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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Biography Project?

We are making a concentrated effort to as many South Biographies as we can. The project is not involved in any way. We do not post Wills, censuses, marriage records, cemetery record, or any other type of genealogy information.

Where are the Biographies Found?
Some Biographies are found in book published before 1922, because they are no longer protected by copyright. I will try to provide a list of Book, found in local libraries.

What exactly does "copyright" mean?
When a book is published all rights to it are protected by law. In 1909 the copyright law stated that a originial piece of work could be copyright protected for a period of 28 years. This could be renewed for another 47 years, making the piece of work protected under our copyright law for a total of 75 years.

In 1976 copyright laws were changed. Now this law states "copyrights are protected for the period of the creator's life, plus 50 years. Anything copyrighted before 1976 will fall under the 1909 law.

Bacisly this means Anything published prior to 1923, is no longer protected under the copyright laws, and can be published freely. This is why we ask when your source was published.

How can I help?
We have many ways people can help. One way is to adopt a county. This means "you" will be responcible for the county you have chosen. I will be glad to help you any way I can.

Another way to help, is by simply looking up Biographies from ANY county; and typing them in on the Submission form. If you would like to do this, please, be sure to include ALL the information asked for.

Volunteers are always needed to transcribe, submit original "living Biographies", and to proofread biographies to be posted.

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