St. James Parish, Santee
1790 Census
     In the discussion of the early settlement of Jamestown and the struggle between the English and French Huguenots for control of the Church, we learned that many of these people moved up into what became St. Stephen's Parish, over into St. John's, Berkeley, into St. Matthews and the up-country as the tide of migration moved. 
     The following list from the 1790 Census shows who was there then.  By 1790 St. James Santee Parish was no longer in Craven County. These persons are listed as being in Charleston District, St. James Santee Parish: James Jaudon, Ezekiel Barrimore, John Bowman, William Mathews, Lawrence McGregor, James Halsey, Anthony Murrell, Daniel Lavent, Archd. McLellan, Joseph Legare, John Wells, John Miles, Henry Evvenett, William Jones,  Lewis Pitcock, Christo. Ritch, Henrick Snyder, William Anderson, John Doer, Junr., Hugh Anderson, Thos. Pinckney, John McKey, Henry Hallam, John Shoakes, John Buchannon, Thos. Fraser, Jos. Deschamps, Nichs. Bouchet, Christo. Remley, Wm. Douxsaint, James Butler, Wm. Shackleford, Francis Jones, John Doer, Senr., Jas. Anderson, Peter Murrell, James Wilson, William Neal, John Drifts, Hill Huit, Chas. Lewis, Wm. McElam, James Batten, John B. Randall, John Gaillard, Ann Lewls, Hannah Webb, Dorothy McGregor, Elizah. Mouzon, Eliza Bell, Thos. Jones, John H. Piercy, Chas. Wilson, Jos. Shyce, Jacob Herison, Rebecca Motte, Frances Middleton, Alexr. Ingles, John McDowell, J. Collins Est., Paul Micheau, Simon Fairfax (free Negro), Harriott Horry, Thos. Horry, Elias Horry (Est.), Coll. E. Horry (Est.), Plowden Weston, Eliza Middleton (Est.), Anthony Simon, Sam Lequeux, Dr. Leavenworth, Sam Ellis, Moore Shields, William Barnett, Elisha Barnett, Wm. Neale, Dan Dupre, Sam Dupre, Jaeob Jennerett, Jacob Jennerett, Junr., Peter Perdrieau, Edwd. Jerman, John Dutart, Sarah Chovin, John Roach, Chas. Gaillard, John Oakes, Jos. Logan, Sam Wigfall, Isaac Micheau, William Rowser, Dan McGregor, Lewis Miles, Christ. Willingham, Jos. Willingham, John Gradless, Peter Steel, Frans. Descamps, Peter Descamps, Dan Jolly, Sam Warren, Benjn. Ellis, Sarah Boone, John Morrison, John Delesline, John Legare, Rebecca June, Peter Mathews, John Blake, Richd. Blake, Senr. (Est.), Richd. Blake, Junr. (Est.), H. Bouchet, Junr. (Est.), John Bouchet, Brown, Helwig, Vanvelsin, Ben Baker, Peter Norman, Mary Willingham, Moses Miles, Mary Middleton, Mrs. Tidyman. 
     Of the one hundred and twenty-three heads of household listed only thirty-six did not own slaves. Those owning more than two hundred were John Bowman, Frances Middleton, Harriott Horry, Thos. Horry, Elias Horry (Est.). Those owning between one hundred and two hundred were Thos. Pinckney, Wm. Douxsaint, John Gaillard. Thirty eight owned ten or less. It should be mentioned that Harriott Horry owned three hundred and forty. At that time the Parish went down to the Atlantic Ocean, but it would be practically impossible to separate those living within the present lines of Berkeley County. 
Information and Article from
"Historic Ramblin's Through Berkeley"
 written by and used with permission of
Mr. J. Russell Cross