Spring Grove
     Spring Grove was the residence of Rene Peyre. He was twice married. Rene Peyre's first wife was Ann Cantey, sister of Mrs. John Peyre, who married Peter Sinkler afterwards. His second wife, Hannah Simons, was the mother of Francis Peyre, and of Anne, who married Thomas Ashby.  Francis Peyre, who succeeded his father on this place, married Catharine, daughter of Peter Sinkler, of Lifeland. Their children were: Elizabeth, who married Charles Sinkler, and after his death, Thomas Ashby; Anne, the ivife of Stephen G. Deveaux; Catharine, wife of Dr. Theodore Gaillard; Florida, wife of Isaac M. Dwight. Their son Francis married Mary, daughter of Col. Thomas Porcher of Ophir. After Mrs. Peyre's death, Mr. Peyre married Mary Peyre, daughter of Thomas Walter, the botanist. Their children were: Isabella, who married Dr. William Porcher; Thomas Walter and Hannah Ashby, both of whom died unmarried. Thomas Walter Peyre succeeded his father as proprietor of Spring Grove, and resided on it for some years; he afterwards removed to Brunswick, in St. John's, and spent his summers in Pinopolis in the same parish, where he died in I85I. His virtues were celebrated in the sketch of Craven County, published in the Southern Quarterly Review, and I shall not dwell on them here. With him died the name of Peyre. The descendants of that once numerous and respected family exist only in the female line. His plantation is now owned by H. R. Banks, Esq., of Charleston. 
Reminiscences of St. Stephen's Parish
Samuel DuBose
Copyright © 1972
Dorothy MacDowell Kelly