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This information was contributed by Dan Snipes, member of The Palmetto Sharpshooters Camp #1428, Sons of Confederate Veterans, of Anderson, South Carolina. Thank you Dan and Camp #1428 for your contribution to this site!
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Anderson County SCGenWeb Project
The Palmetto Sharpshooters Camp #1428
Sons of Confederate Veterans
of Anderson, South Carolina

Sons of Confederate Veterans, 1896

The Palmetto Riflemen Composite Photo

The Palmetto Sharpshooters Camp #1428, Sons of Confederate Veterans, of Anderson, South Carolina, has available for sale a composite photo of 133 Anderson county Confederate veterans. See list of names below.

The men pictured were members of a company known as the Palmetto Riflemen which was originally a unit of the State Militia. The men of the company entered Confederate States service in 1861 as Co. "B", 4th Regiment and remained with that regiment until their original one-year enlistment expired in 1862 at which time most of them reenlisted as Co. "C", Palmetto Sharpshooters Regiment, organized by a special act of the Confederate Congress. The Palmetto Riflemen company was re-formed after the war and the name carried on for many years.  Many original applications for membership in the Palmetto Riflemen are available for inspection at the Pendleton District Historical Commission in Pendleton, South Carolina. Descendants of a number of the Palmetto Riflemen, including at least one grandson, are still living in Anderson county.

 In 1903 a committee of Confederate veterans of the Palmetto Riflemen was formed to create this photo montage. After several months they succeeded in gathering photos of 133 of the original 144 veterans and made the composite which was presented to the Palmetto Riflemen company then in existence. The photos are small, most are the size or a fingernail, but they are remarkably sharp.

 The copies which the Palmetto Sharpshooters Camp has for sale were made on a color copier from what is presumed to be the original and which is in the possession of a resident of Anderson. The copies are an almost exact reproduction of the original.

 To have the photo mailed in a business-size envelope (folded) send a check for $5.  To have the photo mailed in a tube send $10 for the first copy and $5 for each additional copy.  Make all checks payable to SCV and send request to Dan Snipes, 5322 Porter Rd., Pendleton, SC 29670.

For more information call 864-231-7766 or send an e-mail to <>.

Listed below are the members of the Palmetto Riflemen of Anderson, S.C. who appear in the composite photo of Confederate veterans:

Baily, J.M. 
Barr, W.F.
Beaty, J.R.
Benson, Thomas  P., Capt.
Brown, A.D.
Brown, J.N.
Brown, N.J.
Brown, W.T.
Burris, T.B.
Byrum, B.P.
Byrum, J.N.
Campbell, T.A.F.
Carpenter, J.B.
Cator, W.H.
Clinkscales, B.T.
Clinkscales, J.F., Corp.
Clinkscales, R.L.
Clinkscales, R.M.
Cochran, J.R.
Crawford, J.D.
Cunningham, John
Darlington, H.M.
Darlington, J.T.
Darricot, J.C.
Darricot, T.B.
Earle, A.C.
Earle, Claudius E. Lt.
Earle, G.W.
Earle, J.W.
Earle, W.R.
Elrod, A.W.
Emerson, E.N.
Fant, S.M.
Fant, W.A.
Featherston, E.B.
Featherston, T.C.
Felton, Amazia Lt.
Gailyard, C.D.
Gentry, L.W.
George, J.W.
George, Wm.
Gleason, Joel Lt.
Hackett, J.T.
Hall, A.O.N. Sgt.
Hall, P.C.
Hammond, H.S.
Hammond,  W.A.
Harrison, J.A.
Herndon, W.C.
Holland, J.N.
Holland, R.T.
Hoyt, James A. Lt.
Hubbard, A.P.
Humphreys, W.W. Capt.
Knauff, H.J.
Jenkens, R.M.
Jenkens, T.O. Corp.
Jenkens, W.G.
Jones, J.W.
Keasler, D.A.
Keys, P.A.
Keys, R.L. Sgt.
Keown, G.D.
Keown, J.T.
Keown, W.M.
Land, W.L.
Langston, W.N.
Langston, S.H. Sgt.
Lee, H.I.
Lee, Wm.
Lewis, J.E.
Lewis, J.W.
Lewis, S.D.
Magill, Thomas Sgt.
Manning, J.N.
Marett, W.A.
Martin, George
Mattox, J. P.
Maxwell, D.S.
McClinton, J.H.
McCully, Newton Lt.
McCully, Samuel
McDavid, P.A.
McFall, J.M.
McFall, W.A.
McFall, W.C.
McGee, J.A.
McGee, J.B.
McGee, Jesse
McGee, Mike Lt.
McGee, W.R.D.
Moorehead, Robert
Mullikin, J.H.
Nevitt, R.C. Sgt.
Norris, J.A.
Norris, J.E.
Osborne, A.H.
Poe, Wm. Lt.
Quails, W.B.
Reed, J.P.
Reid, C.L.
Reid, T.G.
Rice, E.B. Corp.
Rice, H.F.
Richey, John
Robinson, C.S.
Russell, D.H.
Sadler, A.S.
Sherard, David J.
Shrimpf, George
Skelton, J.T. Sgt.
Sloan, D.B.
Sloan, J.M.
Sloan, R.E. Sgt.
Slowman, S.J.
Smith, B.S. Corp.
Smith, J.A.
Smith, J.L.N.
Stewart, E.W.
Sullivan, J.P. Sgt.
Thomson, James Corp.
Tims, P.W.
Todd, H.C.
Todd, J.T.
Tolly, G.F.
Vandiver, Matthew
Walters, W.E.
Webb, J.T.
Webb, J.W.
Whitner, James H. Capt.
Williamston, Reuben
Wilson, J.H.
Wilson, James 

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