Residence of Charles Cantey, Jr.
     The next place was the residence of Charles Cantey, Jr., who married Margaret Evance, by whom he had two daughters : Margaret, wife of Press M. Smith; and Susan, wife of John Dubose. Mr. Cantey died in 1789, and his widow survived until 1848. She was for several years the "oldest inhabitant," and her age, her cordial manners, her a attachment to her home and her friends, the kindly interest she took in the welfare of all within her reach, the unaffected simplicity of her manners, her exhaustless fund of anecdotes of old times, and the sterling worth of her character endeared her to all who knew her, and caused her to be loved and respected in life, and unaffectedly lamented in death. She retained to the last the primitive habits of her youth. Breakfast at or before sunrise, dinner by half-past twelve, tea before sunset, and supper to crown the labors of the day. She celebrated her birthday, which was in July, by an old-fashioned tea-party, to which everybody in her village was invited; a and on those occasions no business short of absolute urgency would ever prevent any planter from making it a point to return home early, to be in time for Mrs. Cantey's tea. It was a pleasure to pay her such attentions, for she knew with what spirit they were offered, and the warmth of her heart caused her to magnify their importance.   
Reminiscences of St. Stephen's Parish
Samuel DuBose
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