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Volunteering to help with the Biography Project-Guidelines

Welcome! We're glad you're interested in helping with the South Carolina Biographies - here are the requirements for all County Coordinators. Please read the entire page before e-mailing me. If you do not have time to be a County Coordinators, but would still like to help, we could use people to type the bios, or edit them.

  • Links to the following must be on every County site:
  • Instructions for Submitting Biographies in South Carolina
  • You must maintain a volunteer list.
  • You must maintain a list a books being used.
  • South Carolina Biographies logo must be posted somewhere on the first page of your site. Note: The South Carolina Image was courtesy of Graphic Maps. Please make sure to give a credit/link from your page!
  • US Biographies currently has no logo, until they do, the US Biographies logos posted at the South Carolina Biographies must also be on your site.
  • The paragraph on the South Carolina Biographies Home Page describing the origins of the project must be displayed somewhere on the county site.
    • Must subscribe to SC Bio mailing list. To be announced at a later date.
  • Just to let us know how things are going, and any problems or concerns you may have!

Other than the requirements listed above, this is your site to do with as you please!

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