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From Russia
China and Beyond

This site is for emigrants from Russia who went to China - Harbin or another city - in their search for a home in another country. Most of these people ended up in the Americas, both North America and South America. Their story is not well known, but our group hopes to remedy that. Many of these people left all their family in Russia, some left part of the family in China, and almost all left the bulk of their possessions in one of these two places. After searching many decades for family members, as well as pertinent records, the Internet came along - for this we are grateful.

Now, we want to contact lost family where ever they may be. We want to know where members live now, where did they go, and when? What are their lives like now? What have they lived through? In other words:

But that's only one of our desires.


During the summer of 2000 one group of imigrants to Brazil and another group of imigrants to the U.S. each celebrated the 70th Anniversary of their departure from Harbin, China. Many of the original travelers are no longer with us, but their descendants live on. These people will be sharing their stories, and their parents' stories as time goes on. Further, they will be asking you, the travelers of the Internet, to help them contact others who shared the same experiences, and/or the same blood lines. We need people to spread the word that we are looking for lost family, lost stories and lost pictures.

We hope to have a Lost and Found Department, a page telling the world who or what we are looking for, and a page spelling out the success stories when they come. We hope to add helps for the uninitiated, those of us who hardly know where to begin. And for this we've added a page of resources compiled by Dr. Anton Valdine of Russia. You'll see by the translation that we need help. Translators are welcome - apply within. If you want to submit pages in Russian or German, English or Spanish contact the webmaster, Jo Thiessen. We'd like each page available in all languages, but it's not clear now how we can accomplish this. We're open to suggestions.

Harbiner Resources    Mail List Info.

"A Brief History and Economy of Harbin" - In Russian

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An Escape Story

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