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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia enjoys a long and rich history that traces its roots back to the earliest civilizations of the Arabian Peninsula. The region's ancient nomadic peoples developed a deep love for the land as well as a strong sense of independence.

The Middle East, of which Saudi Arabia is an integral part, is the birthplace of civilization. It is this area man first settled in farming communities, developed agriculture, domesticated livestock, perfected trade and invented writting, setting the stage for the rise of civilizations such as Babylon, Nineveh, Phonecia and Egypt.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia occupies four-fifths of the Arabian Peninsula, encompassing 865,000 square miles of land. The terrain is varied. Forests, grasslands, rugged mountain ranges, scrub deserts all characterize the landscape.

Weather conditions vary dramatically in different regions. Very hot and dry conditions prevail in the interior of the country, while the coastal regions are generally hot and humid. The southwestern highlands are relatively cool and moist.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a monarchy with a political system rooted in Islam's cherished traditions and rich culture. Its rules and regulations are governed by the Holy Qu'ran and Sunnah (teachings and sayings of the Prophet Muhammad). Islamic Shari'ah (law) forms the basis of the legal system.

Most native Saudi Arabians are descended from the land's indigenous tribes. Saudi Arabia's population is 19.26 million.

Saudi Arabia's official religion is Islam. Saudi Arabia follows the Islamic calendar, which is based on lunar cycles. Thus the year is 354 days long. Friday is the weekly day of rest and worship.

Saudi Arabia has a diversified economy and an active private sector. The gross domestic product (GDP) reached  547 billion Saudi Riyals (SR) (145.9 billion U.S. dollars) at the end of 1997. $1.00=SR3.75

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