West of Pole Bridge is Murrell's, called by the name of the original owner; it passed into the hands of John Frierson, alid was afterwards owned and settled by Samuel Dubose, son of Isaac, of Milford.  Mr. Dubose married first Elizabeth, daughter of Peter Sinkler, and had four children, viz.: Samuel, who married Eliza Marion, and after her death Ann P. Stevens; William, who married Laura Stevens : Elizabeth, who married Colonel Thomas Porcher; and Anna Maria, wife of William Cain. After the death of Elizabeth Sinkler, Mr. Dubose married Mrs. Martha White, and had Isaac, who married Marianne Porcher; Martha, the wife of Peter Porcher of Tibbekudlaw; and Louisa, wife of David Gaillard, late of Fairfield. 
Reminiscences of St. Stephen's Parish
Samuel DuBose
Copyright © 1972
Dorothy MacDowell Kelly