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JUNE 2002
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This is the first newsletter since the election of new officers. All the officers join me in saying we pledge to do our very best for this organization. We will certainly need some help from each of you. This is our society and we need to work together. 
In the last newsletter you were told about the increased   
volume of requests for assistance in looking up information on families who came from Berkeley County and if there is anyone who is willing to volunteer to society and we need to work together. 
John Simons is doing a very good job with the web site and I hope you have been checking in on the web. 
We are going to have an extra General meeting in July and we are waiting to hear from our speaker/s at the present time. 
Any suggestions that you might have to make our present time. 
The society voted at the last meeting to share the Starting with the bottom row from left to right reprinting of "Historic Ramblin's Through Berkeley" by Russell Cross. This has become a book that everyone who is interested in Berkeley County history wants to own. 
There is already a waiting list for the Cross book and if you would like to add your name to the list please inform Celeste Singletary or either Debbie Reynolds or Ginny Johnston at the museum. 
The Board of Directors have been meeting every month except May. The next meeting wIll be June 13 Stoney Building. 5:00 PM 
If any of you know of any old sites that are being neglected and need to be designated as an historic site, please let us know. Many sites around the county have not been identified and we are interested. 
Let any of your officers know if you would like to volunteer your assistance. 
Anne D. Propst - President
SUNDAY JULY 14, 2002 - 3:00 PM
GUEST SPEAKER - Dr. Richard Porcher
RICHARD DWIGHT PORCHER is a professor of biology and director of the herbarium at The Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina. An authority on the flora of South Carolina, he is the author of "Wildflowers of the Carolina Low County and Lower Pee Dee and a co-author of "Lowcountry, The Natural Landscape. He was born in Berkeley County, South Carolina and received his B.S. from the College of Charleston and Ph.D from the University of South Carolina. Porcher trained under Dr. Wade T. Batson and serves on the South Carolina Heritage Trust Advisory Board and the Scientific Advisory Board of the Nature Conservancy of South Carolina. Porcher lives in Mt. Pleasant. 
The following attended the three day conference in Abbeville representing Berkeley County: Anne Propst, Jean Crosby, Sallie Rogers, Senetta Rahn, Janie DelFavero, Annegell McCants, Bettye Shealy, Jean Guerry, Mabel Thomas, Ruth Cooper, Nona Peagler, Bennie Ordell, Carole Nettles, Joanna Page, Carolyn Platt, Martha Mizell, Nat Hopper, Shirley Hoper, Colleen Rumble, Clea DeBusk and Ron Ordell.
Ron and Bennie Harvey Ordell are former Berkeley County residents who now live in Walterboro. It is thought that Berkeley County had the largest representation at the Conference!
Anne Propst welcomed Walter and Laura Broughton from Bloomington, MN and William "Ken" and Brenda Broughton of Kernersville, NC to Berkeley County during the week of May 20, 2002. The Broughtons were searching for family ties to the Broughtons of Mulberry Plantation. The highlight of their trip was a tour of Mulberry Plantation. We also were able to visit Mepkin Abbey, Nesbitt House, Cypress Gardens, Berkeley Museum, Old Santee Canal Park, several churches and a "ride by" of Gippy Plantation and several other sites. 
Donations have been received from the following people: Mrs. Adah Brewer, Mr. George Newell, The Berkeley Museum, Mr. Robert Watson and Mrs. Ethel Langley. The society appreciates all donations. Remember that all donations are tax deductible!
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Anne Propst and Sallie Rogers along with Horace Harmon of the Lexington County Museum and Joel Walker of the South Carolina Department of Archives and History were asked to judge 30 Family Tree History Books that were designed by students from Calhoun Academy. The students under the leadership for their teacher, Mrs. Sarah Weinges, presented some superior material to be evaluated. The process took most of the day and we were sorry that we didn't' have time to read
every word!
Debbie Roland, Director of the Calhoun County Museum and Cultural Center, has developed programs for all of the Calhoun County Schools. Currently the Museum is starting a major expansion program. 
Three large classes of Berkeley County K-12 teachers have now completed the graduate class "History In Your Own Backyard" sponsored by the Berkeley Museum, Berkeley County School District and the Berkeley County Historical Society. Upon completion of the latest class, we now have approximately 80 teachers in our schools who possess more historical information about the area in which they and their students live! More importantly than that is the fact that each of these teachers now enjoys a greater appreciation of the importance of sharing our local resources and treasures with their students and each of them is more inspired to teach history with enthusiasm and renewed energy. Another large class will begin the first week in September and promises to engage another group of teachers in focusing on history beyond the textbook and the classroom walls. 
The generosity of the many people who have helped support this class is amazing. Visiting such venues as Medway Plantation, Mepkin Abbey, Strawberry Chapel, Middleburg Plantation, Biggin Church, St. James Goose Creek, Loch Dhu Plantation, Lawsons Pond Plantation, The Bradwell House and store, Duck Pond House, Moss Grove Plantation, Lewisfield Plantation, Balls Dam Plantation, just to name a few, has been an amazing experience for participants in the class. Each time a visit is made, a small gift of appreciation is left for the host or hostess, but repeatedly we get the thank you notes. It appears that this class has become a bridge between the schools and the community. Just walk down the halls of Berkeley County schools and you will see this experience 
in action. Pictures, stories, maps, and time lines with detailed information that the teachers have brought to their students is evident. 
If you would like to learn more about this class, please contact Carol Poole in the Berkeley County School District Office at 843-899-8702. 
Paul Johnston has done some repairs to the thresholds and has provided an estimate of materials needed for some other repairs that are pending. Since the Society does not own the building, the owner, Randall Stoney, had to be contacted before any major repairs could be done. A decision about this will be made shortly.  
The Board for the Historical Society has voted to participate in the Trident United Way "Day of Caring" on September 11, 2002.  The "Day of Caring" allows volunteers to provide a day of service to non-profit programs in need of help. This is definitely a "A Day To Remember; A Day to Give Back." One project we are sponsoring is volunteer work in and around the St. Stephen's Episcopal Church in St. Stephen, SC. We are organizing this project in conjunction with Reverend James B. Stutler, Vicar of the St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, and the membership of the Church. They are very excited about the prospect of getting the cemetery and building in great shape in time for the celebration of its 250 Year anniversary in 2004!  We have also requested a small number of volunteers that would be willing to work around the Stoney Law Office on that day as well to do general clean-up, landscaping, and pressure washing of the building.
We will need volunteers from our organization as well to assist in the coordination this effort. Please contact Anne Propst (899-4405) or Mary Rudloff (899-4385)  
Colonial expansion under the crown of England expanded inland from the time of the founding of Charles Town in 1670, characteristically along various river systems, including the Santee River.
French Huguenots joined the majority English settlers during the subsequent 18th century expansion. So many settled in the Jamestown area and toward the coast that the area was called "French Santee." The parish church of St. James-Santee built in 1748 to serve the spiritual and parochial needs of these diverse colonists still stands.
English settlers followed the course of the Santee to settle this area which became known as "English Santee." A wooden "chapel of ease" was subsequently built for convenience of worship. However, because of the large and prosperous growth of this new settlement a Royal Proclamation granted a petition to establish a separate parish called St. Stephen's. A copy of the
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proclamation, dated 1754, hangs inside the church building.
The present St. Stephen's Church building was built in 1767. In 1972, the church was recognized as a National Historic Landmark.
If you haven't been to see this Church and surrounding churchyard, you need to put this on your list of "things to do." Be sure to pick up their brochure of the complete history. 
Eddie Brown, Clea V. DeBusk, Rose T. Harris, Lucia C. Heins, Nicole Jones, Robin D. Langley, Samuel P. Parker, Jr., Mr. & Mrs. James D. Nix, Luke & Carol Poole, Anne S. Pooser, Wilbur & Kathy Robinson, Charles E. Schuster, Wiggins E. Singletary, Jr., Russell P. Singletary, Phyllis H. LaMacchia and Shanda L. Phillips.
Lila G. Bobo, Mary P. Brown, Oliver & Betty Buckles, Bobby & Mikky Caison, Virginia P. Chinnes, Ruth Cooper, Bill & Jean Crosby, Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Crutchfield, Janie DelFavero, Louis & Dorothy Denaro, Natalie B. Denaro, Vera G. Dennis, Mr. & Mrs. A.C.Edwards, Ben & Patty Fleming, Dr. & Mrs. Neil Goodrich, Jr., Virginia Gourdine, Julliette M. Griffin, Jean 
D. Guerry, Molli M. Hartzog, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Helmly, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Hoenck, Mr. & Mrs. David Hoffman, The Hopper Family, Wilbur D. Howard, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Johnston, Janet R. Johnson, Jesse H. Jones, Anne P. Keller, Robert H. Lockwood, Mr. & Mrs. Truman Lyons, Doris Marion, Mr. & Mrs. William Mescher, Mr. & Mrs. Aiken Mitchum, Martha Mizell, Mr. & Mrs. Robert McNair, Mr. & Mrs. Roland Nettles, Mr. & Mrs. Barrett Norris, Joanna Page, Winona Peagler, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Petracca, Gloria B. Pipkin, Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Platt, Jr., Richard D. Porcher, Faison C. Power, Wyatt & Anne Propst, Willis & Senetta Rahn, Elizabeth Rentz, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Rich, Sallie Rogers, Mary & Charles Rudloff, Colleen Rumble, Mr. & Mrs. David Shealy, Frances J. Shipley, Connie P. Shuler, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Simons, Judge & Mrs. C.E. Singletary, Celeste C. Singletary, Mr. & Mrs. Gary Steele, Jimmy Stone, Dr. Kathleen Torsey, Dr. Louis P. Towles, Eugene Vasilew, Gale Whitehead, Dora P. Wiley, John B. Williams, Nellie Stone Williams, The H. Alien Stewart Family.
If we have misspelled or left your name off either of these lists, please let us know so it may be corrected.
There are over 280 names on our mailing list and with postage going up at the end of June, we really do need your membership so that we can continue to send you the Newsletter and let you know what is happening in your Berkeley County Historical Society.
MEMBERS ONLY TOUR: The Executive Committee is working on a members only tour for the Fall, and we hope to have some detailed information to you in thenear future.
MOSS GROVE MARKER: The Moss Grove Plantation Historical Marker has been placed at the plantation site in Cross. S Plans are being made for ceremony that will take place on the 4th of July during the Cross Family reunion. It will be opened to the public and take place around 1:30 or 2:00 PM in the afternoon.
CROSS BOOK: Plans are underway to send the book to the press in the very near future. 
FAIRLAWN FORT: This is at a standstill at present, but the Board will be working with Mrs. Kitty Mescher and members of the DAR to decide what the next step should be. 
You may also go to (the South Carolina Information Highway) and find the above sites as well as many others pertaining to county and state history, genealogy, government and other topics of interest.
Many of our new members and even some of our old members have asked this question. Organized in 1973, the Berkeley County Historical Society was incorporated with the purpose of "discovering, preserving, and studying all books, pamphlets, and traditions touching on or pertaining to the history of Berkeley County, SC - to aid and encourage individuals and associations in the compiling and publishing of historical data covering Berkeley County; to establish and collect memorabilia for a museum; and to undertake the preservation of historic buildings, sites, monuments, and markers.
PUBLICATIONS -  From small pamphlets, to full length books, the Society actively promotes the publication of important research about the history of Berkeley County.
SEMINARS & LECTURES - The Society conducts periodic seminars and lectures to promote Berkeley County's rich heritage to a wide audience. Diversity is stressed and past program topics have ranged from cemetery preservation to the training seminars for tour guides.
TOURS - One of the Society's most rewarding programs involves organizing and conducting tours of Berkeley County's many historic sites. Groups, both large and small visit historic plantations, churches and homes. In addition, special "members-only" tours and "crawls" are scheduled throughout the year.
SPECIAL PROGRAMS - Special programs, such as designer houses, the Adopt a Highway Project, and in 2001 the special program was The Landmark Conference.
MUSEUM - The Society was the founding body of the Berkeley County Historical Society Museum.  The Museum has now become a separate entity but there is still a close connection
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Student membership 
Single membership 
Family membership 
Business membership
  $ 15.00 
  $ 25.00 
  $ 35.00 
Please send your forms and checks directly to her at: 
Mrs. Jean Crosby 
108 The Oaks Avenue 
Goose Creek, SC 29445 
Vice President  
Membership Chairman  
St. James/Santee  
St. Stephen  
St. Thomas/St. Denis  
Berkeley/Lower St. Johns  
Berkeley/Upper St. Johns  
Goose Creek/Upper St. James  
Goose Creek/Lower St. James 
Anne Propst  
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Anne Keller  
Nat Hopper  
Jean Crosby  
Martha Mizell  
Mary Rudloff  
Jean Guerry  
Willis Rahn  
Celeste Singletary  
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