White Plains
     East of Windsor is White Plains, formerly the residence of David Gaillard, who married Joanna Dubose, and after his death, of Peter Gaillard of the Rocks, his younger brother. Peter Gaillard married Elizabeth, daughter of Peter Porcher of Peru. Their children were: first, Peter who married Eliza Gourdin; second, Elizabeth, wife of John Stoney; third, Lydia, wife of William Snowden; fourth, James, who married Harriet Porcher, and after her death Henrietta Ravenel (nee Gourdin), widow of Dr. James Ravenel of Wantoot; fifth, Thomas, now of Alabama, who married Marianne Palmer; sixth, Catharine, wife of Thomas Porcher of Whitehall; seventh, David, who married Elizabeth Palmer, and after her death Louisa Dubose; eighth, Samuel, who married Henrietta Palmer. 
Reminiscences of St. Stephen's Parish
Samuel DuBose
Copyright © 1972
Dorothy MacDowell Kelly