Sandyhill was formerly the residence of Rene Richbourgh. He had two daughters: Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Palmer of Grave Hill, who left two children Thomas, who died single; and Marianne, wife of Thomas Gaillard of Alabama. Catharine, Mr. Richbourgh's second daughter, married O'Neal Gough Stevens. Their children were: Charles, who married Susan, daughter of Rene Ravenel of Pooshee; Catharine, wife of Dr. Henry Ravenel; and Mary, wife of Isaac Porcher. Mr. O. G. Stevens, after his wife's death, married Anne Palmer, by whom he had two daughters: Anne Palmer, second wife of Samuel Dubose; and Laura, wife of William Dubose. 
Reminiscences of St. Stephen's Parish
Samuel DuBose
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Dorothy MacDowell Kelly