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Researching ABEL/ABLE/ABELS from SC, TN, AL. I am specifically seeking informatin on one John B. ABEL b. 22 Dec 1793 in Abbeville Dist. He married Roxanna/ Rhoda Johnson in 1818 and is listed on the 1830 Census for Blount Co, TN. He signed a Loyalty Oath in Winston Co, AL in 1867 and two sons Joseph H. and Thomas M. appear with him. Also had daughters Mary, Harriett, and Matilda.
Linda Abel : rabe@sisna.comPosted : 3/31/1999
Seeking information on ABELs living in Abbeville Co. in 1800. My gggGrandfather, Moses W. Abel, was born in SC in 1800. I am trying to locate his parents. Any help will be welcome.
Mark Abel : markabel@sprynet.comPosted : 1/19/1998
ABERCROMBIE See SIMS Posted : 7/26/1998
ABLE See HILL  Posted : 9/25/1998
Does anyone have proof that Nancy Agnes ABLE was the daughter of James and Eleanor Fox ABLE who resided in Abbeville District, SC, or any record that shows the marriage of Nancy Agnes ABLE to William PARNELL? Nancy Agnes ABLE was born 29 Sept. 1802 in Abbeville District and died 12 Feb 1891 at Hopeful, (Talladega Co), AL. She married William PARNELL 11 Dec 1821 in Abbeville District. Their 11 children were born there between 1823 and 1843. William and Nancy and some of their children moved west and were on the 1850 Census in Hall Co, GA, and the 1860 Census in Talladega Co., AL, where they resided until their deaths. Nancy Agnes ABLE's mother, Eleanor Fox ABLE was the daughter of John and Mary FOX, who were in Abbeville District during the Revolutionary War. John was killed in the Revolution in 1781, but Mary, his widow, resided in Abbeville District until her death in 1828. Her will (on file in the Abbeville Co Courthouse), states that her daughter "Elinor" was the wife of James ABLE. James and Eleanor Fox ABLE married shortly before 1800 in Abbeville District and are shown on the 1800 Federal Census as a new family, aged 17-26, and with one female child aged 0-10. The 1810 Census shows 2 female children, aged 0-10, and 2 male children, aged 0-10, in the household of James ABLE, now aged 26-45. One of those daughters was Nancy Agnes, born in 1802, but I have no evidence to connect her by name to James ABLE and Eleanor FOX. I am trying to find clear documentation of Nancy's parentage in order to complete a D.A.R. application on John FOX. Can anyone help me. I will be happy to exchange info with anyone who is working on these families.
Kaye Parnell Stoneking : JerryKaye@aol.comPosted: 7/7/1998
My query is about the ADAMS and LOCKRIDGEs of Abbeville. I want to know if anyone knew who the father of Marilza A. ADAMS was. She Married Daniel E.LOCKRIDGE. Also, who was the father of Daniel? I've been told that Marilza's father might have been William. Thank you for any help.
Geary Lowery : Posted : 2/10/2000
It is my understanding the ADAMS and CRAPPS families began in the Abbeville/Johnston, SC area when my Grandparents married. They are Jessie L. CRAPPS and Minnie Dell ADAMS, married 4/28/1912. The ADAMS family plot in Augusta, GA has John Calvin ADAMS, born 7/20/1880 and died 2/22/1920. Also, John H ADAMS, born 9/12/1920 and died 6/19/1944. There are other ADAMS and CRAPPS buried there. I would be very pleased to learn more and share what information I have.
Michael Crapps : MikeCrapps@aol.comPosted : 1/21/2000
Looking for information on the ADAMS, ATKINS, BAIRD/BEARD families.   These families migrated to Henry Co, GA then across AL, MS, TX and AZ.
Wm Bond : wbond@cyberhighway.netPosted : 3/31/1999
ADAMS See MARTIN Posted : 7/26/1998
Researching Benjamin ADAMS, (b Sept. 2, 1767 and d Jan. 16, 1826, Abbeville Co). Who was his wife and who was his father?
Ralph Crosby : Ralphcrosb@aol.comPosted : 12/10/1997
I am searching for a source for the will of James ADAMS, dated 14 October, 1781, and probated in the Abbeville Ordinaryís Office on 26 April, 1782. Also looking for the following publication: The 96 District Journal of the Court of Ordinary, Inventory Book - Will Book 1781-1786 by Brendt H. Holcomb. This might open a 40 year old stone wall.
Lawrence B. Adams : lbadams@aol.comPosted : 10/31/1997
Am searching for Sanford ADAMS b. 1805 who married Amy ASHLEY b. 1806 in theAbbeville/Anderson County areas. There is a possibility that Sanford was the son of a James ADAMS in that same area. Sanford and Amy ADAMS had 5 children while living in that area: Bennett, Polly Ann, James, John, and Rachel. In 1835/6 they migrated to Fayette County, Georgia. Anyone who knows anything of these two families - please contact me - I will gladly share what information I have. Updated: 3/26/1997
I am searching for the location of the ADAMSON home in Abbeville County. It was located near Cedar Springs Church. Lydia ADAMSON was the widow of _______? and was listed in a census of Abbeville in 1810. Her son, Jonathan, and his sister inherited the plantation at her death. She disowned her other daughter, Peggy, leaving her $1 in the will because Peggy's husband, John Argo, opposed slavery. I have been to Abbeville and thought I had found the house only to discover that it was called "__________ foley", built, I believe by a riverboat captain. The house now belongs to someone from California. Directly across from the house is a home which is the oldest structure in Abbeville, the owner reported, and was an old inn in the 1700's. I have located the will of Lydia in a book I found in a store there in Abbeville, but have not been able to determine the location of the house, which I know was still standing the early part of this century. Any help will be appreciated.
Marie Adams : msadams@negia.netPosted : 3/25/1998
We are trying to confirm that my immigrant ancestor was William Henry AGAN. The surname is spelled and mispelled a variety of ways so our searches become quite confusing at times. Hope you can guide us in some direction. Thank you.
Bob Agan : Posted : 12/10/1999
I am trying to locate information on my great grandfather, Samuel AGNEW, who was born in SC in approx. 1830. His wife was named Elizabeth (born in AL about 1845), and his children were William (b. about 1853), Rufus (b. about 1859), Joseph (b. about 1865), John (b. about 1867), Lizzie (b. about 1869), Marcus (b. about 1871), Callie and Allie (b. about 1873), Samuel C. (b. about 1877), and Daniel Nicholas (b. about 1879). The first two sons may been by an earlier wife. This information comes from the 1870 census for Upshur Co, TX and the 1880 census for Gregg Co, TX.
Brad Agnew : agnew@ipa.netPosted : 10/10/1999
Searching for AGNEW family: Sam (b. approx. 1809), his wife Vina (b. 5/1828), son Hosea/Anthony (b. 1/1862), who married Sallie (b. 3/1860) and had Annie Leigh AGNEW (b. 11/7/1882), Walter, Manse, Viola, and Lillian. Annie AGNEW married Milton Lafayette WILLIS, who died 1915 in Calhoun Falls. They had five sons: Howard, Carrol, Lee Chester, Charles, and Archie. Milton and his brother Kemper started the Willis Music and Furniture Company, and were from England. Any info appreciated. 
Tanica C. Willis Campbell :  Posted: 4/4/1997
ALDERSON See MILLS Posted : 1/28/1998
Seeking any and all information on Rachael ALEWINE who was born in 1828 Abbeville, SC?
Shirley Ammons : Posted : 6/13/1999
ALEWINE See SHAW Posted : 5/5/1999
I would like to find the parents of Sara Hamilton ALEWINE who married Macajah BUCHANAN after she moved to GA. Other names we have read are David and Reuben ALEWINE. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 
Earline Buchanan Cox : Posted : 3/31/1999
Seeking information on Mathis (Mathias) ALEWINE that married Elizabeth UNKNOWN. Children are : Suzanna, Lloyd, James, Samuel, Frank, and Peter. Mathisí father may be George and mother may be Susan but have no proof.
Craig Alewine : spritwinds@ftc-i.netPosted : 8/28/1998
I descend from David ALEWINE of Newberry County, SC (b 1776) and later Newton, Jasper and Marion Cos, GA. Suspect him to be a son of George Alewine. David's daugher, Tamsie Parm ALEWINE, is my ancestor. Will share info. and would appreciate any info. you can give.
Steve Etheridge : Etheri2351@aol.comPosted: 2/12/1998
I am searching for information on the ALEWINEs in Abbeville. Mathis ALEWINE and other family members, I am working on my family tree and my family is from Abbeville. Any information that you can give me will be greatly appreciated.
Craig Alewine : Spiritwinds@FTC-I.Net or spiritwinds@InfoAve.NetPosted: 1/28/1998
Trying to locate ALEXANDER in Abbeville, SC. Found an ALEXANDER in the 1830's, 40's and 50's. Believe this might be a great grand son, the first Alex landed in Charleston 1768 with father --father -William - mother, Margaret and two brothers James and John. We know that John died in 1806 in Barnwell Co, SC and the others moved to AL and MS in 1810 on a GA passport. I am trying to find the first ALEXANDER and connect him with the one in Abbeville. Alex in Abbeville did have a older man and woman living with him in the census listed above. Please let me know if you can help me.
Lana Turner : LTurner@ssofa.comPosted : 12/10/1999
Am seeking information on Matilda ALEXANDER (9/17/1771 - 7/6/1845) married 8/5/1787 to Robert BLACK (8/2/1767 - 20/1843).  They had several children among which was Susanah BLACK (10/20/1795).
Arlis Schmidt : Posted : 10/24/1998
ALEXANDER See DOBBINS Posted : 10/31/1997
John ALEXANDER came to America from Ireland in 1773. He had two sons (one was named Robert) and they settled in Ninety-Six District, SC in 1775. John and his two sons joined the British. In 1778, Robert ALEXANDER joined Col. Campbell in GA until the evacuation. His father and brother were both killed at the Battle of Kettle Creek. If you can give me a lead or point me in the right direction on my family research I would very much appreciate it. Thank you.
Boak Alexander : Posted: 7/8/1997
Looking for these surnames. Some spelled their name with one "l" some with two. We just canít seem to find their origin.
Dorothy Allgary : dca210@webtv.comPosted : 2/17/2000
Doing his. and canít get any further back in Barnwell, SC then William All b. 1799. m. to Rosanna. Moved to Henry, Co. GA. They are b. there; but sure would like to get further back. Adam or Henry could be his father.
Sally Alls : Posted : 11/09/1999
Seeking descendants of Thomas Warren ALLEN (1830-1896), the son of JohnALLEN and Jane Livingston. He and his wife, Sarah Cora McCollum (1836-1909), were the parents of at least four children: Warren, Rena, Louisa and Sarah Cora. The ALLENs are listed in three censuses in SC:
>1860 in Abbeville (they were living with his mother & brother, William, a dentist).
>1870 in Marlboro County
>1880 in Clarendon County.
They are both buried in Abbeville
Kinloch McCollum : kmccollum@lsijax.comPosted : 10/24/1998
I am looking for the following surnames in Abbeville SC, ALLEN and MCNAIR were in Abbeville Co., SC in the early 1800's. They may have moved to AL, but were in Hinds Co., MS by 1850. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, 
Judy Allen : judy_dick@sprynet.comPosted: 9/17/1997
ALLEN See WAITE/WAIGHT Posted: 4/4/1997
ANDERSON See LITTLE Posted : 3/31/1999
My Greatgrandfather, John L. ANDERSON and wife, Lucretia PASCAL, were living in Abbeville in 1850 with four children. In the 1860 census they are in Coosa Co, AL where they lived and died. I am interested in their ancestors and will exchange info on their decendants.
William Jones : Posted : 3/31/1999
Father of Thomas J. ANDERSON (1773-1827, Abbeville District). To AL in 1818. Father may be Thomas ANDERSON killed at Seige of Charleston 1780. He could have been born in NC and could have died in VA, possibly from wounds. Any help.
George Curley : Posted : 10/24/1998
Searching for info on John ANDERSON, married Jenny SHANKS, dau of Irish Immigrant Matthew M. Shanks and Martha Ann ???, as well as info on his children with her. I think I found John at the Hopewell Church, but cannot be sure. According to Matthew M. Shanksí will, Jenny gave John four children : Margaret, Martha, Mary A. and Matthew. Either John or Jenny was deceased prior to Nov 5, 1836 when Mr. Shanks will was proved.
Tinker Strother : Spaniard@pflash.comPosted: 7/26/1998
I have need of the parents of a Thos I. (or J.) ANDERSON (b20 Feb1783) md. a Kennedy in Abbeville Dist. Came to AL in 1818. I am not sure of the middle initial. DAR records show his father to be Thos ANDERSON (1762-1840). Died in Abbeville Dist. This Thos (1762) did not marry until 1802 and again later. If he is Thos. I's? father he must have been illeg. or had an earlier wife. Any help appreciated.
George G. Curley : manoe@sonet.netPosted: 3/24/1998
ANDERSON See BROWN Posted: 1/28/1998
Seeking information on Joseph ANDERSON ? >VA > SC > Randolph Co., IL (born: ? 1750's died: April 4, 1806 in Illinois - killed by Indians) May be Scotch/Irish, but that's a big guess! married: Mary (surname unknown) about 1770-75 in (possibly) Abbeville, SC area. Mary died: 1810 in IL. 
Joseph and Mary ANDERSON had at least 6 children:
1) Catherine ANDERSON (born: abt 1772, died: July 1822) m. Gregory CAUDEL in SC
2) Mary ANDERSON (born: abt 1773 in SC, died: 6 January 1834) married: Joseph LIVELY
3) Marjorie (Margery) ANDERSON (born: abt 1775-78, SC, died: abt 1831, IL) married twice
(marriage #1) 1797 in SC to Robert PARKER who died 1805, he's buried in Abbeville, SC; they had 2 children: (1) James P. PARKER (born: 1800 in Abbeville, SC, died single) and (2) Rebecca PARKER (born:1798 in Abbeville, SC, died Nov 10, 1869 in St. Clair County, IL Rebecca married: July 31, 1819 to Francis Burdette GREEN they lived in Illinois. Francis Burdette GREEN and Rebecca (My gggparents) both buried in Marissa Township, St. Clair County, IL
(Marriage #2) 1809 in IL to John Porter LIVELY (Joseph LIVELYís brother- i.e. Marjorieís brother-in-law) Then they had 3 more LIVELY children: (1) Hugh LIVELY born: 1812 married: Mary TETER, (2) Mary LIVELY born: 1809 married:Mathew LESSLEY, (3) Martha LIVELY born: 1810 died : December 17, 1865 married: Isaac RAINEY. Marjorie and John LIVELY then buried Lively, Il, Randolph County, Cemetery
4) Amos ANDERSON (born:1783 in SC , died: 20 Nov 1854 in Perry Co., IL) married: Tabitha MARLOW (born: ? died: 20 Feb 1862 in SC)
5) Jane ANDERSON b:? d:?
6) Margaret ANDERSON b:? d:?
Joseph ANDERSON served in Artillery in the Revolutionary War in VA, TN, KY, IL under Colonel George Rogers Clark (commencing June 1779 until December 1781) throughout Col. Clarkís various campaigns against English Forts. (Documented in "Kentucky Historical Society" by Margery Heberling Harding titled "George Rogers CLARK and his Men - Military Records, 1778-1784"). Later Joseph ANDERSON traveled so often between Abbeville, SC and Randolph Co., Illinois (in late 1780's-90ís) that he may have been one of the leaders of the Westward land migration. (i.e. of veterans going west claiming "Revolutionary War Veteran" bounty land )
Three major questions and loads of minor ones : 
(1) Who are Joseph ANDERSONís parents? where from?
(2) What was his wife, Mary ANDERSONís surname and any kin?
(3) Who were Francis Burdette GREEN parents or kin? 
Any assistance, however slight, would be appreciated.
Ed Greene: edgreene@san.rr.comUpdated: 3/24/1998
Seeking information on Joseph ANDERSON (my gggggfather) VA > SC > Randolph Co., IL (b: ?1750's d: April 4, 1806 in Illinois - killed by Indians) May be Scotch/Irish.Buried in IL - Preston Cemetery. m:Mary (surname unknown) about 1770 in Abbeville, SC area. Mary d: 1810 in IL. Joseph and Mary had at least 4 children:
1) Catherine ANDERSON (b. abt 1772, d. July 1822) m. Gregory CAUDEL in SC
2) Mary ANDERSON (b. abt 1773 in SC, d. 6 January 1834) m. Joseph LIVELY
3) Marjorie ANDERSON (b. abt 1775-82 in SC, d. abt 1831 in IL) married twice: 
m:#1) 1797 in SC to Robert PARKER who d. 1805, buried in Abbeville, SC; they had 2 children: James P. PARKER (b. 1800 in Abbeville, SC, died single) and Rebecca Parker (b.1798 in Abbeville, SC, d. in Randolph Co.,IL) Rebecca m:July 31, 1819 to Francis Burdette GREEN they lived in Illinois.
m:#2) John LIVELY (Joseph LIVELYís brother) in 1809 in IL
4) Amos ANDERSON (b.1783 in SC , d. 20 Nov 1854 in Perry Co., IL) m. Tabitha MARLOW (b. ? d. 20 Feb 1862 in SC)
Joseph ANDERSON served in the Revolutionary War in VA under George Rogers Clark, and later he traveled so often between Abbeville and Randolph Co., Illinois (1790 thru 1810) that he may have been one of the leaders of the migration (of veterans going west claiming "Revolutionary War Veteran" bounty land ) 
Three major questions: 
(1) Who are Joseph ANDERSONís parents?
(2) What was his wife, Mary ANDERSONís surname and any kin?
(3) Who were Francis Burdette GREEN parents or kin? (he's my gggfather)
Any assistance, however slight, would be appreciated.
Ed Greene : edgreene@san.rr.comUpdated: 12/10/1997
Iím researching James H. ARMSTRONG (b 1817, SC) per a 1860 TX census. James wifeís name was Jane E. (b1821, AL), His first sonís name was Samuel W. ARMSTRONG (b 1838, Dallas Co, AL). James owned land in Dallas Co and his fathers name may have been David ARMSTRONG.
Ken Smith : Posted : 3/31/1999
Robert Armstrong the second was born in Co Antrim, Northern Ireland, in 1731. He came with his Father and family to America about 1735. His father was Robert I who was married to Alice Calhoun. Both were born in N.Ireland. Robert II married Margaret Cunningham in September 1767 in SC. Margaret was probably born in Abbeville in 1745 and died in Knox Co, TN June 3, 1837. Her father was Samuel Cunningham, born in Augusta Co, Va. and her mother was Mary McKamey. Robert II and Margaret had 8 children, 5 of which were probably born in Abbeville, SC. Different sources indicate that Robert I died either in Augusta Co, Va in 1745 or in Abbeville, SC about 1775. I would be glad to share what information I have on this family and would greatly appreciate any information others might have on this family.
Milton Armstrong : Posted : 11/09/1999
ARMSTRONG See EMERSON Posted : 3/31/1999
Looking for any information regarding family of Zachariah W. ARNOLD, b. 1798 SC. Was married to Casander Gray and had children John Frederick ARNOLD, b. 1826 Abbeville Co and William H. ARNOLD, b. 1829 Abbeville Co. Also had children Elvira Jane ARNOLD, b. 1831 and Thomas ARNOLD, b.1839 but I'm not sure where they were born at. Family moved from Abbeville Co and went to Old Tishomingo Co, MS.
Karolyn Klaes : kklaes@inu.netPosted : 10/10/1999 
Any information regarding the family history of Eugene Franklin Arnold. He died when I was 7 years old in 1930.
Gene Arnold : tskmmac@concentric.netPosted : 3/31/1999 
I am looking for information on William and Delila ASHLEY. They were born in SC in the 1790ís. They had four known children in SC - William R., Moses, Samuel S., and Daniel, all born by l820. In l830, they were living in Madison Co, GA.
Nettie Ashley Carl : Nedcaln@aol.comPosted : 3/06/2000 
ASHLEY See SHAW Posted : 5/5/1999
I feel that Abbeville Co is the correct county that I should be looking in, but I am not positive. I am looking for the parents of Reuben ASHLEY, b 1882 in SC. He had three sisters also born in SC - Martha Saleste (b. 1823), Matilda Hariet (b. 1831), and Elizabeth (b. 1834). There are other siblings (Thomas and Elizabeth) but they are born in Heard Co, GA. We have reason to believe that Reubenís parents may have come from MD, but again, donít know any county names.
Nancy : naclu@hiwaay.netPosted : 3/31/1999
Is there anyone in SC. that is or was kin to the Moses ASHLEY family. There is a Sr. and Jr. Moses Ashley. Moses Jr. children, William, Artesia, Reuben, Newton, Martha, James, Richard, Robert. All wre living in Abbeville in 1850. Reuben and some of the family moved to Heard Co, GA. Moses Sr. wife was Sarah. Moses Jr. wife was Susan. If any one is kin please get in touch. There is a lot of family out here.
Alice Seppala : rseppala@aol.comPosted : 3/31/1999
ASHLEY See CRISWELL  Posted : 9/25/1998
ASHLEY See PRUITT Posted: 5/27/1997
Researching these ASHLEY brothers of Abbeville Co SC: Aaron, John, William, Joshua, Moses. They were originally from Kent Co MD. Will be glad to share what I have
Nicole Pinson : npinson@bellsouth.netUpdated : 11/11/1999
John, Solomon, Francis, and Benjamin KING were named in records in Abbeville Co., SC 1780s. John ASHLEY (b. in NC) married Elizabeth Garrett, lived in Laurens Co., SC but moved to Rutherford, Bedford, and Coffee Cos., TN. John died 1852 Coffee Co., TN. Joseph BRANTLEY lived Edgefiedl Co., SC where his wife Judith ATKINSON died about 1813. Moved to Marshall Co., TN with two sons Joseph and Benjamin Casey BRANTLEY.
Betty Ashley : Posted: 7/3/1997
If you are interested in this surname and would like to share information, please contact me.
Susan S. Reaney : Updated : 10/02/1999
ASHLEY See ADAMS Updated: 3/26/1997
ASHWORTH See MARTIN  Posted : 10/10/1999
ATKINS See ADAMS Posted : 3/31/1999
ATKINSON See ASHLEY Posted: 7/3/1997
Searching for any info on the ATTAWAY families of SC who owned land in Laurens Co,, Edgefield Co, and other areas of SC. Elisha, John and Joseph in late 1700s are of particular interest. Any help would be appreciated. 
Ladonna Viertel : jviertel@metronet.comPosted : 3/31/1999
BABB See SIMS Posted : 7/26/1998
My BAILEY ancestors came from SC - supposedly Abbeville Co. Edward and his son Wm. R. came to MS around 1835-1840. Wm. R.ís sister Elizabeth BAILEY married a Robert Baskin VERNON from the same area. They settled in Choctaw Co, MS. I am trying to trace these families back as far as possible.
Mildred Bailey : midge@ebicom.netPosted : 5/19/2000
I am seeking any information on Florence KNOX (and family), born in Abbeville, SC and died in Monroe, NC, buried in Abbeville, SC. She married John Ester BAILEY, born Winder, GA and died in Greenville, SC. He is also buried in Abbeville. They had one child, James Maxwell BAILEY, born 4 Feb 1904 in Winder, GA and died 7 Sep 1992 in Stuart FL. He is buried down here in Jensen Beach. I don't have birth or death dates for them, or marriage dates. I think they would have been Methodists and would have been born in the 1880's. John Ester worked on the railroad, as conductor of the mail car. My husband remembers visiting them in Monroe, NC. Apparently, the trains ran from Winder, GA, to Abbeville, SC to Monroe, NC and the runs for a shift were guided by these three towns. I think it was the Seaboard RR. Florence was one of 7 girls and one boy. One of the other Knox girls married a Rice. Linda Hudson Bailey : LWHUDSON@aol.comPosted : 11/18/1999
BAILEY See STUCKEY Posted : 11/09/1999
BAILEY See WALKER Posted : 10/4/1998
BAILEY See WELLS Posted: 1/17/1998
Searching for information on descendants of Nathaniel BAILEY. Nathaniel (age 50) came from Belfast, Ireland on the Lord Dunagannon and arrived at Charleston, SC Feb 13, 1768. He was accompanied by wife Jane (age 45) and eight children. The children were Janet (23), Joseph (20), Elizabeth (18), Isabell (17), Ann (16), William (15), James (my ancestor - 8), and Nathaniel (6). This is from the Council Journal, SC, from the book -Protestant Immigrants to SC, 1763-1773 by Jane Revill. The BAILEYs received land grants in Granville County. James BAILEY married Mary Hall. Nathaniel and family settled in Ninety-six District. This included what was later Abbeville County. Joseph BAILEY brother of my ancestor, served in the Revolutionary War as private in the first Carolina Regiment in 1780 and 1781. Nathaniel died about 1780. His will was recorded in Abbeville County Wills, date 1787-1815, page 84. James BAILEY bought a tract of land in the Pendleton District in 1811 and recorded his will there on Oct 4, 1819. James BAILEY was a school master. James had one son: Wyatt (b. 1794). Wyatt married Margaret Carter (daughter of John Carter). In 1834 several BAILEY families, including Wyatt removed to Bibb County, AL. Wyatt had a son named Levi Garrison (b. 1823) who is my great grandfather.
Henry Bailey : Posted: 6/3/1997
Searching for father of Hugh BAIRD, b-Sep 1750, Scotland, d-aft 1780, Abbeville, SC. Son James BAIRD b-abt 1782, Abbeville, SC, died Jun 1851, Randolph County, IL. Grandson Hugh BAIRD, b-Aug 1806, Abbeville, SC, died Feb 1857, Randolph County, IL. GGrandson Robert G. BAIRD, b-Oct 1831 Randolph County, IL, b Oct 1839, d-Feb 1922 Merrick Co, NE. GGGrandson David McClelland BAIRD, b-Jun 1883 Randolph County, IL, d-Sep 1935 Merrick Co, NE
Jean Soares : Posted : 5/1/2000
I am seeking info on Simon BAIRD who died intestate and whose estate was sold 8 Jan. 1803 in Abbeville, SC. I need proof that Margaret was his wife and that he had a son named John. I will appreciate hearing from anyone who has info on this family.
Carol :  CuznFind@aol.comUpdated : 2/10/2000
BAIRD/BEARD See ADAMS Posted : 3/31/1999
Looking for parents of or any info on John BAIRD (b abt 1772, Abbeville area). He married Catherine McCENNEY in Abbeville in 1803 and moved to Livingston Co, KY abt 1816. That area is now Crittenden Co, KY. Census records state Catherine was born in Ireland. They had sons: John, Hugh, Alexander, Simon, and Robert (all born in that area). Thanks for whatever you have. Iíve been looking for this information for over 35 years.
Frank Beard : dbeard@slkc.uswest.netPosted: 10/31/1997
I am trying to find information on William BAKER son of John and Rachel (Bundy) BAKER. I have information he was born in SC. A brother, Thomas, was born in Abbeville. Would love to find out if there is a birth certificate for William and a Marriage license for John and Rachel?
Yvonne : YLEMMONS@aol.comPosted : 03/06/2000
Looking for this name in Abbeville District SC between 1800 and 1830. History places them in the Methodist Church but they could be buried anywhere. A William BALEY (b. 16 May 1816, Abbeville District SC); later died in TX. Am looking for parents or siblings. Thanks 
Helen : Hmail09@aol.comPosted : 7/29/1997
Can anyone give me any information on Adaman BALEY or Adaman BAILEY in Abbeville? May have been called Adam also. May have gone to MS.
Shirley Reed : Posted : 7/6/1998
BALL See DAY Posted : 6/10/1999
BANKS See TAYLOR Posted : 1/21/2000
Seeking any information on Amos BANKS. Child Aleck Elias born in Abbeville, SC c.1851. Any information appreciated.
N. J. Camp : Mulecreek1@aol.comPosted : 3/31/1999
I am looking for any info on James BANKS who died in Abbeville Co, SC in 1794. Looking for wife or other relatives. Think son is Levi Banks. Any help will be appreciated. 
Sam E. Armistead : Posted : 7/26/1998

I am seeking any info on Rivers and Eleanor Banks, I believe they married about 1805. Thank you.
Chris Moffatt Posted : 6/3/2000
Edmond F. CAMPBELL was a veteran of the War of 1812. He died October 5, 1849. He and his wife, Charlotte Hudgens CAMPBELL, had seven sons who fought in the North-South struggle. Five of these sons lost their lives during the war. What were the names of the children? Birth, death dates? Marriages? Really ANY information would be appreciated.
Joyce Bannister Campbell :  Posted: 3/31/1999
I am looking for information on the parents of my paternal grandmother, Carrie BANKS, who came to Ohio from Anderson, SC with her husband, William GREEN. Carrie died in Erie County, OH on Dec 6, 1942. Her Death Certificate lists her father as Henry BANKS, and her mother's maiden name as Amelia Roebuck. Carrie is listed as being born June 9, 1895, in Abbeville, SC. I am also seeking information on my grandfather William H. GREEN, who also died in Erie County, OH in 1969. His father is listed as Harry GREEN, born March 10, 1870, in Pelton, SC (I don't know the county name). His mother's maiden name was Eliza Scott. Harry's mother's maiden name is listed as Caroline McCowen or Van Cowen, unable to read the writing on the death certificate. Harry's father is listed as Henry GREEN, born in Charleston, SC. I hope someone can help me find some record of these people, as the little information I have is very confusing. The Social Security Form SS5 for William GREEN lists his mother's maiden name as Eliza Burace, and his birthdate as May 28, 1886, in Anderson, SC.
EJRoldan57@aol.comPosted : 6/13/1999
BANNISTER See SHAW Posted : 5/5/1999
Researching the following related families: James Alexander CAMPBELL b. 1873 Haseltine SMITH; Patrick HILL Nancy BANNISTER; Daniel Frederick LUCIUS, Jr b.1800   ? (brother of Elizabeth Lucius COX and father of Lucinda Jane LUCIUS b.1840) Elizabeth COX was married to John COX and raised Jane Lucius and her twin brother, Fred. All these people lived in Anderson County and Abbeville County. 
Ann Campbell: Posted: 3/15/1997
I am looking for the parents of Benjamin BARKSDALE (b.6-3-1804 & d.2-10-1854) in Abbeville. I also would love to find the link between the BARKSDALES of Halifax, VA in 1780s and SC BARKSDALES. Any info would be appreciated.
Jenevieve : Posted : 5/1/2000
My name is Dale Jean WELSH, daughter of Stephen Jackson WELSH who was from Abbeville. My daughter Jenevieve and I are trying to find our family history and seem to be coming up with nothing. My great uncle was General William BARKSDALE - grandmother Ruth WELSH. If you have any suggestions or information, I'd really appreciate it.
Dale Jean Welsh : DWBAGS@aol.comPosted : 1/22/2000
I am researching the Barksdales that resided in Abbeville District in the 1700's & 1800's. Specifically, I want to find information on Sherard/Sherod Barksdale. I know he died in Abbeville in 1859, but cannot find where he is buried. Do newspapers of that era exist? I have checked the courthouse records. Any other suggestions on how I can locate more information?
Anne Hall : CHARLIEDHALL@prodigy.netPosted : 3/24/1998
BARMORE See SIMMONS Posted : 1/17/1998
BARNES See EAKIN Posted : 3/31/1999
BARNETT See BUSE Posted : 6/13/1999
I am very interested in any information on the families of BARNETT and STEELE of Old 96 Dist and Pendleton Dist SC. I descend from John BARNETT (b 1794) who md 1812 to Mary Jane STEELE (b 1790). John died 1847 in Benton Co AL. Mary Jane was the dau of Isaac STEELE, Rev Soldier (b 1732 and d 1803, Old Pendleton Dist SC. Isaac STEELE md ca 1768, Abbeville to Martha Grizzel DIXON (b 1750, Ireland and d 1848, Benton Co AL. I am fairly certain (and looking for proof) that John BARNETT was the son of Amos BARNETT and ?Hannah EVANS? and that Amos was the son of John BARNETT who appears on the 1790 Census and was a neighbor of Isaac STEELE. Any information on this lineage is greatly appreciated. Also, was Isaas STEELE a brother to Aaron STEELE who was in Old 96 Dist?
Debbie Hulsey Zouras : Dkhz@aol.comPosted: 11/12/1997
BARR See REID/REED Posted : 3/21/2000
Looking for Parents of James BARR, b. 1720, d.1805. m. Agnes, Maiden name unknown. John HINSON, d. 1792, Greenville, SC, was Agnes BARR his daughter? 
Phyllis Barr-Chezem Crothers : crothers@rtinet.comPosted : 10/10/1999
Looking for anything on surnames of BARTLETT and BEASLEY in this county or surrounding counties. Is there anyone out there that has come across these names -- Iíve hit a brick wall. I will not stop looking. Thanks
Ann Bartlett-Lee : Posted : 10/24/1998
Looking for info on slave owner-John BASKIN that owned my Great Grandfather Thomas Twine BASKIN, he was known as Twine. He was born in Abbeville Co, SC. He married a half German woman named Emma Swain. This all happened in the early 1800-1850. Emma had a brother that may have owned a store. They moved to AR, where they had at least eight children.
Erica Gunn : Posted : 10/10/1999
Looking for any info on early residents of Abbeville Co, SC named BASKIN(S).
James : Trout3356@aol.comPosted : 10/10/1999
Possible slave owner named John BASKIN(S), neighbored farm of family named SWAIN. Any Information on Emma SWAIN, white female, married Thomas Twine BASKIN(S). Migrated to Arkansas in late 1800ís.
Kathleen : Www.Kaska@Swbell.Net Posted : 10/27/1998
James Shockley BATES (b c 1811, SC and d 1882, Athens (Clarke Co), GA) md 5 times and had about 16 children. First wife was Miss FORRESTER. They md about 1827 in SC (even though it is believed they already lived in GA at the time). She died before 1844. Their children: Samuel A, William E, Sarah Adeline, John, James Charlton (b 1839, Franklin Co, GA). They lived in Franklin Co in 1839-1853, then Hart Co, GA from 1853-after 1870, then Newton Co, GA in 1880, then Clarke Co, GA in 1882. Many children born later moved to AL. Was he kin to the Old 96 & Abbeville Co, SC BATES?
Julie Hampton Ganis : JGANIS@prodigy.netPosted: 7/7/1998
Seeking information on John Henry BAUGHMAN (b1817 / d Aug.23,1900). He was married to Margaret Ann Link (b Nov.23,1820 / d Dec.12,1905). He was living in Abbeville in 1850, per U.S.Census. Iím trying to determine who his parents were, and where he was born.
Jim Baughman : jima709nf@worldnet.att.netPosted: 3/24/1998
Seeking info and links to the BEAGLES/BIGLES/BEIGLES family, and that of Elijah B., 1860 US Cenus Edgefield District and served in the 14th Regiment, Co. "B" from Abbeville County during the War Between the States. May have resided in the Sandover Post Office District.
Julian Harper : Posted : 3/21/2000
BEALL, Benjamin married CULPEPPER, Martha. Benjamin Franklin BEALL, brother Walter A. BEALL lived in Henry County, GA and Spalding Co, GA 
Kaye Pardue : kkaypardue@ga.freei.neetPosted : 1/21/2000
BEASLEY See CARTER Posted : 3/31/1999
BEASLEY See BARTLETT Posted : 10/24/1998
Would like to share information with others researching BEATTY and McKINLEY lines. Mary BEATTY was the wife of William McKINLEY. Mary was born Jan 25, 1756 in Abbeville District, SC. Is there a will or proof of children? I am trying to prove they had a daughter, Eliza/Elizabeth (b about 1805) who married Martin Ledbetter.
Darla Rohan : rrohan@msn.comPosted: 7/26/1998
BEAZLEY See NEELY Posted : 3/21/2000
I'm looking for info on William BECK b. 1773 in Abbeville Co, SC d. July 27, 1850; md. Temperance Pollack 1816(?), the daughter of John and Sarah Pollack. Posted : 5/1/2000
Seeking information on Abner BECKHAM, pastor of Round Island Missionary Baptist Church. Need information on its membership. Do not know when BECKHAM and his followers left SC or the stops along the way? However, it does appear that they were in TN awhile, also in AL. I have been told that he married as his second wife the daughter of AdamTYRONE, Sr. There is a marriage recorded in Limestone Co., AL. in 1843 for one Abner BECKHAM and Mary TYRONE. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you. See also TYRONE.
Margaret Miller : Updated : 8/7/1998
BEDENBAUGH See SUMMERS Posted : 3/31/1999
Great-grandparents Frank and Susan (GOODWIN) Belcher found on 1870 and 1880 census in Abbeville Co, SC. Cannot find the core family in 1900. I know they did not leave SC until 1902. Other children, including my grandmother, were born prior to that time. Two older daughters, ( whom I knew personally) were married and lived in Anderson County and Edgefield County. Would like information on Frank BELCHER's family and Susan GOODWIN's family. Frank's b-date abt 1846 and Susan's b-date about 1851
Juanda Jones : JuandaLea@aol.comPosted: 9/17/1997
Seeking information on families of : 1) Annie Laury Belcher Ware (b ca 1860) md Jim Ware (b ca 1850) who were located in Abbeville Co on the 1900 census. 2) William and Mary Ann BELCHER (twins b ca 1896, Abbeville Co) to William Belcher and Sylvia Foote near Calhoun Falls.
Sonia : swalkerny@aol.comUpdated : 2/12/1998
Peter WATERS, wife Mary Smyth and children: Elizabeth, Rachel, David and Sarah. All came from Belfast to SC in 1768. They also had two daughters born in SC, Janet and Martha. Has anyone done research on this family. I have a David L. Waters (b. abt. 1818) in SC, married his cousin Rachel BELL. Itís possible my David L. might be a descendant of Peterís son David. Any information at all will be greatly appreciated.
Juanita : Posted : 5/19/2000
Looking for records for a John M. BELL died 1961, Abbeville Co ? Donalds Town. Married a Ellie SINGLETON somewhere 1905 ? 1910. Other surnames related to them include DRAKES, SEARIGHTS, LUCKERS any help will be appreciated. 
Dave Bell : Posted : 6/13/1999
Vincent BELL (b. abt 1789). Lived in Abbeville and Fairfield county. Later on he moved to Ohio. His mother may have been Clare Cloud. Any help would greatly be appreciated.
Debby Bell Brooks : Posted: 6/17/1997
Researching the family of Matthew W. BELL. He was born on 18 October, 1803 in Abbeville, SC. He died on 11 July, 1886. Do not know where he died but it could have been in Georgia. I found him on the 1830 - 1840 censuses in Carroll County, Tennessee. Sometime between 1840 and 1850, he moved to Cobb County, Georgia. He was married to Elizabeth Dial.  Children were: (1) Unknown female b. ca. 1833 (2) Joseph W. b. ca. 1834 (3) Richard N. b. ca. 1836 (4) William b. ca.1837 (5) Sarah b. ca. 1842 (6) M.I., a female, b. ca. 1846 (7) Samantha b. ca. 1849 (8) Louisa b. ca. 1849 (9) Rosannah b. ca. 1850 (10) Roxannah b. ca. 9 March 1853 (11) J.M. b. ca. 1855.
Kathy Marsh : Posted: 3/23//1997
Seek any and all information on Zacharia BELUE 
Jean Belew : jbelew@bellsouth.netPosted : 6/10/1999
Would appreciate any information on William BENNISON and his decendants. He lived in Abbeville district in the late 1700's and early 1800's. Have a copy of his will dated 1817. Wife's name was Margaret HUNTER. Some of his children's names were James, William, Fannie, etc. His son William migrated first to MS, then to Nagadoches Co. TX. 
Glenn Brown : Posted: 4/4/1997
I am trying to find out about the lineage of my Grandfather, Wade Hampton "Hamp" BERRY (b. 1/08/1901 and d. 12/13/77. I have basically no information about previous generations. All I know is that he had 2 brothers, Matt and Gray. He Was married to Pattye Coleman (b. 6/25/1906 and d. 1/13/1978. Any information would be most appreciated. 
Jon Williams : Thischip@pacbell.netPosted : 10/4/1998
Looking for descendants of John BICKLEY md. Mary Ann WILSON 5 Jun 1816 in Abbeville Co. Think they had a son, Simon Peter.
William Bickley : wbickley@flash.netPosted : 10/10/1999
BIRAM See MORGAN Posted: 7/7/1998
I am looking for information on the parents and siblings of Mary Anson BISHOP. She was married to John Joseph TAYLOR of Screven Co, GA. I would appeciate any information.
Joyce Blackburn : joycie58@bellsouth.netPosted : 5/19/2000
I am looking for information on Mary Ansom BISHOP she was married to John J TAYLOR. I would like to know who her parent were and if she had any siblings.
Joyce Blackburn : Posted : 11/09/1999
I am searching for information on Mary Anson Bishop she Married John J. Taylor of GA in the mid- 1800ís
Joyce Blackburn : pave@bellsouth.netPosted : 3/31/1999
Searching for any info. on a John BIVIN/BIVENS b. abt 1788 that married Nancy "Agnes" SCOTT b. abt 1794. They were married in Abbeville Co in early 1800ís. Nancyís parents were William SCOTT and Isabella Douglass. 
Stephanie Hull : eightpac@home.comPosted : 1/22/2000
BLACK See ALEXANDER Posted : 10/24/1998
BLACK  See BURKETT Posted : 9/24/1998
BLACKBURN See BOWMAN Posted : 12/10/1997
I am looking for any information about John BLACKWELL; he and his broodlived near Abbeville at Rocky River; I expect he is buried theresomewhere. I would appreciate any information you could send me!
Dwayne Blackwell : Posted : 10/10/1999
I looking for descendants (of black descendants) of the surname listed above. I am also looking names of any slave owners of the surname mentioned above.
Donna Blackwell : Posted : 10/31/1998
Have located a William BLAIN (died 16 Jan 1829 in Abbeville District of SC. Proved abstracts of Old 96 (son John BLAIN moved to Attala Co, MS and is gg grandfather. Trying to find info as to where born and date and further history as to parents and where. Any and all help appreciated.
Rob Blaine : RGB1150@aol.comPosted : 10/27/1998
BLAKELY See WILLSON Posted: 5/5/1999
Looking for Henry BOHANON & Amillia SHOTWELL, living in Abbeville, SC in 1790 as they are on the Census. Any info appreciated.
Shirley : Posted : 7/26/1998
Searching for info on John BOLE, born in Ireland, who came to Abbeville County, SC, before 1756 is listed on Granville County muster roll that year. He married Ann RAMSEY and their children were James Sr., Isaiah, Henry, Isaac, William, John Jr., Mary, Margaret, and Jane. John BOLE died in Abbeville County in about 1796. His wife, Ann, died there in 1801. James BOLES, Sr., was born about 1765 in Abbeville and died about 1836 in Pike County, AL. John BOLE, Jr., was born in Abbeville and died there in 1831. If any of this sounds familiar, please respond to
Craig J. Larson : cj-bslarson@juno.comPosted : 9/24/1998
BOLT See PATTERSON Posted : 3/31/1999
I'm sorry to bother you but I have come to a dead end so far. On my Dad's side I only know my ancestors back to my gggrandfather. His name was Robert A (Augustus, I think) BOND. He was born in 1828 and married Maria Jane Palmer in 1856. They moved from Abbeville District to Mississippi in 1858. Robert also had at least one sister, Mary Elizabeth who also moved from Abbeville District to Mississippi, but not until 1865. If you know of any resources that can help please let me know.
Neal Bond : Posted : 3/21/2000
Any information on these families of the Abbeville and Greenwood areas will be appreciated. Also looking for Melrose Cemetary in Abbeville and Tranquil Cemetary in Greenwood. Thanks.
Mike Bond : fireeater@bol.netPosted : 6/13/1999
Seeking info on John W. HODGE born in early 1800s, married Elizabeth ... moved to Gwinnett Co, GA as listed in 1870 census. Their daughter married John BONDS (she was 23 in GA census).
Carole Clancy : Posted : 5/1/2000
Looking for the father of Wright Walter BONDS, born in 1775 in South Carolina. 
Don Bonds : Posted : 12/10/1999
I am looking for is John J. BONNETT. He is listed on the 1830 Abbeville census as being between 50 and 60 years old. Listed with him are a female ,aged 30, 3 children 5 years or younger, and 21 slaves.
Susan Hovermale : jchovermal@aol.comPosted : 8/3/1998
Iím trying to find a copy of The Calhoun Settlement, District of Abbeville, So. Carolina by Francis de Sales Dundas. Published in 1950. Can anyone offer a copy for sale or information on how to find one?
Sandy Portella : Posted : 11/09/1999
BOOTH See Evans Posted : 2/12/1998
I am looking for information on John and Sarah BURDEN who lived in the Abbeville District in 1817. According to Johnís will, Nancy GIBSON lived with them for 5 months while attending school. Nancy later married a BURDEN. Canady GIBSON was one of the legatees of sd. estate that was paid 415.00 by Sarah BURDEN in 1828. Apparently other heirs were Abraham BURDEN and William BURDEN. When I found the will (unprobated) of Canady GIBSON, he is listed as the husband of Nancy and they have a daughter named Margaret. The BURDEN (Borden) family of my line settled in Walker County, AL in 1821. According to records on the War of 1812, James Hawkins Borden (BURDEN) was married to a Nancy GIBSON. Any help would be appreciated.
Sherry Tew :  Posted : 3/31/1999
John BORN came to us with brothers Esom and Jonas. Born about 1760 in Germany. Came to SC and settled in Beaverdam Creek area. Later moved to Oglethorpe Co, GA in about 1800. Made will in 1812 and died in 1815. Any help in confirming his location in SC and any location prior to SC. 
Jim Born : bornfree@gateway.netRevised : 3/31/1999
Looking for ancestors of William BOSDELL.
Linda King : lindaking@msn.comPosted : 1/21/2000
BOSTICK See WELLS Posted : 2/10/2000
Looking for any information on BOSTICK/BOSTIC/BOSTOCK. Have about 9,000 names in data base and will be happy to share with others and/or look up surnames in my work.
Wanda Bostick : Posted: 4/16/1997
Do you have and information on Thomas A. BOTTS (aka Buttons) who died at Elmira Prison in NY. He joined the confederacy in 1861 and was from Abbeville.
Charles Alexander Botts : squid3373@msn.comPosted : 5/19/2000
BOTTS See DRINKARD Posted : 5/1/2000
BOTTS See McCLELLAN/McCLELLAND Posted: 6/30/1997
Joseph BOUCHILLION, born 1729 in France would like to know when he came to this country and from what part of France and anything else thanks. 
Faye Rouse : Quodon@aol.comUpdated : 3/31/1999
James Segang Bouchillion (b 1777 ? d 1806) md Susannah Guillibeau in 1798 father Joseph Bouchillion md Marie Majinnett. need any information on him, his wife and family Thanks 
Faye Rouse : Quodon@aol.comUpdated : 3/31/1999
BOUNDS See DONALDPosted : 8/28/1998
BOWEN SeeMCMAHAN Posted : 2/17/2000
I am looking for any info an Isaac BOWEN. He seems to be the missing link in my family line. I believe he may have had a son named James W BOWEN who move to Gwinnett Co, GA before 1830. I can not make any connection to anyone definitely, but I know James W BOWEN came from Abbeville SC, because he is on the 1820 census there. Isaac is also from Abbeville and he also moved to Gwinnett Co, GA by 1840. He seems to be living with his wife and a older son and wife and grandchildren. Any help with this mystery would be greatly appreciated. Others are also looking for the same info. There is a question of John BOWEN being the father of James W BOWEN. John and Isaac are near the same age. Possibly brothers. 
Michael Bowen : mbowen_rrt@mindspring.comPosted : 2/10/2000
BOWEN See CAMPBELL Posted : 3/31/1999
In doing research on my family tree I came across your web site and was wondering if you could assist me with some information on Sterling Bowen, Sr. (b. 1755 in Va., married Susan Pruitt 1780 or 1781 in Abbeville Co., d. 1822 in Abbeville Co.). He was my GGGGGgrandfather, and served in the Revolutionary War. I am really intersted in who his parents were, where they came from, etc. I saw your family tree, and saw some info on Sterling Jr. (My GGGGgrandfather) and some of his siblings. I would appreciate any information you could supply!
Amy White : Posted : 7/26/1998
I've just started my research on one of my lines. I'm looking for information on Mary Ann BOWEN (b 1810 in Abbeville). She married Samuel Watson WALKER, also from Abbeville. Don't know how many children they had, but my 2d great grandfather, James Allen Craig WALKER, was their son. J.A.C WALKER was a doctor and provided medical support for the CSA. He was born Jan 17, 1835, and married Rose Ann CANN (Kahn?).
Dave Lowe : BREASAL@aol.comPosted : 7/26/1998
Seeking any and all information about Sterling (Starling) BOWEN who died about 1822? I am a descendant of his son Lacy BOWEN & Betsy BOWEN > Meredith A. BOWEN & Sabrina Ann Lucas > Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" BOWEN & John James Lipe > Cornelius H. Lipe & Cora N. Dunn.
George W. Lipe : Zcoach@aol.comPosted : 3/25/1998
I've been researching my husband's family, BOWEN, in Abbeville District. In his Rev War pension application, a John BOWEN (b 1760, Mecklenburg Co VA - d 1850, Gwinnett Co GA), notes a "brother in Abbeville" who had the family Bible. He gives no name, but I strongly suspect his brother was Sterling/Starling BOWEN, who also served in VA. How far back does your Bowen connection go? We have the Bowens firmly documented once they arrived in GA (c 1840), but have been trying to connect James W. BOWEN (b 1799 SC) to John BOWEN, Sr. Census shows John and Sterling both in early Abbeville District.
Nancy B. Bowen : NbBowen@aol.comPosted : 3/25/1998
Am researching a James BOWEN who was born abt 1820. Possibly he was born in SC. He was found on the 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, and the 1880 census records Abbeville Co, SC in the Lownesville and Calhoun Mills Townships. His wifeís name was listed as Elizabeth "Lizzie". The names of his children were Lucinda Caroline, John, Martha, Joseph, James Thomas, Avabella "Bell", Robt., Henry, and Mary Alicia. Am also researching his grandson whose name was James "Tobe" BOWEN. He was married to Carrie Lawton. In 1918 Tobe shot and killed himself and his wife. They were in the Mt. Carmel area of Abbeville Co., SC at the time. It is said that Tobe was born out of wedlock to one of the daughters of James and Lizzie possibly Lucinda Caroline. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Gina Scott : trav@carol.netPosted : 3/25/1998
BOWEN See TAYLORPosted: 5/21/1997
BOWICK  See MINER/MINOR Posted : 1/22/2000
Maj. John BOWIE, Sr. will 1 Feb 1820/19 Nov 1827 Abbeville SC : ch : George, John, William, Alexander, Samuel, Andrew (deceased); daughter in law Rosey Ann BOWIE, g-dau Eliza BOWIE; nephew Dr. James BOWIE late from Scotland 50 pounds. Exec : son Alexander BOWIE, James Wardlaw Esq. Wit : Samuel L. Watt, Francis H. Wardlaw, Thomas S. Perrin. Note : John BOWIE, Clerk of Court 96th District, Abbeville SC Deputy Clerk : James Wardlaw 1796-1800 and Court Clerk 1800-1838.
Mary Lou Wardlaw : Posted : 11/09/1999
Trying to trace the James Neuffer Bowie and Sally Holmes Family tree. Any help would be appreciated.
Edwina Bowie Finch : eddy@execpc.comPosted : 3/31/1999
Would like to hear from anyone who is interested in BOWMAN, BLACKBURN, or HUGHEY families in SC (probably Old Ninety Six or Abbeville). John Lewis BOWMAN was born 8-13-1813 in SC. He married Matilda BLACKBURN (born 3-22-1813) on 2-13-1834 in SC. Matilda was the daughter of Thomas BLACKBURN (will dated 8-12-1833 in Abbeville) and granddaughter of William and Lydia BLACKBURN. Williamís will was dated 10-6-1817 in Abbeville. Lydiaís second husband was John HUGHEY. Lydiaís estate was settle 1-2-1837. Any information on these families would be appreciated.
Betsy B. Davis : bowdavis@tenet.eduPosted: 12/10/1997
BOWMAN See BLACKBURNPosted: 11/12/1997
My direct ancestor is David BOYD, born in Old Ninety Six (Anderson/Abbeville) in 1792, married Matilda Pickens, daughter of Isreal Pickens, born 1787, married in 1815, left Anderson/Abbeville area in early 1830ía to move to Georgia where they died. Six children, 3 boys, 3 girls. John S., born 1818, died at age six, Elizabeth, Israel P., Arcibald J., Luvine and Martha. David and Matilda belonged to the Little Generostee Presbyterian Church in SC. David sold a 3 acre plot in Anderson Co to William Sherrard 02 April 1832. I am searching for Davidís father. His mother was Elizabeth and she apparently remarried between his birth in 1792 and the 1800 Census. I think she married a John Stuart(Stewart) but have not been able to confirm. Any help would be appreciated.
W.G. Boyd : Posted : 11/09/1999
Martha BOYD (born around 1806-1810) who married William Campbell (born around 1806 in Abbeville District of SC).
Sandra Little : : 8/8/1998
I am searching for the family of Samuel A. Boyd who, I believe, lived in the Abbeville area and traveled to AR before the Civil War. After the war the family moved to Pope County, AR. Interesting because the Boyd neighbors and relatives were the Alewines and Murdochs. We are all related and I knew they all came from the Abbeville area.  Does anyone know the S.A. Boyd I'm referring to? I think the Boyd family is from Ireland. He married Eunice Cleland.
Sharon Hamilton :  Posted : 8/8/1998
I am trying to find information on John BOYD born Chester Co, SC 11-1-1976, died Sumpter Co, AL 9-11-54.  Wife Jennet Boyd born Newberry, SC 4-8-1781, died 3-31-44 Sumpter Co, AL. Their son, Mathew Harper BOYD (born 1809, died 1-15-1877). Would you have any information on this family? 
Scotty Fleming :   Posted : 7/26/1998
Iím trying to track down an Elias BOYD who was born ca 1805. Iím taking shots in the dark because Iím not sure it was in SC or not. He bought 202.5 acres of land in Troup Co, GA in 1829 and either was already married or then married his first wife and had eight children. If you think you know of a link to him, my website listed below has more in depth information. The reason I chose to ask you was because Iíve seen so many BOYD's come through the Abbeville area and Iím suspect that the roadway passed that way at the time. Any information or pointers you could provide would be most appreciated.
Barry R. Boyd : Updated : 10/4/1998
Am interested in any / all info regarding the family (ancestry) of Hugh Boyd (b c. 1813, Abbeville Dist, SC) and his wife Sarah "possibly PORTER" (b c. 1813, Abbeville Dist, SC). They appear in the 1840 Abbeville Dist, SC. census and can be found there until about 1843. By 1846 or so, they had moved to Leake Co, MS. Their marriage was probably in the early 1830ís and the maiden surname of PORTER is "suggested" only because several of their descendants were given that name (ie...son John P. Boyd b c. 1836, Abbeville Dist, SC). Any info at all would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. 
John C. Sears : Jsears2111@aol.comPosted: 1/17/1998
Looking for Elias BOYD (b 1805 in SC? and d April 22, 1886 in Limestone Co., AL) md1 Susan May (b Abt. 1815 in GA). Md2 Unknown (b Abt. 1810). Elias owned land in Georgia (1829) and eventually moved on to North Alabama (Limestone Co.).
Barry R. Boyd : brboyd@infi.netPosted: 12/23/1997
I am looking for the father or siblings of Robert Alexander BOYD Sr. who was born around 1811 in Abbeville, SC. His father may have been John BOYD. Any information that you could provide would be appreciated.
Benjie Blair : general@internettport.netPosted: 9/17/1997
BOYD See JESTER Posted : 7/31/1997
Mary PUCKETT married a John J. BOYSWORTH from NC. She was from Abbeville, SC. Her fatherís name was William PUCKETT and her motherís name was Anne Talbert. I am not sure if Mary married John in Abbeville or somewhere else. They moved on to Graniteville, SC, where John died and is buried. From there Mary and four of her children went on to Augusta, GA. Mary and John had 7 children, as of 1900 census, 6 were living. Only 4 of them were living with her in 1900 census. Maybe the one that died was buried in Abbeville. Any information: marriage, death of any children, or birth certificates would be greatly appreciated. Any help at all on either of these names is greatly appreciated. I have really hit a brick wall with the Boysworth name.
Beth Hemingway : bethem@bellsouth.netPosted : 3/31/1999
I am looking for any information on a Robert Boysworth (somtimes spelled Bosworth). He was in the CW, Co. C 19 SC Inf. His wifeís name was Mary A. (possibly Ann). I only know that he came here from NC, no other information. I am also looking for a William Puckett married an Anne Talbert. He had a daughter Mary T. who married a John J. Boysworth. Any information will be greatly appreciated.
Beth Hemingway : bethem@bellsouth.netPosted : 3/31/1999
I am looking for information concerning past family members of my family with the surnames of BRACKNELL, FULBRIGHT, GRANADE, ROBERTS, SANDERS AND WILSON. The individuals are as follows: Annie Lee BRACKNELL, John Martin FULBRIGHT, John Alexander FULBRIGHT, John Levi FULBRIGHT, Jane GRANADE, Elizabeth ROBERTS, ,Mary Jane SANDERS, Dr. John SANDERS, Arrianna WILSON. All of these individuals have ties to or lived in the Abbeville area. If you can help with any information I would be very thankful. Since I am new to the family tree searches, can you advise me as to the accessibility of information through local county courthouses. I am thinking about coming to the area and doing some research.
Ronnie G. Jones : Posted : 1/22/2000
Searching for information on the family of Robert BRADY (born ca. 1800) and wife, Sarah "Sally" ROBERTS (born ca. 1810). The family lived in Abbeville Co, SC. Their children included: Frances Emily BRADY (born ca. 1834); Amanda/Amania BRADY (born ca. 1836); John H. R. BRADY; Margaret A. BRADY (born ca. 1841); Ann E. BRADY (born ca. 1843); William R. BRADY (born ca. 1846); James (T. or F.) BRADY (born ca. 1848); and Edwin C. BRADY (born ca. 1849). 
Marty Ramage : martyr@tsixroads.comPosted: 7/6/1998
BRADSHAW See McNAIR Posted: 10/31/1997
I'm looking for a reference in an old Abbeville history book (date and name unknown) that mentions a Nancy Bramlett who married William Garrett. The reference might also mention Reuben Bramlett and Susannah Harrison. If this sounds familiar and you can find the material for me, I'd surely appreciate it. The information may solve three family mysteries.
Deb Dennis : dennis@galesburg.netPosted: 3/31/1999
BRATCHER See CAMPBELL Posted : 7/26/1998
My ggg grandparents John and Nancy Brannon (also spelled Branan and Brannan) moved to Abbeville Co, SC, from Johnston Co, NC, in est. 1805 - 1810 and thence to GA in 1825. Possibly connected with the Methodist Church. I realize that this is a very short time period, but would be interested if anyone has any info.
Patricia K. Scharf : Posted: 7/6/1998
Margaret Agnes Brannon, born c.1840 in Abbeville Dist married Levin (or Levi) JONES, born c. 1838 in either Abbeville Co. or Union Co. a son (or grandson?) of Zacheriah. Jones. They settled in Autun (now Sandy Springs), SC. 
BRANTLEY See ASHLEY Posted: 7/3/1997
Henry BRANNAN/BRANYON born in Ulster, IR, came to Due West, Abbeville, SC, his son James Alexander BRANYON md ??? their daughter Nancy Emma md George Arthur Floyd.
Jim French : aroid@rci.rutgers.eduPosted : 10/10/1999
Looking for ancestors of James Alexander BRANYON, born 1804, Due West, Abbeville Co. SC married Sarah/Sally MAXWELL born 1826 SC
Patty Pullen : Posted : 3/31/1999
Looking for information on WESLEY BRASWELL, son of VALENTINE BRASWELL(Valentine is listed in the 1810 Greenville County, SC census), who wassaid to be born April 1, 1801 in Abbeville, SC. Brothers were DAVID,WILLIAM W., DERRILL, ISAAC D., EPHRAIM L. & JONATHAN. Sisters were SUSANNA (Susan), possibly CREASEY & MAHALEY or MATILDA. Valentine and family moved from SC to Madison County, Ga. by 1820.
Carl Braswell : carlbraswell@mindspring.comPosted : 3/31/1999
Need information on any BRATCHERS who lived in Abbeville Co, SC. I am particularly interested in the family of Samuel BRATCHER who lived in Abbeville Co. in 1850.
Linda Bratcher McGuire : earle12@aol.comPosted : 3/31/1999
I'm looking for the BRAZIL family. All I know is that my gggrandfather was Albert b 1825 and had at least one brother named William. Albert shows up in MS in 1850 census with his birthplace being SC. That is all I know. Posted : 12/10/1999
I am looking for information regarding Elmira B. BRAZIL, who on August 30, 1832 married William C. McDOW. I suspect the Elmiraís family were living in Abbeville during this same time. I would appreciate any information which you can provide. Thanks,
Richard Newman : ronewman@iamerica.netPosted: 1/28/1998
Willis BREAZEALE, d 19May1795 Abbeville SC married(2nd marriage) Sarah DILLASHAW, daughter of James DILLASHAW b? England and Nancy unknown Children of Willis and Sarah BREAZEALE: George Washington b 1780, Benjamin Franklin(my line) b 1784,Archibald W b 1785-88, Kinsman b 1786, Mary, Patty. Benjamin Franklin migrated to Roane Co, TN prior to 1805. I have no info on the other children. Willisís 1st marriage (1Jul1761-about1776) was to Sarah WOODS, daughter of Colonel Micheal WOODS. Children of this marriage were Willis Jr. b 1765, Elijah b 1767 m ? Davis, Drury WOODS b 1768 m Rhoda Baker, Mary b1771, Sarah b1772, Elisha b1773, Pattie b1775 m James Grayson. Seek ancestors and descendants of all.
Pat Smith : Posted : 11/09/1999
Searching for David & Elizabeth BRECKENRIDGE (b1830, SC). Children : Luther, Samual, Anna, Minerva. Was on 1870 GA census in Madison Co. No trace after 1870 on David or Elizabeth. I believe they were born in Abbeville or maybe Anderson Co. much thanks for any help.
Mike Moss : moss@ellijay.comPosted: 1/2/1998
I am looking for a "BIBLE" book that was purchased by a B. J. SPEARMAN at the estate sale of Simon S. BRIANT/BRYANT in 1874 Anderson County SC. If you know of or have any information on this "BIBLE" (book) PLEASE contact me as soon as possible! Simon S. BRIANT/BRYANT was married to Susann MAYFIELD and Susan MAYFIELD was tied into the WILBANKS families. This could be the only PROOF of the tie to the Morgan BRYANT line of VA.
Susan S. Reaney : Updated : 10/02/1999
I would like to know who Charles BRITT (b Jun 2 1762, London, d.7 Oct 1832) Fatherís name who died in England and anything else that may be available. I have information on the 7 generations of Brittís from around the Buffalo area and will gladly share. 
Bob Britt : Posted : 5/1/2000
Looking for grand parents William Thomas Brock lived in Abbeville or Anderson Co in the 1870-1890s moved to Dekalb Co, AL and his parents any help appreciated.
Jeanette Dollar : Posted: 2/10/2000
Would like info on Daniel BROOM who came to Monroe Co, TN around 1840 and married Lenora Boring. Family history says he came from Western SC. There was a William on the 1840 census for Monroe Co. Any help would be appreciated.
Doyle Broome : DOYLEBROOME@prodigy.netPosted : 10/27/1998
I am looking for any information on my grandfather John Clark BROWN, born January 2,1878 died November 25, 1950. He is buried in the Long Cane Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Troy Road, Abbeville, SC. I hope you can help 
Virginia Reagan : A711-V@Worldnet.att.netPosted : 1/21/2000
BROWN See DODSON Posted : 1/21/2000
Interested in family of Andrew BROWN member of Long Cane Church and hisdaughter Margret (Martha BROWN) b 1788 md David Jay b 5/7/1777 moved to AL.
Carolyn Pinkston : cpink@flash.netPosted : 10/10/1999
I was asking about a Thomas Timothy Brown born May 12, 1817.I am trying to track his parents names. I was lead to believe he might have been born in this area.
Judy Wickre Posted : 3/31/1999
Researching William C. Brown born abt. 1784 SC married Susan last name unknown. William C. died in St. Clair Co. AL 1862.. One known child John C. Brown married Cynthia (Maggie) Conn daughter of Joseph and Hannah Conn. John and Cynthia married in Cherokee Co.GA in 1854.
Gail R. Brown : gbrown42@airnet.netPosted : 3/31/1999
BROWN See MCELWEE Posted : 3/31/1999
BROWN See HAMILTON Posted : 3/31/1999
I am looking for any relatives of John Smith Brown and John Lord Brown from Abbeville Co. They were related by marriage, John Smith Brown was John Lord Brown's son-in -law. They both served in the Confederate Army, but John Lord Brown died of measles in training at a place called Camp Griffin. Would like to find where he is buried. They are my grt-grandfather and grt-grt-grandfather. Can anyone help me out? 
P. L. "Chris" Christian :  Posted : 7/26/1998
I am searching for information about the John BROWN and George MARSHALL families. They were both born in Ireland and settled in Abbeville. John BROWN married Ann L. Anderson in l802. Alexander BROWN married Sarah MARSHALL. They went to MO and then to TX around l847.Any information would be appreciated.
Mary Ann Theiss : maryanntheiss@worldnet.att.netPosted : 3/25/1998
BROWN See PENNY Posted: 12/23/1997
My name is Jack Stevens from Denison TX. I am researching my wife's side of the family who migrated from England to Abbeville District in the late 1700s. Her GGGrandfather was William Riley BROWN, born in Abbevile District on June 22 1808. William's brother, Joseph M. BROWN, was born there in 1800. I am trying to find out who William's father was. I thought that information would be on his birth record but I have not been able to find birth records for that period in Abbeville. If you could help me or direct me to a source that could give me information, I would be very grateful. Thank you for your time.
Jack Stevens : violentbelle@texoma.netPosted: 9/17/1997
I am a descendent of David BROWN, a Rev War Sgt from Abbeville, SC. His family immigrated to KY in 1800, at least his son Isaac did, and thence to Perry Co. IL (Pinckneyville). My GGfather, William Smith JENNINGS married his gdaughter, Martha Ellen BROWN in 1868. Wm was by all records born in PA in 1846, but searches of most immigration paths and PA itself have not turned up a 4 year old by that name in 1850 censuses. I thought maybe his family had gone to SC since , but anyway, I have reason to believe that David had other sons: a William, Samuel, and maybe a David. I need to investigate any church or local records that might shed some lite on this family. David married Letitia Cruce or Cruse, a name I have seen in the 1790 census. Any Ideas? I have many other lines linked to SC.
Jack Hughes : Posted: 6/9/1997
BRUCE See DRIVER Posted : 10/10/1999
BRYAN(T) See COLVINPosted: 6/3/1997
Searching in Abbeville SC for 21 years trying to find the (FATHER) of: John M. BRYANT (1819-1892). John married in 1842 to Elizabeth Amanda FISHER (1819-1891) both are buried in the Little River Baptist Ch. Cem. Level Land Community, Due West (Abbeville County) SC. (just off Hwy 28).
John M. BRYANT had 2 known Siblings: Simon S. wife Susann____. In Simon's will, it listed brother John M. Bryant as exec. and sister Mary MAYFIELD, wife of John Bird Mayfield.
John Morgan BRYANT had 3 known Children: 
#1. Carrie Corrine Bryant wife of J. Benson JONES (their daughter was Mary Cornelia JONES) 
#2. John T. Bryant wife Jennie M. (poss. MILLER) 
#3. Luther Eugene BRYANT married Margaret Annie TRIBBLE they had 10 children one of which was: Harold Orr BRYANT wife Alice Maryann CROW their children were : William Luther, James Orr, Ernest Eugene, Robert Oscar, Harold Orr Bryant Jr, Annie Lucile, Lillie Mae, and twins Betty Pauline and Barbara Christine.... I am the daughter of Lillie Mae Bryant.
If anyone has information on the FATHER of John M. BRYANT or if you are decended from Simon or Mary, please contact:
Susan S. Reaney : Updated : 10/02/1999
William and his wife Mary (Orr) BRYCE came from Glasgow,Scotland in 1799. They brought 2 children with them (names and ages unknown) and they left 1 child in Scotland (name, age and reason unknown). We think they may have settled in Union District, S,C. (now Columbia). We are new at this and are trying to find out the names of thesetwo children and of the one left in Scotland. They had two more children after arriving, James 1806, and John 1807.Any info or advise is appreciated. 
William T Wilding : Posted: 3/15/1997
BRYSON See PRICE Posted : 10/18/1998
Need information on Jane BUCHANAN who married John DONNALD. He and his other wife, Mary HOUSTON are buried in Old Greenville Presbyterian Church but I can't find Jane BUCHANAN DONNALD. They lived in Donnalds (Abbeville County), SC.
JANEDONN@aol.comPosted : 1/21/2000
BUCHANAN See ALEWINE Posted : 3/31/1999
Searching for parents of William buchanan who married Mary Ross c.1842 in Abbeville District SC. Will was administered by Francis Arnold (brother-in-law) in 1856, stating that Buchanan had removed to Louisiana and died there. From 1850 census records, Buchanan born c.1820.
R P Buchanan : rpbuchanan@aol.comPosted : 7/31/1997
Am looking for more info on the Wm. BUFORD family that was in Abbeville. Wm left a will ca 1823 and named wife (Sarah D.), son (Ledford), daughters (Martha and Susan). The girls married brothers: Edward and James CHAMBERS
Helen Walts : Posted: 5/1/1997
I am searching for information on Ezekial Pickens BUFORD born Sept. 16, 1809 and orphaned when he was 9 years old. The court appointed Margaret BUFORD as his and his brother, James, guardian. Ezelial married Mary "Polly" Jones on March 15, 1835. Does anyone have any information on his family?
Kay Craft : Posted : 12/10/1999
BULOW See HARRIS Posted : 1/21/2000
I have record showing James E. BUNTYN being born in Abbeville, SC in 1806 to a Joseph BUNTYN and Elsy MATTHEW. If you could give me any more detail on Joseph or Elsy I would appricate it. 
Robert Buntyn :  Posted: 7/26/1998
Trying to find info on BURDASHAW, Anthony or Kelly.
Dan Birdashaw : danb265@aol.comPosted: 10/10/1999
Searching for information on John BURDEN, died in Abbeville District, SC in 1817. Married to Sarah. Children included Abraham Absalom BURDEN (Married Elizabeth Young), born 1802 [my ggggrandfather]; Nancy (who married a Gibson), and William.
Gene Burden : web@burden.comPosted : 1/21/2000
BURDEN See DODSON Posted : 1/21/2000
BURDETTE See CHARPING Posted: 9/24/1998
Looking for information on descendent of Pvt. John W. Burdette, Co I 14 SC Infantry and died of Typhoid Fever in Richmond VA on 4 July 1862. He was from the Lowndesville / Iva SC area.
Harold Burdette : padoug@monumental.comPosted: 7/26/1998
I am looking for the family of Giles Burditt/Burdette and their connection to my GGGrandmother Jerusha Burditt Fowler. Any contact or assistance will be appreciated.
John Fowler : Posted: 7/14/1997
Seeking information on the Father and Mother and siblings of Hiram BURDETTE (b 1808 and d 1880ís) md Martha Emily Tinsley (b 1813 and d 1880ís). Their 12 childern : 1--George Franklin (b 16 Jul 1832 d. 16 Jul 1915) md1 Nancy Jane Adams (10 Feb 1853) md2 Martha Josephine Price. 2--John (b1834) 3--Jane (b1836) 4--Nancy (b1841) 5--Martha (b1843) md George W. Black 6--Mary (b1844) 7--Wesley Hiram (b1846) 8--Eliza Elizabath (b 1849 and d 1933) md Jim Minor 9--William Marion (b 1850 and d 1904, AL) 10--Asa Asberry (b 28 Jun 1953 and d 8 sep 1916) md1 Sara Jane Davis then md2 Emma Nixon. NOTE: Sara Jane was married to a McMaham first. 11--Lougina (b 1956 and d 23 Dec 1917) md a distant cousin, John BURDETTE 12--Sam (b 1859).
I looking for information on any or all of related family in Abbeville and Anderson counties. I have four other family members that end around the 1800 to 1820ís. All could be brothers but need help to tie then together.
Harold Burdette : padoug@montumental.comPosted : 2/12/1998
I am searching for descendants of Richard and Catherine BURDYNE from Culpeper Co, VA. Their children: Reginald, Samuel, Hannah (Shotwell), Barbara (Gresham), and Nathaniel were all possibly in Abbeville about 1787-1800 before moving on. There son John died before the family migrated. I am searching for any of their descendants who may have remained in SC, possibly Pickens County also. I am writing a History on Burdines and wish to include these missing descendants.
Carol Ann Burdine : burdine@i-link-2.netPosted : 3/31/1999
BURGESS  See MOORE Posted : 2/10/2000
...A shot in the dark.. my BURKETT line came from SC to Butler Co, AL, possibly Abbeville, possibly from Edgefield District. Five brothers appeared on 1830 Butler Co, AL Census but I can not find names prior to that anywhere. We do know they were from SC. I suspect that they and the STINSON, BLACK AND FRANKLIN families all traveled together from SC. Any help will be appreciated.
Tony Powell : tpmetp@aol.comPosted : 9/24/1998
BURKS See WEED Posted : 9/25/1998
BURLESON See EMERSON Posted: 3/26/1997
BURNETT See FAIR Posted : 5/2/2000
I am seeking information on the family of John & Anna BURNETT, born in the 1790s in SC. They lived in Abbeville Co (Saluda district) before migrating to Tate Co, MS in or around 1860. They had children named Thomas BURNETT, Martha Wardlaw Mitchell, Wm Benjamin BURNETT, G. W. BURNETT, Johnson BURNETT, Margaret BURNETT, and probably others. Any info will be appreciated. 
Mel Collier : Posted : 11/18/1999
I'm seeking information on Armistead Burt who was a Congressman from Abbeville prior to the War Between the States. I am familiar with the Burt-Stark home and the friendship with Jefferson F. Davis and I have visited both the home and grave of A. Burt. I still cannot determine why he was referred to as a Major or whether he served in the confederate Congress and I am interested in any books that might reveal details of his life. Major Burt was my third great-uncle by marriage, his sister having married my distant grandfather. Would appreciate any information and any direction you can point me. Thank you for your help.
Danny L. Lewis : danel@worldnet.att.netPosted : 10/4/1998
Looking for any information on Annie CAMPBELL, born after 1900. She married a BURTON and moved to Clinton, SC. I think she was born in Abbeville County to John Harper LEWIS and Georgia CAMPBELL. 
Joyce Bannister Campbell : Posted : 6/10/1999
BUSBY See CALDWELLPosted : 3/31/1999
I am trying to find the ancestors of Benjamin BUSE born 1812 in Abbeville County, SC and died in 1848 in Itawamba Co, MS. He was married to Elizabeth BARNETT who was born in 1831 in Cherokee Co, AL. Any info on these two distant relatives would help add to our family tree.
Terry Buse : Posted : 6/13/1999
I am looking for some sort of record of what happened to Gen. Abner Perrinís family after his death at Spottsylvania Courthouse in 1864. Wifeís name was Butler, Emily.
Marthella McCabe : Posted : 3/31/1999
BUTLER See COLLINS Posted : 3/31/1999
CAIN See HALL  Posted : 9/25/1998
Looking for the CALDWELLís of Laurens District, SC. William Henry CALDWELL was born in Laurens District and married Martha Bailey. She had two sons James and Madison Bailey from a previous marriage. Together they had Elizabeth, Alexander, William Henry and Robert. William Henry, Jr. was my GGGG grandfather. He was born in Laurens District on August 18, 1822 and died in Lake City, FL on January 25, 1868. He married Lamendar Tarpley Strickland of Tatnall County, GA. John Madison CALDWELL, William Henry Jr.ís son, stated in his biography that our family descends from Ireland.
Missy Creggar : missycreggar@att.netPosted : 3/06/2000 
CALDWELL See CALHOUN Posted : 11/09/1999
Seeking African American CALDWELL family circa 1880 and forward. Certain of one son, Edgar Charles.
Sharon K. Spry : sharonspry@yahoo.comPosted : 5/5/1999
Would like parents on Joseph Caldwell that signed the Ordinance of Secession. Did he marry Tabitha Busbee (Busby)? I have several Caldwell ancestors and would like to get him in place. Thank you.
Joy Skipper Hinson : EUZELIA@aol.comPosted : 3/31/1999
CALDWELL See LESLEY  Posted : 10/4/1998
Seeking information on the family of Hugh CALHOUN and Jennett MCCLENE, he died in Long Canes, Abbeville, SC. I am trying to find information about his son, Ezekiel, who md Margaret Carlisle.
Sharon Crawford : bows@bellsouth.netPosted : 5/2/2000
Was Captain Joseph CALHOUN, son of William and Agnes Long CALHOUN, husband of Martha Patsy Mosely CALHOUN, a Revolutionary War soldier or patriot? I would appreciate any information. Thank you.
Sandra : josephlv@ccpl.carr.orgPosted : 5/2/2000
Seeking information on Ezekiel CALHOUN, Jr. reported to be son of Ezekiel CALHOUN. Would appreciate learning name of wife (possibly Mellie) and his children. Attempting to locate parents of John B. CALHOUN (b. abt 1800) who married Rebecca Payne.
Kathryn Bagwell : Posted : 5/1/2000
I am trying to find the parents of Loami GALLOWAY CALHOUN,b 8 Dec,1808 d 10 June,1877. Moved to Henry Co, AL about 1830 and was a schoolteacher. Married Caroline Scott. Any help would be most appreciated, I have tried everything I can think of with no luck or clue at all.
Sharon Guilford : guilford@snowhill.comPosted : 1/21/2000
I am searching for the birthplace and parents of Loammi Galloway CALHOUN, b. Dec 8, 1808 d. Jun 10, 1877 in Henry Co, CA. Was married to Caroline Scott and had 13 children. Any help would be most appreciated.
Sharon Guilford : Posted : 12/10/1999
Seeking the parents and family of William M. CALHOUN born 02 May 1816 in SC, d. 24 May 1898 Upshur Co, Texas. He married Mary Roberts WILSON 13 Feb 1836 in SC. She was daut of Capt. Andrew WILSON and Willie Sanders and born 17 Jul 1821 in Pickens District SC d. 17 Jul 1887 Upshur Co, Texas. This CALHOUN family migrated to Texas with possibly other family members, between 1846 and 1853. I have information on the family from those years forward. Would appreciate any assistance in finding Williamís parents.
Carolyn Denny : Posted : 11/09/1999
My ancestory runs to the Calhouns on both my mother and my fatherís side. My ggg grandmother on my dadís side was Anna Handy Harris (b.11 Feb 1820 in Pendelton Dist. SC, d. 20 Nov 1894 Avinger, Texas)daughter of John Harris (b. 22 Feb 1789 S.C, d. 31 Jan 1838 SC) and wife of Thomas Hardeman Simmons (b. 15 Jul 1817 Laurens Dist. SC, d.24 Mar 1908 Marion Co,Texas) John Harris was the grandson of Andrew Pickens and Rebecca Floride Calhoun. On my motherís side, my g grandfather was John C. Calhoun b. 13 Nov 1848 Upshur Co, Texas. His father was William M. Calhoun b. 02 May 1818 SC, d. 24 May 1898 Upshur Co, Texas, m. 13 Feb 1836 SC to Mary R. Wilson b. 03 May 1821 Pickens District SC, d. 17 Jul 1887 Upshur Co, Texas and her parents were A. and W. Wilson--all according to her tombstone. Also on my motherís side, my ggg grandfather.
Carolyn Denny : Posted : 11/09/1999
CALHOUN See REID Posted : 10/10/1999
Submitting query on Ezekiel CALHOUN, Ezekiel CALHOUN, Jr and his son Andrew CALHOUN. Are they buried at CALHOUN Cemetary, Abbeville Co or McCormick Co. Posted : 3/31/1999
CALHOUN See GILLESPIE Posted: 11/12/1997
I am looking for info on William CALHOUN, a miller who immigrated to SC from Ireland before 1803. He had at least one son, James H C CALHOUN, b. 10 Jun 1803 in SC. James is supposed to be the 2nd cousin of John C. CALHOUN, of SC, acc. to the Goodspeed History of Wright CO, MO. Should I recognize this name? Was he important? Since James was married in Madison Co, AL, I believe the family may have moved before 1823. I have found records of many Wm. CALHOUNs in the Old 96 District; am looking for help trying to find out if one may be him. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Rebecca Eggers : SCORP1376@aol.comPosted : 3/31/1999
I have been reading your page for a while with great interest. My family ties are also in Abbeville. I am descended from Patrick CALHOUN, father of John C. CALHOUN --through the line of John C.'s brother Patrick. My grandfather Patrick Noble CALHOUN came to Savannah, GA in 1931, my dad was raised here & I was born here. Any assistance on CALHOUN family genealogy, I have a great deal in my database and would be happy to share.
Andrew Pickens Calhoun, Jr. : ANDYCJR@aol.comPosted : 10/31/1997
CALHOUN See MATTHEWS Posted: 5/8/1997
Researching black CALHOUN ancestors. After SC, enslaved ancestors relocated to Jones County, GA, then Russell, Pike, Macon, and Bullock Counties, AL.
Wilsie Calhoun : Posted: 5/8/1997
Benjamin CALHOUN born abt.1789-94 in SC. Who are his parents?. Married Martha Sherman 1816 in NY, lived in Clayton, NY. Burried on Grindstone Island - Clayton, NY in 1841.
Anne Tweedy : Posted: 4/20/1997
Looking for information on a tannery owned by John Francis CALHOUN and D.M. ROGERS during the Civil War. Tannery was located in Abbeville Co in Willington area. Calhoun & Rogers had a contract with Confederate government to supply leather goods to army. Calhoun was "detailed" from military service under "vital occupations" exemption by the quartermaster corps of Columbus, GA.
Andrew Pickens Calhoun, Jr. : ANDYCJR@aol.comUpdated : 10/31/1997
CALLAHAM See TRAMMELL Posted : 3/31/1999
CALLAHAM See DOBBINS Posted : 10/31/1997
If you are interested in this surname and would like to share information, please contact me.
Susan S. Reaney : Updated : 10/02/1999
CALVERT See WATSON Posted : 3/31/1999
I am looking for a J. CALVERT who attended West Point in 1850. My husband found a West Point cadet uniform with his name and the date 1850 on the label in a barn in Abbeville several years. I think they would like to have the uniform, so Iím trying to locate them. Any leads would be appreciated.
Tabetha : Posted : 7/26/1998
I am looking for any information on William "One-Eyed Billy" CAMPBELL, son of Duncan CAMPBELL, of the "Nations Section" of Abbeville District, SC. Who did he marry? who were his children? Any help would be appreciated.
Luan Alaniz : Posted : 5/1/2000
I am seeking information on Jackson CAMPBELL who was my great-great grandfather. He was born in SC in 1817 (I believe Abbeville County). The family moved to Henderson Co, TN where they show up on the 1850 census. I believe that Jackson was probably the son of Samuel CAMPBELL and may have had a brother named John. Jackson was married to a woman named Malvina or Malinda (surname unknown). I would appreciate any help.
Joel Campbell : jcampbell@mailbox.sw.orgPosted : 3/06/2000 
CAMPBELL See LACKEY Posted : 2/10/2000
Looking for any info re: Joseph G. CAMPBELL b. 6/19/1829, d.?, m. Nancy LAWLESS b.6/29/1833, d. 1/1881: Daniel CAMPBELL b. 1786, d.?, m. Ellenes CAMPBELL b.1790, d.?; Michael LAWLESS b.1808, d.?, m. Elizabeth LAWLESS b.1809, d.?. There is some mention in 1850 census re: above. Any info appreciated!
Kim Lindsay : Posted : 11/18/1999
Does anyone have ANY information on Jesse CAMPBELL, son of Duncan CAMPBELL? They were from Abbeville Co, SC.
Joyce Bannister Campbell : Posted : 6/10/1999
My Great Grandfather was B.M. Campbell - married Alice Eugenia Bowen. My Grandfather was William Wilson Campbell (1871-1953) - married Hollie Allen Simpson (1877-1966). Some Great Uncles & Aunts were: Annie Campbell Phillips, Collie Campbell, Lewis Campbell, Harmon Simpson, Dewett Simpson, Lefar Simpson, Nossie Simpson Grant, Eupha Simpson Harris, Tollie Simpson. My Great Grandfather on the Simpson side was William Newton Simpson - married Mary Frances Moore. Children of William Wilson Campbell and Hollie A. Simpson were: Ebber Campbell, Prue Campbell, George Dewey Campbell, Benjamin Campbell, David Lee Campbell, Bradley Campbell (my father).
Barbara Campbell Lomas :  Posted: 3/31/1999
Lewis R. CAMPBELL, d. November 25, 1937 in Asheville, NC He was married to Ella CAMPBELL. Ella died sometime after Lewis. Would like to know names of parents of both. Also would like to have information on Ellaís death certificate. Thanks
Joyce B. Campbell : joycec@prtcnet.comPosted : 6/10/1999
CAMPBELL See BURTON Posted : 6/10/1999
Looking for info on parents of Charles M. CAMPBELL (1857-1930) md. Alice Adams (1859-1944). They had a daughter, Annie Mae CAMPBELL who married Clarence Todd Branyon. All above of Abbeville or Anderson Co.
Kelli Burnett : Posted: 3/31/1999
Looking for Eleanor CAMPBELL married Edward SHARP in the 1770s. These Campbells and Sharps were from Abbeville.
Becky Wallace : Posted: 3/31/1999
Looking for relatives of James Frank CAMPBELL (born 1810 or 1812 in Abbeville SC). Any help would be appreciated.
Charlene Campbell Torrence : CanarsieNY@aol.comPosted : 10/27/1998
Seeking any info on my g-g-g grandparents, Rev. William CAMPBELL and wife, Martha H. (Hurst?, Boyd?). The 1850 Census of Choctaw Co, AL shows following approx. birth dates: William (born about 1806, SC and believed to be Abbeville County; died 14 Dec 1877 in Choctaw Co, AL). Martha (born about 1803, SC; died 27 Mar 1888, Bladon Springs, Choctaw Co, AL).Children:
* Eleanor Boyd CAMPBELL (b about 1828; d 3 Feb 1909 at Buckatunna, Wayne Co, MS), md Seaborn Jefferson Chason.
* John B. CAMPBELL (b about 1831, SC; d 1864 in battle at Dalton, GA), md Elizabeth Evans of Clarke Co, MS. [These were my g-g-grandparents]
* Rosanna A. CAMPBELL (b about 1837, SC), md ??? Odom. 
* Martha J. CAMPBELL (b about 1839, SC. Did not marry. Death date/place unknown. 
* Thomas William CAMPBELL (b about 1842, SC; d 28 Dec 1914 at Poplarville, MS), md Martha Angeline Mixon. 
Rev. William CAMPBELL was a Baptist preacher. What church did he attend? Was he ordained/licensed as a minister while living in SC? Was he sent to AL as a church planter/missionary? (By the way, I am now the pastor at one of the small Baptist churches where he was pastor in the 1860's). 
When and where did William and Martha marry? Who were their parents? One family tradition says that William's parents may have immigrated from Scotland. Another says that it was William's grandparents who came from the old country. Would love to know!! 
I have quite a bit of info on their descendants that I will share with others who are researching the CAMPBELL line. Send me a postal address and I'll forward family group sheets, etc.
Tommy Campbell : chadv@pinebelt.netPosted : 9/24/1998
I am researching for James Alexander CAMPBELL md. Matilda Jane BRATCHER in Abbeville Co, SC. If you have any info this it would be much appreciated. Thank you.
Elaine : LILannie50@aol.comPosted : 7/26/1998
Searching for information and descendants of James CAMPBELL and his wife Margaret, who came to America from Ireland 25 July 1761, and received land grant for Old 96 District. He left a will, with a son James, Isabell, Mary (Drucilla) who is my ancestor, Rebeccah, and three other girls James left the will in Old 96 District in 1784 (probated in 1785). Also an Elizabeth CAMPBELL was related and received $1000 from the probation in 1801. His son James married Elizabeth _____, Mary (Drucilla) CAMPBELL married John Bradford Camp of Greenville Co. SC and left for Washington Co LA. James CAMPBELL came over on the boat "Nancy" from Belfast Ireland, he was 18 years old as listed in "Citizens and Emigrants of SC.
Leatha A. Betts : Posted: 7/7/1998
Researching family of James CAMPBELL (b. abt. 1807 in SC) m. Dicy "maiden name unknown" (b. abt. 1809 in SC). They had five children : William Franklin, Martin, Anna, John, Elizah. Found 1860 census in Mountain Township (Abbeville Co.) and 1870 census Diamond Hill Township (Abbeville Co.). Need info on James and Dicy. Any help appreciated.
Gina Scott : trav@carol.netPosted : 7/29/1997
CAMPBELL See BANNISTER Posted: 3/15/1997
I am researching my Campbell family tree. My grandpa was John Rueben Campbell b. 4/17/1870 lived in Polk Co., Ga. His dad was Patrick Campbell born Abt. 1849, lived in Polk Co., Ga. His dad was Aaron Campbell born abt. 1821, his wifes name was Mary. He lived in Gwinnett Co., Ga. and then Polk Co., Ga. We are trying to locate his father who we believe was in S.C. Hope someone can help me. Thank you, Individuals: John Rueben Campbell Patrick Campbell Aaron Campbell.
Judith Campbell Williamon: Posted: 3/15/1997
CAAN See HARRIS  Posted : 1/21/2000
CANADY See DAVIS Posted : 2/10/2000
CANN See BOWEN Posted : 7/26/1998
James CANNON, RW Vet, born 1755 in 96th District according to his pension. Who were his parents? I am unable to determine where records for 96th District were prior to 1769. How can I research this area for this time period?
Michele Brooks : JCBrooks@aol.comPosted : 10/18/1998
CANNON See HOLT Posted : 10/31/1997
Three CANNON siblings that I know of came to TX. ~. late 1830s/early 1840s:
1) Mary Ann (b. c. 1778/79) m. Robert McWILLIAMS
2) Nancy (b. Jan. 1800) m. William HALL
3) David R. (b. c. 1813/14) m. 1st. Martha PEASTER (sp?).
=1=> All were born and married in SC. Legend says that they were in Abbeville Co. but I don`t know this. I am looking for their parents and any info. about this family. 
=2=> Also looking for William HALL`s parents, the SC county he came from and any info. about these HALLs. Some old family letters say that his mother was an O`NEAL. He and Nancy always stayed near Joshua TRUITT and wife, Sarah HALL TRUITT from Burke Co. NC. Sarah could have been William`s aunt?? I have a lot of information about these early TEXAS families and would be happy to share with anyone.
Anne : Winack27@aol.comPosted : 7/29/1997
I would be interested in talking to CANTRELLs in SC. My fatherís family came to GA from Pendleton Dist. of SC in 1800ís
Debbie C. Wood : Churchel99@aol.comPosted : 6/13/1999
CAPERS See ROBERTSON Posted : 10/31/1997
Looking for info on Eli CAPPS (CAPS) born c. 1780-1790. 1820 Abbeville District, SC, 1830 Butts Co, GA, 1840 Jasper Co, GA. Who were his parents (John and Mary CAPPS)? What was Eliís wifeís name? Was Eli CAPPS the father of James A. CAPPS, b. c. 1824 GA, married 1849 Lee Co, GA to Nancy HAWKINS?
Terri Tait : Posted : 10/10/1999
Iím particularly looking for info on Jane A. CAREY (CARY) and children : George W.; William; Robert; Mary J.; John; Laura A.; James; Louis and Samuel. The 1850 Census shows most of the family in Abbeville Co, SC. It also lists, separately, a George W. Cary. What relationship is he, there in Abbeville Co? I sure would appreciate some help with my g-grandfather and his family and will gladly share information.
Lee Williams : Posted : 3/31/1999
CARGILL See CAREY/CARY Posted : 3/31/1999
Researching William Carithers b. April 12 1754 Where? Parents? d. Abbeville SC. Aug 23 1826. Was a member of Rocky River Pres. Church. Where are those records? md Mary McGowen June 22 1779 "at a fort near the Savannah". Children: Elizabeth, Sarah, Mathew, James D. Samuel, John S, Hugh Means, Robert. Rev soldier. Land Grant. Brothers: Robert md Mary Lucky, John, Hugh, Samuel, James..Possible father: Mathew .. Anyone who knows of this family and the McGowen family of Abbeville, please contact me
Jan McChesney : Updated :  7/11/1998
CARLILE See PARKER  Posted : 10/7/1998
CARLISLE See PARKER  Posted : 10/7/1998
CARMICHAEL See WALKER Posted : 1/22/2000
CARMICHAEL See RUMPH/RUMP/ROMP Posted : 10/10/1999
CARMICHAEL See WALKER Posted : 6/10/1999
CARMICHAEL See MCELWEE Posted : 3/31/1999
I have an ancestor, James Carmichael Walker, b. 1805, SC. Have been looking for his parentage all my life.
Michael E. Walker : Posted : 3/31/1999
Searching for info on CARNAL or CARNALL in Abbeville District or any info on this surname you may have.
Sherrill Carnal Morse : Posted : 3/21/2000
Looking for members of the CARPENTER family that left North and South Carolina and settled in Misissippi, Alabama, Louisana.
Glenda Carpenter : Posted : 1/21/2000
My GGGrandpa and GGGrandma. My GGGrandma was Martha Carrol (as shown on 1850 Abbeville Census). Sons: Jesse (my GGrandpa), John and James. I'm at a standstill going back further than 1850. Any information would be appreciated.
Jesse J. Carroll : jjcarroll@mindspring.comPosted : 10/31/1997
CARSON See FLEMING Posted : 1/22/2000
CARSON See DUFF Posted : 1/28/1998
I am looking for information on J.C.CARTER and Ada (Sister) BEASLEY both are believed to be buried in Calhoun Falls, SC.
Debbie Bryant : Deb2u@Prodigy.NetPosted : 3/31/1999
African American Ancestors : GGGrandfather - Rice CARTER, GGrandfather - Charles CARTER, Grandfather Jesse CARTER
James Gist : jgist92553@aol.comPosted : 3/31/1999
CARTER See HANVEY Updated: 7/8/1997
Am researching Zachariah CARWILE family from 1770 who married Mary MCMAHON. Please send all inquiries to above address.
Wanda Shantz : windsinger2@Juno.netPosted : 10/10/1999
Am trying to locate persons with information concerning the CARWILEs of Abbeville, SC around the years of 1770 - 1850 or so.
Wanda Shantz : windsinger2@Juno.netPosted : 10/10/1999
If you are interested in this surname and would like to share information, please contact me.
Susan S. Reaney : Updated : 10/02/1999
Thomas CHAMBERLIN (1784-1839) m. Margaret ??? 11 children - my interest John Oliver CHAMBERLIN, who married Mary Williams and left for Texas with brother Alexander.
Kay Myers : kcmyers@hotmail.comPosted : 6/10/1999
Looking for Rev. War service of John CHAMBERS who married Martha POSEY. After Rev. War moved to Elbert Co, GA. Widow later moved to Fayette Co, GA, along with 2 sons.
S. J. Overstreet : Posted : 8/28/1998
Seeking info on a Moses Chambers (b about 1800, SC) and James Chambers who moved to Habersham Co, later White Co (b 1815 in SC, d 1903 in White Co) Is James Mosesí son or brother? Moses was a Shoemaker and lived in Hancock Co, GA in 1860. My ggf, James C.  Chambers was living with him in 1860. James C. is the son of James of White Co. His first wife was Sarah Busby (b about 1842), his second, Mary Elizabeth Hannah, (b 1853 in TN, d 1922 in Clarke Co, GA is my GGM.
Randy Chambers : Rchamb5801@aol.comPosted: 7/6/1998
I am looking for the parents of my Great-grandfather, James Lemuel CHANDLER, in the 1900 census for Milam Co, TX, it says that he was born in SC. Any help would be appreciated.
Sylvan : Posted : 12/10/1999
CHANDLER See DARBY Posted : 10/4/1998
Searching for parents of Simeon Chaney (1797-1870). Simeon was a member of Siloam Baptist Church (in Abbeville then, now Greenwood Co.) I have conflicting info about fatherís name that I cannot confirm as of yet. Searching also for the name of his first wife; second wife was Susan Day. Any help appreciated.
Suzanne Collins Matson : SCMATSON@aol.comUpdated : 10/10/1999
CHARPIN See ABLES Posted: 3/23/1997
CHARPING See MCCULLOUGH Posted : 11/09/1999
Looking for information on C. W. CHARPING who married Nancy A BURDETTE at her fatherís home on 12 Jan 1860. C. W. was from Abbeville Co. and Nancy was from Anderson Co. Need any information on siblings, parents and descendents. Also does anyone know where one could fine copies of "THE ABBEVILLE BANNOR"?
Harold Burdette : padoug@monumental.comPosted : 9/24/1998
John CHASTAIN died in Abbeville Co in 1837. Had will proven July 17, 1837, supposedly in Abbeville Co. Named children : James, Bershiba, William, Allen, and John. Am interested in tracing movements/locations of these children.
Howard Chasteen : Posted : 11/09/1999
I am looking for CHAVIS ancestors, particularly Jordan CHAVIS, born about 1790-1800 in SC. I am interested in any CHAVIS information your may have, whether itís Jordan or not. Thanks
Janet Chavis : johnchavis@sprintmail.comPosted: 7/26/1998
CHEATHAM See THOMPSON Posted : 5/1/2000
CHEATHAM See SIMPSON  Posted : 3/31/1999
I am looking for information on Nathan CHANEY/CHENEY and his wife Elizabeth CHEATHAM CHANEY both of whom died in Abbeville between l830 and 1836. Thank you.
Righton McCallum : McCallum@netside.comPosted : 7/29/1997
CHEATHAM See CHENEY Posted : 7/29/1997
I am seeking any information I might find on the family of Langdon CHEVES or the HASKELL family. Both families were from Abbeville.
Bryon Moore : seblae@aol.comPosted : 3/31/1999
Just getting started on my search ... any information on the Childers family would be appreciated.
Lisa Childers Cioffi : lcioffi@earthlink.netPosted : 3/31/1999
Looking for info. 1800ís on Douglas, Mary, John, and William CHILDRESS/CHILDERS. Also maybe an Abram CHILDRESS/CHILDRES
Sam E. Hardesty : Posted : 2/17/2000
Moses and Henry CHILDS/CHILES and poss. brother James, received land in Abbeville Co, SC 1787 and 1786, on 12 mile River, for services rendered in Rev. War. Moses CHILDS mustered in 1779 at Fort Sullivan, Charleston, SC. He and Henry received land from Gov. Moultrie who was their Colonel during War. Moses sold his land in 1796 and was living in Washington Co, GA with wife Martha "Patsy" Koonce CHILES, he died before 1820 Census there. Seeking any information, think both CHILDS came from Berkeley Co, SC as there were several families there. Just need to know which ones.
Leatha A. Betts : jlabetts@burgoyne.comPosted : 10/10/1999
Have tried reaching a SC query page, but Geocities says the address doesn't exist, so I'm not really sure where to go now. Researching Chism surname - have traced back to William Chism, born 1784 in District 96, SC. Can you tell me what URLaddress I can use for queries, etc., to see if anyone else is possibly tracing the name, or do you have a county helplist of people willing to do research? Any information you can give will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Sue (Moyer) Chism : mchism@loganrec.comPosted: 12/10/1997
I am looking for info on Hoyt David CHRISTOPHER and his wife Sallie Mae CHRISTOPHER. I am told Hoyt was from the Georgia area, but seemed to settle in Abbeville with Sallie Mae. Hoyt drowned in the Savannah River Aug 26, 1925. If you have any info on him or Sallie Mae, please contact me.
David Christopher : Posted : 3/21/2000
I am trying to find the first name of my ggrandfather, who is listed in a book, 7500 Marriages from Ninety-six and Abbeville District, SC, ed. Larry E. Pursley. This reference states that ______Clark and Elizabeth McNair (my ggrandmother) were married prior to 1844 and gives as the source probate records. However, when I wrote the Abbeville probate court they said that they had no records, nor any state vital records, prior to 1911, and that they could not search for a will without the first name, thus leaving me back where I began. Could you tell me if the Co kept vital records at that time? what about Co histories, city directories, tax records? Also, what churches might they have attended which I could write to? I would really appreciate any help you could give me. Also, I would like to join the local genealogical society and perhaps post a query in their newsletter. Can you direct me to the appropriate person?
Ruth Ann Clark Kerkoc : Posted : 11/09/1999
I am looking for the ancestors of James Clark. b. 1805 and died in Marion Co., GA 1874. His family were friends of the McCown, and Kidd families. All were members of the Associated Reformed Presbyterian Church. All originated from co. Antrim and Down in the North of Ireland. I would like to have more info on the Clark family. Also what church would I seek in Abbeville Co. that would have these families attending during the early 1800ís?
Nora B Acton : NBActon@aol.comPosted: 9/17/1997
I am searching for info on Samuel Campbell CLEGG (b abt 1735, d 1779). Hanged at Star Fort, Ninety Six, SC as a Loyalist. I am looking for info as to who his parents were. We believe that he was born in either SC or VA. The info that I have (including a list of his descendants) is on my web page at
David Clegg : dclegg@greenwood.netPosted: 1/5/1998
Partial Family History - If you are interested in this surname and would like to share information, please contact me.
Susan S. Reaney : Updated : 10/02/1999
Need parents, siblings, children of Samuel Clinton who was in Abbeville Dist. for the 1800 census. Did this Samuel go on to KY and then to Jackson Co, IL? Would like to exchange info with any CLINTON researchers for Abbeville Co. Trying to find parents/siblings for my Zachariah CLINTON (b 1795 in SC), later to KY and then IL. Any help appreciated.
Joanne C. Truman : Jtruman342@aol.comPosted: 3/23/1998
Looking for any information on Adam CLOY and George CLOY. Adam was born in SC in 3/1800 and George was b. ca 1786. I think they were brothers but I am not sure. George md. Elizabeth FIKE in SC in the early 1820ís and they moved to Franklin Co, MS but I am still having trouble finding any of their ancestors and I need all the help I can get.
Margaret M. Cloy : mmcloy@telepak.netPosted : 2/10/2000
COATES See STEDMAN Posted : 10/11/1998
COBB See MOORE Posted : 2/10/2000

COBB See SAYLORS Posted : 3/31/1999
COCHRAN See MCGAW  Posted : 12/10/1999
COCHRAN See SHANKS Posted : 11/09/1999
Looking for information on Robert A. COCHRAN, married to Mary Carey or Cary. One of their children was a Louisa COCHRAN, who married a John Smith and resided in Calhoun, now Clemson.
Larry Page : : 10/10/1999
Looking for birth/death/marriage info for John COCHRAN (b. 1809, Abbeville) and Elizabeth Lumsden MCGEHEE (b. 6 Dec 1817, Abbeville). They moved to Greene Co, AL. If you can provide or lead me to documentation I would be extremely grateful!!
Elaine Dentico : Posted : 3/31/1999
Looking for information on Daniel COCHRAN and his wife Phoebe GRAY. Both married in 1775 in Abbeville, SC. Phoebe, I believe, was born in Abbeville in 1754.
Dccortese@aol.comPosted: 3/31/1999
COCHRAN See MATHEWS Posted: 9/25/1998
We are researching my ancestors who lived in your area and are trying to find more information on Ogden COCKROFT. we have been told that he once owned the Marsh Johnson home there and it is located on 300 acres granted to Ogden by King George III. We would like to know the procedure necessary to obtain more information on Ogden and his sons William and John COCKROFT.
Shirley Cockcroft Evans : lexa@primenet.comPosted : 3/31/1999
I am searching for any information on Thomas and or Joseph COFER who were both Revoluntionary War Veterans who took land payment in 96th District or Abbeville Co SC. I am trying to prove their parentage to Thomas COFER of Culpepper Co VA.
Marjorie PACE : pacesr1@integrityonline  Posted : 3/31/1999
Seeking info. on Andrew Jackson COLEMAN b. 10 Jan 1814, Abbeville, SC the son of Jesse and Faithy Elizabeth Jordan COLEMAN. Any help appreciated. Have extensive COLEMAN data that Iíll be glad to share.
Jean Coleman McBride : smcbride@pickens.netPosted : 3/31/1999
Iím requesting any information on any COLEMANs that anyone has from this area. My grandfather and grandmother were from this area. Their names were William Walker COLEMAN and Effie Kinney. Any information you could e-mail me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Cecil D. Coleman : ccolem1@bellsouth.netPosted : 1/17/1998
I am seeking information on George COLEMAN of Abbeville, SC.He appears in the 1800 and 1810 census reports which indicate that he was between 26 and 45 years of age, and that with his spouse. He had 3 sons and 1 daughter. If you can help, please send replies to
E. Coleman, Jr. : CERJR@aol.comPosted: 10/1/1997
COLLINS See SEAWRIGHT Posted : 2/10/2000
Searching for parents of Mary COLLINS (1811-1879) who is buried in Bethlehem Cemetery near Coronaca (now in Greenwood Co.) I only have two known children, Anderson/Andrew Caswell COLLINS and Martha COLLINS who married (1) John Baldwin and (2) ? Norwood. Any help greatly appreciated.
Suzanne Collins Matson : Posted : 11/09/1999
Hoping to stir up some interest in William COLLINS of Abbeville Co, SC. Below is all the info I have so far. As you can see I need plenty of help. 
Notes Collins, William of Abbeville Co., SC
1.Daughter about 1800; 2.Son about 1800-10; 3.Daughter about 1800-10; 4.Son about 1810-20; 5.Daughter about 1810-20; 6.Daughter about 1810-20. [1830 census Collins, William of Abbeville Co, SC -- one son and one daughter gone; one under 5 female added; granddaughter Francis married first time in 1827 would account for one male gone One daughter gone Wife died after 1820 and before 1830 1840 census Collins, William of Abbeville Co., SC]
LaNoy Collins : golffer4@worldnet.att.netPosted : 10/10/1999
Seeking info on Wade COLLINS (b ca 1786) and wife Mary. Wade COLLINS is listed in the 1830 Census for Abbeville Co, SC. Had daughter Mary Elizabeth COLLINS (b. ca 1831). Any info on Collins family would be appreciated.
Billy C. Mayo : Posted : 10/10/1999
Looking for any Collins burial sites. Thanks for any help you can give. Appreciate your time.
George & Nancy Collins : Posted : 10/10/1999
Wm. COLLINS (b 1772 Abeville, SC) m. Nancy Drake (b. 1776 abbeville, SC). Any info on this family would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
GNCOLLINS : nancor@hardee4ez.comPosted : 6/10/1999
Seeking information on William Collins, Sr. DOB 1/1/1772 in Abbeville, SC. Believe he married Nancy Drake but no date on marriage. He died 2/22/1842.
Dee Collins Shackelford : gshack@4ez.comPosted : 5/5/1999
COLLINS See SWANZY Posted : 3/31/1999
William COLLINS living in Abbeville in 1810 and before. One daughter and one son born in Abbeville. Sonís name was Francis COLLINS. William left Abbeville after 1810 and went to Stewart county, TN. I am looking to find Williamís daughterís name while in Abbeville. By 1820 William had sired a total of six children. Any info on Francis or Daughter that was born in Abbeville would be greatly appreciated.
LaNoy Collins : golffer4@worldnet.att.netPosted : 3/31/1999
I am searching for information on George W. Graham (b. abt 1796, NC) - wife, Celia (b. abt 1808, SC) who came to Alabama 1836-1840. I recently found a copy of a will of Charles COLLINS dated May 31, 1836 from Abbeville, SC. Charles mentions his wife- Sarah, sons (Charles COLLINS, Jr. and James) daughters (Cealea GRAHAM and Ester Pope) grandchildren (James Madison POPE, Elizer POPE and Obezbeth POPE). If anyone has further information of this family, please let me know.
Cindy Sisco : Lsisco@prodigy.comPosted: 9/17/1997
William COLLINS living in Abbeville in 1810 and before. One daughter and one son born in Abbeville. Son's name was Francis Collins. William left Abbeville after 1810 and went to Stewart county, TN. I am looking to find William's daughter's name while in Abbeville. By 1820 William had sired a total of six children. Any info on Francis or Daughter that was born in Abbeville would be greatly appreciated. Email to: . 
Tex: Revised: 3/15/1997
Looking for the parents of John Solomon COLLUM b. 1776 Edgefield Co. and siblings... if you have any info please contact me. 
Darlene Collum Carter : Posted : 5/1/2000
CONN See BROWN Posted : 3/31/1999
I am looking for any information relative to Joseph William CONN - Wife, Siblings, Parents. Records indicate the following information about Joseph.
Born 1770-1780 in SC-
* lived in Abbeville SC
* Purchased land with James CONN in 1803 in Abbeville dist. on Bagger's Creek, Waters of the Long Canes.
* Purchased land with James Hamilton and John CONN in 1807 Abbeville Dist on Little Tail Creek, Waters of the Long Cane.
* James CONN and Joseph CONN are listed as those who bought at the estate sale of David Ansley, 13th Jan 1825 in Abbeville, SC.
* Joseph is shown in the Abbeville Census of 1830
* Moved to Attala Co. MS between 1830-1832
It is believed Joseph had 4 children
1  John Thomas CONN b.1810/1820 GA- 1849
2  James Carter CONN b.1820 Hall Co GA - 1881
3  Walker Green CONN b.1822 AL- 1912
4  Margaret Allis CONN b. 12 Nov. 1827 at Abbeville, Abbeville Co., SC in Jan. or Jun of 1844 Married John Garland Cain (b.21Jan. 1821 Abbeville SC.)
We are especially interested in any connections with George CONN, James CONN or John CONN who appear in Abbeville Co census several times between 1790-1820.
William Conn : Posted : 11/09/1999
Looking for information on Joseph CONN, born between 1770/1780 in SC. Lived in Abbeville. Settled in MS in 1827/1832. Need family info. James and John may have been brothers. I have genealogy beginning with children in MS.
William T. Conn, Jr. : TC4fam@mindspring.comPosted : 3/31/1999
I am trying to determine if there is a connection between the CONNERs or CONNORs of Abbeville Co. with Lewis CONNER born 1804 in SC who moved to Leon Co, FL about 1830 and owned a large farm there. John, Thomas and Lewis were common given names in my family. Posted : 11/09/1999
I am searching for heirs of Arthur COODE, Edeth was wife and administrator of Arthur's will dated April 1783. Need names of children of his will. Also any connections to Timothy, John, Archibald, or any other COODE, COODIE, or CODY in Abbeville or Old 96 District, SC
Shirley : Posted : 7/7/1998
I'm looking for information on the ancestors and relatives of WillieTempleton COOGLER (b. 1865, d. 1897), wife of Dr. Eugene Ludlow WILSON (b.1857, d. 1909), a dentist in Abbeville during the late 1800s. She is buried in Upper Long Cane Cemetery. See Also WILSON
T. E. Richardson : Posted: 7/8/1997
Looking for info about Sophronia COOK who married John Walker THORNTON. Dec 19, 1846. John W. THORNTON received $191.91 for his wife Sophronia COOK from estate of her aunt Elizabeth Irwin. Elizabeth's will dated Jan 5 1836 mentions Mary, wife of Phillip COOK, Sam'l, John, Joseph, Wm., Jacob, Henry and Sophronia COOK. On March 14, 1845 Henry COOK chose his brother Frederick COOK to be his guardian. John Walker THORNTON and Sophronia went to MS after 1849. Their dau Mary Elizabeth b. 1849 SC. Sophronia's parents might be Phillip COOK and Mary Irwin.
George Simmons : Posted : 3/31/1999
Looking for Dudley COOK, brother of Thomas, Joshua, etc., ch. of Francis COOK of Elbert Co, GA. Dudley (b probably VA, lived NC) md Agnes, 2-4 children? To GA c 1785, lived Elbert Co 1795. Estate administered Aug 1803 in Abbeville Co. Looking for description for book in progress. Will share info
Joshua : ffunl@azmail.netPosted: 7/8/1998
Seeking any information on William Robbinson COOPER listed in the 1790 Census of Abbeville County. Descend from COOPERíS of Burke Co, NC and my ggrandmother had a brother named William Robinson COOPER. Am wondering if they could have been related and maybe descend from the Abbeville man by the same name. Will appreciate any clue
Betty Frazer : Posted : 3/21/2000
Dr. James COOPER (birth date unknown d. 1807, Abbeville, SC) married Margaret Elizabeth MORROW (her dates unknown). She also married (2) James Cochran Sr. Children of Cooperís : John Linn COOPER married Jane MORROW; Ebenezer COOPER who lived in Athens, AL had Silas and Sarah Ann; Arthur Miner COOPER; Martha COOPER; Mary COOPER; Elizabeth COOPER; James Hemphill COOPER (my ancestor) married Elizabeth DOWNEY (b. unknown died 4 Jan. 1829, Abbeville, SC); Silas COOPER.
Joyce Loden : gmafor5@aol.comUpdated : 3/21/2000
COOPER See DOWNEY Posted : 11/09/1999
COPELAND See FLEMING Posted : 1/22/2000
Seeking info. on the family of Catlett CORLEY who had a son named Adkin CORLEY. Both Catlett and Adkin may have been Baptist preachers, from Abbeville Co, SC. My husbandís gg grandfather was Clement CORLEY, b. 1810 in SC. We believe the possibility exists that Clement may have been the son of Adkin and grandson of Catlett CORLEY. If anyone has any information about this family, please contact me asap.Edith Corley : Posted : 3/31/1999
Iím searching for my ancestors from the line of John COTHRAN born 1782, married a Sarah Woodson born 1800. This family had children : James L., Sarah M., and John R. I know that they moved to Greenville County. 
Bob Brannon : rlb4579@greenville.infi.netPosted : 1/21/2000
Help! I have searched for years for the names of my 2gr-grandparents COTTEN. Her name was Katherine, maiden name unknown. I don't know his first name or when he died. I can tell you they were both born somewhere in SC, Katherine in 1780. She appears on the censuses of 1830 and 1840 with children. Her two youngest were John (b 1815) and Thomas (b 25 Dec 1820). John married in Abbeville District, about 1842, Mary Ann Elizabeth Burrell, daughter of James Burrell and Miss Darby. When Katherine was 60 something years old she moved to Attala Co, MS. She is listed on the 1850 Attala census with Lucinda Crowder in her household. Katherine was 70 and Lucinda was 69. Both born in SC. In 1860, Katherine was age 80 and living with her son Thomas. Back in SC she lived near people named Boyd, Cobb, Jenkins, Rykard (Richard). Families with these names, plus the Burrells, lived in Attala and Madison Counties in Mississippi.
No connection has been found between my Cottens and the Thomas Cotten who lived in Edgefield District and came to Amite Co, MS about 1812. Records were burned in Attala County in 1869. I have found a few land records and tax records which were recorded elsewhere. After ten years of running through cemeteries and talking with very nice people who did not have a clue, I feel that I am not being objective enough about where else to look. I have all the descendants of John Cotten and Thomas Cotten. Now I need help in finding out who their parents were.
Gerry Dickens : dickensgen@aol.comPosted: 3/23/1998
My COUEY ancestors arrived from Europe in SC in 1767 and received land grants at or near Long Canes, which I believe would have been the Abbeville area. A cousin, descended from Joseph COUEY (age 3 in 1767), has completed his family tree back to Joseph and his parents, William and Janet COUEY. I believe I am descended from Samuel, whom I believe was a brother to William. Samuel received 100 acres somewhere in the Long Canes area, so he must have been single at that time in Sept. of 1767. I am looking for any info on Samuel that might show his wife and children. Samuel T. COUEY, my ggg grandfather was born in SC on March 1, 1795...twenty-eight years after the arrival of the COUEY family in SC. So, if Samuel T. was not the older Samuel's son, he may have been his grandson. Thanks for any info that you might be able to provide.
Earl F. Couey : Updated : 7/26/1998
Recently learned that Jean-Pierre COVIN of Abbeville Dist., SC and Delilah BRYAN(T) were parents of Joseph S. COVIN who settled Monroe Co., AL. Would like to hear from others researching COVIN and BRYAN(T). Delilah was b in VA. Who were her parents and siblings? Also, if anyone has Rodneyís correct e-mail address, please send it to me.
Barbara Prestridge : Posted : 6/3/1997
Looking for father of Joseph S. COVIN who was in Monroe Co, AL by 1850. I believe his father or grandfather could have been Lazarus COVIN of Abbeville Dist.
Barbara Prestridge :  Posted: 4/2/1997
I am looking for any information about Edmond Cowan 1827-1894. Who was his father?. He was born in and died in Abbeville Co, SC.
Lisa Cowan : Posted : 11/09/1999
I am interested in any COWANs or HALESs that may be buried in Abbeville, SC. If you know of any or have any information about these families, I would appreciate a reply.
BCM2834@aol.comPosted: 3/31/1999
I am looking for any information concerning JOHN COWDREY/COWDRY between the years 1794 -1804. He married NANCY MOORE in Virginia in 1794 and moved to South Carolina. They had a number of children before he died in 1804, after which, Nancy married a man by the name of MAYSON. Any information about this family will be very much appreciated.
Ruth Cowdrey Hill : rhill@accesswest.comPosted : 06/06/2000
I need verification that Nancy COWDREY married to John COWDREY is the daughter of Col. James MOORE and Ann Davis. Marriage records of John and Nancy should prove her maiden name.
Ruth Cowdrey Hill : rhill@accesswest.comPosted : 03/06/2000
Any information on James COX who was Civil War POA from Abbeville, SC. He was buried at Broadmouth Baptist Church Cemetary according to verbal reports. His wife, Juranda, relocated the family to TX after the war.
FCMW8191@aol.comPosted : 3/31/1999
COX See BANNISTER Posted: 3/15/1997
James COZBY b 1775-1780 Abbeville area SC. He was on 1800 census of Abbeville District. They moved to Buncombe Co NC about 1805. One son William mar Lavinia CRUMP also b in SC in 1804. Mgolden603@aol.comPosted: 3/15/1997
Hubert Craft
I am looking for lost friend, Hubert CRAFT, who was in Ft. Worth, TX at Carswell AB in 1951-2. He was in the Air Police. He was originally lived on Secession Ave, Abbeville, SC. We lost track of each other when I left for a tour in Morocco. I would like to say hello and to possibly renew an old friendship.
Geri Kennedy Young : Posted : 11/09/1999
James CRAIG obtained 200 acres in Long Cane about 1740. Next door were William and Arthur GRAY. Arthur was married to Martha CRAIG (possibly Jamesí sister). James married Rhoda NIBLOCK who was from Scotland (possibly by way of Rowan Co., NC). Would be interested in writing to any NIBLOCK, CRAIG, GRAY researchers.
Jean Creswick : jcreswick@columbia-center.orgPosted: 7/26/1998
CRAPPS See ADAMS Posted : 1/21/2000
Iím searching for information regarding Edmund CRAWFORD (or Edmund Edward CRAWFORD) who I believe was born in Abbeville around 1818 and subsequently moved to Pike County, GA. I would appreciate any leads. 
William Crawford : wcrawford@wyche.comPosted : 5/19/2000
CRAWFORD See MILLS Posted : 3/21/2000
CRAWFORD, JANETTE b. about 1818 in Scotland, brought to the US with by her parents, ROBERT and ELIZABETH CRAWFORD, and settled in ABBEVILLE COUNTY, SC, where she married my grandfather in Abbeville County, SC in 1839, MILLS, WILLIAM S. b. ABT 1817 of Wilkes County, Georgia. Together they had 15 known children, some of which were born in Abbeville County, SC before they moved to Augusta, Ga., where they lived out their lives together. Janette died Nov 19, 1895 in Augusta, Ga. and is buried in the Old Rollersville Cemetery with her husband, WILLIAM S MILLS who died Oct 29, 1891. I would like to find out more information on Janetteís side of the family, but can only assume that they chose Abbeville County, SC upon settling in the US due to other family being there. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Brenda Mills Drews : Posted : 3/21/2000
Seeking information about Andrew CRAWFORD, born 1765-1784, believed to have married Mary B. FOSTER in Abbeville District, SC. The 1810 census of Abbeville shows them with 4 sons and 1 daughter and living next door to John FOSTER, Jr and close to Hannah FOSTER and Robert FOSTER. Is Enos CRAWFORD, also found in Abbeville at this time, a brother of Andrew? I have found five CRAWFORD men in Pike Co, GA in 1840, Robert F (my line), Andrew, James, Joseph, and Vincent along with Mary B. CRAWFORD, age 60-70. Are these the sons and widow of Andrew CRAWFORD of Abbeville? I would love to know about the family of Mary B FOSTER CRAWFORD also.
Eleanor Colson : EleanorCol@aol.comPosted : 8/28/1998
Looking for information on the CRAWFORDs listed in the 1840 Abbeville Dist. census. They were W. A. (William Andrew), James, John and J. L. (Joseph L.) CRAWFORD. These men and their families moved to Fayette Co AL circa 1845-47. I believe the William JOHNSON family was also part of this wagon train. Is anyone else working any of these families? I would love to exchange information.
Cay Devin : devinc@seanet.comPosted: 1/28/1998
CRAWFORD See BAIRD Posted: 3/15/1997
Looking for the ancestors of Robert F. CRAWFORD. Robert married Hulda LOGAN bef. 1827 probably in Abbeville, SC. Huldaís parents, Andrew and Nancy "Ann" Meriwether LOGAN were from Abbeville, SC. I was told that Robertís parents were Rev. David CRAWFORD and Margaret GUTHRIE. Robert was born abt. 1795 in SC. So far, I have not been able to find any information on Rev. David CRAWFORD or Margaret GUTHRIE. Robert and Hulda moved from SC to Pike County, GA and then to Nacogdoches County, TX. Children of Robert and Hulda : Sarah Elizabeth, Mary, James W., Robert F., Mary Louisa, Henry C., John W., Logan, Roxanna. They may have moved from SC to GA with members of the MARTIN family.
Eleanor Colson : EleanorCol@aol.comPosted: 12/10/1997
CREAMER See HARVEY Posted: 10/1/1997
I am seeking the parents of Pleasant CRENSHAW (b. 1813 or 1815, SC) and migrated to Neshoba Co, MS some time before 1843. Was he the son of the Pleasant CRENSHAW who died in Abbeville District in 1837?
Carol Shrader : Posted: 7/7/1997
I am asking in behalf of a friend, Harry Wood, of the EVINS family for which Evinston, FL is named. A past relative of his, Henry Hunter CRESWELL farmed somewhere between Abbeville and Greenwood in the 1850ís at a place called "Scotch Cross". Henry Hunterís first wife died and he married Sara Ann WATSON. Any info would be appreciated.
George Person : Gperson2@bellsouth.netPosted : 10/4/1998
Joseph CARSWELL came from Ireland in 1767 and was given a land grant for 100 acres in the Long Cane area. He married Jennie Patterson and had eight children. I think his second son, John, is one of my grandfathers. I do know that some generations later one of his descendants was another Joseph Criswell (The name spelling changed about 1690) and he was my g-grandfather, married Nancy Eliza Jameson in GA and they moved to Columbia Co FL after the Civil War. Any help in making the connection--finding my lost generations.
Jacquie Bell : j13q52@webty.netPosted: 11/12/1997
Seeking information on the CRIDERíS of Abbeville Co.
Myron Crider : Posted : 3/31/1999
Would like to find the father of Joseph McDuffy CRISWELL, born 1822, SC married (1) Naomi (2) Caroline Susan HARRISON, born 1832, SC. Her father is believed to have been B. Tyre HARRISON. Josephís Mother was Hannah ____. Children : Fannie Frances (1855-1929), married John Fletcher Moore; Martha Lee (1867-1917) never married; Austin Newton (1870-?) married Fannie OWENS; Joseph Madion (1872-1940) married Georgia STORY; John Samuel (1874-1940) married Lula Bell WELCH; Oscar McPherson (1876-1950) married Rosa Bell Zora VENABLE; Charles Thomas (1879-1955) married Mary Purdence JONES; Evie Young (1881-1971) married John Calvin OWENS; Judge (1881-1971) never married; and Mary Effie Lee (1892-). Joseph McDuffy lived in Henry Co, GA about 1840ís then in Calhoun Co, AL, then to TX ca. 1900. He has a sister by the name of Jane who married Samuel Shaw ASHLEY and had children : Moses Samuel, Oma, Billie and Mary T.
Linda Harwell : hotwheel@vzinet.comPosted : 9/25/1998
On 1860 census of Abbeville there were eleven families of CRISWELL listed Henry H (page 68), James (page 68), James (page51), James (page 34), Jno (page 41) Jno F (page 41) Jos (page 39), Jos (page 34), Mary (page 35), Thos (page 41), Thos D (page 41), Thos V (page 50). My great grandfather was William CRISWELL; on 1890 of Walton Co census he states his father was born in SC would like to find descendants of any of these familirs to see if any one of their family came to Georgia. William was born 1865 Thanks any help greatly appreciated
Dorothy Brewer : Posted: 5/8/1997
I am looking for information about my g-g-g grandfather Dr. John CROUT that lived in thee general area of the Old 96 District in the 1800's. He was born in 1799 and died in the 1870's. He was of German heritage and the family name of CROUT had been changed from KRAUT. I would like to find any information or sources of information about him that you may be able to provide. I would really like to know about his medical practice. Where did he go to school, if he did go to school? Where did he practice? Things of this sort. I would appreciate any help you can provide. Thank you , 
Shelton Norris : : 7/11/1998
Rev. James CROWTHER (b. 25 Jun 1762, Yorkshire, England / d. 04 Nov 1829, Abbeville SC). Rev. James is buried in the Little River Baptist Church Cemetery. All other CROWTHERs of Abbeville County have been connected in our family. Who is this man? Is he related to the other CROWTHERs of Abbeville County? What was his wife's name? Did he have children? Anyone having any information about this man, please contact :
Bill Crowther :  Updated : 5/19/2000
Searching for information on my CRYMES Family. There was a John CRYMES listed in Abbeville County in the 1820 census. Does anyone have any information about him?
Vera : leroy@centuryinter.netPosted : 3/31/1999
We are attempting some cemetery research in Abbeville for these surnames.  Nothing after 1850. All before this date.
Melinda Pennington : BoardStock@aol.comPosted: 7/6/1998
CULLINS See SMITH Posted : 10/5/1998
CULVERSON See HENDRIX Posted : 3/31/1999
I am trying to find a birth record for Wiley CUMMINGS , born 1805-6. Please let me know if you have any record of his birth or his living in that area.
Carol Cummings : cummingscarol@hotmail.comPosted : 1/21/2000
James CUMMINGS b. about 1800 SC d. 1885 Ms m. Nancy Edmiston m. Mahala (Indian) Yamasee Who is father of James?
Art Day : Posted : 11/09/1999
I would be grateful for any link to a John CUNNINGHAM born: May, 1830 in SC and moved to Columbus, GA around 1880. Also A. C. or Arthur CUNNINGHAM, born: 1864 in GA, wife Alice Dodson.
Dave Cunningham : evadmc@yahoo.comPosted : 5/2/2000
I am searching info. on Francis CUNNINGHAM (Francis may have been spelled with an "e"). Family stories have him arriving in SC from Ireland as a stow-away on a ship. He hid inside a wooden barrel aboard the ship, was befriended by a fare paying family who also provided him assistance once the ship landed in SC. His first wife was Isabelle Mackrell; had 5 children (and possible dates) : John b. 12/18/17; Elizabeth b. 2/15/17; William Campbell b. 8/7/17; Mary b.1/22/17; and James b. 10/2/17. His second wife was Mary; had 6 children (and possible dates) : Isabelle (same name as first wife) b.8/17/17; Andrew b. 8/25/1770; Margaret b.9/7/177?; Rachel b.8/??/177?; Francis b.1/24/178?; and Robert Logan b.7/15/1801. The 1830 census of Abbeville District, SC lists most these males as "heads of families". Robert Logan CUNNINGHAM died in 1892, and is buried in Haralson Co, GA. One of his 4 children with wife Margaret, was Asbury LaTash CUNNINGHAM. Asbury was my great Grandfather. My oldest son is named Robert Logan. If someone has facts or fiction on this surname, please send e-mail.
Robert Daniel Cunningham : Posted : 12/10/1999
CUNNINGHAM See DAVISPosted: 1/2/1998
Fielding W. CURTIS and Charity ??? were married in 96 Dist.Abbeville, SC at the old fort, 10-26-1783. It was about a mile from her home. She was a member of Phillip Mulky, Padgetts Creek Baptist Church. Fielding was mentioned in connection to Lone Creek, Mitchels Creek, and Dining Creek.He served in BRANDONS regiment and was in the Rev.War from 1776 to 1781, mostly at the old fort. The history of his service is very interesting, such as he got lousy and was discharged and got drunk and burned his leather britches. He lived in SC most of his life. He was granted land in KY and came to Barren Co. KY sometime after 1816. Question : Who was Charity? Was she a STEEN or a HOWARD? She was born in 1757 in VA. Are there any records on the Padgetts Creek Baptist Church? Any info. greatly appreciated and will share info about people Fielding mentions in his pension papers.
Donna M. Curtis : Gmbuffy@aol.comPosted: 1/2/1998
I am looking for the birth record of a Jesse DABBS born in Abbeville, SC in 1833 on January 21. There should be some sort of a record that would give his parents names. We know that his father died when Jesse was a young boy and he and his mother moved to MS. Can you please help me find the names of these two people?
Bonnie Dabbs Carter : rbcarters@midsouth,com Posted : 10/10/1999
DADE See MCINTOSH Posted : 3/31/1999
Searching for ancestors of William E. DANIEL and Lavicey MOORE. William E. was born July 27, 1794, in GA. He enlisted in Abbeville for the War of 1812, serving under Capt. Bowen. He was first married to Margaret HALL, who died in 1823. He died May 29, 1864 in Abbeville Co, SC. Does anyone know who his parents are and where in GA he was born? William E. DANIELís second wife, Lavicey MOORE, was born May 29, 1804 in SC. She married William E. DANIEL December 24, 1826. She had a brother, Alexander MOORE, born about 1809. Who were their parents? Darlene West : Posted : 11/18/1999
Looking for info on either William Henry or Henry William DANIEL aka Hemry Willie DANIEL, married Josephine Brooks, Had one son Pammy Norris DANIEL (b 03-20-1866 in Lownesville). Pammy Norris DANIEL married Leona Aldos Campbell d/o Tom Campbell and Amanda Mccurty.
Asa Daniel : adaniel@gte.netPosted: 9/17/1997
Looking for Jeremiah Daniel (or as listed on 1790 Pendleton District Census - Jeremia Donnel). The information on the census indicated that there were 3 males 16 or over; 5 males 16 or under; 3 females 16 or over. Think we have located 7 sons of Jeremiah : David - b ca 1760; Bazel/Basil/Baswell/Barsel - b ca 1776; Josiah - b ca 1784, NC; Barton - b ca 1788, SC; Martin - b 1791, NC; Jeremiah - b ca 1796, NC; Robert ? b 1798, NC.
Nancy Daniel Johnson : jdacres@televar.comPosted : 3/31/1999
Elmyra DANNELLY and her husband William Tyre MAULDIN, are buried at Smyrna Cemetery, Lowndesville. Elmyra was the daughter of James DANNELLY and Mary ELLINGTON. I am searching for the latter couple and am interested in finding information and sharing what I have, in the way of information, regarding these names. 
Robert L. Hammond, Sr. : Posted: 10/10/1999
I have tried everything I can think of short of coming to SC to get information on Asa DARBY, born 1802 - died 1859. They lived up in the Northeast part of the County near the Enoree and Broad Rivers. I have been to the property so I know that he was there. I cannot find out anything about who his parents were. I know that he married a Rebecca CHANDLER and I know that he married Ellen Francis PULLIG but in my frustration I am asking you for help of any kind. Do you have any information? Can you tell me where to look? There is another Asa DARBY up in Chester Co. which would be a logical place to look but I haven't been able to establish any connections.
Mary Ivers : rivers@corpcomm.netPosted : 10/4/1998
Researching William DARBY and Priscilla RUTHERFORD. According to 1850 census he was a farmer in the Newberry/Greenville District of SC. I need information as to his parents and hers.Anne D. Mobley : admobley@islc.netPosted : 8/28/1998
Seeking any & all info on the following (date & place of marriage, parents, deaths, etc)
DARRAUGH, Janie married to Andrew Thomas McILWAIN
DARRAUGH, Mary Ann married to Benjamin Cason McILWAIN
DARRAUGH, John married to Mary McCARLEY
Jim Darraugh : nanabush@cyberbeach.netUpdated: 10/1/1997
Seeking any & all info on DARRAUGH as mentioned in "Promiseland" by Elizabeth Rauhl Bethel as the edge of the "old DARRAUGH place" established the western perimeter of " The Marshall Tract" & a reference to Tom DARROUGH, the white owner of a sawmill at the eastern edge of the community between Abbeville & Greenwood Counties.
Jim DARRAUGH : nanabush@cyberbeach.netPosted: 10/1/1997
Searching for any information regarding William H. DAVIS, b. 27 Dec 1811 in Abbeville Dist, SC, m. Lurana LAWLER, dau of John, son of Elisha? LAWLER/LOLLEY. DAVIS may have been son of Reuben DAVIS m. Nancy/Ann LEACH in Fauquier Co, VA 1805. DAVIS and LAWLER families moved to Shelby Co, AL before 1840. Any help greatly appreciated.
Rita Seiter : Posted : 2/17/2000
The will of my GGGG Grandfaher, Chesley DAVIS dated 8-4-1827 in Abstracts Of Old 96 shows his children as : Samuel, Littleberry, Daniel, Gabriel Washington, Jessie, Susanna, Nancy, Heszecah, and Bulah. My GGG Grand father, Samuel and his wife Mary Blackstock with their children moved to Lafayette Co, MS around 1838 and settled around Abbeville, MS with other families from Abbeville, SC. Chesley may have had 3 wives: Mary CANADY, Susanna Berry GORMAN, and Martha WATSON. I am trying to find out which of Chesleyís wives were the mothers of which children if this is true. I am also looking for any information or descendants on any of these people. Will be glad to share what I have. Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to give.
Rick Grafton : Posted : 2/10/2000
I am looking for information about my gr gr grandfather, James DAVIS (b. circa 1809, NC). I believe he was in Abbeville Co, SC in 1830 and had a daughter M.P. born there in 1832. James may have been the son of Thomas DAVIS. Hope someone can help me.
Manie Roach : alroach@busprod.comPosted : 6/13/1999
Am seeking info on the David Davis who appears in the 1790 Abbeville Census. Was he related to the Davises, Absolom and Augustine, who came to Abbeville prior to 1800 from Granville County, NC? And did he marry Catherine Allison of Marlboro County and move to Montgomery County, TN in 1800??
Bob Davis : bdavissob@aol.comPosted : 3/31/1999
Searching for parents of Nancy Catherine DAVIS b. 1793 mar. John B. GAINES. They are in Abbeville in 1850. I believe they were Heywood and Margaret Mabry DAVIS. The Hayward DAVIS in the 1850 census, I believe, is a brother of Nancy because of his age. Any information is appreciated
Ann Fuller : AHF@Backroads.netPosted : 10/4/1998
I am seeking information on the DAVIS family (Absolom, Augustine, Ransom, Soloman, Gidion, Richard, Chesley, Keziah, Nancy, William and Samuel - and others), the JETER family and John CUNNINGHAM who m. Nancy DAVIS. They were in Abbeville during the Revolutionary War.
Brenda Perkins : BPerk930@aol.comPosted: 1/2/1998
DAVIS See McCLAIN Posted: 10/31/1997
Seeking parents/siblings of David H. Davis (born SC - probably Abbeville, Jan. 16, 1800). Father was b. VA / mother b. MD. Family moved to IN before 1820, then moved back south to TN about 1823. This Davis family allied with WAKEFIELD and SHIRLEY families, which seem to have moved also from MD andVA to NC to SC to IN to TN. Any help appreciated.
Jim Davis : jdavis@jaguar1.usouthal.eduPosted: 10/1/1997
I am looking for William DAYíS parents. I am a descendant of one of his lines. William DAY was born 1754 in Edgefield Co, SC died May 1836 in Dallas Co, AL. I would appreciate any help.
Karen Hooper : Posted : 5/19/2000
I am a descendent of Miranda DAY and William Benjamin JONES. According to information I have from the Mormans, William Benjamin was born in Abbeville, SC on 14 Mar 1822. Iím not sure about Miranda.
Judith Duran : Posted : 1/21/2000
Looking for information on JOHN DAY, born approx. 1734, who was known to have been in the old 96th district in 1779. He came to Nova Scotia after the revolutionary war. He was a friend of Henry SITEMAN who also lived there at the same time. Johnís daughter Elizabeth married the son of Henry SITEMAN after they arrived in Nova Scotia. Would like to hear from anybody researching these lines.
CRAFTY : pedrosis@hotmail.comPosted : 10/10/1999
Looking for info on John Dison BALL b. late 1700's Also Jefferson DAY B. 1805 IN SC.
Edith Day : edithday1999@yahoo.comPosted : 6/10/1999
DAY See COLLINS Posted : 3/31/1999
Searching for info. on Elisha DEAN; in 1800 he was head of household inAbbeville, SC. Posted : 10/10/1999
I am looking for decendants of Atlena (Lena) DEBOSE, George MORRISON, and/or Rebecca WALKER. All are from Calhoun Falls, SC.
D.Goodman : Posted : 3/31/1999
Searching for any info on Andrew DEFUR who settled in the Abbeville District in the 1780ís. He was originally from Albermarle Co, VA. Would love to contact anyone with info on this family.
Mary Stinson : Posted : 9/23/1998
When I moved to sc three years ago I was pleased to note that I have ancestry connections to sc. Israel De Jernett and Martha Childress lived in Abbeville, SC from 1822 to 1834. This is the time when all seven children were born. Their eldest child was Nancy C. De Jernett. She married Dr John Clarke White Sr. They had ten children. Upon the death of her husband, she moved with all her children to Donelton,TX near Lone Oak. I would surely like to hear from any one who might be connected to them.
Sara Jane Trudeau : Posted : 3/31/1999
Seek information about Dr. John De La Howe/Delahowe of Charleston (1700ís) and later of Abbeville area. Funds from his estate were used to start the De La Howe School now located in McCormick Co, SC.
URQ : URQ5@AOL.COMPosted: 3/24/1998
Joseph GIBERT DELASHAW (1808-1884) said he was born in Abbeville Co, SC. He married Rebecca KEITH of Pickens Co, SC and they went to AL in the early 1830ís. They lived in Jefferson Co, AL with her KEITH relatives, then later reared their large family in Lawrence Co, AL and are buried there. How did Joseph get the middle name GIBERT? Was he the grandchild of James DILLASHAW who died in 1820 in Abbeville Co, SC? If you are descended from the DILLASHAW/DILLESHAW/DELASHAW. please contact me. Iíve been archiving this family for several years and would like to have data on your family.
Sandra Delashaw Warden :  Updated : 3/21/2000
DENNIS See SIMPSON Posted : 11/09/1999
DEVLIN See TITTLE Posted : 1/22/2000
My ancestor James Madison Devlin moved to MS before 1847. He was from Abbeville District, SC. I would like any information that anyone can give me. I have information about MS family.
Kay Jones : natcheztrace@worldnet.att.netPosted : 3/31/1999
DICKSON See LIPFORD  Posted : 10/11/1998
1790 and 1800 shows Wm. Diffey and neighbor Simon Williams in Abbeville census. In 1790 Will of Wm. Diffeyís father in Randolph Co. NC. was witnessed by Ennion Williams. By 1810 Wm Diffey was gone, but in Darlington was Simon Williams. Nearby were some people named Defee. I have been unable to prove a connection between these families but think there is one. In the 1820s, when the Defees left SC for Pike Co. Alabama, so did a Simon Williams. Can anyone shine some light on these families? Individuals: William Diffey, Simon Williams, Ennion Williams. 
John Diffey: Posted: 3/15/1997 
Searching for information on the name Henry DILBONE, who died in Abbeville and was buried there some where. can someone please search for the cemetery that he is buried in. I am from PA; please search , I donít have much information but he died EARLY 1800.
Mae Reiner : maeus27s@digital.netPosted : 5/2/2000
Searching for the buriel place of Henry DILBONE died Sept.1817 in Abbeville. If someone is connected with the name DILBONE I would like to correspond with you.
Mae Reiner : Posted : 5/1/2000
DILLASHAW See BREAZEALE Posted : 11/09/1999
DIXON See McKEE Posted : 12/10/1997
DIXON See BARNETT Posted: 11/12/1997
DOBBINS See CRAWFORD Posted : 1/28/1998
James & Elizabeth STEPHENSON DOBBINS came from Virginia about 1776 with sons Robert B.(m Catherine ALEXANDER) and John (m1 Jennet Seawright JOHNSON & m2 Elizabeth MILLER). In Old 96th, they had Mary (m John MORRIS), Elizabeth (m George HILLHOUSE), Sarah (m Hugh F. CALLAHAM), Jean/Jane (m Geo. LIDDELL), and James, Jr.(m1 Elizabeth PORTER and m2 Martha ERSKINE). I will share what info I have on this line, especially desc of Robert B. DOBBINS, my ancestor, and will put others in touch with researchers on their lines. I am looking for connections to STEPHENSON and ALEXANDER families. Letís work together.
Bobby Dobbins Title : Snibbod1@aol.comPosted : 10/31/1997
Looking for any info on my GGGrandfather James J. DODDS born 1801 in the old 96 Dist. of SC. His parents are believed to be Samuel DODDS and Sarah JOHNSON. 
Jerry Dodds : Posted : 11/09/1999
I am researching several different family lines that evidently went through Abbeville on the way to GA. The DODSONs, BROWNs and BURDENs all appear to have migrated through the county a various times. My question to you is one of geography: Do you know if Belfast Township or Boonesboro were located in the Abbeville area? John and Martha BROWN came to America from Ireland shortly before the Revolution and settled in Belfast Township. He fought in the Revolution as did his son Meredith who was born in Belfast Township. I have seen a reference to the Browns being part of the Original Protestant settlers or something such as that if that helps. 
Dale E. Dodson : Posted : 1/21/2000
Seeking information on a John DONALD, born 1754. He was the son of Alexander DONALD, Jr.
Frances P. Smith : Posted : 2/17/2000
Seeking information on Alexander DONALD, who fought in Revolutionary War and also his son, John DONALD.
Frances P. Smith : ftsmith@peop.tdsnet.comPosted : 1/21/2000
Looking for any slave owners with the surname of DONALD. My gg grandfatnerís name was James A DONALD, his sonís name was James A DONALD also, he was born in 1875. My gg grandfather married Nancy, but I donít know what her maiden name was, but my g grandfather married Ella Burks. I am trying to find any brothers or sisters of James A and Nancy DONALD from Anderson Co, Honea Path. 
Linda Davison : ldavison@bellatlantic.netPosted : 10/10/1999
Information on any DONALD families which migrated from the Carolinas to MS, esp. Jasper Co, MS. Looking esp. for Austin Augustus DONALD (b about 1851 in NC). He may have been associated with DONALDs from upstate SC.Gary Muffley : Posted : 9/23/1998
Looking for any DONALD that migrated from Abbeville, SC to Jasper, Co. MS in early-to-mid-1800s. Especially B.L. DONALD, Watson A. DONALD, Austin Augustus DONALD, Unity Amanda DONALD, Amanda Gabrilla DONALD.
Gary Muffley : amuffley@gte.netPosted : 3/31/1999
I am researching the DONALD family. Have info that Mary A. DONALD b. Aug. 13, 1826 in Abbeville District married John Chapman BOUNDS b. July 3, 1828 in Hinds Co, MS. We think this MS BOUNDS family also had other marriages with the DONALD family. Any help would certainly be appreciated by those of us, North of you in NC!
Anne.Muffley@gte.netPosted : 8/28/1998
Is there a name William Marion DONIHOO, born Feb. 1814 in SC.
Larry Celeston Donihoo : Posted : 12/10/1999
DONNALD See BUCHANAN Posted : 1/21/2000
Seeking information on DOREY/DORA and his wife Mary Taylor. Was in Edgefield and the Abbeville in the year 1830. His parents are Joseph and Anna Taylor. Will share all information and pay for copies. Thanks in Advance.
David Hayes : Posted : 10/10/1999
DORRAH See HILL Posted: 3/23/1998
DOUGLAS(S) See SCOTT Posted : 1/21/2000
Researching the DOWNING / DOWNEN / DOWNEY families of Old 96 District and Abbeville County (circa 1752-1795) with possible links to the SMITH, BRICE, and LACEY families of the same area. John and Patrick DOWNEY were sent to SC from Augusta County, VA. circa 1752-55, perhaps as frontier scouts and fur traders for the government. In 1765, Josiah DOWNING (born ca. 1740) shows up with a land grant on Long Cane Creek. Was he related to John from Augusta County, VA? John died in Abbeville County in 1784. Josiah believed to have married a Mary Smith ca. 1764. Josiahís son, Timothy married Jane Brice (or Lacey) ca. 1804. Welcome any info on any residents with these surnames, and will exchange data.
Robert Downen : rdownen@erols.comPosted: 7/26/1998
Elizabeth DOWNEY b. about.1800 married James Hendrill/Hemphill COOPER b. about 1796. Both born in Abbeville, SC Had a son, Thomas Louis COOPER, born in Abbeville also. Would like to share info.
Joyce Loden : Posted : 11/09/1999
John PARTLOW married Susanah DOZIER IN 1798, probably in VA or SC. Susannah died in Abbeville, SC. They had at least one son James Leonard Young PARTLOW. His records show that he was born 5 Nov 1807 in Edgefield,SC (I cannot find Edgefield on my atlas). I presume that Susannah died sometime after 1807. I would like more information on that family, particularly the ancestry of Susannah PARTLOW. I have records of many of their descendants who moved to Liberty County, TX c1870-1880 that I will be happy to share.
Tom O'Neil : tom21420@worldnet.att.netPosted : 10/4/1998
DRAKES See BELL Posted : 6/13/1999
Am looking for information about Joseph DRENNAN who died 1839 in Abbeville, SC. His daughter, Martha, married Jack Bland and they migrated to Houston Co, TX. Any information on the DRENNAN family would be appreciated.
Freida Scarborough : fscarb@airmain.netPosted : 10/10/1999
Seeking info on a Marion F. DRINKARD who died about 1843. His will said he left no parents, brothers or sisters. He was a nephew to Nancy Moore BOTTS who was the wife of Thomas BOTTS. I'm trying to make a connection to the other DRINKARDS in Abbeville Co, SC. The names of them were: Francis, Frank, Wiley, two Johns, and George S. who was the brother of a William who died in Mexican War 1848. If anyone can help me with any of these names, please let me know.
Gina Scott : Posted : 5/1/2000
Visited a private cemetery in eastern Abbeville Co, this morning, where I found some of my family, but there were grave markers with initials only. The initials, and the locations in relation to a known relative, lead me to believe this may be her sons/daughters. The initials on the markers were MHD, died 1848, MW, d. 1838, (C)? GW, d. 1837, and JLD d. f-12 1816. Also in this cemetery, there were some Edwards, and a wife of an Edwards named Francis Evans. Any info relating to George S. or Margaret H. Drinkard helpful. Suspect the "initials only" markers may have been children. Will share any info I run across.
Sam Drinkard : wa4phy@sprintmail.comPosted : 3/31/1999
Any information regarding DRIVER family name/ancestry or BRUCE family name/ancestry. Probably DRIVER family is originally from Georgia.
Marie : dddavenp@concentric.netPosted : 10/10/1999
DUDLEY See HOLCOMB Posted : 5/1/2000
Due West (Abbeville), SC
I am interested in information about Due West, SC around 1770 - 1820. Any suggestions where I might find out more information about this particular area? I am also interested in Presbyterian Churches in the area of due West. Thank you for your kind assistance.
Melissa :   Posted : 5/1/2000
Due West (Abbeville), SC
I am trying to locate the book:A PLACE CALLED DUE WEST: THE HOME OF ERSKINE COLLEGE by
Lowry ware. I need to order it rather than locate it in a library. I am researching the Lindsay family from Due West. Thanks for you help. 
Anne Odom :  Posted : 5/1/2000
DUFF, Samuel was in Pendleton District in Sept. 1796. He was a witness to a land purchase of Elijah Hammon where he bought 100 acres on the North Fork of Georgeís Creek from James DUFF. James DUFF was married to Agnes CARSON 11 Feb 1773 in Guilford Co., NC and d. Apr. 1804 in the Pendleton District, SC. Any information on the Duff or Carson Line would be most appreciated. Thank you
Helen Bumgardner : bhbumgar@gte.netPosted : 1/28/1998
Our family history--by word of mouth only--indicates that our ancestor came to America through Charleston, SC. He came with two brothers. Charles William DUNCAN was born in 1800 according to a family Bible. I am assuming that he came to America as an adult--so I am thinking he got here in the 1820's. Our family history people said that the three brothers stayed in SC or maybe NC for several years. Then at least Charles William who was married to Marianne (Ewen) DUNCAN went to KY. Charles wife Marianne died in childbirth of a son William E. DUNCAN in April of 1836 in Louisville, KY. This William E. Duncan was orphaned when his father died. We do not know where that happened. The next appearance of William E. DUNCAN was in 1867 in Hamilton, Co, IN which is not far from Louisville, KY. I do have an interest in the DUNCAN's of Abbeville, SC because DUNCAN's (other than William E) that were in Hamilton Co, IN came from Abbeville, SC.
Jandeas net@aol.comPosted : 5/2/2000
Seeking info on Della DUNCAN who married Claude Albert VOISELLE. They were parents of Bill VOISELLE, the ball player of Ninety Six, SC. Need parents and siblings of Della. Have VOISELLE info to share.
Mary A. Taylor : maryalicet@aol.comPosted : 7/29/1997
I am researching the family line of James Howard DUNN born 1846 in Abbeville. His parents were William Dunn Jr. and Elizabeth ??. I believe William Jr is the son of William Dunn Sr and Ally Richey, but have not been able to prove this connection. All of these DUNNs are buried at Greenville Pres Church Cemetary in Donalds, SC. James Howard DUNN also had a sister named Ally A. DUNN born in abt 1837. I am looking for information which would prove the above family lineage. Any information would be appreciated. I am also interested in any information about a convent fire in the area that may have been the cause of death for Ally A DUNN who may have been a nun.
Lcalaman@aol.comPosted : 5/5/1999
DUNN See SMITH Posted : 10/5/1998
DUNSON See LORD Posted : 10/10/1999
Seeking any info on Stephen (Steven) DURHAM listed in the 1800 and 1810 Census in Abbeville Co.
Nieca Sharrard : sharrardmt@aol.comPosted : 10/10/1999
I am looking for information on John Kemp DURST (b~1850), Narcissa Henrietta (Self?) DURST (b~1855), and Winona DURST Barksdale (8/24/1876- 5/12/1911)- anything would be greatly appreciated.
Jenevieve : jenevieven@hotmail.comPosted : 03/06/2000
I looking for descendants (of black descendants) of the surname listed above. I am also looking names of any slave owners of the surname mentioned above.
Donna Blackwell : Posted : 10/31/1998
DUTTON See PAYTON Posted : 8/28/1998
1850 Federal SC County: Abbeville - Town: Saluda Regt. Dwelling No. 2076 John DYSON age 30 birthplace SC and wife Jane GRAHAM DYSON age 28 birthplace SC and children Marshall E age 10 birthplace SC Polly C age 8 birthplace SC James O age 6 birthplace SC John age 4 birthplace SC. I am looking for any information in regards to either the DYSON or GRAHAM surnames related to my ancestors listed above. John and Jane are my 3rd great grandparents.
Tammy Acker : tammylba@htcomp.netPosted : 3/31/1999
Does anyone know about an Amanda Jane Eakin, b. 16 Feb 1836 in SC, m. George Washington BARNES in 1852, Abbeville District, SC. Her parents were reportedly plantation owners and George was the overseer. Her parents did not approve of the marriage and they moved to Texas shortly after their marriage. Can anyone help me make a tie with Amanada Eakinís family?
Carol L. Crownover : clcrowno@telepath.comPosted : 3/31/1999
EAKINS See HAMILTON Posted : 6/10/1999
Do you know of any one doing research on Ebeneezer, a German settlement that I have been told was located in Abbeville Co? I am looking for a Hessian Soldier, Heinrich Kleinkauf, who deserted in The Carolina's in May 1781 from the Garrison Regiment Von Huyn. It has been suggested to me that he might have gone there. 
Barbara Jarvis : BarbaraJarvis@bigfoot.comPosted : 7/26/1998
EDMISTON See SANSOM Posted : 3/31/1999
Looking for any information regarding Thomas and Jane EDWARD. Their children were Thomas, Jane, John, James, Rebecca, Jenny, Sarah and Margaret. Margaret was born in 1785 and married George Coleman.
Stacey Coleman : scoleman@scescape.netPosted : 3/31/1999
Samuel Marshall Monroe Washington EDWARDS was born 1-6-1832 in Abbeville, SC. Parents thought to be Randall Edwards and Mary Carter (McCarter). Had brothers, James and John. Appreciate any leads. Thanks.
Anne Frye : Posted : 10/4/1998
Stephen ELEAZER/ELESZOR and his son Jacob were in this area in the mid 1700's settled in the 1760's along Dutchmen's Fork and along Broad River. Looking for any info on any similar surname...ELLISOR / Eleazer/ Eleszor/ Ellizer/ Elliser.
Jim Ellisor : EllisorJ@hays-cons.k12.tx.usPosted : 3/31/1999
ELGIN See HUGHES Posted : 2/17/2000
Looking for family, death date and burial location on Mary "Polly" Eliza(beth) GOLDMAN. She was born in about 1823 (probably in SC). She married William W. ELLENBERG. Her last child with him was born in 1861. He married Sarah Saphronia Smith around 1865 and she raised his kids by Mary. We have no idea when she died, what she died of, or where she is buried. Any info at all will be appreciated.
Charlene A. Schwartz : momschwa@ix.netcom.comPosted : 3/06/2000 
Elmyra DANNELLY and her husband William Tyre MAULDIN, are buried at Smyrna Cemetery, Lowndesville. Elmyra was the daughter of James DANNELLY and Mary ELLINGTON. I am searching for the latter couple and am interested in finding information and sharing what I have, in the way of information, regarding these names.
Robert L. Hammond, Sr. : bcmuseum@csranet.comPosted : 10/10/1999
Searching for Jeremiah ELLINGTON family. He died and left a Will ; Abstract of Old 96 and Abeville Dist, SC, Will Book 32 Pack 703 - November 7, 1796.  There were a Fanny Leonard ELLINGTON, Lucy ELLINGTON WALROND/WALDRON, Francis DRINKARD, Dewey ELLINGTON, John ELLINGTON, Sarah Terry.   This family was in Pittsylvania County, VA, at one time as Lucy ELLINGTON md my ancestor Benjamin WALROND on August 6, 1788, Pittsylvania County, VA.  The ELLINGTONs had land there; it took some time in clearing up the Estate of Jeremiah ELLINGTON some of the children made 3 trips to Virginia taking care of business. Lucy ELLINGTON WALROND was in Abeville SC, 1800.   She was there with her sisters and brothers clearing up Jeremiah's Will.   Benjamin and Lucy had several children and they were in Pittsylvania, Bedford and Campbell counties, VA. Would like to share my WALROND/WALDRON and  ELLINGTON information with other family members.  Jeremiah ELLINGTON must have had a lot of money and land. Maybe some loose ends can make a connection. I am a WALDRON.
LaMona Phillips : lphilli@lightspeed.netPosted : 8/8/1998
Would like any info on Joseph ELLIS who is supposed to have had a land grant. Any info on Cynthia Ann GANTT
Eugenia Dowdeswell : geniad@bellsouth.netPosted : 5/1/2000
My name is Mack M. Ellis I live in Abbeville, SC. I was wondering if anyone knows the father of my Grandfather Benson Douglas ELLIS. I think he was born in Abbeville County around Hodges . He had a brother Walter ELLIS.
Mack M. Ellis : shelell@wctel.netPosted : 03/06/2000
I am searching my relatives, mainly a James ELLIS, son of Robert ELLIS, Robert ELLIS having said moved to Abbeville Co, SC as a young child. Robert was b. Feb 1 1760 in Buckingham Co, VA and from Rev War in 1780 said to have moved to GA in 1783. Further info on Robert says he lived in several counties in TN and eventually died in IN. 
Delores Ellis : deoss@boone.netPosted : 3/25/1998
Robert ELLIS, Rev. War Soldier. (b 1760 Buckingham Col, VA). Moved to Old 96 District as young child. Who is his father? Robert entered service under General Pickens, was in the Battle of the Cowpens, out of service in 1783, continued to live in Abbeville for one year then moved to Elbert Co., GA. Looking for wife of Robert ELLIS; did he marry in Abbeville or GA. Robert ELLIS lived most of his years in TN, raised all his nine children there, some of them in their early 20's moved to IN. My line stayed in Scott Co., TN. I have looked for a long time for the name of Robert's wife. If anyone searching ELLIS line comes across info of help, please let me know.Thank you and happy hunting. 
Brenda Ellis Jones : Posted: 4/16/1997
I am looking for info on Ellison and Liddia Swann. They lived in Chester, SC. Had 18 children. He walked from VA to SC and married there.
Ruth Aamaefuna : ruthmel@bellsouth.comPosted : 2/10/2000
I am looking for any info on Rev. William C. EMERSON born in Abbeville, SC Oct, 1818. I believe his parents to be Henry EMERSON and Mary ARMSTRONG. 
B. Bryant : bonnie.bryant@gbd.comPosted : 3/31/1999
Looking for possible antecedents of Margaret Ann EMERSON, b. 1807, SC probably in Abbeville District, or in general area of Old 96th dist. Her motherís name was Mary Elizabeth ______ (maiden name unknown), b. ca. 1785, possibly in Northern Ireland. Father, Mr. Emerson, possibly born in Virginia, but first name unknown. Our branch of Emerson family moved to Franklin Co, TN ca. 1810, possibly in same migration as Abbeville Co. Roberson/Robinson family. See also Roberson query There, ca. 1825, Margaret Ann EMERSON married Thomas W. ROBERSON Other surnames that factor in as middle names in the next generations and with whom there may be some tie: MAGEE, REED, BURLESON. Also looking for WALKER ties to the ROBERSON line. 
Kathryn Coombs : Posted: 3/26/1997
ERSKINE See DOBBINS Posted : 10/31/1997
I am looking for the burial site of Gideon Haygood. His daughter Elvira Haygood MsPhesrson married Elliott Estes. They had two children, Andrew Broaddus Estes and Harriet Estes Brooks. Andrew Estes married into the Lawton family as well as the Willinghams and Roberts. We have a good bit of information on these families but I am stuck at Gideon. I know he lived at Mt. Ararat. My feeling is his home was probably near or worse, in the Savannah River Authority area and under water. If you do have information I would be grateful for your assistance.
Toria Estes Morgan : lalee14@aol.comPosted : 3/31/1999
EVINS See CRESWELL Posted : 10/4/1998
Charles EVANS had son, Samuel EVANS b 3-24-1847, d 11-17-1902. Samuel E. had married Sarah Pettigrew Gibert (4th generation Gibert) whose family had received initial land grant from King George III of England, (i.e. "Old 96 District-New Bordeaux Settlement"). Jean Louis Gibert from Languedoc, France and nephew, Pierre Gibert III, was a leader of this area and his father Pierre II was a brother of Rev. Jean Louis G. Rev. Etienne G. who was in England -- all were Hugenots. Pierre G.III married Elizabeth Bienaime "Beraud?" who had 2 brothers, Mathew B. & Jean Beraud who came to the original colony of New Bordeaux with her circa 1772. Gibert family sailed from Plymouth 1-4-1764 to Charleston on the ship "Friendship". Rev. Jean Louis Gibert was the leader of the group of Huguenots md Jeanne "Elizabeth or Ysabeau", daughter of Rev. Pierre Boutiton prior to sailing. Rev. J L Gibert died 8/1773 & buried on his farm, "Badwell", later home of son James Louis Pettrigrew (Petigru); Pierre G. III nephew of Jean Louis G & Etienne G arrived circa 1772 @ 17 years old. Charles Evans was b 10/1820, d 12-6-1893. Charles Evans home still in Abbeville. Have good source on Gibert family preceding arrival in US ? the colonies from France via England, but have no more information on EVANS side of family. Other names associated with EVANS are Nickles, Bryson, Elizabeth. Myth is that Evans (possibly once OíHiven - Irish or McIver ? Scot) were Calvinists from Ireland or Scotland and had moved to Carolina to escape religious persecution. Myth also re: Miltown Castle and County Galway which is in Ireland, [until recently I had thought it in Scotland]. Need help on finding more info on EVANS prior to Charles & prior to immigration to Carolina. Name also associated with Upper Long Cane Creek Pres Ch, etc. in Abbeville.
Wallace N Evans, II : Posted: 2/10/2000
Trying to locate some information on my father's people. His name was John "Harry" Evans, he was according to information, born in Abbeville, SC in 1896. When he died his death certificate indicated father Joe Evans and mother Mary Vance. In my research into Abbeville Co, plus using the Archives, I came across the name of Frank Vance Sr. That's the 1880 census which indicates Sophie, his wife, and children: Eliza, Allen, Frank, and Mary. Mary was born 1877. This Mary was my grandmother, my father's mother. She married a Joe Evans of the same region. Later in the 1900 census, shows Mary Vance Evans and her children John, Ira, and Jessie living with her brother Allen and Allen's wife Rebecca. In a death certificate, there shows Frank Vance Sr. age 85, died in 1918; and the information was his son Frank Vance Jr. Everything else is a little fuzzy. 
Joseph Evans : Posted : 11/09/1999
Looking for info. on John Thomas EVANS & Sarah BOOTH. Both were found in the census of 1830 for the Old 96. I know they moved to MS abt 1840. They had 15 children. I would like to know the date of their marriage, and any family members for EVANS or BOOTH.
Bobbie Conner : bodcon@pacbell.netPosted : 2/12/1998
EVANS See RUSSELL Posted : 10/31/1997
I am searching for a Minnie FAIR who married Willie BURNETT and had 10 children, one of which was my father Benjamin BURNETT born 4/27/1925. Both Willie and Minnie died before 1940 in SC.
kkatieblue4@aol.comPosted : 5/2/2000
I am trying to find information of family of my g grandfather, Thomas FARMER born abt 1825 SC believe he is son of Lewis and Susan FARMER. In 1850 he is on 1850 census with wife Frances, and Daughter Jane Ellen born abt 1850, He is in Al abt 1871/2 married Mahala Whitaker Fletcher in Al abt 1871/72. 
Wyona Moon : FVRV74a@Prodigy.comPosted : 10/10/1999
Looking for anything you may have of FELDER, decendants of Hans Henrich FELDER of Orangeburg, SC from 1735-present. Thank you
Charles Felder : Cfelder817@aol.comPosted: 12/10/1997
Looking for information regarding James FELL. His cabin is located at the Abbeville Museum and I have a copy of his state land grant of 1815. He was married to a Gorley about 1790. Cannot find his burial grounds (not at Cedar Spring ASRP), or where he came from, supposedly Ireland. Does anyone have any information on James Fell?
Harold E. Benson : bennyboy@wans.netPosted : 3/31/1999
FERGUSON See MANN Posted : 3/21/2000
My Great-Grandfathers name was Mason FERGUSON he lived in what is now known as Antreville SC. If you have any information please E-Mail me.
Shawn Edward Ferguson : Posted : 11/09/1999
FERGUSON See WIER Posted : 7/26/1998
FIELDS See PRESLEY Posted : 3/31/1999
FIKE See CLOY Posted : 2/10/2000
Am seeking info on Sara Elizabeth FINLEY (b~1820?) married Edwin A Reagan, their daughter was Amanda Elizabeth Reagan Barksdale - thank you!
Jenevieve : Posted : 5/1/2000
Iím looking for any birth/marriage information for Robert Finney, born between 1750-1755 and residing in Abbeville County in 1800.
Jennifer Horne : Posted : 12/10/1999
FISHER See SNIPES Posted : 1/21/2000
FISHER Family History. If you are interested in this surname and would like to share information, please contact me.
Susan S. Reaney : Updated : 10/02/1999
Seeking info. regarding Nancy FLEMING b.abt 1804 and her spouse John COPELAND in Abbeville and Anderson Counties. They were married around 1820. Nancy Flemingís father was Jamie FLEMING. Her known siblings were Bailey, Lucy, Frankie, and William. John COPELAND was said to have been brought up by his maternal grandparents, the CARSONs. John and Nancy had the folloing children: Lucindy, Elisabeth, Catherine, James Bailey and Martha.
Stephanie Hull : eightpac@home.comPosted : 1/22/200
I am looking for information on the FLOWERS family from Abbeville.
Roy Hunter : RGHunter3@aol.comPosted : 10/10/1999
I am looking for information on John Yancey Flowers born July 16,1815 in Abbeville. His wifeís name was Dicey Reeves. Thanks for any info on Flowers and Reeves. I am looking for any information on Flowers family in Abbeville Co SC.
Roy Hunter <>< Posted : 5/18/1999 & 6/3/2000
Seeking information on the family of Isaac Foote (b ca 1800 MD? and d aft 1880 Abbeville Co, SC), wife Leah, sons : Isaac, Jacob, and Wade. They were enslaved by Williamson Norwood per 1848 estate inventory.
Sonia : swalkerny@aol.comUpdated : 2/12/1998
FORGEY See GOUGE Posted : 3/31/1999
FORRESTER See BATES Posted: 7/7/1998
FOSHEE, Mattie Talleulah b. October 15, 1875 Edgefield, SC, (which I understand was considered a part of the Abbeville County area at one point in time) d. October 28, 1960 in Augusta, GA. She married Thomas Joseph MILLS and they had approx. 12 children. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Brenda Mills Drews : GeorgiaSky@geocities.comPosted : 3/21/2000
Looking for the family of Robert Sinclair FOSTER b. 1807 in Abbeville District, SC. He was the son of John Cunningham FOSTER born in the Spartanburg District, SC in 1779. Robert married Margaret Allison daughter of Thomas Allison of Abbeville District. This family later migrated to Gwinnett Co, GA. Posted : 5/19/2000
FOSTER See SLOAN Posted : 3/31/1999
Am interested in Isabella and William Foster who came with Rev. William Martin to Long Cane settlement in 1772.
Doris Christian : gdchristian@worldnet.att.netPosted : 3/31/1999
FOSTER  See CRAWFORD Posted : 8/28/1998 
FOSTER See LESLIE Posted : 7/26/1998
John FOSTER Sr and/or John FOSTER Jr. Possible connection to Robert Foster born in 1782 in Abbeville. Both John FOSTERís may have been Am Rev War Vets. Also looking for info on Archibald Thompson born in Northern Ireland moved to Abbeville as child, Married there to Mary Molly McBRIDE, moved to Illinois in 1804.
John Parker : alaska@halcyon.comUpdated: 11/12/1997
Seeking information on Samuel FOSTER father of Robert FOSTER (b.2/13/1785 in Abbeville). 1790 Census lists 3 Samuels, 1800 Census Lists 4 Samuels, 1810 Lists 2 Samuels, 1820 lists 2 Sams. Mine is not Samuel Sr or Jr. My Samuel Died in SC. Robert FOSTER moved to Randolph Co., Illinois in 1808/1809 and Married Susanna McClinton also from Abbeville, in 1809. Interested in any other Fosters in the same area and time frame to try to figure out who is who.
John Parker :  Updated: 10/31/1997
Am interested in Foster and Thompson Surnames from the Old 96.
Mary K. Foster : mfoster@responsemedia.comPosted : 10/31/03
FOX See ABLE Posted: 7/7/1998
I am seeking information on my great great grandparents Isaac FRACHISEUR/FRAZIER, born in SC Sep 2nd, 1812, died Nov 20th, 1902. He is thought to have moved from Abbeville district SC to Newton Co, GA. He later shows up on 1860 & 1870 census of Gwinnett Co, GA. These records have his surname spelled ĎFRAZIERí other documents, also his tombstone shows a surname spelled FRACHISEUR. Isaac was married to Elizabeth WALLS/WALLIS/WALLACE born Mar 23rd, 1823, died May 9th, 1898. Isaac and Elizabeth are buried in Harbins District, Gwinnett Co, Dacula, GA. I appreciate any help or clues.
Fred W. Bradley : fbrad@wilmington.netPosted : 10/4/1998
Seeking info on James Isaac FRACHISEUR (1812-1902). Moved from Abbeville District to Newton Co, GA in 1824 then to Guinnett Co, GA in 1848. Married Elizabeth Wallis/Walls/Wallace. They had 8 children: J.W.; Bill; Z.P.; D.I.; Mary; Clairsy; Lurainey; and Sofronia. Thought to be of French-Irish descent. Possibly could have come over by ship. This is my earliest known ancestor. Searching for his parents or family members. Any info appreciated. 
David: dfrachis@alltel.netUpdated : 3/31/1999
Who was Susannah FRALIC in the 1820 US Census of Abbeville Cty and what were the names of the two sons in her house, born between 1810 and 1820? Trying to connect my Ggrandfather, John George FRALIC, to his parents in SC. He was born 1811 in SC and was said to have been born in a fort. Any info. greatly appreciated.
Joyce Cook : coojoy@aol.comPosted: 1/2/1998
I Need the census for James Franklin, born in 1841. His siblings ware Betty or Elizabeth FRANKLIN and Mary Ella FRANKLIN.
Albert T. Franklin : Posted : 5/1/2000
Seeking information on the murders of George and Drusilla FRANKLIN on 20 Dec 1877. According to "Tracing Our Roots - A Franklin Genealogy" by Cecil D. and George W. Franklin, page 11: ""George Franklin was never married. He and his sister Drusilla, who also never married, lived together. On the night of December 20, 1877, a burglar broke into their home and murdered both of them and ransacked their house. George and Drusilla were buried in Bethlehem Cemetery in Corohaca, Greenwood Co,. An interesting and fascinating story concerning the murder appeared in "True Detective" magazine in February 1944.""  Desire copies of any records pertaining to this occurrence, including the magazine article and official records...will gladly reimburse for expenses incurred.
Jim Scruggs : scruggs@megabits.netPosted : 3/31/1999
FRANKLIN  See BURKETT Posted : 9/24/1998
FRANKS See WILHITE/WILHEIT Posted: 3/24/1998
FREEMAN See NORWOOD Posted : 3/31/1999
I am looking for the parents of James S. FREEMAN (b 1786, SC and d 1855, Tuscaloosa AL). He married Catherine Nolen MADDOX in Abbeville in 1806. They had children : Nimrod, Boswell, Abner, Reuben Jackson, Nelly, Marinda, Marilla, Catherine and Malinda. Abner FREEMAN remained in SC as stated in Catyís will in Tuscaloosa. Caty Nolen MADDOX was the daughter of Henly MADDOX and Jennett LLUCKETT POSEY MADDOX. Henly and Jennett are buried at Turkey Creek Baptist Cemetary. Does anyone have any information on the parents of James FREEMAN?
My url is
Ken Herren : herfam@usit.netPosted: 12/10/1997
FREER See WAITE/WAIGHT Posted: 4/4/1997
I am stuck on the origins of Frances MCNAIR born abt 1825 who married Catherine FRITH, daughter of Jacob and Betsy FRITH. There were at least two MCNAIRís in Abbeville showing up on the 1810 SC Census : Robert and Houston. However, I have been unable to find out anything about Houston and descendents. Locations I have been able to trace starting in 1850 were Indian Hill, Savannah, Long Canes. Later on some of the family members were in Lowndesville and Calhoun Falls. I have received a lot of info on Hutson LOFTIS primarily from the book the History of Lowndesville, SC. However, I have limited info on William J. PARTRIDGEís ancestry, spouse of Ella HENDRIX.
Kim McNair Ferguson : Posted : 3/21/2000
FRITH See STEELE Posted : 3/31/1999
FULBRIGHT See BRACKNETT Posted : 1/22/2000
FULLER See HOLT Posted : 5/27/1997
Seeking information on the Thomas FULTON family. Family tradition states he is linked to the Robert FULTON, inventor of the steam engine. The Thomas FULTON family is found in the 1850 Abbeville County census. Thomas FULTON born 1785, Sarah born 1816, Agusta born 1831 Frances born 1838, Lenoard born 1841, Magolia born 1873, Verdon? born 1845, and Thomas B born 1847. Next door to this family is Thomas JOHNSON, age 23 listed as an overseer, who married Augusta FULTON that same year. Thomas and Agusta JOHNSON moved to Sardis, Panola County, Mississippi. I believe Thomas was killed in the civil war, but am having trouble finding his records. Thanks. 
Carolyn J. Opfer : opfercj@cyberstation.netPosted : 9/24/1998
Looking for information on James GAILEY (b. bef. 1755 d. 1800-1810 in Abbeville Co, SC). What was his wifesí Margaretsí last name. Was he born in Abbeville or did he migrate from another state and why? Children : Sarah, Eliza, Joseph, James Pleasant, Mary, Samuel, Thomas, David, and Ann.
Kenneth Gailey : krgailey22@aol.comPosted : 10/10/1999
I am searching for information pertaining to James GAILEY. He is listed in the 1790, 1800, 1810 Census in Abbeville Co, 96 District.
Stephen D. Gailey : sgailey@ibm.netPosted : 3/24/1998
GAINES See DAVIS  Posted : 9/25/1998
GALLOWAY See CALHOUN  Posted : 1/21/2000
GALLOWAY See JORDAN Posted : 3/31/1999
Looking for information on John GAMBLE (wife Elizabeth JOHN) was born Abt. 1783 in Abbeville, SC. Buried in Sandy Creek Cemetery in Jackson AL. He had a son named William.
Sue Hearon : Posted : 5/1/2000
GAMBLE See HARVEY Posted: 10/1/1997
GANTT See ELLIS Posted : 5/1/2000
GARLINGTON  See SIMPSON Posted : 9/25/1998
GARRETT See BRAMLETT Posted: 3/31/1999
Wish to exchange with others researching GARRETTs here 1768-1850. Have much to share.
Terry GARRETT : Ifinlaw@aol.comPosted : 11/12/1997
GARRISON See MORRIS Posted : 11/12/1997
GARRISON See McCULLOCH Posted : 10/31/1997
GARY See IRVIN Updated : 2/12/1998
Benjamin GASSAWAY and, wife, Margaret HALL (Partial Family History). If you are interested in this surname and would like to share information, please contact me.
Susan S. Reaney : Updated : 10/02/1999
John GAW died Abbeville Co by 1789. Widow Violet GAW m John CALHOUN 1790. John had 2 sons, Thomas b 1777 and John b 1786. John is son of Violet, but is Thomas? In the Rev. War Pension record, it states Violet GAW, widow of John GAW, m John CALHOUN in 1790. She had son John GAW b 1786. In Violetís will in Indiana she refers to "my son" John. Why no mention of my ancestor Thomas b 1777? Thomas GAW, m 1799 Nancy HOOD (d/o Thomas HOOD) and resided in Greenville Co., SC. He purchased land there in 1801 and sold in 1812 to move to Jackson Co., TN. Does anyone have information that John GAW (father) may have had a 1st wife and Violet may have been his 2nd wife?  My ancestor Thomas GAW was b 3 Sep 1777 in SC.  His father John GAW d 1788 in Abbeville  Co., SC leaving a widow, Violet, who married in 1790 John CALHOUN and moved to
Dearborn Co., IN with her son John GAW b 1786.  Thomas GAW continued to live in SC, purchasing land in Greenville Co. in 1801 and selling in 1812 to move to Jackson Co., TN. Thomas m 1799 Nancy HOOD (b abt 1782, d/o Thomas HOOD and Sarah MORGAN) of Pendleton/Greenville Cos., SC.  They appeared in Greenville Co., SC census for 1800 and again in 1810 (as Thomas GAN).  Any information on Thomas or John GAW would be much Appreciated.  
NOTE:  There is a John McGAW of Abbeville Co., SC b 1745, d 1805 who had a son John.
There has been information submitted in various forms that has merged  John McGAW b 1785
with my ancestor's brother John GAW b 1786.  I have proof they are two separate individuals if
anyone should care to contact me.  

I don't know if my GAW line and the Abbeville Co., SC McGAW line are connected, frankly it
seems too much of a coincidence to be in the same area at the same time and not be
connected, but if we are it is in a previous generation.
Lynda Leeds : Posted : 3/31/1999 and updated on 6/3/2000

I am searching for any and all information you might have on the surname GEORGETOWN. I am trying to do a comprehensive history for the family. We are a black family. We believe that our ancestors come from the Carolinaís
Joyce Georgetown : sermon101@aol.comPosted : 6/10/1999
GIBEN See IVES  Posted : 3/31/1999
GIBERT See DELASHAW Posted : 3/25/1998
Searching for info. Re: parents of John P. GIBSON, b. SC approx. 1799. Later moved to MS and married Margaret J. WILLIAMS in Monroe Co., MS (1/3/1843). Had children named Asberry, Francis, Elvira, Malverda, Rebecca, Mary, and Martha. Also searching for info. Re: PORTER family who migrated to MS Territory in late 1700ís. Names were Landlot, John, and Samuel. Am descended from James Monroe PORTER, son of Samuel Porter, who died in MS in 1854.
Janice Bivens : Posted : 11/18/1999
GIBSON See BURDEN Posted : 3/31/1999
GILES SCOTT Posted : 3/31/1999
I was searching for a Crawford cemetery. However, I continue to look for information for William GILES, son of Capt. James H. and Susannah Patterson GILES. William was born and died in SC (no dates)- Capt James H GILES dates were 1742-1821. I understand that William lived at the Power Place in Abbeville District, SC. Is the Power cemetery in that area. Maybe he was buried there instead of the Crawford cemetery. William had two sons: John and James Andrew GILES (my great grandfather). James Andrew was married to Frances Ruth and they came to Tippah Co, MS.
Mary Cornelius : maryg@ebicom.netPosted : 3/31/1999
GILES See HAYS/HAYES  Posted : 10/4/1998
My gggrandfather, William GILES, b ca 1742 lived at the Power Place in the Abbeville District. He may have married a POWER of Crawford but is said to have been buried in the Crawford Cemetery. Does anyone know anything about a Crawford Cemetery? If so, please send me info 
Mary Giles Cornelius : maryg@ebicom.netPosted : 8/28/1998
GILLELAND See LESLEY  Posted : 10/4/1998
Seeking information and burial site of Matthew GILLESPIE (d Abbeville, 1793) and his son, James GILLESPIE (d 1795). Jamesí wife, Elizabeth, d 1819 in Abbeville. Need to find out if burial sites recorded. Many thanks for any info.
Donald Gillespie :  Posted : 9/23/1998
GILLESPIE See PURDY Posted : 2/1/1998
Have will of David GILLESPIE of the State of SC & District of Abbeville. Left land, slaves, etc. to wife Mary CALHOUN, children: Mathew H, Polly C, Thomas M, John C, Esther W [Harrison], Hugh S, James C, David P, Elizabeth Ann [Carothers], & Margaret P [Tannehill]. Any information would be appreciated 
Saralyn : strusty@iname.comPosted: 11/12/1997
GILLUM See NELSON Posted : 3/31/1999
I am searching for information about James GLASGOW born 1788 in Abbeville, SC and died 10/28/1849 in Abbeville. He had 2 children I have found : Thomas Morrow GLASGOW and Mary Ann GLASGOW both born in Abbeville. Mary Ann (born about 1816) married John Patton MCCLELLAN (born 5/12/1810, SC) about 1833 in Abbeville. They moved to Attala County MS, where they remained for the remainder or their lives.
Linda McClellan : Posted : 10/31/1998
I am searching for information on Daniel GLAZE Sr. born Lancaster Co, SC about 1780. md susan (?) I have information on only 1 child : Daniel GLAZE, Jr. b. 1805 S.C. m. Eleanor Carmichael. I need information. Family may have migrated to Abbeville Co prior to moving to Waldrop Mills area, GA.
Marygene Glaze Walden : MarygeneW@aol.comPosted : 10/10/1999
Looking for Jerry GLENN line of 1850 Abbeville Co, SC from the town of Greenwood (b. 1824 and married Tobitha COBB). As of the 1860 census he was in Mitchell Co, GA in the town of Pelham. Son, J. W. GLENN (b. 1848 and his son, John Hansel GLENN (b. 1896). GA sons: John, Carl, and Roy. 
Carl Glenn, Jr : Posted : 3/21/2000
I am searching for the last name of wives of John O. GLEN, emigrant of 1768 and Johnís son, James. Johnís wifeís given name was Jean, and Jamesí wife was Margaret. They first lived in Newberry Co, but descendants later moved to Abbeville and then to Cherokee-Etowah Co, AL in the 1840ís
Maryann Cavender Hood : mahood@internetpro.netPosted : 03/06/2000
Elizabeth (Liza) C. Glenn b. April 25, 1850 S.C. married Robert S. Townsend also known as Major, b. July 1, 1845 N.C. Would like any info. Thank you
Joshua Townsend : Posted : 3/31/1999
I would like to exchange info with anytone interested in the GLENNs who migrated to Southern IL from Abbeville and the 96th.
Nancy Attey : NAttey@prodigy.netPosted: 10/1/1997
Seeking more information on a William H. GLOVER that resided in the Abbeville are a and had a son named Willis Jones GLOVER. Any information on either of these men would be helpful. Our Willis Jones Glover was born about 1801 and moved into GA later. Our Willis Jones Glover named a son William H. Glover. Our Glovers were tailors during the War Between the States and it appears that William H. Glover of Abbeville was also a tailor.
Gary Dugger : Posted : 3/31/1999
I am researching John Abraham GLYMPH who was a tailor in Granville in 1768. He had a wife, Catherine. I have been told that there was a Glymphville in Abbeville. I would be glad to share informationí and appreciate any information about the GLYMPH family. Thank you
Nancy Norman : Posted : 10/24/1998
GOLDING See LINDLEY Posted: 4/10/1997
GOLDMAN See ELLENBERG Posted : 3/06/2000 
The GORDON and MCCORD families, both of Abbeville Co, SC, were united by the marriage of James T. MCCORD to Rosa Ann GORDON (my great-great-grandparents) sometime before 1830. I am trying to research this family, and would like to make contact with other researchers. THE MCCORD FAMILY of James T. MCCORD consisted of his father John MCCORD, mother is unknown, siblings were Joseph, William, Robert, Jonathan, Margaret, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Anness McFarlin, Isabel (wife of William McCracken), and grandson William Stuard MCCORD according to John McCordís will dated October 30, 1806. THE GORDON FAMILY consists of Rosa Ann Gordon McCordís father Robert C. GORDON, mother Rebecca (last name unknown, born in Ireland), and siblings Ezekial Evans GORDON, Rebecca Eveline (wife of Leroy C. Wilson), James GORDON, Robert GORDON, Thomas GORDON, Mary Watt, and Jane Elizabeth GORDON according the will of Robert C. GORDON dated January 18, 1852.
Nancy Nance : Posted : 3/21/2000
GORMAN See DAVIS Posted : 2/10/2000
Just following the Rev War, there were several GORMANs in Edgefield and surrounding districts. I have records of several of them, including my own ancestor, John GORMAN (died 1803). I have done some research in the Dept of Archives as well as in Edgefield Co County Clerk's office.  I am interested in contacting others who are researching desc. of WILLIAM, JOSEPH, SAMUEL, NATHANIEL --- in other words, any of those who may have been related to my JOHN GORMAN. Perhaps it will give me a clue as to identity of the other GORMANs who keep popping up with mine, but who are not our direct family. My interest is from abut 1778 to 1835 only.
Norma Gorman Wright : Norma852Wr@aol.comPosted : 5/05/1999
I am working on a book about John GORRIE, the father of refrigeration.  According to my research, John GORRIE lived in Abbeville, SC from about 1827 until he moved to FL in 1831. During the time, he attended medical school and after his graduation. Some of his writings were done there, and he probably practiced medicine there. There is some indication that he was a good friend of J.C. Calhoun. I am looking for any information about GORRIE's life in Abbeville so that I can fill in this part missing part of his story. I would greatly appreciate any help you can give me on this matter, in terms of information, or references to individuals or resources that might provide me with information on John GORRIE's Abbeville years. 
Sunny Fader : Posted : 1/21/2000
I found a Joseph Gouge that moved from Va to 96th district Abbeville Co, SC. I canít find out who he married, but do know of one daughter, Mary Gouge that married William Forgey. If you have any information on any Gougeís from this area I would love to hear from you. 
Kim Smith : mandksmith@ctonline.itPosted : 3/31/1999
I need info on John GOWDY/GOUDY born in 1781 in Abbeville, SC. He married a Jane ??? He had a son named William GOWDY. John died April 27, 1846. He has a will in the book that lists Abbeville Wills. Abbeville District. The Will of John Gowdy. I'm trying to find out where he came from, who his father was, etc. He is my great great great great grandfather and I can't go back beyond him so far.
Vernon Gowdy III :  Posted : 7/26/1998
GRAHAM See DYSON Posted : 3/31/1999
I am looking for the birth place of my great grandfather, Ezekiel GRAHAM (born 1/1/1810) married Susannah JONES 12/4/1834.
Glendon Graham : Posted : 10/8/1998
GRAHAM See PARKER  Posted : 10/7/1998
GRAHAM See COLLINS Posted: 9/17/1997
GRANADE See BRACKNETT Posted : 1/22/2000
Iím searching for the parents and grandparents of William Miles GRANT born In Abbeville SC around 1830. Father was James or James Jr. They moved to Henry Co. GA. He married Elizabeth Young and was wounded at Gettysburg. Moved to LA after the war.
Victor Grant : Posted : 11/09/1999
John GRANT was married to Isabella PAXTON. Their son, David Milton GRANT, is my G G Grandfather. His father died in 1830 and Isabella PAXTON took her family and moved to GA. I would like to have any informtion that is available.
Sandra Fisher : sampsf@aol.comPosted : 3/25/1998
Seeking information on William GRAVES and wife Elizabeth. One of their sons was John R. GRAVES (born 3 Sept 1791 in Abbeville District and moved to Tennessee in 1804. 
John E. Craig : Posted: 5/8/1997
I am looking for any information on John GRAY what lived in Abbeville Before the Civil War. He was in Co. B Orr's Regement of rifles. Was with Lee through the war. His Parole slip shows he returned home to Abbeville and was a Storekeeper. He later moved to Columbia S.C. where his son Allan GRAY was born. John GRAY was my ggGrandfather
TGRELIABLE@aol.comPosted : 1/21/2000
GRAY See CRAIG  Posted: 7/26/1998
GRAY See COCKRAN Posted: 3/31/1999
GREEN See BANKS Posted : 6/13/1999
Locate Robert Hardin GREEN and wife Anzie Patterson GREEN. Want to confirm they are parents of Thomas Jefferson GREEN (b 1826). My great-great grandfather. 1900 census listing of my great grandfather indicates Robert was born in England and Anzie in Scotland.
Norm Green : ngreen8864@aol.comPosted: 12/23/1997
GRESHAM See KEATON Posted: 3/24/1998
Interested in info.about Griers in Due West and Lee Family
Calvin K. Grier : cal in Updated : 11/09/1999
GRIFFIN See HAYS/HAYES  Posted : 10/4/1998
I have found out that Austin G. THOMPSON'S mother and fathers name was Dr. Richard E. THOMPSON married to Louisa C. (GROVES) in Oct. of 1886 in the Ninety-Six and Abbeville, SC. Louisa had three son's before her marriage to Richard; Austin, William, Paul, and Wade was born afterwards I think. I know that Austin was b. on 8-23-1879 and d. 11-29-1951. Can anyone out there help me find out were this family came from? Posted : 3/31/1999
I am looking for Elizabeth GULLETT or GULLICK who supposedly married Frederick KEEL, son of Hardy KEEL, in Abbeville Co. about 1785 or so. She is connected to either Alexander and Delphina GULLETT or GULLICK or Andrew and Delphina GULLETT. Any information on any GULLETTs or GULLICKs will be appreciated as well as Frederick Keel.
Marla Goodrich : 76514.75@compuserve.comPosted : 3/31/1999
GULLETT See KEAL/KEEL Posted : 7/26/1998
GULLICK See GULLET  Posted : 3/31/1999
I am looking for any references to the immigration of Joseph and Jean GUNNION in 1783, any references to either of these individuals before or after 1783, or any reference to Benjamin and Jean (or Jane) GUNNIN (or GUNNION) prior to 1790.
Jim Gunnin : Posted : 5/1/2000
Looking for info on Benjamin GUNNIN d. 1811, Abbeville, SC.
Angelique Allen : : 10/10/1999
GUNNIN See WYLIE Posted : 3/25/1998
GUTHRIE See CRAWFORD Posted: 12/10/1997
Am searching for information on the HAGOOD/HAYGOOD family who moved to the Abbeville district some time before 1800. Partin HAGOOD was probably the father of a James, John and George. James and John moved to Greene Co AL. James was probably the father of another Partin who married Mary Edmiston. The Edmistons and HAGOODs were neighbors in SC and AL
Mel Hagood : hagoodm@proaxis.comPosted : 10/4/1998
Trying to find a link to Josiah Marion HAIRSTON, born June 10, 1834 in Marietta, GA (Cobb County). Father may have been Thomas HAIRSTON, (not certain), but it appears that Josiah's family may have come from Abbeville or Edgeville, SC. Would like to get more information about James HAIRSTON and/or Robert HAIRSTON who lived in Abbeville around 1800, and John HAIRSTON, who lived in Edgeville about the same time, one of whom may have been Josiah's grandfather or great grandfather. Also Andrew HAIRSTON, who may have moved into the area around 1745 or 1750 from NC.
Don Hairston : DH02747@aol.comPosted : 8/8/1998
According to my family history, I have my ggggrandfather born in Abbeville abt 1780 along with 8 of his 10 children. His name was Peter HAIRSTON and his wife was Ann S. ?. I was interested in the information on this site . This family did migrate to Gwinnett County GA somewhere around 1825.
Anna Moseley : Amose17325@aol.comPosted : 1/27/1998
HALE See COWAN Posted: 3/31/1999
Looking for info on Drury (Drewry) R. HALL b. 1790 in NY m. Martha b. 1799 in SC. Children were Fenton, Drewry, Robert, William A. P., Thomas H., Martin Van Buren and Joseph L. W. Looking for parents of Drury R. HALL and wife Martha.
Gordon Parks : Posted : 5/1/2000
I enjoyed reading your brief history of Abbeville. We have traced our ancestors to Frances Elizabeth HALL of Abbeville, SC. She married Capt.? James Harvey STARK (second owner of the BURT-STARK house) and had, as far as I can tell, 6 children with him. When he died, she married Stephen Jones MCKEE and had 3 children. Frances is my 2nd great-grandmother. My grandmother's records are where I got this information from. I am just trying to verify as much information as I can. I have a copy of a will from Alice H Covert of Los Angeles, CA that lists her brother as James S STARK of Abbeville, SC, her half-sister, Fannie Baker of Austin, TX (my great-grandomother), and her half-brother W. A. MCKEE of Redding, CA. Do you have any information on any of these people?
Robert W Heard : bobn5jmq@freewwweb.comPosted : 12/10/1999
Looking for any history on William H.HALL, or Susannah McMERTY. William came from England were he was born around 1765. Susannah came from Ireland were she was born in 1767. They probably met in S.C., married and most of their children there. Susannah HALL was born Nov.16,1791 in Newberry Co. William and his family moved to Pulaski Co, KY around 1800. Susannah HALL married Acy/Asa ROY in Pulaski Co., on May 6,1809. Susannah McMERTY came to S.C. in 1781. Is anyone working on these two names?
Tim Mattingly : Posted : 3/31/1999
HALL See HAMILTON Posted : 10/18/1998
I holoHALL (b 5/24/1843; d 12/23/1902) and her husband, John H. CAIN. They were married in the 1860's (?) and one known daughter was Lula Caroline CAIN (b 5/5/1886) who married Willis Bradford MADDEN, my grandparents. I found Jane HALLl's tombstone at Rocky River Baptist Church in Abbeville Co but unable to locate John H. CAIN's. It is believed that HALL and CAIN be from the Due West or Level Land area. Other possible children are: James Andrew (b 6/1/1869) , "Duff", "Pink" or Pinckney, and "Bud." Any help would be appreciated. Posted : 9/25/1998
I was told by a researcher that I would find Robert H.Hall in the 1850 census for Abbeville. He was born 1845-47. He would be there with his mother Harriet and family. His Grandmother Hall is Elizabith. They are later found in 1870 till he died in Butler Co, AL. Have a big hole to fill in the middle. If this is our Robert, he married Malissa Griffon of Warren Co, GA in 1870.They are my gg grandparents.
EWEST : ewest13@aol.comPosted : 3/24/1998
Iím looking for Henry HALL who married Elizabeth Paramore. They had 6 sons : John Henry, William Harrison, Alexander, James, Wiley and Elijah Franklin. They moved with their sons to southern Alabama where they lived until they died. I have no further info on this family. I would appreciate any help. Thank you.
Diane Shaw : steve@avsia.comPosted : 12/10/1997
HALL See CANNON Posted : 7/29/1997
HALL See GASSAWAY Posted: 5/1/1997
Does anyone know the origin of the surname HALLIBURTON? Could there be a relation to Western NC families?
Bobbie Wakefield : bwake@hci.netPosted : 3/31/1999
Looking for William HALLOWAY/HOLLOWAY born abt 1805 and was sent, with his sister (do not know name) to live with the Warren family in Illinois when the Yellow Fever killed his parents. Was that about 1810 or later? Perhaps SC history will give me an idea of when the yellow fever went through, and if someone is searching the cemetries during those years they could look for me. Thank you very much for any help you can give me. I am at a dead end.
Peggy Zant :  Posted : 5/8/1997
I have hit that frustrating brick wall and am seeking help and guidance. My g.g.g.g.g.grandfather was Alexander HAMILTON (common names seem to be much more difficult to research and be sure that they are your family!) Here is what I know for sure: Before 1805, Alexander HAMILTON lived in SC. He moved to Ohio around 1805 with a group of Associate Reformed Presbyterians and he became a founding Elder of the Hopewell Presbyterian Church. Alexander had at least 5 children, at least 3 of those children were born in SC, the children born in SC are John b. 1782, Samuel b. 1773, and Jane b. 1784, the other children are Nancy and Israel and I don't know where they were born. I do not know who Alexander's wife was, I do know that he had a brother Andrew who also moved to Ohio.  There is another HAMILTON family that lived in the 96th District area around this same time, they were related to the Calhoun family. This does not appear to be my Alexander HAMILTON. By all accounts my Alexander HAMILTON fought in the Revolutionary War. Because of his relationship to Hopewell Presbyterian church and Rev. Porter, I think he must have been a member of Long Cane Creek Presbyterian Church or Hopewell Presbyterian Church in SC, but I can find no records to confirm this.  I am totally lost having looked at every record I know to check. I have not been at this very long so I am sure that knowledgeable family researchers out there would know better ways to approach this and places to look. Any help or sugestions are greatly appreciated.
Melissa Ziegler : mazTN@aol.comPosted : 1/21/2000
I am trying to find the names of the parents of my great, great,grandfather, William HAMILTON, b. 25 Jul, 1783, SC. I have thoughtPendleton District, but in looking at a mostly incorrect list ofinformation for William and Rachel HUNTER , I find that one bit of information could be correct, which is that William was born in Abbeville, SC. In or around 1808, he went to East TN, Claiborne Co, and married Rachel HUNTER, b. 15 Mar, 1791, Weaver's Creeek, in what is now Pickens Co, SC. Rachel was the dau. of Henry HUNTER, and Barbara BOLLINGER. Henry was the son of Rev. War soldier, John HUNTER, formerly Johannes JEAGER/JAGER, and Barbara BOWMAN, dau. of Jacob BOWMAN, and Verena ______? Barbara BOLLINGER, b. 1769, Codorus , York Co., PA, was the dau. of Isaac BOLLINGER, and Chaterina____? William HAMILTON was a captain of the Company E., in the War of 1812.   He owned in 1798, 173 acres on 23-Mile-Creek. His father-in-law to be, in the War of 1812, Henry HUNTER owned 640 acres on a 23-Mile Creek in Pendleton Co, SC. John HUNTER, Esq., found 300 acres on 18-Mile Creek.
Ann H. Pippin : alwaysann@unicomp.netPosted : 10/10/1999
Looking for parents of Thomas Perry HAMILTON (b.11-30-1839) and Elizabeth S. EAKINS (b.10/5/1842). They were married 2/1/1859 in Abbeville Co, SC. Moved to Taylor Co, FL soon thereafter. 
John Henley : crsgoldh@dixie.4ez.comPosted : 6/10/1999
I am interested in finding out more about my family. My mother was Mary Elizabeth HAMILTON of Abbeville, SC. She was born April 30, 1923-24. I am not very sure of the exact date. She was African American with Native American mother. If you have any information please contact me at the above web site.
Timothy O. Jones : TIM747OTHY@webtv.netPosted : 3/31/1999
John Hamilton (b March 1782, Abbeville SC). He married Elizabeth Brown and later moved to Preble Co, OH. Seeking information on parents and siblings of John Hamilton and Elizabeth Brown. I am new at this search and greatly appreciate your assistance.I have found additional information about my g,g,g,g grandfather Alexander Hamilton who lived in Abbeville or 96 District. He served in the Revolutionary War in the 2nd SC Militia under Col. Francis Marion, the "Swamp Fox". His brother Andrew also served in the 6th SC Militia. Alexander had 5 children that I know of: Samuel, Israel, John, Jane, and we believe Nancy. I am seeking information on Alexander's wife, parents, and date and location of his birth. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your work on the Abbeville web page, this information makes genealogy so much more interesting.
Melissa : MazTN@aol.comPosted : 3/31/1999
Luke Hamilton, Jr. (1800-1876, GA) md 1831 1st to Rebecca Warnick and 2nd to Rosanna HALL (1810-1876). They are buried in Iva, SC at a Pres. Cemetery. His father was Luke Hamilton, Sr. (b in Ireland and d 1825, Anderson Co, SC. He was in the War of 1812. His wife was Elizabeth Witherspoon? (b in Rowan Co, NC). Rosanna HALL was the daughter of Lemuel and Margaret HARKNESS HALL.
Nelle Epps : NPEPPS@webtv.netPosted : 10/18/1998
HAMILTON See KENNEDY Posted: 6/7/1997
I am in search of John Handley, b. abt. 1735-1740. John arrived in Charleston Sept 1765. He was listed as a Sgt. in HM 60th Regt. a foot. John may have had two sons with him, Jame and John. John sr. had a 50ac land bounty for services in the French/Indian/English wars. He sold his 50ac in Charleston and moved into the old 96 Dist. SC. John Sr. wife UNK. Her name could have been Susannah (Susan) ? Anyone having information are doing research on these families, please contact me. I will share data. Thanks
Ellie Handley : ehandley@texas.netPosted : 3/31/1999
Looking for any info on a soldier who immigrated to Charlestown, SC circa 1765-66. He was granted 40 acres, which he sold a year or 2 later. Have lost his trail after that. Itís believed he may have gone to the Laurens District/Abbeville area and later his descendents were in Sevier Co, TN area. May have been in the Athens/Augusta area of GA for awhile. Surname spelled quite a few ways : HANDLEY, HANLEY, HUNLEY, HENDLY.
Randy Muir : tree9616@aol.comPosted : 3/24/1998
I am in search of the family William HANDLEY (b abt. 1760), md. Jane ?? (b abt 1770, SC). Children : John (1785), Handley (1788), Thomas (1791), John William (1794), James (1796, SC). About 1800-1803,William and Jane moved to East TN., in/or around Sevier Co., TN. I have found the name spelled as Hanly, Handly, Hanley and Hundley. Anyone having information on HANDLEYs in the area, please contact me. I will share information.
Ellie Handley : ehandley@texas.netPosted: 12/10/1997
HAMMON See DUFF Posted : 1/28/1998
Hammond b. 1794, d. 1828 m. 1815 to Elizabeth Zimmerman in Abbeville County SC. Where did he come from and who were his parents?
Jscotthammond@aol.comPosted : 03/06/2000
I would like to correspond / exchange data and ideas with anyone interested or researching the Hanvey family (any and all branches). Especially, would like to exchange information on the ancestors or decendents of William Hanvey. WilliamHanvey was most likely born in County Down in the Kingdom of Ireland ca 1740, and was certainly the immigrant ancestor of the great Hanvey Family originating in the Colony of SC. He and his wife, Sarah, whose maiden name is unknown, arrived with their young daughter, Jane, at Charles Towne in the Province of SC on Thursday - 19 February 1767. Sarah was born ca 1741 and Jane was born ca 1764. William and his family were among a group of poor Irish Protestants who arrived on the ship, Earl of Hillsborough. The vessel had sailed from Belfast in the Kingdom of Ireland on 30 November 1766. William received a 250 acre Royal Land Grant in the Long Cane Section, near the Belfast Township of SC and his decendents have spread to all parts of the county. I have over 6000 records and much reference data on individuals related to this line. I will gladly correspond with anyone interested in the Hanvey family. 
Monte A. Hart : Updated: 7/8/1997
HARBIN See HAYS/HAYES  Posted : 10/4/1998
HARDIN See PRESSLY Posted : 3/31/1999
HARKNESS See PETTIGREW Posted: 5/21/1997
HARNAGE See ROBBINS Posted: 11/12/1997
I am trying to do some research on my mother's family. My father thinks that a family member of the Harper clan was a member of a confederate unit that was recruited from Lowndesville. Do you know what units were raised from that area and what regiments they were merged into?
Chris Marchi : cmarchi@innova.netPosted : 10/4/1998
Am looking for information on Max BULOW, may also have been spelled as BELOW or BELOU, who arrived from Germany or Austria Hungary in possibly mid-1800s, via port of Charleston. Settled in the Nations area of Abbleville/Calhoun Falls as a blacksmith. GGrandmother was Rosa Lee CAAN, daughter of Max BULOW. Grandmother was Marie CAAN, retired school teacher, who married Llewllywn HARRIS, had son Jesse L. HARRIS of Anderson. 
Jesse L. Harris, Jr. : jharris@tpinter.netPosted : 1/21/2000
Looking for deeds in Old Ninety-six, I came across these HARRISís. Can someone help me with this family?
HARRIS, Richard 125 acres Ninety-six 1795
HARRIS, Robert 318 acres Ninety-six 1793
HARRIS, Samuel 337 acres Ninety-six 1799
HARRIS, Stephen 452 acres Ninety-six 1793
HARRIS, Thomas 100 acres Ninety-six 1791
HARRIS, Thomas 176 acres Ninety-six 1794
These gentlemen have aquired considerable acreage here. Are they from your family?
Rob Woods : echw@worldaccessnet.comPosted : 6/13/1999
HARRIS See McELVANY Posted : 10/31/1998
Would like any information available on Stephen HARRIS who had land on Bear Creek ca. 1790-1810 in the Abbeville area. Land records mention him along with David HARRIS and Claiborne HARRIS.
Barbara Ballew : jballew@dnet.netPosted: 7/6/1998
I am looking for the parents of Daniel Reece HARRISON born about 1775 in Abbeville SC who married Margaret Susannah RUCKER born about 1785. I am having a hard time with my line. My mother is Dollie HARRISON BARNETT, father was Whittenburg Franklin HARRISON, father was William Henry HARRISON, father was, (supposedly) to be Reece Simeon HARRISON, and his father was Daniel Reece HARRISON, father was suppose to be, maybe, a George R. HARRISON. The only thing I know for sure is my mother, grandfather and ggrandfather.
Professor William Barnett : Posted : 12/10/1999
HARRISON See BRAMLETT Posted: 3/31/1999
HARRISON See CRISWELL  Posted : 9/25/1998
Looking for information on Bertha Waldrop HARTSELL, married to (unknown) HARTSELL living in Abbeville Co, SC in 1940. She had a brother, Ronzo Waldrop in Union, SC, a sister, Alice Waldrop Turner in Tallahassee, FL. Any information appreciated!
Mary H. Walkdrop : maryrob@carol.netPosted : 6/10/1999
Seeking info on Artimus (Otimus) H. HARVEY (dates unknown) and wife Lou Francis CREAMER (b. Sept 09, 1873), the daughter of William CREAMER and ??? GAMBLE, as well as, any others along these lines.
John Turner : jwt@flash.netPosted: 10/1/1997
Looking for information on the ancestors of Benjamin Benton HARVLEY, b. 6/26/1831, d. 11/9/1916, married to Elizabeth Jane Robinson, b. 1/3/1837, Abbeville Co, SC, d. 3/5/1917. Also looking for paternal ancestors of Mary Josephine Jaro, b. 10/4/1863, Longmires, SC, d. 7/6/1938, Greenwood, SC. Her father was in Civil War and killed. His name was possibly either J. W. JARO or Augustus Gerro or maybe even Jayroe. That is the biggest mystery in my family! Would love it solved!
Bonner Sasser : Posted : 6/13/1999
I am looking for a Rebecca Naomi NOWELL who married John HARVIN b 10-15-1783 d. 1869 of Sumter District and is reported to be from Abbeville. Marriage date 2-12-1807.she had a sister Elizabeth J NOWELL who married Richard HARVIN 2-11-1811.
Sarah Keels : sarahreid@FTC-I.NET Posted : 3/31/1999
Seeking information on my ggg grandfather Jacob HARWICK and his wife Elinor LOGAN. Jacob being born in1775 in Abbeville, SC. Elinor also from Abbeville. Have no birth date for Elinor.
Patricia Jenkins : Posted : 11/09/1999
I am researching my Harwick family and Nicholas Harwick appears on the 1820 census and I was wondering how to go about getting more information on how to get a record of the census. If you can help please let me know.
Jean Bowers : Posted : 11/09/1999
Looking for info on Jacob HARWICK. He was either born in Abbeville Co about 1750 or maybe migrated from PA at that time. Married Elinnor LOGAN. Children include : Nicholas HARWICK born 1801 Abbeville and Henry, Jacob, William, Malinda and Ellen. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Gary Harwick : garsu@msn.comPosted : 6/10/1999
HASKELL See CHEVES Posted : 3/31/1999
HAYGOOD See ESTES Posted : 3/31/1999
Seeking info. on William and Thomas HAYS/HAYES parents. Time period mid to late 1700ís. William married first Bethena HEATON and second Mary WATERS. Thomas married Sarah NIXON. These are my ancestors on my motherís side. Also seeking info. on my fatherís side GILES, TOWNSEND, VERMILLION, GRIFFIN. I havenít searched much on these lines. And my husband is searching his HARBIN ancestors. Will exchange any info on these line.
Debbie Giles Harbin : Posted : 10/4/1998
Iím looking for information on Thomas HEARST b. abt 1761 Abbeville District and Isabel MILLER b. abt 1765.
K. R. Marchbank : k.marchbank@worldnet.att.netPosted : 1/22/2000
I am looking for any information on my ancestors .They are the families of HEATON & HEMBREE. William HEATON died in the Pendelton District on 11 Jan, 1799. My fifth grandfather was Smith HEATON who was born in Pendleton District, SC about 1774. He had all of his children there, too .. Starting abut 1760 through 1778. William HEATON married Esther HEATON and had several children. One of which was a son William HEATON who married Hephzibah HEMBREE. This was not the only marriage involving between the HEATONS and the HEMBREES. Any info would be greatly appreciated. 
Kristy Newman Rochat : dracula21k@aol.comPosted : 3/31/1999
HEATON See HAYS/HAYES  Posted : 10/4/1998
HEARST See WAKEFIELD Posted: 1/28/1998
Looking for any information on Hedgepath or Hedgepeth's in the Abbeville Co area in the 1790 to early 1800's time frame. My John Hedgepath in Chester Co may be linked to this area.
Francis R. Stabler : Posted : 11/09/1999
HEMBREE See HEATON Posted : 3/31/1999
Daniel HENDERSON born 1790 SC. Unsure, but father might be James HENDERSON. Daniel had children; Benjamin; and second wife Sarah Catherine Thornton.
Ann Hall : Posted : 5/1/2000
I am in need of a Bible or other official record that lists the children of James and Ann HENDERSON. Their daughter, my ancestor, Martha HENDERSON married William Hancock. James and Ann lived in both Greenville and Laurens Counties and may have lived in Abbeville County in the late 1700ís or the early 1800s. Martha preceded her parents in death and is not mentioned in her mother Annís will except for her husband, William Hancock as a son-in-law. Therefore I need some official document listing Martha as a daughter of James and Ann. 
Blanche W. Jernigan : dixiebell@couriernet.infi.netPosted : 03/06/2000
I am looking for information about William Franklin HENDERSON born Feb. 24, 1811. Any information would be appreciated.
Nilva J. Henderson : Posted : 11/09/1999
HENDERSON See McCULLOCH Posted : 10/31/1997
Am seeking information on Shadrack HENDERSON (1750-1810) whose father was Richard HENDERSON (1710-1790). Shadrack had children : Nathaniel, John, William, James Butler, Richard, Thomas, Sarah, Margaret, Shadrack Eli,and Samuel Elliot. Shadrackís wifeís name may have been Eleanor Butler or Holloway. Will share info with others working on this family.
Peg Price : bearpaw@alaska.netPosted: 10/31/1997
HENDRIX See FRITH Posted : 3/21/2000
I am searching for my GG-Grandfather Marion HENDRIX who married Mary STUCKEY or Sturkey. He is reported to have run a grist mill on the Savanah River and to have traded with the Indians. His wife Mary is said to have been Indian of what tribe I do not know. Their children include Presley who is said to have married a Clattie CULVERSON of Bradley, Authur who had cotton warehouses in McCormick County, and William Andrew who married Rozzella Carrie Hill in Abbevile. He had seven daughters (names available upon request). I need to know whose tribe Mary was from; the date of their marriage, the place of their marrage, and who their ancestors where. Can somone help me?
Dr. Robert L. Barnes : Posted : 3/31/1999
HENDERSON See LESLIE Posted : 7/26/1998
Seeking information about John HENDRICK, born in Ireland 1749. He and this brother left Scotland on a British ship for Philadelphia in 1777. He went to Abbeville, SC. Known children: George and Nathan. Died June 10, 1822 and is buried south of Abbeville in a Presbyterian Cemetery. George (Hendrick/Hendricks/Hendrix) was my greatgrandfather, believed to be son of John. Garrett Hendrix is believed to be Georgeís brother, both went with the Hughen family to Coweta County, GA in 1831.
Frank Hendrix: Posted: 4/2/1997
HERBERT See WATSON Posted : 10/10/1999
According to the 1810 and 1820 census indexes, my ggGrandfather Peter Herbert was from Abbeville, SC. My ggGrandmother was named Rebecca. Any thing you may have on this would be appreciated.
John Herbert : Posted : 3/31/1999
HENRY See SHARP Posted : 3/31/1999
There are many variations on the spelling of this name. I am looking for parents/siblings of Elizabeth HERRIOTT born 1808. Married in Abbeville District about 1828 to David PURSLEY. They relocated to Hempstead Co, AR by 1840. David died in the Mexican War in Saltillo, Mexico in 1847. She remarried that year to John L. KINNARD. Some researchers say she might be connected to a Robert HERIOT, but I can find nothing on him either. 
Ann Hill : Posted : 10/8/1998
Searching for any information on the surname HERRON/HERON/HERIN/HERRIN/ HERRING. Any assistanace appreciated.
Linda W. Skelton : lwskelton@mindspring.comPosted : 10/10/1999
Would anyone happen to know if there are any Bastardy Bonds for Abbeville County? I am at a dead end with Thomas HERSTON born ca 1802 in Abbeville. Family stories have him as illegitimate. Vic HAIRSTON has suggested he might be the son of a Thomas HAIRSTON who was living in the county at that time and Esther Baker McCool, the lady whose family raised him. He moved to southern Indiana along with the Baker and McCool families. I would love to prove the connection to the HAIRSTONS. Is there any researcher whom you could suggest to do local research for me? I doubt that I will ever travel to Abbeville and there are only a few books about the county and area which I have access to.
Brenda : Posted : 5/19/2000
Seeking information about Thomas Baker HERSTON, born 1802 in Abbeville Co, SC. He moved to IN by the 1820ís and married Ann Mariah KELLEY in 1829. The couple lived out their lives in Warrick County, IN. I suspect that Thomas was the illegitimate son of one Thomas Baker, also of Abbeville and Warrick Counties. The name is pronounced as hers-ton, but I wonder if it was originally spelled Hairston. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Brenda Evans : brendae@comsource.netPosted : 5/5/1999
I am seeking any reference to these surnames. Francis or Isham (Isom) HESTERLY and Sarah PENNINGTON. Francis and Sarah married about 1800-04 probably in the border area of SC/GA. Their first child is believed to have been born in 1805(?) in the Greenville area. Isham (Isom) is believed to have been either the brother or perhaps the father of Francis. I hope to find their parents for another generation connection.
Hal Hesterly : NHHS48@aol.comPosted : 5/18/1999
Seeking information about James H. HICKS and wife Sarah "Sallie" (STACKS). Son William Thomas HICKS was born in Abbeville on 20 OCT 1899. Need anything on Jamesí birth, wedding to Sarah and his parents/family.
Dustin Hicks : dhicks@inreach.comPosted : 3/31/1999
Seeking information on William HILL, Sr., b. abt. 1746 and d. 05 Sep 1821 and his wife, Anne, b. abt. 1762 and d. 23 Nov 1835, in Abbeville County. Would like to share information.
Susan Hill Husij : Posted : 5/2/2000
Looking for the parents of William Thomas HILL born Jun 1 1842 SC, married Sarah Elizabeth Prince, died Dec 28 1894, buried Lawrence Co AL. Had a son named William Thomas HILL Jr. Any info appreciated - thanks Selena.
Selena Jackson : sjackson@usit.netPosted : 5/2/2000
I am looking for information on my GGG Grandfather who was Jacob HILL and Lived in Abbeville, SC.
Charley Hill : NOACTM508@aol.comPosted : 5/2/2000
HILL See HUKISON Posted : 5/1/2000
HILL See NEELY Posted : 3/21/2000
I am researching information on my 2nd Great grandfather, Thomas J. HILL, born in SC. A Thomas J. HILL appears on the 1843 Census from Abbeville District. Also appears on the 1860 Census from Abbeville District, Diamond Hill P.O. Anyone have a copy of the Census taken that might reveal more information or connection with this Thomas J. Hill?
Eddie M. Hill III : emhill3@negia.netPosted : 12/10/1999
1850 Angelina Co, TX Census shows Joel HILL 49,married to Jane E. 44 and children James E. 21 born SC, Seth S. 14 born SC, Benjamin 12 born SC, Joel M. 5 born LA and Elizabeth 2 born TX. I would appreciate any information possible.
Betty A. Owen : Obama2@donet.comPosted : 10/10/1999
Can anyone help find info on my ancestors from Abbeville. Supposedly, my great, great grandfather "Henry Franklin Hill" was born in Abbeville in 1849. His father's name was simply "Franklin Hill". I do not know the spouse of Franklin Hill. Supposedly Franklin Hill owned 1100 acres and 29 slaves on a section of land around Abbeville circa 1800's. I definitely would like to know who Franklin Hill's father was. Any information or suggestion will be appreciated.
Gregory Hill : Posted : 10/10/1999
Jonas HILL: looking for old Pendleton & Ninety-Six deeds, of any other records prior to 1789, when Pendleton area was attached to Abbeville Co. Jonas is shown in 1790 census of Pendleton Co, but no records prior to that time have been found. 
E. Ray Hill : Erayhill@msn.comPosted : 3/31/1999
I am looking for any info on HILL, John, born 1749 in Abbeville Dist, SC. Married April 8, 1761 in St. Phillips Parish, SC to Susannah BURREY (b 1753 also in Abbeville). They had at least one daughter, Sally Nelia (b 1775/78 in Abbeville). She married David Jackson VINES (b 1773 in Abbeville). David is the son of Daniel VINES (b 1759 in Anson Co, NC). David and Sally had James Neil (b Nov 6, 1807 in Abbeville Dist.
Deloures Beam : Posted : 3/31/1999
I looking for descendants (of black descendants) of the surname listed above. I am also looking names of any slave owners of the surname mentioned above.
Donna Blackwell : Posted : 10/31/1998
I am looking for Thompson D. HODGES (b 1787, Abbeville District) who married Mahala HILL (b 1802, SC). Looking for parents, and whence they came. There children were : Mary (b about 1821, TX); Nancy (b about 1823, TX); Harrison (b about 1825, TX); Martha Emaline (b about 1827, Abbeville District?); Tonar Davis Hodges; Amanda (b about 1829, TX); Margaret "Polly" (b about 1831, TX); Hazelton (b about 1833, TX); Frances (b about 1835, TX) and Elmina (b 9 Jan 1837, TX) and married James M. Able, 1856. The ABLEs came from Ireland unknown time, and was in SC for a short time. His parents, Moses and Jane ABLE from Ireland. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
Lorri Bunn : Posted : 9/25/1998
Thomas (c1710-1773) & Bathsua "Abney" HILL had 9 children most of whom settled in Abbeville District in 1770s. Thomas was born in King William Co, VA, moved to Spotsylvania Co where most children were born, and died in Cumberland Co, VA in 1773. The children were : William b.c.1730 md Mrs. Dorcas "Abney" Mays, he d. Edgefield, 1801; Mary md Mr. Hennley d. Abbeville;Thomas md Nancy d.1821 Abbeville; Sarah unk.; Anne md Benj. Hatter, he d. 1827 Abbeville; Joseph d. in VA; Dennet moved to Laurens 1798 sold out 1813 and moved; James b.1737 buried Newberry 1813; John md Susannah d.1824 Abbeville. Based on Abbeville records, this family is not easy to research. Any info appreciated. Ancillary families : Richardson, Cason, Mays
Ren Bradley : Renwic@aol.comPosted: 3/25/1998
Searching for info on James HILL who died in Abbeville County in 1829. According to his will his wife was Katharine _________. Who was she? Who were his parents and who were hers? Where and when were they born? James and Katharine had 9 children; Jacob, James, John, Caroline, Samuel, Thomas, Henry H., Daniel and Margaret. Any help will be appreciated. Will exchange and share info.
Clifford R. Hill : grumpy@onslowonline.netPosted: 3/25/1998
I am looking for any information on the family of James H. HILL. His wifeís name was Frances. They were listed in the 1850 census before they moved to Pontotoc Co, MS. Any information would help regarding both of there parents.
Michael Sullivan : Msulli7415@aol.comPosted: 3/25/1998
Please advise if you have info on James HILL (b ca 1813-23, SC) who md a Lucinda (surname unknown) ca 1840, SC or GA. I find a will dated Dec 1829, Abbeville Co, SC of James HILL who lists wife as Katherine and children as follows : Jacob, John, Samuel, Thomas, James, Caroline, Daniel, Henry H., Margaret ALSO illegitimate children with Marg. DORRAH : Jesse, Eleanor, Larsey, Manes, Malinda HILL. James HILL, the son, could be my James HILL. Have not been able to find any links from this will backward or forward.
April Robbins : arobbins@csulb.eduPosted: 3/23/1998
HILL See McCULLOCH Posted : 10/31/1997
I am just trying any long shots on family connections. I have traced very accurately my family back to the Crawfordville area of GA and understand that they may have had connections to the Abbeville District of SC. The last firm connection I have is Benjamin HILL, who was born in 1796 (not sure if in GA or SC) and his father was (I believe) Robert HILL. I am trying to make connections to HILLs in that area that might be used to confirm other data. Do you have any listing on HILLs in the cemetary records you have research or any other data you might have. Also data on WILDERs might be helpful as these families later moved to Dougherty Co, GA together and there is some connections. Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated.
Charles Hill : cphill@dnet.netPosted : 1/27/1998
HILLHOUSE See DOBBINS Posted : 10/31/1997
HINSON See BARR Posted : 10/10/1999
The HINTON brothers: Thomas Zachariah and Jeremiah . Thomas Zachariah was born ~ 1785 in SC, married Francis HUGHEY and remained in Abbeville. They had eleven known children. Jeremiah was born ~ 1796, married Elizabeth VANN and is in 1850 Madison Co., FL Census. Who were the parents of Thomas and Jeremiah ? Was their mother a SELBY ? If you have information concerning the above,
John Byrd : jbyrd16476@ij.netUpdated : 7/26/1998
HODGE See BONDS Posted : 5/1/2000
I am searching for the Surname HODGE, Iím trying to find information about Arthur HODGE, son of Smith and Prudence HODGE. Please any HODGE information would be appreciated.
Teri : thompsontr@netzero.netPosted : 11/18/1999
My gggg grandparents, Benjamin F. HODGES married to Mary Ann WARDLAW 1795 in Abbeville, SC. Mary Ann WARDLAW and her family were from Abbeville. Maryís parents were John WARDLAW and Peggy Moore WARDLAW. Benjamin and Mary moved to Pontotoc Co, MS and are buried there. Benjamin came from Middlesex, VA. His father was Captain John HODGES and mother was Frances "Franky" Long (my ggggg grandparents). I am wondering if there are any other decendents still living in Abbeville, or in Hodges, SC?
David Hodges : Posted : 10/10/1999
Am trying to find Richard and Sarah F. Hodges. They left before 1818 for KY and in 1820 were in IN. My father, Albert Clifford Chambers, was a direct decendent of Richard and Sarah. Can't find Chambers in Dent Co, MO. My Great Grandparents were Rosemond Hodges & Lucinda Weatherbee Hodges. My Grandparents were William and Marinda Hodges Chambers.
Aline Roberts : roberts@madras.netPosted : 3/31/1999
HODGES See HILL  Posted : 9/25/1998
Can anyone help me make sense of the HOGANs of Abbeville? My ggrandfather, Edward Franklin HOGAN (may be called James Franklin) is in the 1850 census in Abbeville Co living with his mother, Sarah 34, he is 15. His brothers are John Henry (14) and Wade (13). .Sarah evidently died in 1850, His fathers name unknown. He appears on the 1860 census married to Anna Hodges with an infant John. John Henry was also married to Jane Mann with an infant Ira, Wade is not shown. Franklin and John enlisted in the 1st regiment Company G - 1st SC Cavalry in Jan 1862 at Abbeville Courthouse. John Henry died of smallpox and Franklin was discharged. I find no further trace until 1880 when Franklin shows up in Blount Co, AL with a new wife Mary M (born in GA) and 4 children. Iíve been looking for 20 years. If you have anything on these people or their ancestors please let me know Thanks
Garland Hogan : ghogan@wtd.netPosted : 10/4/1998
I am trying to locate the gravesite of an infant boy, surname of DUDLEY, that was born to James Buford and Lelia Minervah HOLCOMB DUDLEY, around 1920. This family lived a short while in Abbeville before moving back to Athens, GA. There seems to be a pull for many generations of Holcombs to moved back and forth between different cities in north east GA, and Abbeville. There had to be relatives in Abbeville that kept the descendants connected to this area, but I have yet to make that connection. Any help you can give me will be most appreciated. 
Sandy Reid : Posted : 5/1/2000
I am searching for the graves of the following HOLCOMB/E relatives that may be buried in the Abbeville area: Joshua L., possibly born Greenville, SC, 1802-03, his wife Malinda Gooch, born SC, 1810-11. They raised a family in Rabun Co, GA, but don't appear to be buried there. Their grandson, Joshua Thompson HOLCOMB, and his wife Mary Elizabeth Shoemake or Shoemaker, had two children while living in Abbeville: Lelia, born 1893 and Mamie, born 1895. Mary Elizabeth died about 1901-02, and I have been unable to locate her grave as well.  They were of the Baptist faith, and Joshua Thompson HOLCOMBE was, by trade, a leatherworker, shoemaker. I understand there was a large leatherworks factory in the Abbeville area during the late 1800's, early 1900's. Joshua was also a member of the Woodman of the World, I.O.O.W., and Junior Order of American Mechanics. He is buried in Spalding Co., GA. Any information you can give me will be most appreciated.
Sandy Reid : Posted : 2/17/2000
Would like know what associations kept drawing HOLCOMB/HOLCOMBE family that settled in north GA back to the Abbeville area. JOSHUA L HOLCOMB, b. 1802-3, SC, married MALINDA GOOCH, b. 1810-11, SC. They lived Rabun Co, GA. Their son Bennett Gooch (or Gaines), b. 1842, had son Joshua Thompson b. 1867, married Mary Elizabeth Shoemaker. J. T. and Mary were in Abbeville when two children were born : Lelia Minervah, b. 1893,and Mamie Lea b. 1895, before moving back to north GA. J. T. worked in leather, making saddles, shoes. Any info on these people.
Sandy Reid : sreid@alltel.netPosted : 1/22/2000
HOLDER See McDANIEL Posted: 10/31/1997
Looking for Reason HOLLAND who died about 1802 in Abbeville Co, SC. Wife was Mary (Lowe) who died in Abbeville about 1836.
BRuthe6723@aol.comPosted : 5/2/2000
Tracing Thomas HOLLAND, Rev. War veteran from SC. Thomas was b. 1763 in MD. Lived in Abbeville, SC; Pendleton, SC; Wilkes, GA; Madison, AL and Limestone, AL.
Dick D. Fox : dickdfox@lycosmail.comPosted : 10/10/1999
I am seaching for information on Charles Holland born 1758 in the Netherlands and brought to Abbeville or the Old 96 District by his parents. Charles and William Holland migrated to Jackson county MS. about 1811. William may be Charlesí son but I have only a hunch about this. Any information on these gentlemen and their families would be greatly appreciated. Charles was a revolutionary war soldier.
Anita Holland Pagitt : pagitt@cfi.netPosted : 3/24/1998
I am trying to take my maternal family back prior to the time of their entry into Texas circa 1850. My GG Grandfather William Drayton "Bill" HOLLEY moved to Leon County, Texas from "Seluda River, South Carolina". Any postings that can be made or information forwarded will be greatly appreciated.
Jay Cheatham : jcheatham@abilene.comPosted : 1/21/2000
HOLLIMAN See SILLS Posted : 3/31/1999
Looking for information on the HOLLIMAN family. Spellings of the last name may include HALLOWMAN or HOLLOMAN. Specifically looking for information on Felix HOLLIMAN and Ida TENNANT. Ida TENNANT may be connected to the Watkins family, possibly of Irish decent. Felix and Ida had a large number of children whose names include: Earnest (my grandfather), Felix Jr, Archie, Annabell and James. Please contact at the posted email address. Thank you.
Ronda Holliman : Posted : 3/31/1999
HOLLINSHEAD See TAYLOR Posted : 1/21/2000
Looking for John HOLT and family. Wife, Elizabeth RUFF CANNON ( b Newberry Co, SC 1792) married about 1818. Children: William (b 1820), Solomon (b 1821), Lucinda P. (b 1830), and Barzila. John HOLT died in 1837 in Abbeville. His wife and children moved to Shelby Co, TX around 1840. Would like to find the parents of John HOLT.
Adrienne Deluke : ADeluke@compuserve.comUpdated : 2/12/1998
Seeking information on the parents of James HOLT (b ~1799, Abbeville Co). He married Elizabeth ?? (born c 1811, SC). Children : Issac C, Achillis G., Litty, Andrew J, Nicy E, Lethe Catherine, Nathan, James K, Elizabeth J, and Sarah Marzee. Would also like the parents of Elizabeth.
Colette Herd : Updated : 10/23/1998
I am seeking any information that may lead to the discovery of the parents of Israel HOLT (b. Oct 17 1796 in Orange Co NC). Israel HOLT served in the Capt. George Bowenís Comp in the Regt of SC volunteers under the command of Col. Nash in the War of 1812. Israel married Elizabeth NELSON in Laurens Co SC in 1819. He appeared in Laurens Co on the 1820, 1830, & 1840 census. In 1838, Israel married Harriet E. NICHOLS. Israel appeared in Abbeville Co SC on the 1850 census. About 1855, he moved his family to Texas. Israel died in 1867 in Nacogdoches Co TX. Israel had a brother named Archibald HOLT. Any information about them - particularly in SC would be greatly appreciated. I would also like to make contact with any descendants of Israel or Archibald HOLT.
Trey Holt : Posted : 5/27/1997
I am seeking any information that may lead to the discovery of the parents of Archibald HOLT (b. 1794 in Orange Co NC). Archibald HOLT served in the Capt. George Bowenís Comp in the Regt of SC volunteers under the command of Col. Nash in the War of 1812. Archibald was first married to Rebecca FULLER in SC. He appears in Laurens Co on the 1820 census. His wife Rebecca died in 1827 in Abbeville Co SC. Archibald married again to Emeline STRAIN in 1833 at Abbeville Co SC. Their family remained in Abbeville Co until 1849 when they moved to Winston Co MS. Archibald HOLT died Sep 8 1862 in Winston Co MS. Emeline moved to Shelby Co TX in 1869 where she lived until her death in 1897. Archibald had a brother named Israel HOLT. ANY information about them, particularly in SC, would be greatly appreciated. I would also like to make contact with any descendants of Archibald or Israel HOLT.
Trey Holt : Posted : 5/27/1997
HOLTZCLAW See DAVIS   Posted : 2/17/2000
HOOD See GAW Posted : 3/31/1999
I am assisting a person who is currently living in Europe. His great grandparents are Cornelius and Lucinda HORN. They are buried in Chestnut Hill Cemetery. He is inquiring about their marriage and if they lived in a town called Kirks Crossing. If you could give me some direction I would be very appreciative of your assistance.
Connie Caruso-St John : Posted : 5/1/2000
George Washington HORTON (b. 15 Dec 1825 in the Anderson/Abbeville Co. area, d. 5 Nov 1904 in Floyd Co., GA). His father was probably Daniel HORTON, son of Isaac. His mother, Mary "Polly" EAST. All migrated to GA in the 1830s. Would like to exchange info with persons having possible links.
Annette Horton Herrington : Posted : 5/6/1997
Looking for descendants of DRUCILLA HOSEA/HOSEY/HOZEY b. between 1770-1780 and died between 1840-1850. Need info. about Drucillaís husband (Died before 1830) including his first name. Drucilla had sons named LEVI HOSEA (1808-abt.1865), DANIEL HOSEA (1811-), BENNETT HOSEA (1813-aft.1860), BARNETT or BARRETT HOSEA (1815-aft.1870), and HENRY HOSEA(1814-) all born in S.C. Family moved from Abbeville S.C. to Franklin Co. Ga., Cobb Co. Ga., and Jackson Co.Ga. May be in-laws who remained in S.C. Drucillaís husband probably died before the family moved to Franklin Co. Ga. Where could he be buried? What is Drucillaís maiden name? Appreciate any and all info. about this family. Drucilla Hosea/ Hosey/Hozey, Levi Hosea/Hosey/Hozey, Harriet Delport, Daniel Hosea/Hosey/Hozey, Bennett Hosea/Hosey/Hozey, Barnett (Barrett) Hosea/Hosey/Hozey, Henry Hosea/Hosey/Hozey. 
Deborah H. Free:  Posted: 3/15/1997
HOUSTON See RUSSELL Posted : 10/31/1997
Seth HOWARD was on the 1779 census in Old 96. His son, Hiram HOWARD, was in Anderson County in the 1830 Census. I am interested in knowing more about this family. Iíll be glad to share.
Beverly Peoples : bpeoples@mindspring.comPosted : 3/24/1998
Looking for information about James HOWIEís parents. I know James was born in Scotland on 11-16-1838 and married Amanda Benson in IL. Was told his father came over from Scotland to SC?
Sandy : Posted : 11/09/1999
HUEY See GILES Posted : 3/31/1999
In search of ancestor lineage of Edward HUGHES, date of birth unknown, who married (in Abbeville District, SC) Elizabeth Ritta ELGIN in the year of 1797 or 1797 (two IGI records, which differ). He had at least two offsrping : Edward J. HUGHE, born 1817, and Hezekiah HUGHES, born 1/14/1810 or 1/14/1814 (married Sarah Delilah Mitchell on 4/2/1840 in SC). Your help will be appreciated.
Ed Tyer : Posted : 2/17/2000
HUGHES See TRUSSELL Posted : 2/10/2000

I am doing research for an African American friend, Sadie Hughey Austin. She was born in 1920 in Abbeville County. Her father was George HUGHEY who married Lila JACKSON. They were farmers. George HUGHEYís father was also named George HUGHEY. The first George HUGHEYís wifeís first name was Annie. I noticed the inquiry from Jo Lovvorn HUGHEY, Athens GA, but I donít know if there could be a connection between the two families.
Marion Mitchell (for Sadie Hughey Austin) : Posted : 3/31/1999
I am looking for any descendants of Jefferson Edmond HUGHEY, born 1815 in SC? Jefferson & Sophia Caroline Boozer had 9 children : Barbara Elizabeth, Mary Francis, Elvira Jane, Sophia C., Henry Boozer, Nancy I., Ida A, Cornelia, and Ora Alice.
Sandra Hughey : Posted : 8/28/1998
HUGHEY See BOWMAN Posted : 12/101/997
HUGHEY See HINTON Posted : 7/29/1997
Seeking parents of Ephriam George Copeland HUGHEY who reportedly came from Abbeville area of SC. He married Sara Jones and they lived in GA. Would like to contact any HUGHEY researchers.
JoLovvorn Hughey : Restored : 7/23/1997
I have found my Gr-Gr-Grandfather, Gr-Gr-Grandmother and Gr-Grandfather listed in the 1860 census of Pontotoc Co, MS which states they were from SC.... After much time on the internet have found their last names listed in the index of the 1850 census of Abbeville Co, SC. Also my Gr-Gr-Grandmothers parents and family I believe, this inquiry is for the following names:
HUSKISON, Sarah J. (Hill)
HUSKISON, John Wesley
HILL, James H. Sr.
HILL, Francis
Joseph Cook : Posted : 5/1/2000
HUNTER See HAMILTON  Posted : 10/10/1999
My great-great grandfather Larkin Hunter, is the oldest HUNTER ancestor that I have found in my research thus far.  His wife, Amanda Simpson Hunter, is the only SIMPSON I have in my reasearch, since I have been unable to find her parents or even siblings.  And I have the same problem with Larkin.  They had 11 children : Addie, Odessa, Olivia, Oma, Sally, Robert, Mamie, Nadie, Jane, Lee, and Nora.  Olivia died about 6 or 8 years ago.  Her married name was Olivia Covington AKA Aunt Debt.   Her youngest sibling, Nadie Hunter Anderson, is still living in Youngstown, OH, where she moved when her sister, Addie, my great-grandmother, moved there in the 1920s.
D.A. Blakemore : DBlake9783@aol.comPosted: 8/3/1998
I am researching the family and ancestors of James Alston HUNTER (b bet 1792-1795, Abbeville District, SC (d 20 May 1844, Choctaw Co, MS). M 10 Jan 1822 in Jones Co, GA to Martha Harris, daughter of Thomas Harris and Sarah Gardner. Martha (b 20 Mar 1805, Baldwin Co., GA d 15 Feb 1879, Choctaw Co, MS. Their children were: Sylvanus Gardner, James, John, Leonidas W., Samuel, Whitson, Gregory Turner (Doc), Frances Caroline, Henry Saunders, Pinson Calvin, and Baldwyn.
Richard Furr : rfurr19@aristotle.netPosted: 10/31/1997
Searching for information to confirm or disprove the hypothesis that Alexander HUNTER (ca. 1774 - 1865) of the Monterey section of Abbeville County, was the son of Samuel and Sarah Whitworth HUNTER, who migrated from Guilford/Rockingham County, NC to Elbert County, GA in 1784.
Mark Hunter : Posted: 3/15/1997
Larkin Hunter and Amanda Simpson Hunter lived in Abbeville, SC. Their children were: Addie, Nora, Oma, Odessa, Robert, Sally, Nadie, Olivia, Mamie, and Jane. They should ahve been born between about 1850 and 1900. I'm seeking additional info on this family. 
D.A. Blakemore : Updated : 10/4/1998
I am looking for my Great Grandfather John Pickney HURT b. 1850 in Saluda Regiment, Abbeville District, South Carolina. His children were Eddie b. 1875, Mattie b. 1875, Joseph Pickens b. May 3, 1881, John D.b. January 1884, James Belton b. October 7, 1886, William H.b. December 1888, and Janie b. August 1892.
Cindy : cindy_brown@ceo.cudenver.eduPosted : 03/06/2000
HUTCHESON See SCARBOROUGH Posted : 1/22/2000
HUTCHESON See McADAMS Posted : 7/6/1998
Looking for information on John Henry HUTCHINSON or spelled Hutchison who lived in Abbeville, SC. His father, Robert HUTCHINSON was one of the earlier settlers in SC. Need additional information.
Bessie Burton : Posted : 10/10/1999
HUTCHISON See MCNAIR Posted : 11/09/1999
INGRAM See ROBERSON/ROBINSON Posted : 11/09/1999
Seeking information on Ebeneezer IRVIN (b Africa) and wife Susie (Suckey) Gary (b ca 1830 and d aft 1892). Known daughter: Chloe / Clora (ca 1850 - 1940, Abbeville Co). Oral tradition that Ebeneezer, Sukie and Chloe were enslaved on the Millwood Plantation of James Edward Calhoun.
Sonia : swalkerny@aol.comUpdated : 2/12/1998
Frederick IVES was in Abbeville County, SC, in the 1850 and 1860 census as a 42-year-old, 45-year-old (respectively) tailor who was born in England. (He didn't age much, did he?) He married Susan Smith, of Abbeville County, and they had three daughters, Sarah Elizabeth, Gertrude Cornelia, and Frances, all born before 1850. His wife died before the 1860 census, and he's no longer in SC according to the 1870 census index. (The girls were raised by their Smith grandparents.) A family story says that one of Gertrude Cornelia's daughters was named "Mattie Giben" for an IVES aunt. Supposedly, aunt Mattie IVES married a GIBEN, lived in Charleston, was well-to-do, and had a drug habit which destroyed her and her fortune (c. 1860s-1890s). When did Frederick IVES come to this country, where was he before he was in Abbeville, who were his parents, and who was Mattie IVES GIBEN?
Rose-Marie Williams : rmew@WCTEL.NETPosted : 3/31/1999
JACKSON See HUGHEY Posted : 3/31/1999
JARO (or JAYROE or GERRO)  See HARVLEY Posted : 6/13/1999
David JARRARD - m Frances Roe or Nancy Watson moved to GA between 1828 and 1834 . James Coats JARRARD is his oldest son my line. James married Mary Jones .
Bobbie Lee Neely : Posted : 11/09/1999
I'm working on the JAY family, Joseph & Mary (Cothran) JAY (their family not proven, Joseph died in 1806 in Abbeville. My family descends from Hiram T. JAY that married Lucinda English and lived in Abbeville in 1850 then moved to Georgia. I did a lot of work on this family in 1992 & 1993. Last week I ordered a Microfilm on the Plea and Quarter sessions in Abbeville, this is a Index. Are the records for this index there? 
Margaret Beheler Jay : Mbj2064@aol.comPosted : 7/26/1998
Seeking information on the parents and children of Jerry JENKINS (b. 1859 SC) and Sarah / Sally SIMPKINS? (b. 1864 SC). This is an African American family. Was Sarah the daughter of Emmeline SIMPKINS?
Sonia Walker : Posted : 2/10/2000
See BROWN Posted: 6/9/1997
I am desperately seeking information on my ancestors who once lived in Abbeville, SC. I thought perhaps you could give me an idea where to write or email for the info. My ancestor, A. JEROME (sometimes spelled JAROME) lived in Abbeville Co in the 1830's and possibly the 1840's. The only info I have on him is his birth year, 1813, and that he had two daughters, Mary born about 1833, and Amanda. Nothing else. If you can help, it will be greatly appreciated.
Brenda J. Elliott : cokerhil@ebicom.netPosted : 10/10/1999
Looking for information on Great...Ben JESTER (b. 1840), wife Sarah Elizabeth MALONE Jester they were married in 1860, Abbeville. Her parents William MALONE and wife Anna BOYD Malone came to be near them. Any ideas? We will share any information.
Ginger Daily : daily1@swbell.netPosted : 7/31/1997
JETER See DAVISPosted: 1/2/1998
Looking for information on Johnathon W. JOHNSON (b. March 9, 1819-S.C.) who married Sarah Alice(maiden name unknown(b. 1831-TN). Place of birth, where they married, parents and siblings are unknown. They moved around due to children being born in Illinois and AR before moving to East TX in 1875. The children were Charles Buchanan (b. 1857-Ill) and J.A. (b.abt 1854-Ill), Emmy Nora (b.1859-Ill), Emmy Nora(b.1859-Ill), Samuel Price(b.1863-Ark.) and Elmina (b. 1865-Ark.) Any information would be appreciated.
Sherrie Stout : hstout@telepath.comPosted : 03/06/2000
JOHNSON See BOUCHILLONPosted : 10/7/1998
Looking for information on Dr. Samuel JOHNSON of the Abbeville District. Dr. JOHNSON's will is listed in the book "Abstracts of Old Ninety-Six and Abbeville District Wills and Bonds on page 168. Looking for any information on him and his family. Posted : 2/17/2000
Seeking information on the Toliver JOHNSON family, found in the 1850 Abbeville Co census. In the Saluda area? Toliver JOHNSON, born 1813 wife Jane born 1820, Children: Elizabeth born 1840, Frances born 1842, Jamie born 1845 and Martha born 1847. This family moved to Panola County MS before 1860. Thanks 
Carolyn J. Opfer : opfercj@cyberstation.netPosted : 9/24/1998
I am looking for any information on these two individuals : Andrew Jackson JOHNSON and H. Ann Darby got married on Dec. 24, 1857 somewhere in SC. I do not know where they were born but do have the months and years of their births. Andrew was born in Nov. 1836 and Ann was born in May 1842. They had 7 children and lived mostly in GA. Would someone help locate the place of marriage that might help me locate where their parents lived? I have seen many Andrew JOHNSONs on the GA 1860 but am unable to narrow them down. Their first child was Edward JOHNSON born May 22, 1860 - place unknown. This child could have been born in SC where they could have lived after their marriage. The second child was born in Ellaville, GA (County of Schley), William JOHNSON born July 11, 1865. So this time frame could place them in SC (County of Abbeville) somewhere around 1857 through 1865. 
Deidra : leeal@vegas.infi.netPosted : 10/4/1998
Looking for information on Warren Buford JOHNSON, husband of Mary Stephens. Born 5 Mar 1792; died 25 Sept 1864. Children : Thomas Givens; Charles Henry; Elizabeth Caroline; Mary Warren; Edward Stephens; Joseph W.; Benjamin Ozias; James Hillhouse; Samuel Gray; William C.; Margaret Stephens; Martha Jane; and Hugh Lawson White. The father was Charles Henry JOHNSON / JOHNSTON. Looking back and forward. Have a lot to share and will gladly do it. Contact me with any information.
Jim Johnson :   Posted : 9/23/1998
Looking for Sam or Jim or Matt JOHNSTON/JOHNSON born in Abbeville Co. in 1831, married Elizabeth Emiline Scarbrough in 1855. They had 3 children: Mollie Catherine, Josephine and James M. born in GA. Mr. JOHNSTON was killed in the Civil War about 1862-63. Iím trying to prove his given name in order to get War records. 
Mauridell Bennett : lmbennett@texoma.netPosted : 5/19/2000
JOHNSTON/JOHNSON See MILLER Posted : 9/23/1998
JOHNSON See CRAWFORD Posted: 1/28/1998
JOHNSON See PUTNAMPosted: 1/17/1998
Mollie JOHNSON (b about 1850-55), married Edgar Thaddeus Kemp of Greenville, SC about 1870-80 and is listed as from Abbeville SC. Would like parents and sibling information. Probably Baptist religion.
Ron English : renglish@centraltx.netPosted : 12/23/1997
JOHNSON See DOBBINS Posted : 10/31/1997
JONES See STROUD Posted : 2/17/2000
I am looking for any information on Charles Shepherd Vinson JONES, born about 1776 in Abbeville District, SC and married to Martha [I do not know her maiden name] born about 1780. They were married about 1800 and had 9 children (7 boys and 2 girls).
Barb Flint : Posted : 1/21/2000
My great,great grandfather was William Benjamin JONES who was born 14 Mar 1822 in SC. Weíre guessing this county. He married Miranda DAY also from SC. Their children were Christopher (Apr. 1960), Harvey, Clinton, Sally and Mary. Christopher, also called "Tump", married Almeda Myrick in MS. Does anyone have info about the JONES and DAY families?
Judith Duran : Posted : 1/21/2000
I have been searching for all the information I can find on the Adam Crain/Crane JONES Jr, b Dec 10, 1760 in Culpepper Co, VA. He married Margaret Swain JONES on July 10, 1778 in Abbeville Co, SC. I'm interested in their son Reuben H JONES b in 1794, SC. Adam Jr was the son of Adam Sr (Capt) and Catherine Campbell who married around 1747 in Abbeville. I would like to know where the JONES family was buried, was their a will, etc.
Lequita C. OíNeal : Posted : 11/09/1999
Am looking information on H. A. JONES (born Sept. 9, 1816). He was son of Benjamin JONES and Mary Townes JONES.
Nancy Susan Jones Conway : Posted : 6/13/1999
JONES Researcher Information
On one of the films at the local FHC I found a listing for Pleasant Hill Meth. Cemetery, St. Clair Co,, AL. One of the entries was for "Thomas Jones born in Abbeville Co,, SC, 6/16/1764 - 1-23-1846, and his wife, Mary Ann, age 88, died 1856, also born in Abbeville, SC." I am not a Jones researcher nor am I from Abbeville Co,, but I thought someone might be looking for these folks.
Bill Snipes : wsnipes@krl.orgPosted : 3/31/1999
Looking for info on Calvin JONES. Any info appreciated.
Donne Jones : donnejones@hotmail.comPosted : 3/31/1999
I am searching for any information on the family of Thomas. L. Jones born April 22, 1799 in Cambridge, Abbeville Co, SC. He died Oct. 10, 1871 in Charleston, SC. He moved at sometime to Dorchester Co, the Summerville area. Married first to Sarah A. Unknown. In the 1850 census she was 53 years old. Children Lucy, Wm. H., Emila C and Thos. L. Married 2nd by 1860 census Francis E. Unknown. Children Thomas Lawrence, Annie E., Leaty, Wm. Henry, Thomas Leonard, James Lawrence, Julia Ann, Thomas W., Joseph J, Charles H., and John H. Any help with this family is greatly appreciated.
Nancy Peeples : peeplesb@conterra.comPosted : 3/31/1999
I am interested in information about a Clayton JONES 7/11/1802-2/2/1885) He married Nancy ??? (c. 1800-11/19/1853). Buried at First Creek Baptist Cemetery, Anderson Co. Could Clayton be a brother of a James V. JONES who settled in Anderson County in the Starr area? Clayton and Nancyís children were: James T. (c 1829); Thomas (c 1831); Jane E. (c 1834); Elizabeth (c 1835); and Clayton W. (c 1839). Any assistance would be appreciated. 
Rebecca Akins : Posted : 10/24/1998
JONES See GRAHAM Posted : 10/8/1998
JONES See CRISWELL  Posted : 9/25/1998
JONES See SHACKLEFORD Posted : 3/24/1998
Searching for Thos. L. JONES (b. April 22, 1799 d. Oct. 10, 1871) m. Frances E. JONES (b. July 4, 1836). Children: Thos. (3/24/53), Annie E. (6/29/54), Leaty (9/13/56), T.L. and Wm. H (4/17/58), Jas. L (6/9/59), Julia A. (12/29/60),, Thos. W. (9/22/62), Charles H. (2/23/65), Joseph F. (1/24/65), John H (1/10/69). Thomas was born in Cambridge (Abbeville), SC. Any information appreciated.
Nancy Peeples : peeplesb@conterra.comPosted: 9/17/1997
My g-g-g-grandpa was Samuel JONES (d. 1845 in Abbeville Co.). His sons : William Jasper, Charles Stark, and Samuel and daughter : Rachel moved to Fayette Co., GA about that time. Any Abbeville relatives who know Samuel, Sr.? wife? and other details?
Tommy Jones : Posted: 6/17/1997
JONES See POSEY Posted: 5/21/1997
Looking for wife and other children of James Y. JONES of Abbeville District, whose daughter Jane married Benjamin F. ROBERTS c1828-1840. Any info on this family would be appreciated. See also ROBERTS.
Nancy Harwood : Posted: 4/10/1997
Looking for James, Thomas and Adam Jordan all on the early census for the old 96 district. Also John Galloway. These families knew the Jenkins and Davies and moved to KY with them by 1800.
Jan Ellis : 2strange@valcom.netPosted : 3/31/1999

KAY See TRUSSELL Posted : 2/10/2000
KAY See LITTLE Posted : 3/31/1999
I am looking for information of an Isabella Kay listed in the 1850 Abbeville Census. Mr. Kay must have been deceased. Household members were George age 26, John age 23, Henry age 16 , and Washington age 13.  I descend from a George Washington Kay born 1833 in SC who married a Mary Caroline Dickson in 1856 in Anderson Co., SC. He died in Westminster, Oconne Co... He often went by the name of Wash. Do you know anything of this Abbeville Kay family. 
George S Kay : Georgeskay@aol.comPosted : 3/31/1999
Searching for any info on the KAY family, possibly a Charles KAY born in Abbeville or Anderson Co,, SC. He had a daughter, Martha KAY, b. May 1952 in Marshall Co,, Al. d. 1893. Martha was my grgrandmother. Any info would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
Donna Hoskins : Posted : 3/31/1999
I am searching for information/decendants of William KEATON (b c 1725-1762, Abbeville District, SC). He married Katy GRESHAM bet 1751-1757. William KEATON had a daughter, Julia Ann KEATON (b 1775, SC). She married Jacob Buttram c.1790ís in Rowan Co, NC. William KEATONís father was William KEATON, Sr. Any help would be appreciated.
Dee Naughton : Updated : 8/3/1998
After 1790 in Abbeville County, SC. Federick KEEL aks KEAL married Elizbeth GULLETT daughter of Alexander and Delphina GULLETT . Wish date of marriage . 
Sherrain Glenn : Posted : 7/26/1998
I am looking for information on my ggg grandfather, John KEATING, who was born in Ireland abt. 1764-1769. He may have come to SC from Pennsylvania, namely from KEATING Summit. He is listed in the 1810 Abbeville Co census as Jno Keting. His wife was born in SC abt.1784. Her name may have been Mary. His son, Richard KEATING (4 mar 1811) in SC was my gg grandfather. He married Nancy Catherine White on 13 Aug 1835 in Talbot Co, GA. They migrated to Pickens Co, AL and later to Beauregard, MS, where he died in a tornado on 4 may 1883. Other children of John KEATING may have been: Mary KEATING - b. abt 1809. She married Charles L. Hayes on 12 mar 1829. John Keating, Jr. - b. abt 1813. He married Phoebe Ann Williams, and later married Mary A. Jolly in Arkansas. He became a minister. Catherine KEATING - b. abt 1824 Thomas F. KEATING - b. abt 1826.
Susan Keating Koon : albertk@aol.comPosted : 3/31/1999
KEEL See GULLET  Posted : 3/31/1999
KEITH See DELASHAW Posted : 3/25/1998
John KELLER (1788-1852) and David KELLER (178 8-1862) were twin sons of Jacob Keller (1762-1843) and Susannah Keller (1763-1857). John and David were apparently born in Newberry County but lived as adults in Abbeville County. Each has a large number of descendants. I would like to exchange data on this family with any member of the family or anyone interested in the family. 
Jim Keller : Updated: 9/17//1997
KELLEY See HERSTON Posted : 5/5/1999
Looking for info on Richard KEMP.
Peggy Hein : phein@worldaccessnet.comPosted: 3/23/1998
KENDRICK  See LORD Posted : 10/10/1999
KENDRICK See PUTNAMPosted: 1/17/1998
Seaking data on Leroy and Peyton Kennedy also Matthew Robinson who lived in Aberville in the 1850ís.Also Nancy Randolph who married James Ransom. These families lived on Pennyís Creek. Any data would certainly be appreciated.
Gladys Turman : Posted : 3/31/1999
Do you have anything on Dr. Joseph Kennedy and his descendants?
John F. Windsor : grampz@gateway.netPosted : 3/31/1999
I am looking for information about William H. KENNEDY who died 1864. I know the family was from Abbeville and migrated to Lincoln Co TN in 1850ís.
Linda Ellis : lellis@hiwaay.netPosted : 3/31/1999
Am trying to get information on Edmond (Edmund) KENNEDY (b abt l786, Walker Co, GA, d. l850, same).  Married in Abbeville, Abbeville County, SC to Sarah Randolph, dates unknown. Lists children as: Jolly KENNEDY, William Wharton KENNEDY, Wilson KENNEDY (b abt 1812 in Abbeville, Abbeville Co, SC., Leroy KENNEDY (b abt 1814 in Abbeville, Abbeville Co, SC), and Peyton Randolph (sometime used S. as MI) KENNEDY (b 26 August 1816 in Abbeville, Abbeville Co, SC.   Peyton Randolph KENNEDY was my gg/f he md Mary Permelia Hall (b 15 Nov 1816 in Twiggs Co (Tin Gap), GA. md 07 Sept 1837 Selma, Dallas Co, AL,  Edmond (Edmund) believed to have brothers and sister: Edmond, Archille, Joseph and Sallie, no further information on them.   Any information on above will be appreciated.
Kemble K. Kennedy, Jr : Posted : 8/8/1998
I would appreciate hearing from anyone with information on EDMOND KENNEDY (b. 15 March 1793 d. 6 Jan. 1876) m. Zilphia HAMILTON (b.12 Jan 1801 d. 29 Sept. 1877). They were married on 3 Dec. 1818. Edmond Kennedy,Sr. came from Va. to Abbeville Co. S.C. with brother; (James Kennedy, m1. Miss Johnson ( a large family -- m2 ___________(had three sons, John, Jasper and Elmore). Their sister m. Woodward. I have more information on this family, some given by Mrs Ida Kennedy Boone (daughter of Edwin H. Kennedy) in 1926, letter written by Edmond Kennedy, letter from Mrs. Boone written in 1889 from Aiken, SCto AL cousin.
Charlene Millican : richelle@gte. com Posted: 6/9/1997
Looking for information of Edmund KENNEDY of Abbeville County, who died about 1805. Who was Jean KENNEDY? How was Mary KENNEDY, who married Elijah RAGSDALE, related to Edmund ? Would like to hear from others who are researching the Kennedy-Ragsdale connection. Have some inforamtion and will be glad to share. Indoviduals: Edmund KENNEDY, Jean (Jane) KENNEDY Mary KENNEDY Elijah RAGSDALE 
Elloree Posted: 3/23/1997
I am looking for data on Francis YOUNG whose daughter Susannah YOUNG married David KERR. Francis YOUNG and David KERR are recognized by both DAR and SAR as being Revolutionary War Patriots.
Ronald W. Oliverio : fitzalan@concentric.netPosted : 7/31/1997
I am looking for information on a Jon KETING who is listed in the 1810 Abbeville District census. I think he might be my ggg grandfather, who was born in Ireland. If so, he married a girl who was born in SC. They had a son Richard KEATING, who was born in SC about 1811. They moved to GA between 1820 and 1830. Richard married Nancy White in Talbot Co, GA on 13 Aug 1835. Richard and Nancy migrated to AL and then to Mississippi where they died in a tornado that struck Beauregard, MS in 1883. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Posted : 10/4/1998
I am trying to locate/identify the parents and family members of William Siree KIDD, born in Abbeville on Oct. 9, 1827. I only know that he had a brother named Ben and an aunt named Nancy who lived in AR. Any help in my search will be greatly appreciated.
Louann Kidd Hall :  Posted : 10/10/1999
I am seaching for information on Mark KILLINGSWORTH and his wife Nancy SHELL. Mark died in Abbeville Co, in 1840. He had 2 sons that I know about, one of them was my 3x's great grandfather, James, who moved to Franklin Co, GA in the 1870's. I believe that Mark came from Richland Co, SC before settling in Abbeville Co. I would appreciate any information since I know very little about them.
Cecilia Burgess : Posted : 3/31/1999
I am looking for any information (birth records, census records, etc.) on anyone with the last name KINARD. 
Danyall Goudy : goudyg@yahoo.comPosted : 10/10/1999
Looking for info on Benjamin KING, born in Abbeville, SC around 1807. Married Mary Burson. Benjamin was injured at Battle of Vicksburg, and died from his injuries in Mobile, AL in 1863. Will be glad to share any info I have of interest to you.
Cheryl King Whitlock : Posted : 5/1/2000
Iím looking for info on Capt. Alexander Adams KING CSA, died 1908 at age of 86. Lost an arm, captured and imprisoned at Gettysburg. Married Mary Clardy. Obit says native of Abbeville Co. Can anyone help?
Judy Riddle : Posted : 3/21/2000
KINMAN See WILLIAMSON  Posted : 12/10/1999
KINNARD See HERIOT/HERRIOTT  Posted : 10/8/1998
Looking for descendants and data on Nancy Elizabeth "Lizzie" SANDERS (Sep 1865 - 20 May 1922) who married Jese or Jeff KIRBY and settled in Abbeville. Buried at Upper Long Cane Presby. Cem. Abbeville.
Priscilla White Perry : CampCP@aol.comPosted : 1/19/1998
KIRKES See PUCKETT Posted : 3/31/1999
KIRKPATRICK See PRATT Posted : 6/10/1999
W. H. KIRKPATRICK left Abbeville District, SC in 1846, destination Texas. He took his six children and 6 slaves with him. His children were his three sons: J. R. Kirkpatrick, A.(Addison), Y. Kirkpatrick, Wm. Pinckney Kirkpatrick; and 3 dau.: Mary, Antionette, and Alien. It took them three years. to reach Texas and have the trip well documented. However, have no spouse for W.H. nor his origins. Believe all children were born in Abbeville and spouse probably buried there. Is there someone who can give advice on how to find information on this family?
LMarkum : Posted: 5/21/1997
In Goodspeedís History of northeast AK, William Kirksey (who married Martha White in Butts Co GA 1827) stated he was born in Abbeville, SC. His statement indicated he was born 1790-91. More consistent census records indicate a birthdate of c1794. His statement also said he came to GA from SC at the age of 20 1814?). William has been and continues to be my major BrickWall)1 What Kirkseys were in Abbeville 1790-95 who could have been his parents? One theory is Edward Kirksey who married Winefred Youngblood. Can anyone help?
Charles Kirksey : Posted : 3/31/1999
Asking for any info on relationships between Hugh Kirkwood, his ancestors, etc. First married to Hannah Wilson dau. of Matthew Wilson. Hugh was born C. 1800. Died in MS 1856. Thank you.
Newton Hanson : nfhanson@ipa.netPosted : 3/31/1999
I am looking for Heinrich KLEINKAUF, a Hessian deserter in the American Revolution. I know that he was captured in the Battle of Ft Moltrie in 1780 and was reported as a deserter in June 1781 in the Carolina's. From there he disapears into a black hole. I am checking the known German settlements in the general location and Newberry and Abbeville Co's were suggested to me. Do you have anything on him?
Barbara Jarvis : bmj@access1.netPosted : 3/31/1999
KLUGH  See SIMPSON Posted : 9/25/1998
Looking for the name of the wife of Humphrey KLUGH. Marriage would have taken place 1750-1810 in Abbeville District. Children of this marriage included Nancy, who married Benjamin ROBERTS and Paschal D. KLUGH. Any info on this family would be appreciated.
Nancy Harwood : Posted: 4/10/1997
KNIGHT See TAYLOR Posted : 1/21/2000
Looking for any information on Matthew KNIGHT from Abbeville Co, SC. He married Nancy Jane Saxon. They had at least 3 girls, one of whom was Sallie, and at least one boy whose name was James Berry KNIGHT b. October 27, 1867 d. January 04, 1958. James married Emma Lou Medlock August 1910 in Laurens Co, SC. Matthew supposedly fought in the Civil War. I hear Matthew, Nancy, and at least one of their daughters died from typhoid. James also had typhoid but recovered. 
Jay Thomas : jaynbeth@gateway.netPosted : 12/10/1999
Seeking info on James Berry KNIGHT (b. Oct 26, 1867 in Abbeville) m.Aug 07, 1910 to Emma Lou MEDLOCK (b. May 16, 1879 in Princeton) as well as, any others along these lines.
John Turner : jwt@flash.netPosted: 10/1/1997

I am looking for information regarding anyone with the surname of "RUFF" or "KNIGHTON" . If you have any questions or can provide any leads, please contact me at Thank You! 
Pattie Knighton : Posted: 6/3/2000
Iím researching the KNOX line. Specifically, I am looking for an Isaac KNOX, born about 1850. He married an Ella Earl, and had 5 daughters: Henrietta, Ida, Emma, Carrie, and Flora (b 1/10/1886). Any assistance would be useful.
Jonathan Cowie : Posted : 3/21/2000
I am researching the family name Kyle. Looking for the parents of my ggfather Barnabus Cummings Kyle B: 1792-1793 in Abbeyville, S.C. He married a Elizabeth Gilbert From GA. He left S.C. at what age I do not know probably while very small they went to Tn, Al, back to Tn, then on to Ms. where he died in 1869. I would appreciate any help anyone could offer on him. I have hit a brick wall on his parents. Thanks in advance for you help if you can help for your time if you canít.
Ruby Allen : Posted : 3/31/1999
KYLE See RUSSELL Posted : 10/31/1997
My Revolutionary War soldier George KYSER/KEYSER was in both Abbeville and old 96 counties before he died in 1807 in Edgefield Co, SC. In his will he mentioned his wife Elizabeth, his sons Philip, Jeremiah, and my George KYSER (and there may have been a son James). He also mentioned his unmarried daughters Elizabeth and Nancy (which I have nothing else on). The son Philip sold his fatherís land and the sons all moved to AL. Does anyone have any information on this family? I know they were married with the NORED/NORWOOD, BLANKINSHIP, and PTOMEY families of SC who also moved to AL. Any help with any of these families would be gratefully appreciated.
Mrs. April Kyle Bladh : bladhaw@ez2.netPosted : 1/5/1998

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