E. Smyth
Harriet Smyth
Frederick W. Smythe
Society of Colonial Dames in Rhode Island, Berkeley homestead
James M. K. Southwick, Turner farm
Stephen Southwick
Antoine Souza
Jose de Souza
Alanson C. Spooner
Eliza A. Spooner and heirs of John Spooner
Frederick B. and William B. Spooner
Frederick B. and William B. Spooner, Lake land
John J. Spooner
William M. and May A Spooner, William Peckham farm
Frank A. and Charles C. Jr. Stevens
Anthony Stewart
William J. Stewart
Cassie A. Stoddard, wife of Charles
Catherine and Thomas H. Stoddard
Hannah P. Stoddard and Rebecca S. Kelley
Robert F. Stoddard
Frank K. Stugis
Edward Sturtevant
Mary Clark Sturtevant, Cram estate
Mary C. Sturtevant and Eliza G. Clark
Guilherma Sueira

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Page 79 Page 80
Cornelius Sullivan
W. Cannon Swan
Clara V. M. Sweet, wife of E. C.
Edward C. Sweet
Simon Swig
Henry H,. Swinburne
Frank G. Sylvia
James A. Taber
Sophia Talbot
Alexander O'D Taylor, John Beattie land
George and Elizabeth J. Taylor, Freeborn estate
George W. Thurston
William Thurston
George T. Tilden
Susannah Tinson, widow of Henry
Idella Trager, wife of Frank
Adeline Agnes Tuck
Elmer E. Tucker
Joseph Tuckerman
Lucius Tuckerman
Elizabeth E. Underwood, Scott farm
Joseph M. Underwood
Stephen H. and Emma S. Underwood
Stephen H. and Emma S. Underwood
William J. Underwood, Whitwell land
Nathan T. Van Alstyne
Venzeslaus A. Vanicek, Benj. Weaver farm
Louisa Van Rensselaer
Antoine Vargas
Frank J. Vargas
Jose S Venancio
Sarah E. Walker
Susan Wallace, Chase and Geoffroy land
William C. Wallace
Herbert A. Ward
Alfred S. Ward
Annie E. Ward, widow of Jacob
Annie M. Ward, wife of A. Herbert
Byron W. Ward

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Page 81 Page 82
Charles H. Ward
Ruth M. Ward, wife of Charles
Sarah M. Ward
Thomas G. Ward
Maud E. and Helen M. Weaver, Cooke estate
Orleanna E. Weaver, wife of William N. G.
Jane Weston, wife of Ernest
Robert M Wetherell
Ruth A. Wetherell, wife of Robert M.
Alan R. Wheeler
Ellen Wheeler, wife of Richard
Charles C. White
John S. White
Ruth Amelia White, wife of Charles
Johnson E. Whitman
William E. Whitman
Gertrude C. Wilbor, wife of Philip
Ira W. and Ira W. Jr. Wilbor
Philip S. Wilbor
Albert A Wilbur and Emma G. Hazard
Mary Adams Willard
Henry M. Wilson
James E. Wilson Wyatt, Benjamin
Edward N. Wyatt, Langley lot
George S. Wyatt
James E. Wyatt
Robert G. Wyatt
William B. Wyatt

Albert C. Young 

Transcribed by Barbara Austin, March 2000. These documents are made available to the public for non-commercial purposes. If you wish to incorporate this document into any published work (including an internet page), you must first obtain permission from the Newport County RIGenWeb Project.

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