The Fair Forest Swamp is one of the principal feeders of the western branch of Cooper River, into which it flows through Watboo Creek. It rises in the bays within a few miles of Santee Swamp, and once afforded those who lived on its banks rice fields, which were precarious on account of their liability to freshets. Bordered on either side by a wide extent of pine forest, and in its whole length within a convenient distance of Watboo landing, the planters on this swamp had their attention early directed to the preparation of naval stores of all kinds, the prices of which were stimulated by the bounties paid by Great Britain for their exportation. The vicinity of this swamp therefore was the busy scene of this department of activity, and nowhere, perhaps, have labor and enterprise ever been so richly rewarded. 
 Residence of Benjamin Walker
     Beginning at the head of the swamp, the first settlement was the residence of Benjamin Walker.  His wife was Charlotte, daughter of Charles Cantey of Mattesee. Their daughter Ann married George English of Clarendon.
Reminiscences of St. Stephen's Parish
Samuel DuBose
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Dorothy MacDowell Kelly