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None of these tips are rules set in stone. They are suggestions to help you query get the attention it deserves from those who read the boards looking for ancestors, or looking to help others find the answers they need.

Tips on posting a Query

  1. Start with what unformation you are looking for. Try to keep it down to one question. You can always post more queries for other questions. For example -- "I am looking for the parents of Mary Jane SMITH."
  2. Briefly add what information you already know -- a date and a place to help identify the person. For example -- "I am looking for the parents of Jane SMITH, b. abt. 1852 in Savai'i, Samoa who married John DOE in New Zealand. They had two children, Jill and John Jr. who were born in the 1870s in Hawaii."
  3. Put all the surnames mentioned in the query in CAPS. This will make the names stand out. Never post a query with all the words in CAPS. Many people skip reading such queries as they are difficult to scan. Also never post a query that is in all lower case type -- these queries are also difficult to read.
  4. Use the Subject line to post a brief version of your query. Not everyone clicks on every query to read it -- you want to use the subject line to get the attention of the person who has the information you need! For example -- "Looking for parents of Mary Jane SMITH, wife of John DOE of Savai'i, Samoa."
  5. In the surname box only type the surnames mentioned in the query. This box is used by the system to make an index. Extra surnames only produce false hits. For example, this query would have only: Smith, Doe.
  6. If you would like a query removed, click on your query, then click on "Report abuse" and there is an option to ask for the query to be removed. The board administrator will then remove the query when he sees the request.

Tips on posting Data Messages -- Biographies, Obitaries, Deeds, Census, etc.

  1. Type surnames in CAPS.
  2. List the source at beginning or end of the post, so that anyone may be able to find the original -- for example, author and book title and page numbers and publication information if avaliable..
  3. You may write your own biography and post it.
  4. Be sure to click the category your post fits in.
  5. Type only the surnames in the surname box that are mentioned in the post. The surname box acts as an indexer for the system.

Tips on posting Look-up Requests

  1. If you need help accessing a record, you can post a Look-Up request. Be sure to choose Look-up as the category of your post. If someone reads the post and has access to the record, they may be able to do the look-up for you. If they can, they will respond by posting a reply to your look-up request.
  2. Be sure to state the source of your Look-Up request, whether it be in a cemetery, a book, microfilm or government office.
  3. State clearly what you are seeking.
  4. If you receive the information by personal email, post a reply to your look-up request that you have received the information, so that others won't waste their time duplicating the effort.
  5. Be aware that all look-up requests won't be answered. There is no one who has the job of doing Look-ups connected with this message board. Those who do the look-ups, volunteer to do so, because they see the request and have easy access to the information.

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