The Oldfield plantation was the residence of Philip Porcher, brother of Peter of Peru. His wife was Mary Mazyck. They had eight children: first, Mary, who died unmarried in 1834; second, Marianne, wife of Thomas Broughton of Mulberry; third, Philip, who married Catharine Cordes; fourth, Peter, who married Charlotte Ravenel, and after her death Marion Johnston of Oakfield; fifth, Elizabeth, wife of William Mazyck, late of Charleston; sixth, Harriet, wife of  Major Samuel Porcher; seventh, George, who married Marianne Gignilliat (nee Palmer); and eighth, Isaac, who married Mary, daughter of Plowden Weston, and after her death Mary, daughter of O'Neal Gough Stevens, and after her death Charlotte, daughter of Rene Ravenel of Pooshee. Mrs. Mazyck and Mrs. Porcher both died in 1843; they had lived with their husbands upwards of fifty-four years. 
Reminiscences of St. Stephen's Parish
Samuel DuBose
Copyright © 1972
Dorothy MacDowell Kelly