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Abstracts of Documents and Miscellaneous Information
Relating to the
DuPre', DuPree, Dupree, DeuPree
French Huguenot Families
The United States of America
Compiled By
Emimae Pritchard Langley
"Happy the man who thinks of his ancestors
With pride,Who likes to tell of their deeds and
Greatness,And rejoices to feel himself linked to the end
of their goodly chain.'
Goethe, Iphigenia Auf Tauris, I
Without whose help and never failing patience
this would have been impossible.
E. P.

What delightful research "The DuPre Trail" has been! - All has been accomplished that the time allotted has permitted. Many problems remain unsolved far many reasons: The answers did not reveal themselves in the records searched, or they could have been overlooked. And indeed there are records still to be searched that could not be undertaken at this time - there had to be a stopping place. It is believed, however, that a good basis has been established for further searches where necessary.

More work should be done at the State Archives in Columbia, S. C. Likewise, North Carolina records need more examination, and does one ever get through with Virginia records, to say nothing of the records of other states!

Many will recognize items herein that you have acquired heretofore. Also, there are sane included from my own files which it was felt should become a part of this report. The information for the greater part, however, was obtained during the recent research trips to Virginia, South Carolina, and to various counties in North Carolina and the State Archives in Raleigh, under your sponsorship.

The following pages consist mainly of abstracts of Court records - primary source material. Some excerpts have been used from published books and Historical and Genealogical magazines, particularly with respect to information regarding South Carolina DuPre families. It was reasoned that some of you might not have access to this excellent source, and this is an effort to give you some interesting and useful portions of it. So much research already has been done in South Carolina by the Historical Society and by the South Carolina Huguenot Society, both of which gave your researcher most helpful cooperation, that it would have been unwise not to take advantage of this good fortune.

It is hoped that errors if any are few. Every effort was made to avoid them. Your indulgence for any mistakes will be appreciated, as they are not intentional ones.

Many faults can be seen with the finished product. Now it is easy to look back and wonder why a "lead" here and there was not followed to its conclusion. For the many things left undone, my apologies.

This did not begin as a book: it just turned out that way! Like Topsy, "it just growed". Not much time was devoted to developing and holding to a proper format as the important consideration was to put the data into some logical and readable order, and send it along to the sponsors.

The reverse of each mimeographed page has been left blank for a purpose: It was thought that as future information was assembled you might wish to enter it in the appropriate section, thereby keeping your DuPre facts together.

A word of caution: It is suggested that this report NOT be used as a reference in attempting to prove a lineage for membership in a historical organization. As you are aware, "The Dupre Trail" is unknown. Instead, make your reference to document(s), book and page number, and the location of the original record(s).

My warmest gratitude to each of the DuPre Research sponsors, as this undertaking could not have been accomplished without your assistance and constant encouragement. It has been the source of much pleasure to serve you, and if there is something here for each that will be my reward. As a DuPre descendant myself, the opportunity you gave me has been doubly appreciated.


Emimae Pritchard Langley
305 West Avondale Drive Greensboro,
North Carolina 27403
June 25, 1965
Scanned and converted to html format by Bob Dupree, 1997

Alabama - Marriages 
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      Washington County - Letters Testamentary & Returns 
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Mississippi - Miscellaneous History 

North Carolina 
      Cemetery Records 
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South Carolina, Province and State 
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      DuPre Invention 
      Exports from Charles Comm, 1690 
      French Huguenot Colony, 1689 
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      Secession Convention, 1865 

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Page 1


The records for Henrico County, as in many other counties, are incomplete. The Index to Henrico Colonial Records, Parts 1 and 2 were checked. The following is the only Dupree item listed in the Index, Part 2 (nothing in Part 1):

HENRICO COUNTY ORPHANS COURT, 1677-1739 (Microfilm Reel 91), page 54:

Henrico County, October 5, 1725. James Watson who intermarried with Margaret Relict of Thomas Dupray Dec'd aforesaid failing to appear and comply with the Order of September County Court relating to Orphans, it is ordered that the said James Watson be summoned to appear at the next County Court to comply with the said order of September Court.
DEEDS AND WILLS, No. 2, Part 2, p. 575 (Reel 7a). We pursons to an order of Court  held for this County of Henrico was the Previous being Sworn did appras the Estate of Francis Dupray as following March 26, 1736. (Had small inventory - no household furniture: Only bulls, Irons, Guns, Salt, Lumber, Cotton, Flax, Wool, Pail & Wheat, Blanket and Hoggs).
At a Court held for Henrico County the first Monday in Oct. 1736 Mary Durpray presented this Inventory, which was admitted to Record.
DEEDS AND WILLS, No. 1, Part 1 (Reel 7a). 18 April 1727. Francis Dupe of Henrico Co., to Stephen Chastain, 200 A. for 5 Lbs. Land patented 24 March 1725, on Detrois Branch, Dilbrays Branch, Chastains Branch, in Henrico Co Page 2

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. - DEEDS, Wills, ETC., Continued -

Deeds, Wills Etc., Vol. 4 (1738-1746), p. 514. 23 July 1743 Will of John
Watkins, Henrico Co. Wife Elizabeth. Sons: David, Nathaniel, Josiah, and John. Daughters: Lucy Perkins, Elizabeth Watkins Joyce Watkins, Constant Woodson Elections land in Henrico Co. and  Goochland Co. Executors: Son, John, and wife, Elizabeth.
Witnesses: Henry Stokes
Ann Stokes John x Watkins (Seal)
Honour Sullavent*
Prov. May 1744 by Henry & Ann Stokes.

*See Will of Michael Sullivant, Brunswick Co., Va., her father.

Deeds, Wills Etc., Book 2, Part 1 (1725-1737) - (Reel 7a).
Will of Jean Dupra. Nov. 17, 1734 I being in perfect memory and understanding do in the 1st place Will and Beuesic (or Bequeril.) My Soul and Body to god that gave it and do dispose of any worldly goods as follaweth. This being my last will and Testament I will and Bequest to my daughter Mary Delpish wife of Frances Delpish 100 acres of land joining Sollagers line lying between four corner Trees and the Creek for bounds to her during life and after her decease to peter Forqueren his heirs forever. I likewise will and bequeath the rest of the Land with the plantation to my dearly beloved Wife Jane Dupray during life and after her decease my well beloved Brother and his heirs forever. I likewise will and bequeast to my Wife a Negro Woman during life and after her decease to my Daughter Mary Delpish with her Child She now goes with the rest of her increase to belong to my Wife from this Time, and to be at her disposal - The whole personal Estate with Negros Chattels houses and Lands to be my Wives during Life and after her deceas Negro Toby I give to my Brother Lewis Dupray. I also give Jane Lewis one Negro Called Sambo I also give a Negro boy called James to Peter Furkerin, also one Negro called Obos to Moses Furkerin after my wives Deceas and my moveable Estate after my Wifes deceas to be equally Divided as ye Negroes this being this being my last Will and Testament I Sign and Seal it in the presence of us Jean Dupra Testes. Richard Maning (seal)
Daniel x Fore
John x Fore

Deeds, Wills Etc., Book 2, Part 1, page 463 (1725-1737) - (Reel 7a).
An Inventory of the Estate of John Dupre Deceased appraised by order of Henrico Court ye 16th Day of Jany 1734. Henrico Co., Feb. Court 1734
Jane Dupre presented the Inventory and appraisal of the Estate of John Dupre deceased which was admitted to record.

Deeds Wills Etc. Part 1 of Book 1710-1714. (This abstract was taken from the book, "Our Kin'', by W. H. Manning, Jr. & Edna Anderson Manning, 1958, and the page number was not given).

Will of Robert Easley. 7 Dec. 1710. Parish and County of Henrico. Wife: Ann Easley. Sons: John and Warham, and daughter, Margaret Dupray, wife of Thomas Dupray - to these three children Robert Easley bequeaths 500 A. of land to be divided, being upon Fine Creek: 200 k. to one, at the upper end. 15O A. each to other two.

To my three younger children, Elizabeth Easley; youngest son, Robert Easley; and William Easley, 100A. lying between Fine Creek and Mannakin Upper Creek.
Executrix: Wife, Ann Easley.
Witnesses: Philip x Martin Robert x Easley (Seal)
John Green
Proved at March Court 1711.


DEEDS, Wills, Etc. 12 April 1711. Proved June 1720, Henrico County.
Wills of Mrs. Ann Easley. Sons: Robert Easley; John Easley; and "my son Robert (Easley) should be bound to John White to learn his trade and to learn him to rite and rede". My two daughters (unnamed). Executor: My son, William Easley.

Witnesses: Thomas Cardwell () or Carwell)
Ann Hitchlog
Susannah Snawlott
Proved June 1720 by Susannah Snowlott
& Thomas Carnell.


Other Notes from "OUR KIN": Patent Book 9, p. 621r. Robert Easley, Sr. had Patent in 1704 far 315A. of land on Reedy Creek for bringing seven persons to dwell in the colony.

Page 4


Patent Book 10, p. 378 - Robert Easley had Patent jointly with Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Turpin, and John Archer for 1500 Acres an Fine Creek in Henrico Co., which later (1727) became Goochland Co; (Goochland l748); and Powhatan Co. since 1777, Patent being given for bringing eighteen persons to dwell in the Colony.

Robert Easley, Sr., was a French Huguenot refugee who came to Virginia via London, and in 1684 is found in Henrico County with his wife, Ann Parker Easley. (Book 1677-1692, p. 288). "He was apparently of the noble House of d' Escalis in Providence France".

"Ann Parker Easley was the daughter of William Parker and wife, Ann Powell."

"Our Kin" further states that Ann Powell, daughter of Captain William Powell of London, who came to Virginia with Gov. Gates in 1611 and was a member of the first House of Burgesses, July 30, 1619. (Colonial Va. register, by Stanard, p. 52; William & Mary Quarterly Vol. VII, p. 286). Ann Parker's grandfather, Capt. William Powell, was the son of William Powell of Southwarke, Surry Co., England.l:

Also, "From 'The Cradle of the Republic", p. 30, we quote: "As for Jamestown, Argall restored it once more, repaired church and cottages, and made William Powell Lt. Governor and Commander of Jamestown, the block houses and the people there'."

"The first known of the Easley family is that they were Italian, Swiss merchants who migrated to France some 500 years before they refugeed from France."

"Children of Robert Easley, Sr. & Ann Parker Easley, ages are approximate:

Page 5  
WILLS, Book 5, p. 159. 4 Day of ___ 1746 Will of John Easley, Goochland Co. Sons: John, William, Robert, Millinton. Daughters: Joyce Easley, Judith Easley. Wife Joyce Easly.
Executors: Tandy Walker and James Barnes.
Witnesses Samuel Cooke John x Easly
James Stafford
Thomas x Dupray Proved Aug. 19, 1716.
Easly x Kilpatrick
DEEDS, Book 2-155. Jan, 14, 1735, Worham Easly of County of
DEEDS, Book 2-178. 12 Feb. 1735; proved 13 Feb. 1735. Thos. P Dupray
witnessed deed from John Stovall, all of Goochland Co.
DEEDS, Book 2-179. 9 March 17353 proved Mar. 16, 1735. Thomas P Duepra
witnessed deed from Wm. Tabor to John Hughes.
DEEDS, Book 2-181. March 9, 1735. John Stovall to Thomas Dupra, both of Goochland Co., 100 R. for 5 Lbs., part of Patent dated 3 Dec. 1733 joining John Hughes; houses, orchards, gardens, waterways, etc.

Witnesses: John Twitty
Joell Chandler Prov. ?
John x Hughes

DEEDS, Book 3-25. April 12, 1737. Thomas Dupree to Luke Wiles, both of Goochland Co. Thomas Duepree, Planter. 100 A. for ____ Lbs., land on South side of James River, adj. branches of Deep Creek; patented to John Stovall and sold by Stovall to Thomas Dupree; houses, gardens, (No witnesses) etc,
Page 6


Deeds, Book 5-173. 1 May 1746. Thomas Dupray to William Stone. (Thomas of Goochland Co; Stone of Henrico Co.), 100 Acres for 25 Lbs., land in fork of Watson's Branch, joining Joseph Woodson and John Curd; all housing, gardens, orchards, waterways, etc.
Witnesses: Thomas Perrin Cardwell his
           Richard Cardwell Thomas T Dupray (Seal)
           James Barnes           mark

Sept. 16, 1746. This Deed acknowledge by Thomas Dupree, at which time Susannah Dupree*, wife of Thomas Dupree, released her dower.

*(NOTE: This precludes the possibility that this Susannah Dupree was the daughter of Thomas Jordan of Brunswick Co., whose Will was dated Oct. 1, 1763 probated Aug. 26, 1771. Thomas Jordan's daughter was called "Hannah Jordan" in this Will, indicating that she was unmarried when the Will was written in 1763. He mentioned his daughter, Mary, as "Mary Reives", who was married by 1763. - Thomas Dupree and his wife, Susannah (of the above Deed) had son, Lewis, over 16 yrs. of age in 1748, and son, Joseph, over 16 in 1752. (See Tithes under Lunenburg Co).



WILLS, Book 3, p. 239 (1778-1791). 10 May 1784; probated 9 Feb. 1786. Will of Thomas Dupree, Lunenburg County Wife: Susanna Dupree. Daughters: Elisabeth Whitlock, wife of Thomas Whitlock; Margaret Stokes, wife of David Stokes, Sr; Mary Brizendine, wife of William Brizendine. Son: Lewis Dupree. Son: Joseph Dupree. Grandson : Bartlet Stokes, son of David and Margaret. Grandson: William Stokes , son of David and Margaret.
Executors: Wife Susanna Dupree, and son, Lewis Dupree,
Witnesses: James Sanford
           William T (?) Thomas x Dupree (seal )
           Rich. Ingram
DEEDS, Book 1, p. 45. 5 May 1746. David Liles of Lunenburg Co., to Thomas Dupray of Goochland Co. 104 A. for 20 Lbs., tract of land in Lunenburg Co., beginning at Stovall's earner - to Gillum's line, and to Colwell's line (Caldwell-?).
Witnesses: John Stovall
Lazarus Williams Proved 5 May 1746.
Richard Williams

(Note: This is five days after Thomas Dupree sold his land in Goochland Co.).

DEEDS, Bk. 12-513. 20 Dec. 1774. William Stone of Halifax Co., Va., to Thomas Dupree of Lunenburg Co., 100 A. for 20 Lbs., land in Lunenburg Co., beginning at Richard Stone's line and Peter Jones Corner, to Thomas Winn's.
Witnesses: Thos. Whitlock
Elizabeth Whitlock Proved 10 Aug. 1775 and
Susannah Deupree Recorded Dec. 1776.

DEEDS, Bk. 13-12, John Colwell Brown of Lunenburg Co., to Lewis Dupree of Charlotte Co., 55 A. for 77 Lbs. in Lunenburg Co.

(Note: Could not read remainder of description, names of witnesses, nor date Deed was proved).

Page 8


DEEDS, Book 13, p. 97. 3 Feb. 1778. John Hunt of Lunenburg Co., to Lewis Dupree of Charlotte Co. 193 A. for 100 Lbs., land in Lunenburg Co., on branch of South Fork of Meherrin River, and along Evans line.
Witnesses: Stephen Fuqua
Thomas Dupree proved 12 March 1778.
Susanah Dupree
DEEDS, Bk. 11-375 Thomas Dupree to Richard Ingram, both of Lunenburg Co. 12 March 1770. 100 A. for 100 Lbs., land in Lunenburg Co. on branches of Conokes (?) Creek where the Church road crosses the first branch.
Witnesses : Nath'l Williams his
Gideon x Moon Thomas T Dupree (Seal)
Lankford Walker mark
Proved June 14, 1770.
DEEDS, Bk. 12-198. 1l June 1772. Lewis Dupree and Amey his wife of Charlotte Co., to Robert, Beasley of Lunenburg Co. 397 A. for 5 Lbs., land in Lunenburg Co. on branches of Spring field and Ledbetter's Creek; said land patented to Amey Willingham and Elizabeth Willingham 7 July 1763.
Witnesses: John Lee
John Eubank Lewis Deupree (Seal)
Thomas Haynes Amy x Deupree (Seal)
Proved Nov. 12, 1772.
DEEDS, Bk. 13-184. 8 Oct. 1778. Lewis Dupree to John Wood, both of Lunenburg Co., 55 A. for 32 Lbs. 1Os., land in Lunenburg Co., on north side of Middle fork of Snake (?) river -- John Colwell--(?) - William's Branch.
Witnesses: James Armstd
Stephen Fuqua Lewis Dupree (Seal)
Temperance Fuqua
Thomas Dupree
David Wood
Martha Wood
Stephen Mood
DEEDS, Bk. 13-793. 7 July 1781. Joseph Dupree to John Blankenship, both of Lunenburg Co,
(Note: Cannot read description, number of acres, nor witnesses names).
Joseph Dupree (Seal)
Proved Aug. 9, 1781)
Page 9



DEEDS, Book l4-312. 15 Feb. 1785. Jesse Saunders of Lunenburg Co., to Lewis Deupree of Mecklingburg Co., 190 A. for 20 Lbs., Land in Lunenburg Co., on Branches of South fork of Meherrin River, adj. Daniel Weatherford and Deupree's Patent line.
Witnesses: Benj. Evans
John Brown Proved 9 Feb. 1786.
William Weatherford
DEEDS, Bk. 16-3. 10 June 1787. Lewis Dupree of Mecklenburg Go, to John Robinson of Lunenburg Co., 173 (or 123) A. for 50 Lbs., land in Lunenburg Co· On both sides of Highgate Branch, beginning at said Dupree's Patent line, adj. Parsons and Edw. Robinson.
Witnesses: Nathaniel Crenshaw
Daniel Crenshaw Lewis Dupree (Seal)
William Tatum
James Griffin Proved April 8, 1790.
DEEDS, Bk. 16-95. 10 Dec. 1790. Lewis Dupree of Mecklenburg Co. to Daniel Weatherford of Lunenburg Co. For love and natural affection said Lewis Dupree bears to said Danie1 Weatherford and his wife Ann Weatherford Daughter of the said Lewis Dupree - give, grant, etc., 96 A. tract made over to Lewis Dupree by Jesse Sanders, the other part sold to Edward Robinson of Cumberland Co., it being the balance in full of all land held by Lewis Dupree in that part of Co. of Lunenburg on branches of south fork of Meherrin River; adj. William Weatherford Senr., William Weatherford Jun., Evans, and Sanders.
Witnesses: Henry Haley
Lewis Dupree (Seal)
John Robins
John Brown proved April 13, 1791.
William Weatherford
DEEDS, Bk. 16471· 12 June 1794. Susanna Dupree, Margarett Stokes, Young Stokes, Josiah Stokes, William Stokes, Henry Stokes, Thomas Stokes, Bartlett Stokes, TO Joseph Smith the Elder. Whereas Thomas Dupree late of Lunenburg Co. by his Last Will and Testament did unto his wife Susanna Dupree for life his Manor Plantation in Lunenburg Co. on Branch of Couche's Creek, 100 A., and after wife's decease to his daughter Margaret Stokes during her life, then equally divided between Margaret's children (named) - now selling the land to Joseph Smith the elder, etc.
(Did not get names
of witnesses) (All signed: Susanna and Margaret by mark)
DEEDS, 19-65· Jan. 4, 1802. Susanna Dupree acknowledges above Deed to Joseph Smith.
Page 10


DEEDS, BOOK 15-161. 10 Feb. 1788. Daniel Dupree of Lunenburg Co., purchases 130 A. of land for 25 Lbs., from Nathaniel Dacus of same county, land in Lunenburg Co. on Branch of Juniper Creek and Farmer's line.

(Deed Acknowledged by Dacus day written - no witnesses)

DEEDS, Bk. 22, pp. 30 and 106. Deed of Trust from Alberry B. Ward to
William Dupree, Lunenburg Co. Dated 1809 and 1810.

DEEDS, BOOK 2, 156. 1811. Alberry Ward Sr. to Wm. Dupree. Dower release by Frances Ward.

DEEDS, Bk. 24-366. 1818. William L. Hite to William Dupree.

Bk. 23-185. Jan. 13, 1814. William Dupree, Atty., to Christopher Smithson.

Bk. 17-115. 14 March 1795. Joseph Dupree from Peter Ward, both of Lunenburg Co.,_____ A. for 65 Lbs., land on branch of Stokes Creek, adj. Joshua Johnson.
Witnesses: Ro. H. Williams Peter Ward (Seal)
John Rivers Frances x Ward (Seal)
Spencer Griffin

Page 11


DEEDS,Bk. 32-181. 1841. Richard Barnes to William Dupree.


(Taken from "Lunenburg County, Virginia - Sunlight on the Southside")

Page 12

INVENTORIES, Book 2, p. 91. 8 Jan. 1752. Inventory of James Delpeach

Page 13


WILL BOOK 2 (1765-1774), page 81. Jane Dupre. An acct. of the Slaves,Stock, Horses, Household Furniture and belongings to Mrs. Jane Dupre' dec'd, Taken the 30th May 1768 p Charles Clarke NOTE: This Inventory included a fair amount of property including:
ORDER BOOKS: No Duprees. DuPuy records examined, but they indicated no connection with Duprees. - No James or Margaret (Dupree) Watson mentioned.
Deed Book 3, p. 251. Apr. 7, 1758. John Worsham to Thomas Daves.                                                (Earliest Daves Deed)

(Also) p. 343. Aug. 3. 1759. Same as above.

4-468 May 1763. John Archer to Thomas Daves.

11-507 Feb. 1789· Thanes Daves Sr. and Marjery, his wife, to Armistead Daves.

15-72 June 1800. Humphrey Traylor and Frederick Traylor to Marjery Davis.

16-204. Jan. 1803. Marjery Daves to Nancy Daves.

Page 14


Deed Bk. 3-251. 3 Feb. 1758. John Worsham of Chesterfield Co., to Thomas Daves of Chesterfield Co., 50 A. for 5 Lbs., land on Mill Branch to Story's Line and Richard Dayes line. (No witnesses)
3-342 10 Feb. 1759. John Worsham chest. Co., to Thomas Daves of same, 100 A. for 20 Lbs., land in Chest. Co., patented 17 Aug. 1725, being Plantation where Warsham now lives, including houses, woods, orchards, water courses, etc.
Witnesses: John x Jackqua
John Ward John Worsham (LS)

Prov. 12 Feb. 1759 by Witnesses.

4-468 6 May 1763. John Archer of Rawley Parish in Amelia Co., to Thomas Daves of Dale Parish, Chesterfield So., 150 A. for 150 Lbs., land in Chesterfield Co. on head of Youl's Branch (note: sometimes spelled Youell and, perhaps, Ewell), adj. Archer's land, Wm. William's & Thomas Botts (?), William Belcher - Locust Branch - Catharine Maie (?) line. Part of a 313 A. Patent dated Nov. 18, 1708, surveyed by John Bevill all houses, orchards, gardens, watercourses, etc.
Witnesses: Mark Pucket
George x Patram John Archer (LS)
Dan. x Patram
Prov. 6 May 1763 by the witnesses.
3-10. 7 Nov. 1755. Mary Delpish of Chesterfield Co., Judith Delpish of Amelia Co., and John Burner and Ann his wife of Cumberland Co., 18 Lbs. 10s. for 88 A. in Parish of King William, Chesterfield Co, and in Manakin Town, part of a Tract of 133 A. granted by Patent to Ann Delpish, Mary Delpish, and Judith Delpish the 5 Aug. 1751, the said Ann Delpish being married to John Burner. According to advice of John Burner, the said 133 A. was divided into three parts, John Burner and wife, Ann, now holding their part of 44-1/3 A. Mary Delpish and Judith Delpish now sell their parts, 88 A. total, to John Bransford of Cumberland Co. The land adj. Salley's corn and Barnard's line.
Witnesses: James Harris Mary x Delpish (LS)
Charles Clarke Judith x Delpish (LS)
Edward Scott John x Bernar (LS)
Stephen Chastain Ann Bernor (LS)
John Burner
Page 15


Deed Bk. 3-l4. 27 Nov. 1755· Mary Delpish, Chesterfield Co, Dale parish; Judith Delpish, Amelia Co; and Ann Bernar, wife of John Bernar, of King William Parish in CumberLand Co. (Ann, sister to said Judith and Mary). Sale of the remaining 44-1/3 A. of the tract of land described in the Deed, Bk. 3-10, to John Bransford of Said Cumberland Co. - Mentions this land as adjoining Dupuy's corner.
Witnesses: James Harris     Marry x Delpish (LS)
Charles Clarke*              Judith x Delpish (LS)
Edward Scott                 John Branford (LS)
Stephen Chastain (Ann did not sign)
Proved 27 Nov. 1755
*(Note: Please observe that Charles Clarke submitted the Inventory of Mrs. Jane Dupre, 30 May 1768. - Will Bk. 2, p. 81).
Will Book 1, Part 1, pp. 1-273 This book was examined page by page. Part 2, pp. 274-553. There was no Index; however, it too was examined. The possibility of having overlooked something pertinent, it must be remembered, is ever present.

1756 Only year available far Tithes. Included: Jane Dupe, James Reed, Hannah Easley, Daniel and Aron Fargeson (Furguson)  & Matthew Gibbs, list taken by Archibald Cary.

ELIZABETH CITY COUNTY WILLS, ETC., Parts 1 and 2. - Index was checked.
WILL BOOK 1, p. 7. April 26, 1738. Will of Francis West, Denghbe Perish, Amelia Co. Wife: Elizabeth West, all land south of Cellar Creek in the Fork, during widowhood. If she marries, then to go to my daughter Amey West.
Mentions my five children, but did not name them.
Friend, Richard Dennis, to have the Plantation I now live on
with 235 A., except a burying place for my family.
Witnesses Richard Jones             Francis x West (Seal)
Will Dendy
Eliz x Dendy

Wife, Elizabeth, produced Will which was proved Oct. 13, 1738. No Executor mentioned in Will.

Page 16

AMELIA COUNTY, VA. - Wills, Continued -

Will Book 1-8. Oct. Court 1738. Francis West, dec'd Inventory and Appraisement of Estate presented by appraisers:
                             William Dendy
)No Administrator mentioned) James Anderson
                             Georges Bayley (or Bagley)

(Very modest amount of property listed)

1736 - Below Deep Creek - Abram Jones, Francs Weste Jno. Cordle Sr.,

1736 - Also below Deep Creek - John Cordle, Abraham Jones.

1747 - Mat. Mayes

(No Duprees, no James Watsons, no Delpish, no Daves).
AMELIA COUNTY - A book of Land Causes, 1744-1769 was not examined (unindexed). Will Book No. 2X, 1761-1771, also not examined (unindexed).

MISCELLANEOUS RECORDS, partially indexed - not examined.

CHARLES CITY COUNTY, MISCELLANEOUS 1655-1865 unindexed - not examined.

Page 17


WILL BOOK 4, p. 136. March 29, 1736; proved August 23, 1736. Will of Robert Little of the Upper Parish, My two sons, John and Jacob, land which is to be divided between them by John Person and John Ingram, but the plantation to my son John. My two sons and Three Daughters that is now living with me Each a feather bed and furniture. I give and bequeath to Lewis Dupra the son of John Dupra One Cow with her first Calf. To Sarah Oaks the Daughter of Joseph Oaks One Cow With her first Calf, I give to my two Daughters Eliz Oaks and Lucy Dupra each a Crown Cash. Other things to be divided between my two sons and three daughters that now live with me.
Executors: My Son John and my Daughter Sarah, and John Person Overseer over my Will.
Witnesses: John x Inman
           Lewis Dupra              Robert Little (Seal)
           Chas. Travers
Will presented in Court by John Little and Sarah Little, and proved an oaths of John Inman and Charles Travers two of the Witnesses, Aug. 23, 1736.

The Great Book, Book II, p. 1. West, Francis. Inventory signed by John Gilliam and dated Jan. 10, 1718.

(NOTE: No Dupree Wills. No Duprees except those mentioned in the Little Will above.)

Deed Bk. 4-248. May 27, 1730. William Kinchin, of Upper parish of Isle of Wight County, to Robert Little, of Lower parish of same, acres of land on North side of Meherrin River in Isle of Wight County, adj. John Gilliam Patented to Wm Kinchen 31 Oct 1726.
(No witnesses). Deed acknowledged by Kinchen, May 28, 1733.
Day, Thomas and Mary Davis, dau. of Jno. Davis. 1754. see Deed Book 9-272
            and Deed Book 14 (Rev)-143.
Day, Thomas and Elizabeth Brown, dau. of John Brown (widow Fowler). 1765.
            Southampton Co, Will Book 2, p. 188.
(NOTE: The year stated does not necessarily mean the year of marriage, but is the date of document to which referred).
Page 18


Order Books Examined: 1746-1752

All Order Books far this county were located at the State Archives in Richmond, Va. Those checked appeared to be unproductive insofar as Dupree data was concerned. The Order Books for the period prior to 17146 should be examined, but the probability of discovering anything of importance is small.


Nansemond County was said to have been early stronghold of Puritans, Quakers, and other Dissenters, but the Church of England was established there from the time of earliest settlement; however, only two Vestry books are extant. The Suffolk Parish Vestry Book dates from July 1749 to February 1856. The Upper Parish Vestry Book dates from 1744 to 1793. They revealed nothing that was thought to be of interest concerning the Dupree family, nor was a reference to the family found.

Nansemond County Court Records: All Court records prior to 1866 were destroyed in fires in 1734 1779, and 1866.

The Clerk's Office at the Courthouse has a typed copy of "Early History of the Quaker Society of Nansemond County:", presented to the County by the Rev. James B. Dunn, April 2, 1908. It begins "with the yeare" 1673 by the "motion or order of George Fox the servant of God", and contains a "Register of the Nativity of Friends Children according to their parents did guie in wrighting"... ."allso to register all friends Children that shall be born and allso all marriages and Burialls that shall heare after happen amongst them". Some items from the Register follow:

p. 44 Inventory of Wm Bresy dec'd taken "In the yeare 1701 by John Jordan, Isaac Richesis, Robert Lacy, Daniel Sanbourn, Henry Wiggs, Trusties.

p. 53. Meeting held at Leavy Neck 13 day of 4 mo 1706. Those signing a certain resolution were: Isaac Hickes James Jordan, Thomas Page, Mich Jordan, Ben Jordan, Robt Jordan, Matt Jordan, Jno Jordan, Ben Chapman.

Page 19


p. 60. Richard Jordan d. 29th 10mo: 1723.

p. 61. Christian Jordan w. of Robert d. 26th 6 mo 16

p. 61. A letter from William Penn.

p. 73. Margarett Jordan, dau. of Robt Brashare b. 7th mo 1642 d. 7th 1Oth mo 1708, ca 66 years..."survived by my father 9 yrs lacking 18 hrs and was bur. 15th day". Bnm Jordan "Testimony" concerning his Mother.

p. 75. Mary Tooke of Isle of Wight Co: dau. Mary Crew intention to m. Edmond Belson, s. of Eliz. Belson of Nansemond Co.

p. 77. Thomas Jordan of Chuckatuck in Nansemond Co. - Intent. of marrying Margaret Burgh 9 da 12 mo 1688. (Among others, Elizabeth Jordan signed the banns).

p. 78. Robert Jordan, s. of The: Jordan of Chuckatuck, Nansemund County. Intent. of marrying Christian Oudeland, dau. of Tho Taberer of Isle of Wight Co. 9 da 12 mo 1687. (Abigail Brasewr "Ante" signed).

p. 79· James Jordan, s. of Thomas Jordan. Intent. of mar. with Elizabeth Ratliff, dau. of Rich'd, Isle of Wight Co. (Did not get date),

p.102. Frances Wrenn signs banns for a couple, as does Elizabeth Wrenn, 14 da 3 mo 1680.

p.181. 10 da 2 mo 1725. Signatures to Certificate of Marriage of Joseph Jordan and Mary Rix (Ricks): Elizabeth Jordan, Joseph Jordan (father, of N. C.), and Robert Jordan.

(NOTE: It appears that Thomas Jordan of Brunswick County (d. 1771) might have descended from these Jordans of Nansemond County).

No Dupree records were found here; however, this does not rule out the possibility of their having resided in Nansemond during the early 1700s.

Page 20


WILLS & DEEDS, Book 7, Part II, 1715-1730, page 586. 19 April 1725. Thomas Jordan, James Jordan, and River of Jordan, of the Isle of Wight County to Benjamin Chapman Donaldson, of same. 122 A. for 40 Lbs. Land in Perish of Southwark, Surry County, said land devised to said Thomas Jordan by the Last will and Testament of his Dec'd Father George Jordan and not wholly divided from land of said James Jordan and River of Jordan (Note: This repeated several times and very clear), Beginning at Joseph Witherington's line - to John Moring's.
Witnesses; W. Gray junr
           Eth'd Taylor Thos. x Jordan Seald
                                       with a Wafer
                          Proved May 10, 1725.

p. 587. Mary Jordan relinquished her dower in above land the same date.

(NOTE: There is a possibility that Book 7 is incorrect for this Deed; however, the Part II and the dates are correct, and it could readily be found from the dates.)

WILLS & DEEDS, Book 8, Vol. I, Part II, 1730-1738, page 388. 16 July 1734, Lease & Release 17 July 1734.
Benjamin Chapman Donaldson of Surry County to James Bradby, Harinor, 200 Acres, including houses, gardens, orchards, etc., for ____ Lbs. Tract Donaldson purchased of Thomas Jordan at Surry Co. Court 19 May 1725, and 85 acres purchased of George Norwood of Bartie Precinct, Province of N. C., Jan. 17, 1732.
Witnesses: Nathaniel Harrison            Benjn.. Chapn. Donaldson
           Patrick Adams                               Seald w, with a Wafer
Proved by Donaldson July 1731.
p. 301. Aug. 21, 1734. Mary Donaldson, the wife of the within named Benjamin Chapman Donaldson, relinquished her dower in above land.
DEEDS - Book 7, p. 384. 16 Jan. 1758. Benjamin Chapman Donaldson, of Brunswick County, to William Salter, of Surry Co., 1SO A. for 25 Lbs. - Land in Surry Co., formerly the property of William Alexander,late of said County, and sold by him to Benj. Chapman Donaldson, Mar. 16, 1757, and adj. Carter Crafford, John Ruffins, and Pocatinck Swamp.
Witnesses: John Huffin
John Newsum                Benj. Chapn. Donaldson (LS)
John Cornwell
Prov. 16 Jan, 1758.
Page 21
WILL BOOK A-151 8 July 1759; probated 15 Feb. 1760. Will of James Gee. To my Granddaughter, Boyce Gee, Daughter of my son James Gee deed, Tract of land in Prince George County containing 183 Acres; also some Negroes.
Executors: Charles and Henry Gee.
Witnesses: Richard Carter            James Gee (LS)
William Heeth Junr
Abraham Heeth
Thomas Young (All of Will not abstracted)
WILL BOOK A-174. Dec. 16, 1759; probated 20 June 1760. Will of William Hines, Senr, parish of Albemarle, Sussex County. Sons: William Hines, John Hines, Thomas Hines, Richard Hines, Peter Hines, David Hines (all the Lands and Negroes I have possessed him with), and Joshua Hines. Grandson: William Howel. My Daughter: Elizabeth Sorrow (3). My Son in law James Renn, one Negro Girl named Beck and all other things I have posses him with to him and his heirs forever. My Son in law, Lazarus Drake.
Executors: Sons, William Hines and Thomas Hines.
Witnesses: Mo. Johnson
           William Johnson         William x Hines (LS)
           Thomas Peter

Book 1, p. 9. 15 Aug. 1764. William Gary, Junr. & Boyce Gee.
                                                      Security: Wm. Heath Jr.

1-26. 6 Sept. 1780. John Powell & Boys Gee. Sec: Jos. Heath Jr. & Gee. Rives.

1-42 28 March 1786. William Clanton Pr Nancy Wrenn. Consent of Wm. Stuart. Witnesses: David Renn, Richard Rose, Mary Rose

1-15;6. 13 July 1816. Samuel Bass & Amey Dupree. Sec. & Wit., Wm W. Welton.

1-292. Samuel Pass (?) and Anne Dupree. (Undated Minister's Returns), Minister, Nathaniel Chambliss

(Note: These last two marriages may be the same; however, there is a possibility that they are not).

Page 23


Deed Book C, p. 257. 19 Aug. 1767. David Hines of Sussex County, Deed of Gift to Sterling Dupree of Brunswick County - for love and affection I have for my Son In law Sterling Dupree - two Negro Girls, Jane and Amy.
Witnesses: David Hines      David x Hines (Seal)
           Henry Hines
Deed acknowledged by David Hines 20 Aug. 1767.
ORDR BOOK 1 (1754-1756), p. l48. 13 Oct. 1755. It was noted that James Gee was serving as a Justice at that time.

Page 23




Will Book 2, p. 416. (Note: This is reference for the recorded Will; however, it was incorrectly recorded, in that among other children it names daughters, "Ann, Frances Dupree":....etc. The original Will, which is on file at the (Courthouse in Southampton County, shows that these daughters should have been, "Ann Frances, Sarah Dupree" The following is abstracted from the original Will:

Thomas Day, St. Luke Parish, Southampton County. 22 May 1771;
                                          proved 11 July 1771.
All land I am now possessed with - 640 A. to wife, Elizabeth until her death or she remarries - then between my five following children: Elizabeth Briggs Frances, Thomas Day, Ann Francis, Sarah Dupree and Mary Day. - unto my Daughter Ann Frances 20 Lbs. Unto my daughter EIary Day 8 Lbs. Unto my grand daughter Sarah Frances one cow and calf....unto my Daughters Elizabeth Brown Day* Phebe and Charlotte to each of them respectively 4 Lbs. 12s. 6 p. If either of my daughters Elizabeth Brown Day Pheebe or Charlotte should die without heirs...etc. - equally divided between the other two. Remainder of estate to wife, Elizabeth, until my Daughter Rebecca shall arrive at eighteen years at which to be divided, etc.
Executors: Wife, Elizabeth Day and friend, George Gurley.
Witnesses : Thomas Day Junr.
Jno Barrow Thomas x Day (LS)
Richard Forster
*Note . 'Elizabeth Briggs Frances" above.
Will Bk. 4-395 23 Aug. 1790; prov. 10 Dec. 1790. John Read. Dau: Patience S___ Son: Cordall Read - plantation, 120 A. Sarah Read. My Six Children: Tabitha Byrd, Priscilla Byrd; Patience Linch (?), Mason Read, Salley Francis, Cordall Read (the Plantation whereon I now now live).
Executors: Wm. Francis and James Lynch (?).
Witnesses : Cordall Francis
Hardy x Hunt John x Read (LS)
Will Bk. 7-297. 31 July 1813; 18 Oct. 1813. Susannah Hines "the elder". Daughters: Martha Kitchen & Susanna Hines. Granddaughter: Susanna Rosser Felts; grandson: Henry Felts; grandchildren: Sally Hines Felts, Daisy Felts, John William Hines.
Executor: My friend, Benjamin B. Rosser.
Witnesses: James Scammel (?)
           Frederick x Felts         Susannah Hines (LS)
Page 24


WILL BK. 7-447. 10 Feb. 185; proved 17 April 1815 Samuel Francis, St. Luke's Parish, Wife: Sally Francis. Daughters: Rebecca Dupree (146 Lbs.; 5 head of Cattle; one Side Saddle; 1 Bed & furniture, which she hath received); Esther Turner; Elizabeth Wade. Children: Polly Frances;William Francis; Samual Francis; Sally Frances; Salathiel Francis (son); Nathaniel Francis, Martha J. Francis.
Executors: My friend Willie Francis and my son, William Francis.
Witnesses: John Spencer
           Thomas James       Samuel Francis (Seal)
Deed Book 4-65. March 8, 1768. Deed of Gift from Thomas Day, Co. of Southampton, parish of St. Luke, for goodwill and affection I bear to my two loving daughters Sarah Day and Mary Day. To Sarah - after my decease two Negroes, Ben and Amy, and 12 Lbs. Current Money. To Mary - two Negroes, Fanny and Joe, etc. If either dies without heirs, their share to be divided between the surviving sister and the other of their following sisters namely Rebecca Priscilla and Elizabeth Brown Day.
No witnesses. Acknowledged by Thos. Day.
                                            Thos. Day (Seal)
13-40. 15; Jan. 1812. George Wilson and wife, Elizabeth, of Greenville Co.,Va., to Lewis Dupree, 514 A. for $6,168 - land in Southampton Co., beginning at corner on Meherrin River - Henry Smith's - to corner of Isham Lundy's Estate.
Witnesses: .. (Memo. One half acre of the George Mason (Seal)
  James Harris (within land is reserved to George Ivey Jr.(Geo: Mason, etc.
  Lewis Harris       Lewis Dupree
Proved by Lewis Harris and George Ivey Junr. June Court 1812.
23-74. Dec. 25, 1800. Henry Dupree gives receipt to Nathaniel Francis for $242.50 "in full far my portion as a Legatee in the Estate of Samuel Francis. Mrs. Sally Francis "gave up" as the Legatus. Property divided by consent of the Legatees.
Witness: Rich Darden
Recorded July 15, 1833.
Page 25

Deed Bk. 25-357. 22 April 1825. Absalom P. Smith and wife, Eliza, of Greenville Co. to Lewis Dupree, 409 A. for $457. Land in Southampton Co. beginning at Mary A. Smith's line; A. P. Smith; Jack Swamp; to Lewis Dupree's line & Arthur Williamson's.
Witnesses: Littleton Williamson
           Wm Lanier A P Smith (Seal)
           Floyd Williams
           Arthur Williamson                    Eliza A Smith (Seal)

Prov. June 20, l842.
(NOTE: Correction above: Smith and wife of Northampton Co., N. C; Lewis Dupree of Greensville Co., Va.)

Bk. 29-143 10 March 1857. Agreement. Mildred S.(?) Dupree and Jos, P. G. Roulhae (?) - Marriage intended - Mildred reserves lifetime estate in certain property and slaves.


Order Books Begin 1749. First book unindexed; not checked,

Order Book 1759-1763:

p, 57, John Dupree, plaintiff against Benj. Clements, Aug. 14, 1760. Continued next Court.

p. 67. 9 Oct. 1760. John Dupree, plaintiff against Benj. Clements for Assault and Battery. Continued next Court.

p. 74. 13 Nov. 1760. Same as above. Judgment for plaintiff.

p. 106. 14 May 1761. Lewis Dupree, plaintiff vs John Little, Administrator of Drury Bynum, Defendant has leave to till the next Court.

(NOTE: No Will found; no further mention of case found).
p. 106. 14 May 1761. Simon Turner, plaintiff vs John Little, Admr. of Drury Bynum - Next Court.
Page 26


(Ord. Bk. 1759-1763, Cont'd)-

p. 164. 12 Nov, 1761. Lewis Dupree vs Edward Windham - In Case. Continued to next Court. (Not found).

p. 192. 12 March 1762, John Dupray vs Benj. Clements. Trespass, Assault and Battery. John Dupray awarded damages, 40s.

Order Book 1768-1772, p. 43. 12 May 1768. Sterling Dupree, Plaintiff, vs Thomas Blake Junr. Trespass, assault and battery. Found for the Plaintiff 1 Lb, 17s. and costs.

Order Book ___ 1772. 26 Sept. 1770. Lewis Dupree vs James Day Ridley (p. 197) for debt of Lbs. 93..4..6 with interest from 26 1770* Court returned for Lewis Dupree, the Plaintiff. (Failed to get correct book designation and date of suit). *From Sept, 26, 1770.

(NOTE: All Order Books checked up to 1800 except those that were not indexed).

Page 27


Marriage Register, 1750-1853:

1766, Oct. 9. Simon Turner - Lucy Little, Widow. Security, Wm Person; Witnesses: R. Nello, Thos. Person 3r.

1767, Dec. 6. Simon Turner of Brunswick Co. & Ann Williamson of Nottaway Par; Spinster. Sec: Wm. Williamson, R. Kello, Wit.

1772, Feb. 25. (p. 18) Charles Barham - Ann Arrington, widow. Sec: James Barham; R. Kello, witness.

1772, Nov. 12. (p. 18) William Barham - Sarah Thomas. Henry Thomas, father of Sarah, dec'd; consent of Thos. & Martha Thomas. Sec: Jno. Thomas Blow; wit: R. Kello, Thos. Judkins.

1789, Sept. 10. (p. 62) Randolph Wrenn (Werenn) and Martha Jones. Sec: Moses Foster; Wit: Francis Young jr; Henry Myrick.

1789. ? (p. 62) Arthur Bird and Ann Byrd. Sec: Jas Bird; witness: F. Young jr. (In Ministers' Returns 10 Oct. 1789: Bird, Arthur & Ann Bird).

1795 June 11. (p. 102) Barham, Benj. (Taylor) & (Dupree) Duprery, Mabel. Sec: Jno. Barlow 3r; Jno. D. Haussmann, witness.

1798, Nov. 19, (p. 123) Reed, Cordall & Delilah Kersey, Sec: James Sweet (Sweat); Sam Nello jr., witness.

1801, Apr. 10. (p. l4lr) Tucker, Stith, Capt. & Polly Gilliam (Polley). Parent or Guardian Thomas Gilliam. Sec: John Gilliam; S. Nello (this may be Kello), witness.

1804, Dec, 17. (p.163) Dupre, Benj. Donaldson & Frenetta Tillar.

Henry Tillar, father of Frenetta. Sec: Sterling C. Thornton; James Pillar (Tillar-?), witness. Minister: B. Cobb.

1815, Nov. 28; (p. 242 Lewis Dupree jr. & Frenetta Dupree. Sec: James Tillar; J. Rochelle, witness.

1786, Feb, 27 (p, 636) Abraham Reid & Charlotte Bird. (From a loose leaf list).

1809, June 28. (p. 192) Richard Hines & Delilah Alien. Parents:

Benj. Alien and Wife. Sec: James Britt; Semi. Kello, Wit.

1762, Feb. 11, 1762. (p. 7) Thomas Day & Elizabeth Foster, widow. Sec: John Watkins; R. Kello, Witness

Page 28


Book 1, p. 484. 2 March 1739. William Wynne, St. Andrews parish, Brunswick Co. to Frederick Jones, of Prince George Co. 630 A. for 40 Lbs, part of greater tract formerly granted to Peter Jones by Patent 2 Nov. 1726, thence by Deed from Jones to Wynne, and other (400 A.) patented to Wynne 1 Feb. 1738 - all houses, buildings, wood, mater, mills, etc. Witnesses: William Jones, Abraham Jones Jun'r. J. Chapman, Clem. Read.
                                                      Wm Wynne (LS)
Deed acknowledged by Wynne, 3 April 1740.

1-489 7 March 1740. Between Thomas Jordan Gent of Prince George Co. and Abraham Jones of same county, Cent. Whereas the afsd Abraham Jones the day & year afsd is and was Bound and now is to Several persons Inhabiting in the province and Dominion of Virginia in Several large Sums of Money and Tobacco amounting in the whole to the sum of 300 Lbs Va Currency as may appear by a List of the Debts due and owing to and From the Same Jordan to his Several Creditors afsd Now know ye that I the Same Thomas Jordan for me my heirs Executors adminss & Assigns have Bargained and sold and by these presents do bargain Sell Enfeoff and Confirm to the Same Abraham Jones his heirs Executors Administrators all my Estate both real and personal Lying and being in the County of Prince George and Brunswick in lieu and in Consideration of his being Security as afsd....., etc..... and the Same Abraham Jones may peaceably and quickly enter on the premises and the same both real and Personal Estates ...etc...... Provided allways on this Condition that if the Same Thomas Jordan his heirs Shall save indemnified the said Abraham Jones his heirs and from any Judgment action 2ause of Action that may on and upon the Accounts of the same Abraham Jones being Security as afsd......etc.....and if so.... the same Abraham Jones.....hereby promise to make return of same to said Jordan,... etc.
Witnesses: I. Scott        Thos Jordan (LS)
           Jam's Thompson  Abraham Jones Jun' (LS)
           William Eppes
           John Jones

Memorandum that Livery and of all and Singular the premises... is delivered to said James--
Witnesses: Jam's. Thompson
           Fred'k. Jones
           Isham Randolph                       Thos. Jordan (LS)
           William Kavan


MR. THOMAS JORDAN .......... Dr. p Contra Cr: To Mr Theophilus Field as by Bill of Exchange on & Lbs. upon the acct of Jordan afsd sterling 68..11..8'2To M' Thos. Hardaway on a Bond with Interest Abraham Jones Security        Current Money 55..0..0
Continued -
Page 29



To the Sherif of Prince George County as my Bail at the Suit Capt Sam1 Barnes as by the Writ may appear Sterling 70..0..0 Lbs.

To the Sherif of Prince George County as my Bail at the Suit of Baxter Davis for Current Money of Virginia 49..0..0 Lbs.

To the Sheriff or Prince George County on an Arrest Abraham Jones my Common Bail as appears by the Writ Cur.Money 20..0..0 Lbs.

To John Scott fees heretofore Transacted e'er anything in this Deed was Thought of
                             Witness My hand and Seal
                                      Thomas Jordan (LS)

To Charges as they shall accrue in Sale of my Estate to Indemnifie Mr Abraham Jones Witness my hand
                         Thomas Jordan (LS)
At a Court at Fitzgerald's for Prince George County on the 2nd Tuesday in April being 14 day of month this Deed was proved by Jno Scott, Wm Eyres and John Jones, three of the witnesses.
Deed further proved 2 July 1741, and ordered to be recorded.
Abstracts of the two foregoing Deeds are included with this Dupree material in an effort to find a possible connection with the Dupree family and Abraham Jones. See Deed 8-463, in which Abraham Jones deeds to Lewis Dupree for 5 shillings 916 acres of land in Brunswick Co., 23 Feb. 1767. There is a connection between Thomas Jordan and Thomas Dupree, the latter having been Executor of the former's will; also, Jacob Dupree married Thomas Jordan's granddaughter, Mary Jordan, the daughter of Burwell Jordan. (See later). Thomas Dupree also was Mary's Guardian until her marriage.

3-111. 3 Dec. 1745 Michael Wall and Rebecca Chapman, now Rebecca hall(wife of Michael Wall), widow Executrix and Residuary Legatee of John Chapman, late of Brunswick Co., deed. Deed of Gift to children: Benjamin Chapman, John Chapman, Mary Chapman, and William Chapman, for natural love and affection, the land and negroes herein after mentioned, etc.

Page 30


Vol. 3, p. 130·) Indenture 3 Feb. 1745 (Lease) and 4 Feb. 1745 Vol. 3, p. 132.) (Release). Amos Horton & Sarah his wife to James Dupree (both of St. Andrews parish, Brunswick Co. 320 A. for 30 Lbs. Houses, edifices, buildings, orchards, water ways, etc., adj. John Peterson, Capt. Robert Hicks, Jonathon Carter.

3-490 Indenture. 12 July 1748. Lewis Dupree Senr, Brunswick Ca. to Lewis Dupree Junr of same. 70 Lbs. for 90 A. adj. Edward Brantley & Richard Smith, formerly patented to Martain Middleton 18 March 1717.
Witnesses: Charles Travers   Lewis x Dupree (LS)
           John x Dupree
           Thomas Dupree                                               Proved 6 Oct. 1749

3-492. Indenture. 6 Oct. 1748. John Dupree to Thomas Dupree, both of Brunswick Co. 5 Lbs. for 135 A., bound by line of trees between themselves. Patented to John Dupree 20 Sept. 1731.
      Chas. Travers     John x Dupree (LS)
      Samuel Bennett

Acknowledged and recorded 6 Oct. 1748.
3-531 Indenture. 4 Jan. 1748. John Peebles to Haley Dupree, both of Brunswick Co. 28 Lbs. for 143 A. in Brunswick Co. in the fork of Cane Branch, adj. Parham's line, Took's line.

5-45. Indenture. 19 Dec. 1750. 20 Lbs. for 200 A. on south side of the Meherrin River, and on Fox Branch, sold by Thomas Green and Sarah, his wife, to Lewis Dupree of Brunswick Co. (Green & wife of Granville Co., N. C.). Said 200 k. bequeathed to Sarah Turner, wife of said Thomas Green by James Turner, dec'd, by his Will Nov. 11, 1743; said land being the residue of 330 A. granted to Jos. Turner 12 June 1737, and adjoining Lewis Dupree's own land, adj. John Baptist Curtis & Turner.
         Witnesses: Francis Exum Sarah Green (LS)     Thomas Green (LS)
         Edward Rowell (?)
         John Stroud junr. Proved ______1757

5-474 27 Nov. 1753. Benjamin Chapman Donaldson of Brunswick Go., for natural love & affection to my loving daughter Mary Dupree, wife of James Dupree of Brunswick Co., 67 A. in said Co., on south side of the Meherrin river.
Witnesses: Mic. Will Benj.    Chapn. Donaldson (LS)
           Nathl Hicks             Prov. 27 Nov. 1753
           Will'm. Chapman

Page 31


6-178. 25 Jan. 1757. Thomas Jordan to Thomas Dupree, both of Brunswick Co 45lbs. for 150 A. on north side of Meherrin River, adjoining Donalson. Thomas x Jordan (LS). Prov. 26 July 1757.
Witnesses: Haley Dupree,
           Burwell x Jordan,
           Drury x Jordan.

7-341 9 July 1763. Michael Sullivant to James Dupree, both of Meherrin parish, Brunswick Co., adjoining Dupree & Dolinson's line. (Inadvertently omitted the sum of money involved). 133 A. Witnesses: Jas. Haley, John x Dupree, Robert x Dupree, Exum Williamson.

7-439. 20 Feb. 1764. Absalom Atkinson & wife, Lucretia, to Haley Dupree, both of Brunswick Co. 107 Lbs. for 200 A. The Messeage tract (?) on Fountain Creek. Patented to James Parham Feb. 22, 1724 then in Isle of Wight Co. Part of 440 A. granted John Tooke by James Parham.
Witnesses - James Clarke, Thos. Mosely, Samuel Turner.

8-463. 23 Feb. 1767. Abraham Jones, Halifax Co., N. C., Planter, to Lewis Dupree, Brunswick Co., Va., Planter. 5 Shillings for two tracts of land in Brunswick Co. 916 acres. One - Lewis Barker's line to Daniel Hoops line on Branch of Pigeon Roost Creek; Thos. Parham's line; Benj. Moseley's line; Thos. Moseley's line. The other Lewis Barker's line to Lizzard Creek.
Witnesses: Moses Rivers, Henry Dupree, Jno. Dupree, Thomas Morris. Prov. 23 Feb. 1767.

10-149. 15 Mar. 1771. Hannah Sullivant, Brunswick Co., releases dower to James Dupree (both of Meherrin parish). for 40s. the 193 A. of land purchased of her husband, Michael Sullivant, 9 July 1763.
Witnesses: David Hines, Benjamin Dupree.

9-25. 1767. James Dupree, parish of Meherrin, Brunswick Co., to Sterling Dupree, for natural love & affection...."to my loving son Sterling Dupree" - two Negro boys, Parrot & Will.
Witnesses: David Hines
           Isham Lundy   James x Dupree
           Lewis Dupree                     (Recorded 27 July 1767)

9-26. 1767. James Dupree, Meherrin parish, Brunswick Co., far natural love & affection to my "loving son" Sterling Dupree, of same, 320 A. on south side of the Meherrin River in Brunswick So., adj. Jno. Peterson, Capt. Robert Hicks junr, Carter
Witnesses: Isham Lundy, Lewis Dupree, David Hines.
                                                James x Dupree (LS)

*to include houses, Prov. 27 July 1767.
gardens, waterways,
orchards, etc.

Page 32


9-523. 28 Aug. 1769. Dempsey Tooke and Joseph Took and Mary his wife to Haley Dupree, both Planters of Brunswick Co. ________ Acres on North side of Fountain Creek, adj. Jas. Parham.
Witnesses Batt Peterson & Wm Turner. Prov. 28 Aug 1769.

10-272. 1771. Sterling Dupree, Brunswick Co. to Barham Hines of Sussex Co., 320 A. for 140 Lbs. All that tract whereon I now live in Brunswick Co., adj. John Peterson & Capt. Robt Hixe's Jn., and also Jonothan Carter, patented to Robt Hart 12 June 1733.
Witnesses: Thos Gilliam jn.         Sterling Dupree (LS)
           David Hines
           Thos Dupree.         Prov. 25 Nov. 1771 by Gilliam, Hines, & Dupree.

10-275 24 Oct. 1771. William Lucas, of "Meclonburg", Planter, to Thos Dupree, Brunswick Co., 250 acres for 200 Lbs, including another tract of 150 acres. 250 A. in Brunswick Co., on south side of Meherrin River to corner of Edward Brantley's land, to Micrey Meadow, and Rich'd Jackson's land. 150 A. on south side of Meherrin River, adj. the other 250 acres, and on north side of Micry Meadow Branch, adj. Joseph Parke's land to corner of Lewis Dupree's land.
Witnesses: Lewis Dupree        Rilliam Lucas (LS)
           Thos Dupree
        Rob't R Dupre Dupree*       Proved the day written by all 3 witnesses.
              mark                   Recorded 25 Nov. 1771.

*(Note: Robert Dupree's mark appears always to be the capital letter "R", thus his name was not Robert R. Dupree).

10-307 & 519. 22 June 1772. Mary Dupree, wife of James Dupree, relinquishes her dower in 133 A. of land sold by her husband, James Dupree, to Isham Lundy, 22 June 1771, for 145 Lbs. land in Meherrin perish, patented to Michael Sullivant. Wit: W Edwards, Benj Chapman, David Hines, George Wyche. Prov. by Benj Chapman. - James x Dupree Mary x Dupree(IS)

10-350. 2 March 2. Lewis Dupree Planter of Brunwsick Co., to John Dupree Of same, for 5 shillings, 300 A. in Brunswick., beginning at corner oak of Daniel Huff's line to Pigeon Roost Creek to Thos. Parham's line & Benj. Moseley's line.
Witnesses: Henry Hailey       Lewis Dupree (LS)
           Henry Dupree
           Drury Dupree
(Note: This is part of same land deeded to Lewis Dupree by Abraham Jones for 5 shillings. See Deed 8-463).

Page 33


10-406. 1772. Deed from Benjamin Chapman Donaldson to Thomas Dupree. (This Deed Book could not be located in Brunswick Co., as it was out for re-binding). Other Deeds in Book 10 were abstracted at an earlier date. (May be same as 10-466; see under "More Deeds").

11-261 26 March 1772. Benjamin Chapman Donaldson to Thomas Dupree junr.for 5 shillings, 115 A.. on Merry Meadow Branch.
Witnesses: Isham Fennell
           Arthur Turner        Prov. 28 March 1772.
           Henry Dupree

(This probably was a "for love and affection" Deed; however, abstractor failed to note it).


11-379. 1 Oct. 1773. William Turner to Lewis Dupree junr, both of Brunswick Co, 200 A. for 140L,12s, 6 p., beginning at point on Lewis Dupree's line in the Fox's Branch.
Witnesses: Joel Avery (?)     William Turner (Seal)
           Benjn Bynum
           Jesse Butts           Prov. by Bynum and Dupree; 24 Jan. 1774
           Robert Dupree         Rec. 3 Jan. 1775·

12-57. 5 Nov. 1776. James Dupree of Pitt Co., N. C., to Burwell Bass of Brunswick Co., Va., 50 A. for 60 Lbs, adj. Donaldson's line.
Witnesses: Aaron x Atkinson
           Anne x Atkinson            James x Dupree (LS)
           Mary x Atkinson     Prov. 24 June 1776.


12-329. 28 Feb. 1777. Benjamin Chapman Dupree of Pitt Co., N, C., to Burwell Bass of Brunswick Co., Va., 67 A. in Brunswick Co., for 70 Lbs., on Goose Pond, adj. David Hines Line.
Witnesses: Andrew Metcalf
           Dempsey Tooke              Prov. Nov. 1777.
           Jacob x Dupree

13-186. Recorded Oct. 18, 1777. Receipt from Jacob Dupree to Thomas Dupree sen'r, guardian. "Received Oct. 17, 1777 of Thomas Dupree sen'r guardian to the orphans of Burwill Jordan, 27 Ibs. 11 s. and ten pence halfpenny, it being in full payment of my wife's part of the estate of Thomas Jordan, deceased".
Witness: Henry Hailey.                Jacob Dupree

Page 34


13-325. May 17, 1779. Haley Dupree to Jacob Dupree, both of Brunswick Co., 150 A. for 60 Lbs. - Brunswick Co. at Jennys Spring.
Witnesses: Batt Peterson       John Peterson
           John Markendree

13-376. 19 June 1779. Lewis Dupree, Senior, of Brunswick Co., to Herbert Haynes of Warren Co., N. C. 316 A. for 400 Lbs., in Brunswick Co. an Lizzard Creek, adj. Lewis Barker (or Baker) and Moseley.
Witnesses: David Hines
           W. Hendrix                       Lewis Dupree (LS)
           Thomas Persons (or Parsons)
           Lewis x Duprey Jr.

l4-300. 31 Jan. 1787. John Dupree to John Waldrop, both of Brunswick Co. 300 A. for 71, Lbs. On Branch of Pigeon Creek and on south side of Meherrin River, adj. Fred. Cook, Wm. Gunn, Lewis Huff, Jno. White.
Witnesses: John Love
           Edmund Webb        John Dupree (LS)
           Isaac Mosley                  Prov. 23 July 1787.

14-403 8 Feb. 1788. John Dupree and Nancy, his wife, to Frederick Cook, all of Brunswick Co. 300 A. for 100 Lbs., on Pigeonroost Creek, beginning on Cook's line, to Isaac Mosley's, to John White's, and to corner on Lewis Huff's line.
Witnesses: E. Webb       John Dupree (LS)
Daniel Baugh             Nancy x Dupree (LS)
Isaac Mosley
Roger Tilman                    Proved 22 Sept. 1788 on oaths of
                               Webb, Baugh, and Mosley.

15-91. 21 April 1787. Lewis Dupree of Greensville Co., Planter, to John White of Brunswick Co., Planter 300 A. for 5 Lbs., land in Brunswick Co, adj. Lewis Barker, Daniel Huff, Benjamin Moseley, and Thomas Moseley.
Witnesses: James Huff      Lewis Dupree (Seal)
           James Dupree
           Mark Clanton. Proved June 27, 1791, by James Dupree; further proved 23 August 1787 by James              Buff and Mark Clanton, and ordered to be recorded.

Page 35


"Wills Etc.,", Book 1, p. 113. 1 March 1733. James Haley, Brunswick Co.,Ethelred Taylor of Isle of Wight Co., 315 k. for 55 Lbs., on south side of Meherrin River, Brunswick Co., whereon James Haley now lives, being two Patents: One to Jno Persons, Surry Co. 18 Feb. 1722, and the other to James Haley 8 Sept. 1730.
Witnesses: Simon Turner           James Haley (Seal)
Marmaduke Johnson
Henry Jackson                    Prov. 2 May 1734

"Wills Etc:", 1-82. 3 day of____ 1733· Joseph Renn of Prince George Co. to Francis Renn, his son, 180 A. for 5 shillings.

"Wills Etc." 1. (Page number not noted). Joseph Parke of Brunswick Benjamin Chapman Donaldson for 100 Lbs., all that tract of 400 A., land or plantation whereon said Joseph Parke now lives which was formerly part of the Isle of Wight Co., said land bounded as by a Patent granted Edward Brantley 18 March 1717 and Grant - Patent to Richard Myrick 22 Feb. 1724 - all houses, gardens, waterways, etc., 67 A. (ah! Found! pp.135,136,137).
Witnesses: Thos. Cooke
           Thos. Avent
           Chas. Lucas                Prov. 7 Oct. 1734
           Danl Eubank (?)

Deed Book 9-503. 28 Aug. 1769. Drury Jordan and Thomas Jordan to Simon Turner, both of Brunswick Co., 135 A. for 205 Lbs., on south side of Meherrin River, burial place excepted, 25 so. feet.
Witnesses: Benjamin Bynum
           Wm Turner
           Lewis x Dupree               Proved by Bynun, Turner, and Lewis x Dupree.
           Robt x Dupree

Deed Book 8-469. 23 Feb. 1767. Robert Williamson and wife Mary of Brunswick Co. to Lewis Williamson of Co. of Northampton, Province of N. C., 430 A. for 20 Lbs., land in Brunswick Co., beginning at corner at Rooty Branch, southwest to George Reaves line, to Cane Branch to Menry Cook's line.

                                Deed acknowledged by Robert and Mary Williamson,
                                23 Feb. 1767.

Deed Book 13-143. 29 Jan, 1778. Lewis Williamson Priscella Williamson, and Elizabeth Jones of Northampton Co., N. C., to Benjamin Sykes of Brunswick Co., 420 8. for 233 Lbs., tract in Brunswick Co., Va., on West side of Fountain Creek, beginning at two branches on north side of

Page 36


Cattail Creek, thence north to John Scott's, and Fountain Creek.
Witnesses: Sally Gray Washington
           James Easley            Lewis Williamson (LS)
           Shade Alley             Priscilla Williamson (LS)
           Benjamin Dancy          Elizabeth Jones (IS)
           John Hislme (?)
           Thomas Claiborne
           Henry Pattan (or Hatton)
                             Prov. 22 June 1778 by Shade Alley,
                             Thomas Claiborne & Henry Patton.

The following Deeds were copied in abstract from the manuscript documents located at the Virginia State Library, Archives Department. They are in a box labeled, "Brunswick County Deeds, 1732-1780". Most, if not all, appear to have been properly recorded, and may be located by referring to the Deed Index for Brunswick County, Virginia.

13 May 1777. Nathaniel Thompson, Brunswick Co. to Lurane Thompson, in consideration of Lurane's Right of Dower in a certain tract of 250 acres, Nathaniel Thompson now confirms, etc., and "makes over" to Lurane Thompson during her natural Life a certain parcel of this tract, adj. Lewis Duprey and Benjamin Bynum.
Witnesses: Benj. Bynum      Nathaniel Thompson (Seal)
Robert x Duprey
Phily Person                Prov. 28 July 1777, by Robert x Duprey
                            and Philip Person, witnesses.

23 Jan. 1764. James Turner and wife Amey Turner to Benjamin Bynum, all of Brunswick Co., 450 A. for 200 Lbs., land in Brunswick Co., Patented to Joseph Parkes 20 Aug. 1747, bought by Turner - house, buildings, orchards, waterways, etc.
Witnesses: Lewis Williamson         James x Turner (Seal)
           Simon Turner              Amey x Turner (Seal)
           Michael x Sullivent              Prov. 7 Jan. 1765.

16 April 1778. Barham Hines to Christopher Foster, both of Brunswick Co., 322 A. for 500 Lbs.,on Fox Branch in Brunswick Co.
Witnesses: Elizabeth Seemore
           Jeremiah Dupree        Barham x Hines (Seal)
           Jesse Dupree
           Sam Davis (Jun'r)
                          Proved 24 Aug. 1778 by Jeremiah Dupree & Jesse Dupree.

Page 37


Deed Book 11, p. 260. Dec. 27, 1773. Benj. C. Donaldson to Arthur Turner for 1,000 Lbs., payable 20 Lbs. yearly, land and plantation whereon Donaldson now lives; also several slaves. Arthur Turner mentioned as Benjamin C. Donaldson's son-in-law.

Deed Book 11, p. 364. Dec. 27, 1773. Benjamin G. Donaldson to son-in-law, Arthur Turner. Mentions grandson, John Turner, son of said Arthur Turner and Elizabeth, his wife - certain tract of land in Dobbs County, North Carolina, containing 600 A. purchased of James by Simon Turner, deed., father of said Arthur, and devised to said son Arthur as by his last Will and and affection have toward my son-in-law,Arthur Turner, and to my daughter, Elizabeth, wife of said Arthur Turner. This Deed conveys the 400 A. bought from Parke and sold to Arthur Turner, to be paid for in annual installments, provided Arthur Turner makes over the 600 A. tract in Dobbs Co., N. C., to his son, John Turner. He also mentions his (Benj. C. Donaldson's) grandson, Donaldson Turner, son of Arthur and Elizabeth Turner; and grandson, Thomas Dupree.

Deed Book 1O-466. 28 Sept. 1772. Benjamin Chapman Donaldson to "my grandson Thomas Dupree, for good will and affection" - conveys to him a Negro boy.
Witnesses: Robert x Dupree,
           John x Wood
           Thomas Dupree

Page 38


Location: Virginia State Library, Archives Department, Richmond, Va., in box labeled, "Brunswick County Administrators & Executors Bonds, 1732-1800". This box contains the original manuscripts from which the following have been abstracted:

28 March 1763. Lewis Williamson, Exum Williamson and Thomas Jackson give Bond on appointment of Lewis Williamson as Administrator of the Estate of William Browne, deed. The Bond bears the signatures of all.

John Little, Lewis Dupree, and Simon Turner give Bond 23 Feb. 1760, an appointment of John Little as Admr. of Estate of Drury Bynum. Bond bears signatures of all bonded.

26 Sept. 1768. Drury x Jordan, Lewis Dupree and Haley Dupree banded on appointment of Drury Jordan as Admr. of Estate of Thomas Jordan. Signatures of Lewis Dupree and Haley Dupree appear.

24 Oct. 1763. Annes Chapman and Edward x Robertson Bonded on appointment of Anne as Executrix of Est. of John Chapman.

25 Oct. 1779. Lewis x Dupree jr., Benj, Bynum, & Joshua x Clark Bonded on appointment of Lewis Dupree as Administrator of Estate of Robert Dupree. Benj. Bynum's signature appears; others signed by mark.

22 July 1771. David Hines and James Wall bonded on appointment of David Hines as Admr. of Estate of Thomas Piland. Both signatures appear.

28 Nov. 1752. Abraham Jones and Daniel Carrell bonded on appointment of Abraham Jones as Administrator of Est. of Henry Hose.

23 Jan. 1775. Isham Fennill, Lewis x Dupree, & Robert x Dupree bonded an appointment of John Fennell, jr. as Admr. of Est. of John Fennell, jr. Isham Fennill's signature appears. Others sgnd by mark.

21 Jan. 1775. Ann x Fennell "gives up" to Isham Fennell to administer upon the Estate of John Fennell. Ann x Fennell
Witnesses: Lewis Dupree and Benjamin Rieves

Page 39


21 Aug. 1774 Hannah Rives and Thomas Dupree bonded on appointment of both as administrators of the Estate of Simon Rives, Deceased. Both signatures appear.

28 Nov. 1774. Robert x Dupree, Lewis x Dupree, David Hines, and Luranah Thompson bonded on appointment of Luranah"Tomson" and Robert Dupree as Administrators of Est of James "Tompson". Has signatures of David Pines and Duranah Tompson; others signed by mark.

No Chancery papers were found in Brunswick County for the period prior to about 1830. The records of this nature appear to have been included in the old Order Books, abstracts of which follow:


Order Book 1, p. 36. 4 Oct. 1733. All male Labouring Tyths belonging to Thos. Parsons, James Haley, John Fennell, Robert Sills (?), Joseph Parks, Wm Parks, Lewis Dupre', John Lucas, Benj. Wray, Edward Markham, Simon Turner, & Michael Sullivant with all on the South side of Fountain's Creek assist Francis Myrick, Surveyor of a Road from the County Lyne by Thomas Jordan's to Nathaniel Perry's.

1-59. 4 April 1734. Cook a Negro boy belonging to John Dupra was adjudged to be ten years old.

(Also) Bosom a Negro boy belonging to Lewis Dupra was adjudged to be twelve years old.

1-73. 5 Dec. 1735. Joseph Turner, James Haley, James Lundy, Burwell Brown, or any three of them - appointed to appraise the Est. of William Hogan, dec'd.

1-89. 1 May 1735. Ord'd that Benjamin Chapman Donaldson who refused to Serve as a Grand jury Man, be fined for his not complying to Law -

1-112. 6 Nov. 1735. Lewis Dupre' returned Inventory of Wm. Hogan, deed. Est.

Page 40

BRUNSWICK CO., VA. - ORDERS, Continued -

1-137. 7 Oct. 1736. Justices to treat with the Court of Isle of Wight County concerning the building of a Bridge over the Meherrin River at or near Benjamin Chapman Donaldson's".

1-153. 7 April 1737. Burchett Turner Relict of Joseph Turner dec'd presented and proved certain "deform'd" writing unsigned which was proved to be the Last Will & Testament of the said Joseph Turner deed. by oaths of Simon Turner, Richard Smith, John Bailey.

(Also) James Lundy Lewis Dupree, Burwell Brown, James Haley or
any three of them appointed to appraise the Est. of Joseph Turner deed.
2 June 1737. Joyes Sullivant the Executrix of the Last Will & Testament of Michael Sullivant proved his Will by John Irby & John Gladish.
(Also) Lewis Duperee, Burwell Brown, James Haley, John Irby, any three of them ordered to appraise the Est. of Michael Sullivant, deed.
1-172. 3 Nov. 1737. John Chapman petitions for bridge over Three Creeks near Col. Allen's Mill - Ordered built.

1-218. 1 Feb. 1738. John Chapman gent takes oath as an Attorney

1-265. 6 Sept. 1739. Hanah a Negro girl belonging to Lewis Dupree was brought into Court and then and there adjudged to be Eight Years old. (Peter Wyche had two slaves "adjudged" the same day).

1-270. 6 Sept. 1739· The Vestry of St. Andrews parish was Ordered to divide into precincts to make processioning easier.

1-33 5 . 7 Aug. 1740. On the Motion of Burrell Brown Security of Burchet the now wife of Edward Green and late widow and Relict of Joseph Turner deceased for her administration of the Est. of the said Joseph It is Order'd that the said Edward and Burchet give the said Burrell. Counter Security or deliver up the said Estate to him for his indemnitie. Further Order'd that Edward Green & Burchet his Wife late Burchet Turner Administratrix of Joseph Turner deed make up an Account of her Administration of the Estate of the said Joseph and return the same to the Court.

Page 41

BRUNSWICK GO., VA. - ORDERS, Continued -

Order Book 2. This volume has no Orders of particular interest. Besides Orders, it contains some Deeds, Wills, Returns.

3-296. Nov. Court, 1747. Thomas Dupree appointed Surveyor of road in room of John Fennell.

3-456. Jan. Court, 1748. Certificate granted Elizabeth Donaldson for Letters of Administration on Est of her husband, John Donaldson, deed. Drury Stith and Nicholas Lanier gen. bonded with Elizabeth.

4th Order Book - Nothing of particular interest.

5-215. May Court 17511. Thomas Dupree's mark being a crop slit and half moon under the left and half moon under the right ear is admitted to record.

Order Books 6 and 7. Found nothing of particular interest, although there is always the possibility that something was overlooked, or not indexed.

8-18. Feb. Court 1760. Lewis Dupree appointed Surveyor of road leading over Fountain's Creek in room of Burwell Jordan, deed.

8-267. Oct. 28, 1783. Case of Henry Dupree against David Hines dismissed, it being agreed to by bath parties.

8- ? Aug. 23, 1784. Case against Alien Jones by Hailey Dupree.

8-385 & 418. James Williamson executor of Estate of Lewis Williamson deed. April 27 and May 25, 1784,

Order Book 9- Nothing of particular interest.

10-30. (1765-1769) Lewis Dupree and James Dupree mentioned as witnesses for James Haley in suit.

Page 42

BRUNSWICK CO., VA. - ORDERS, Continued -

Order Book 11, p. 236. 6 Feb. 1770. Thomas Dupree is by Order of the Court appointed Guardian to Mary, John, Burwell, and Michael Jordan, orphans of Burwell Jordan dec'd., whereupon said Thomas Dupree together with Lewis Dupree Senr, his security, etc. - acknowledged Bond for 500 Lbs.

11-388. 6 Aug. 1771. Last Will and Testament of Thomas Jordan was presented in Court and proved on oaths of Haley Dupree, Robert Dupree, and John Dupree, the witnesses.

11-390. 6 Aug. 1771. Ordered that John Dupree be appointed Surveyor of the Highway in room of Valentine White who is discharged from that office.

11-451 25 Feb. 1772. Henry Dupree 50 Lbs. in suit against David Nines, returnable next Court.

Order Book 12, p. 110. 28 Sept. 1772. Thomas Dupree makes Guardians' Returns.

12-110. 28 Sept. 1772. Molly Jordan orphan of Burrel Jordan dec'd, with approbation of the Court, made choice of Thomas Dupree for her Guardian, who together with Lewis Dupree and Robert Dupree, his securities, entered into and acknowledged their bond.

Order Book 13- ?. 25 March 1777. Jeremiah Dupree is appointed Surveyor of the road in room of Moses Rives, etc.

Order Books 14 and 15. Nothing of apparent interest, except Deeds proved, etc.

Order Book 16. Nov. 26, l792. Cordall Dupree against David Jarrott and John Mize - In Debt.

Order Books were checked through Book 19, which covered the period 1732-1800. ***

Page 43

WILLS, ETC., Book 1, p. 379. 3 Nov. 1737. Inventory of Joseph Turner deed. returned by Burchett Turner; appraised by Louis Duperee. Recorded 3 Nov. 1737. (Had a considerable amount of property).

WILLS, ETC., Bk. 1-lr88. 2 June 1737. Heturn of Inventory of Estate of Michael Sullivant by Louis Duperee and Burrell Brown. Recorded 6 July 1738.

WILLS, Book 2-169. 24 Apr. 171r9. Elizabeth Donaldson returned Inventory of Estate of John Donaldson, deed., parish of St. Andrew.

WILLS, 5-89. 1780. Will of Hugh Love. Brother Allen.

WILLS, 5-260 3 Oct. 1779; proved 25 Aug. 1788. Will of Allan Love, parish of Meherrin. Son, John; son, Allen & after his death to his mother - two tracts on Rattlesnake Creek, slaves, etc. Dau. Helen; dau. Jannet; dau. Katherine; dau. Fanny; dau. Peggy; dau. Betsy. Wife, Fanny Loveuse of still until Allen is of age.
Witnesses: Jno. Flood Edmunds        Allen Love (LS)
           Jno. Nicholson
           Thos. Washington

WILLS, Vol. 2- ?. (1739-1785). 11 Nov. 1742(or 3); probated 1 Mar. 1743(or 4). Will of James Turner. wife, Hannah Turner; dau. Charlet (Charlotte-?); sisters, Sarah Turner and Elizabeth Jordan; brother, Simon Turner; Mother, Burchet Green - 300 A. of land, the plantation whereon she now liveth. To West Harris and Anne Turner 400 A. Dau. Penelope Turner.
     Executors: Wife, Hannah Turner, and Thomas Turner, son of Wm. Turner.
     Witnesses: John Betty, Bald Peterson, Francis Harris.

WILLS, Bk. 4,.,Part 1, p. 77. Oct. 1, 1763; prov. Aug. 26, 1771. Will of Thomas Jordan. Sons: Thomas Jordan, Drury Jordan. Children of son, Burrel (Burwell) Jordan, dec'd. Daughters: Hannah Jordan, "my fiddle"; Jenney Jordan; Mary Reives.
Executors : Sons, Thomas & Drury Jordan.          Thomas x Jordan (LS)
Witnesses: Haley x Dupree
           John x Dupree
           Robert x Dupree

WILL Bk. 3, p. 511. Oct. 13, 1768. Thomas Jordan's Inventory appraised and returned 2 Oct. 1768 by Lewis Dupree, Haley x Dupree, and John x Fennell.

Page 44


WILL BK. 4-393. 31 (Oct-Nov or Dec) 1762. (Very dim). Will of William Read. Sons: An____ Read; Lewis (?) Read; William Read; John Read; and Robert Read. Wife: Elizabeth. Daughters: Catherine Quarles; Elizabeth Read; Susannah Read; Mary Read; and Hines.
Executors: Sons, John and Robert Read and James Quarles.
Witnesses: Hugh Williams
           Moses Quarles                  Wm Read (Seal)
           Lewis Quarles

WILL BOOK II, pt. II, p. 418. 9 May 1775; prob. 22 May 1775. Will of Benjamin Chapman Donaldson. Daughters: Sarah Hines; Elizabeth Turner; Mary Dupree. Grandsons: Sterling Hines and Donaldson Turner. Granddaughters: Elizabeth Dupree; Hannah Rives; & Ann Nines. The following mentioned in Will, but relationship, if any, not stated:

To George Wyche - one Ring val. 20s. To Nancy Wyche; Rebecca Wyche; Rebecca Dupree; Elizabeth Dupree; Hannah Hines; and Elizabeth Wyche, to each a Ring at Tenn Shilling Value.
Executors: Nathaniel Wyche and Thomas Turner, Junr;
Witnesses: Isham Fennell
           Henry Dewpree            Benjn. C. Donaldson (Seal)
           Thomas Dupree

The Executors refused to qualify, and David Hines was appointed Administrator of the Estate, and bonded for 2,000 Lbs., with Thomas Dupree and ______Davis, (Jeremiah Davis-?).

Will Bk. 5-505. Feb. 15, 1777; prob. Mar. 24, 1777. Will of Arthur Turner. Son, Donaldson Turner; son, John Turner. Daughter: Milly Turner. Brother: Thomas Turner. Sister: Dorcas Turner.
Witness: David Hines.

WILL BK. 5-27. 13 May 1778; prov. 24 Aug. 1778. Will of Sylvanus Stokes. Sons: Thomas Stokes and William Stokes "when he arrives at age 18". Daughters: Sukey Stokes; Molly Hamlin Stokes; and to daughter, Dolly Stokes four Negroes, Hannah, Sally, Little Frank, & Allen; 1 bed and furniture, and chest of drawers. Daughter, Helen Walker Stokes.
Executors: John Flood Edmunds,
           John Jones, & my son Thomas Stokes.
Witnesses: John Jones
           Lewis Williams                  Sylvanus Stokes (LS)
           Hamlin Freeman

(NOTE: There is a possibility here that Dolly Stokes married James Dupree, son of Lewis Dupree, Sr., of Greensville Co. apparently, she would have been about the right age).

Page 45


WILL BOOK_____ 16 Sept. 1736 prov. 2 June 1737· Will of Michael Sullivant Wife: Joyce Sullivant. Sons: John Sullivant and Michael Sullivant. Daughters: Honour Sullivant, Mary Sullivant. To John Sullivant, the land I bought of William Weaver, being the land I now live on containing one hundred acres and two hundred and thirty five acres adjoining to the same being the land which I took up as by patent.., the 19th of June, 1735. To John, also an "Entry" for 100 acres in the hands of Col. Thomas Cooke, ad3. the land I live an...& other items. To my son Michael Sullivant one hundred acres ..which I bought of David Cumming, etc, Claspt Bible to my daughter Honour. I give my Old Bible to my son John. I give Mr. John Betty two pistoles to preach a funeral Service. To dau. Mary a negro man called Philip, etc. I leave my daughter Honour to the care of her Aunt, Elisabeth Watkins, wife of John Watkins, living in Henrico Co. near the brookbridge and to have her negro and the rest of her goods in her possession and to give my daughter to years schooling. ..,the rest to the care of my wife during her widowhood and if she marrys then I desire that his Aunt Watkins may have my son Michael and his estate and I desire he may have five years schooling. I leave my wife, Joyce Sullivant and Lewis Dupree possessed of this my last will and testament.
Witnesses: Jno Irby, John Gladdish,
           James Lundy, (Buck)et Turner.* Michael x Sullivant (Seal)

           *Birchett Turner.

NOTE: The following item was picked up from the original manuscript located at the Virginia State Library, Archives Department, Richmond, Va. It was in a box of Brunswick Go. Wills, 1780-1820:

WILL of Shepherd Lanier. (Very difficult or impossible to read). Dated August 17 ; proved June 1781 by Atkins & John Lanier. Son: Drury Lanier; son: Bird Lanier; son: Lanier, Daughter, Elisabeth Edwards. Bird Lanier to have 25 A. where he now lives.
Wife _____Lanier, Executrix.
                                  Stephen Lanier (Seal)

NOTE: There was an error in copying it appears, and it is not certain whether the Will was that of Shepherd Lanier or Stephen Lanier. No doubt the Will was recorded and could be located readily through the Index, and perhaps all of the Will would be readable in the recorded version.

Two boxes of old Wills for Brunswick County, 1780-1820, were examined; also, two boxes of Miscellaneous Papers, 1750-1780. The latter contained one Lot of Executions for 1756, and another of same for 1747-1751. One box of Inventories and Appraisements, 1732-1780, was examined, from which the following were abstracted:

Page 46


(Note location on preceding page)
Inventory & Appraisement of Estate of John Fennil Junior, dec'd.
                    March ye 24h 1775. Signed by Isham Lunday
                                                 Lewis Dupree
             Returned 24 Apr. 1775.              Wm Wommack

Inventory & Appraisement of Wm Hogins Estate. Ret. Nov Ye 6th 1734, and signed by James x Hairy, Joseph x Turner, & James x Lundy "At a Court Held for Brunswick County the 6th day of Nov. 1734 This Inventory was returned to Court by Lewis Dupre' admr of the Estate of William Hogins Deed who made oath thereto which is admitted to Record.

Also, another document in this file concerning the same estate, as follows:

Account of Administration of Estate of William Hogin Deed
                                to Lewis Dupree admr thereaf-

To Sheet & Coffin

" 40 Days about the Plantation (8 so much per day, etc.)
" 8  "    after Horses & Mares
" 1 Levie & Quitrents for 125 a of Land
" My Trouble about the Stock
" 3 Appraisers - one day
" 3 Days for a Scribener
" paid Charles Travis
" paid Mr Peterson
" One day tending the appraisement
" 3 days the Outcry
" Ball. due to the Estate
                                       Louis Dupre

Admitted to record 7 April 1737.

By one old mare and young Colt Sold John Dupree
By 33 head of Cattle to Benj Chapn Dollason
By one Mare to Timothy Rieves
                  (and others purchased)
This entire accounting may be found in Brunswick Co. "Wills, Etc.", Book 1, p. 316.

Inventory of Estate of John Donaldson, Dec'd, late of the Parish of St. Andrew, Brunswick Co Apprsd 21, Apr 1749 by M (?) Cade Young
                      Thow Lenoir
                      William Edwards

Returned by Elizabeth x Donaldson, Admr.,
                                  June 7, 1749, and admitted to record.

Page 47


Appraisement of Estate of John Lucas Dec'd Taken Feb. 13, 1764 by
                                            Simon Turner
             Recorded July 1766.            Lewis Dupree
                                            James Dupree

Inventory of the Praisement of the Estate of Thos Jordan Dec'd - Returned Oct. 13, 1768, by
        Lewis Dupree
        Haley x Dupree
        John x Fennel

The following items were abstracted from loose papers in box marked: "Brunswick County - Guardians Accounts, 1750-1780", located at the Virginia State Library, Archives Department, Richmond, Va. (Original Mss).

Guardians Account Pr P. Wyche, Sept. 1763. Becca and Ann Wyche orphans.

Guardians Accounts, 1750-1780. Sept. 25, 1772.
              DR the Orphans of Burwell Jordan Deed in Acct with
                Thomas Dupree Senr their Guardian.
                (Also Jan. 1773, Aug. 1773, and Aug. 1774)

"Southampton Co.
      Aug 8, 1774 This day came Thos Dupree before me and
      made oath to the Justice of the above Acct. Wm. Blunt."
"Mary, John, Burble, and Michael Jourdan Orphans of
Burwell Jourdan dec'd       Dr-
Sept 1772 By cash rec'd of Drury Jourdan for the use
of the Orphans ....... Lbs 117..17.,1
  Errors Excepted.
Recorded 28 Sept. 1772. Thos. Dupree Guardn. "
One box of Guardians Bonds, 1750-1810, Brunswick Co., was examined, and the following items abstracted:

                                             Continued -

Page 48


(Note location on preceding page)
Guardians Bonds, Bundle 1770-1780. 26 Feb. 1770. Bond of Thomas Dupree
          and Lewis Dupree Senr. Thomas Dupree Guardian of Mary, John,
          Burwel and Michael Jordan.

Guardians Bonds, Bundle 1770-1780. 2O Sept. 1772. Lewis Dupree
          and Robert Dupree Bonded with Thomas Dupree, who was named Guardian of
          Molly Jourdan, Orphan of Burrel Jourdan.

Guardians Bonds, Bundle 1770-1780. 23 Nov. 1778. Thomas Stokes and Joseph Greenhill bonded. Thomas Stokes, Guardian of Dolly Stokes and William Stokes, Orphans of Silvanus Stokes, dec'd.

Guardians Bonds, Bundle 1770-1780. 28 June 1779. John Claiborne bonded
         with Thomas Stokes for 10,000 Lbs. John Claiborne, Executor Est.
         of Sylvanus Stokes and Guardian of Dorothy Stokes, his Orphan.

The Archives is supposed to have Brunswick County "Land Causes", 1750-51, and 1756; however, they were unable to locate these files.

There are many original signatures of our ancestors in these manuscripts; however, the Archives would not undertake a search for them - and search it would be. It is a job to be undertaken by oneself or by a genealogist, and when found they can be photostated. This does not refer to the Land Causes, of course.


6th Dist. 1782 John Dupree 3 Persons. Slaves: Caesar, Tom;
                             Mules, Horses, Mares 4; Cattle 22.
  "     " 1783   "      "   3 Tithes; Persons 3; Slaves: Caesar, Tom;
                             Mules, Horses, Mares 4; Cattle 14.

(1784 - Not on list).
6th Dist. - Taken by James Harrison:
  "   "    1785. John Dupree, Wiley Dupree, Son. Persons 3; Tithes 4; Whites
                      und. 21 - 1; Slaves, Tom, Caesar; Mules, etc. 4; C. 14.
  "   "    1785. Cordy Dupree. Persons 5; Tithes 2; Whites and. 21 - 0;
                               Slaves, Hannah, Tan, Primor, Jethro; Mu.etc. 2; C. 0.
Meherrin Parish, by James Harrison, Gent:
           1786. John Dupree, Wyley Dupree. Pers. 3; Tithes 3; W. und. 21 - 1;
                               Slaves, Caesar, Tom; Mu. etc. 4; Cattle 14.
                                                        Continued -

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1787 - James Fletcher, Commissioner:
           John Dupree   White Male Tithables above 21, John Dupree. (None
                         under 21 & above 16; no Blacks above 21; no Blacks
                         12-16. Mules & Horses 2; Cattle 3.


1782 - John Dupree        300 Acres
1783/4/5/6 - No alterations for John Dupree.
1787 - John Dupree        300         (James Fletcher, Commissioner. )

No Duprees listed in Brunswick Co. 1788 - 1800.

                                                Augusta B. Fothergill.
p. 26. Dupree, James and Mary Adams. James s. of John Dupree. Mary
               dau. of Isaac A. Adams. 15 Feb. 1780. p. 214.
p. 26. DuPree, John and Nancy Short. Married by Rev. Jno. King, Baptist,
               Minister's Returns. p. 253. 15 Feb. 1780.
p. 31. Dupree, James & Mary Adams. 6 Feb. 1759. (Note: Catherine L.
               Knorr's compilation of Marriages omits this marriage).
Page 49a


The following has reference to the records on the preceding page of two marriages of a James Dupree to a Mary Adams, one in 1759 and the other in 1780. A request to the Virginia State Library, Archives Division, Richmond, Virginia, that they search the original Marriage Bonds, which are on file there, brought this response dated June 24, 1965:

"Brunswick County Marriage Bonds 1780-1786. Originals.
February 15, 1780 James Dupree and Mary Adams.
Bond and consent.
"2 photoprints 1.00
"Cited above is the only James Dupree - Mary Adams marriage bond located in our collection of original Brunswick County Marriage records.
"Mrs. Fothergill, as you noted, gives no source for James Dupree and Mary Adams, 6 February 1759, and we are unable to substantiate such a record. The name James Dupree does appear in the indexes to Brunswick County records even earlier than 1759, thus it is possible that an extended search in the court records would locate information which would establish this marriage by inference. Such a search, However, cannot be under taken by members of our small staff.
"Perhaps you are aware that Mr.(sic) Knorr used for her compilation the Brunswick County Marriage Register, 1751-1853, as compiled by the Virginia State Library. If the earlier record had been among the originals, it would have appeared in the register."
"ref. letter June 14, 1965"
The above should settle once and for all the question as to whether or not there was a James Dupree - Mary Adams marriage in 1759. Extended search already has been made in the court records of Brunswick County, and no such marriage by inference has been established.
Page 50




Bk. 1 (1781-1806). Dated 10 April 1781; prov. 28 June 1781. Will of George Wyche. Wife mentioned, but not named. Son, Peter. Daughter, Rebecca Dupre (bequeathed Negro boy, Daniel).
Executors: Wife and son, Peter.
Witnesses: Joel x Knight, Boas x Morris, Hannah x Knight.
                                     (Failed to get page number).
Bk. 1 (1781-1806). Dated 20 Sept. 1783; prov. 20 Feb. 1788. Will of Lewis Dupree, Greensville Co Wife: Elizabeth Dupree. Daughters; Polly Dupree, Elizabeth Dupree, Hannah H. Dupree, and Faithy Dupree. Son: Henry Dupree. Henry to have all the land after his wife's death; other property to be divided between his children at his wife's death.
Executors: Wife, Elizabeth Dupree; my friend, Simon Turner of this
           County; and my Brother-in law, Michael Warren.
Witnesses: Mary Jordan, John Brett, John Dupree, Sam. L. Arnold.
                                         (Failed to get page number).

Bk. 1 (1781-1806). 28 Jan. 1788; prov. 24 Oct. 1788. Will of

John Dupree. No mention of wife. To my daughter in law, Elizabeth Dupree, the plantation whereon she now lives - 200 A. After her death he devises the land to his Grandson, Henry Dupree, To my son, John the plantation whereon he now lives - 168 A. - Also, eight Negroes (namely), Israel, Rose, Luke, Patt, Arthur, Pater, Hannah, and Creese. Daughter, Lewranah (or Luranah) Harris, four negroes: Solomon, Mott, Austin, and Tamar. After his daughter's death, the Negroes to be returned to his Estate and divided between his surviving grandchildren. To my Granddaughter, Mary Justice, four Negroes: Jenny, Harry, Old Dick and Rachel. To my Granddaughter, Hannah Hill Dupree, two negroes: Ben and Sally. To my Granddaughter, Faitha Dupree, two negroes: Lundy and Cato. To my Grandson, Henry Dupree, two negroes: Will and Young Dick. I give to Edmund Jordan two Negroes Charles and Thang. To Merinda Foster, one girl: Abby. To Thomas Jordan one negro girl: Rachel. To Elizabeth Dupree four negroes: Moses, Winny, Simon and Notice; also one bed and furniture. To Robert Dupree, three negroes. Sue, Squire and Stephen, and one feather bed and furniture. To Lewis Day Dupree, the plantation where I formerly lived; also one bed and furniture. - All the rest and rest of my Estate - after expenses are paid - to be divided into two equal parts, the one half to my son, John Dupree, the other half to be equally divided between the orphans of my son, Lewis Dupree.
Witnesses: Henry Haley, Jeremiah Dupree, James Dupree.
Executors: Isham fennel. and John Justice.
                                                      John x Dupree (LS)
Page 51



Bk. 1, p. 225. 23 May 1793· Appraisement of the Estate of Sarah Dupree deceased, at date of death (presumably), 25 March 1791. Returned by: William Lundy, Matthew Mayes, Benjamin Rives. The Inventory consisted of two beds and bedsteads, and furniture, one Woman's Saddle, one Spinning Wheel and Cards, one Chest, and one Snuff Box, all valued at 9 Lbs. 15 s. 3 p.
(NOTE: This no doubt was Sarah (Day) Dupree, daughter of Thomas Day (See Southampton Co. Wills); the widow of Robert Dupree, and the mother of Lewis Day Dupree, Robert Dupree, and Elisabeth Dupree).
Bk. 1, p. 239. Michael Jordan, dec'd. Estate Appraised Nov. 5, 1793; returned Dec. Court 1793, by Thomas Dupree junr, Donaldson Turner, and Isham Fennell.
p. 297. Account Current of same Estate returned by Lewis Dupree,
Admr., July Court 1975
1 Proved Acct. to Arthur Foster
   Do     Haley and Dupree
   Do     Doctr. Wardlow
   Do Benjamin Bynum.
Bk. 1, p. 288. Lewis D. Dupree Dec'd. Appraisement of Estate 8 Feb. 1794 by Isham Fennell, James Dupree, and Donaldson Turner, returned 23 April 1795. The Appraisement included Negroes and ages as follows:
woman - Amey 55        boy -  Jim 36
boy   - David 50       boy -  Harry 25
"    - Frank 45         " -  Ned 25
girl  - Patience 50    girl - Pab 18
Bk. 1 (Did not note page no.). Robert Dupree, dec'd. Inventory and Appraisal dated 28 Dec. 1795, and returned Feb. 1796 by Alien Bass, James Dupree, John Brown jun. Only slaves were listed, as follows: Amy, David, Patience, Harry, Patt, Cherry, Frank, Jim, Ned.*
*(These names differ slightly with Lewis D. Dupree's list, although they should be the same. There was an error either in recording, or in interpretation of the recorded record).
Continued -
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Bk. 1, p. 472. Estate of Robert Dupree, dec'd. Account Current. "In acct with Mich Warren and Eliza Dupree, Extrs of Lewis Dupree," This account dates from January 15, 1775, and is the first one filed for this estate. Reasonably, then, this may be presumed as the date of death. The account is quite long (3 pp), and includes the following payments from the Estate:
Mar. 18, 1780. Pd Jeremiah Dupree for Coffin            15s,
                  Int. on ditto to 25 Aug 1801          8s.6-3/4p.
June 1780.     Pd Jesse Dupree for Crying Sale          12s.10p.
                  Int. on ditto to until 25 Aug. 1801   7s.
To Ac/ (?)     L. D. Dupree & Int. to Aug. 1801 L42,12s,10p
"    "        Eliz. Dupree orph. of Robert Dupree
                                               & int. L 20,8s,2p.
"    "        Robert Dupree orph,of ditto            L 20,9s,6p,
Sept. 29, 1779 Pd Dr. Anas. Ransdale on Acct
May 1, 1797 Pd Execution & costs to
                                Nathaniel Thompson
(The Account runs through April 1801).


Bk. 2, p. 2. 4 April 1806. Robert Dupree, dec'd account filed by
Lewis Dupree, Thomas Turner, John Brown Junr. Includes:
1797______ Pd. for Spirits furn'd at the Sale, etc.
Jan. 20, 1801. Pd 1 Judgment to Nathl Thompson L 356.14.11-3/4p.
Bk. 2, p, 56. Account of Sales of Est. of Robert Dupree, dec'd, returned
Dec. 1807. Sale of Slaves made to Robert Dupree, Sterling Bass,
and Alien Bass.
Bk. 2, p. 56. Another account of Sales - the Lewis D. Dupree deed., Estate, returned Dec. 1807. Sales made to debt. Boykin, Sterling Bass, Sally Bass, Drury Phillips, James Dupree, Benj, Phillips, Benj. Jordan, Charles Harrison, Alien Bass, Sterling Boykin, Lewis Dupree, Robert Dupree, Jas. M. Clark, Samuel Bass, Donaldson Turner.

Page 53



Bk. 2, p. 53. Dated 28 Sept. 1802; probated Dec. 1807. Will of Hailey Dupree. Wife: Keziah Dupree. Sons: Jacob Dupree, Hailey Dupree, William Dupree, Thomas Dupree. Daughter: Dorcas Lundy. Grandaughters: Dolly Dupree, Brambley Dupree, Angelina Dupree.
Executor: Lewis Dupree. -         Wife to have..etc.,"which is the property I
Witnesses: Turner Williamson            (got by her, on marriage".
Benj. Smith                                     Hailey x Dupree (LS)
Donaldson Turner
(NOTE: Keziah evidently was Hailey's second wife, and the Kezia Depray (late Marmen) who was disowned for marrying out of the Society of Friends (Quakers), Dec. 7, 1799, & reported from the Rich Square Monthly Meeting, N. C. (Northhampton Co.)
Bk. 2, p. 353 of Elizabeth Dupree,proved 1814. All property left to her son, Henry. (Details of Will not abstracted).
Bk. 2, p. 383. 18 Dec. 1811r; prob. 13 Feb. 1815. Will of William Dupree. Wife: Jennett Dupree. Sons: William Dupree, George Dupree, Sterling Dupree, Simon Dupree, Adderson Dupree. Daughters: Jennett Dupree - to be educated, Martha Dupree, Brambley Dupree, Dolly Edwards. (The last named 8 children "under age").
Executors: Lewis Dupree and William's son, William Dupree.
Witnesses: Lewis Dupree, Joel Mayes, Thomas Dupree, Sr.
                                              William x Dupree (LS)
Bk. 2, p. 440. Thomas Dupree, 3r. Inventory and appraisement 10 June 1816 by James C. Fennell, John Prichard, H. B. Potteway, and dated 18 Feb. 1815.


Bk. 3, pp. 7-10. Thomas Dupree Junr, deed Account of Sale of Estate,30 March 1815. Returned 14 Oct. 1816, by Mary x Dupree, admr.Purchasers: Mary Dupree, Haley Dupree, Littleton Dupree, Davis Dupree, Rhoda Dupree, Lewis Dupree, William Dupree, Tazewell Dupree, Martha Dupree.
                    Widow's Dower        $263.76
       Total 7 Legatees 75.36 ea.         $791.28-3/4

Page 54



Bk. 3, p. 52. John Justice, dec'd Account Current, returned by Lewis Dupree,Admr. Estate. Est. Appraised Mar. 22, 1816.
      Mar. 2, 1816 - Pd.Geo H. Dupree's Guardian - 1 acct.
      Feb. 13, 1817 - Pd. Lewis Dupree jun. - 1 acct.
Same of the names mentioned in this accounting - not necessarily heirs:
Mary Justice, Henry Dupree, Lewis Dupree, Henry Justice, Sarah Justick, Elizabeth Justice, Eliza. Mayes, H. H. Mayes Turner Williamson, Henry Haley, William Hines, Littleton Dupree.
                          Returned 12 Jan. 1818.
Bk, 3, p. 53. Benjamin D. Dupree, deed. Account of Sale of Estate by Lewis Dupree, Admr. Sale 25 Dec. 1811; certified 10 Jan. 1818; returned 12 Jan, 1818.  (Frenetta Dupree purchased most of the articles for sale. Various other persons bought items, including:
                     Thomas Dupree - 1 pr. Saddle Bags
                     Henry Dupree  - 1 Deer Skin and 1 Bay Horse.
Bk. 3, p. Sir. Benjamin D. Dupree, deed. Account Current of Estate, with Lewis Dupree, Admr. Beginning of accounting, Mar. 11, 1811 (date of death-?).
Dec. 8, 1817 - "By payment made by Lewis Dupree who intermarried with the widow of Benja D. Dupree".
"Bonds and ccts (certificates-?) found by the Admr. and thought to be desperate pd. to Lewis Dupree Jun. the heir".
Return signed by James Tillar, Britton Bynum, Simon Turner, Jun.
Bk. One, p. ?. 9 Apr. 17963 prob. March 1797. Will of Matthew Mayes. Wife: Frances Mayes Mentions his wife's brother, Burrell Brown, To wife he bequeaths "Land and plantation I purchased of John Goodwyn, formerly the property of Lewis Dupree Senr", also 5 k. adj. Simon Turner. Daughters: Mary Thweatt Mayes, Martha Pritchett Adayes. Sons: Drury Spain Mayes, Matthew Peterson Mayes.
      (Failed to get witnesses names).
Page 55



Book 4, p. 179. 17 Feb. 1829; prov. 7 Sept. 1829. Will of Lewis Dupree. Wife: Mildred. My two daughters, Rebecca Ann and Mildred Lewis Dupree. (No sons). Mentions his plantation on which "I now reside" and the land he purchased of Jerle Lundy, Jr. and the Est. of Lewis Harris. Also mentions "all my lands in the County of Southampton, also the lands I purchased of George Mason and Burwell B. Williamson lying in the County of Greensville". And, "my old plantation adjoining the lands of Briton Bynum, Bruxton Robinson and others.
Witnesses: Littleton Mason
Littleberry Lifsey Lewis Dupree (Seal)
John Murfee Edward D. Nolley
Book ? - 28 Sept. 1835; prov. 5 Dec. 1836. Mildred Arthur Dupree - Will. Daughters: Mildred Lewis Dupree, and Rebecca Ann Turner. Mildred Lewis Dupree bequeathed Negroes: Ginn, Pat, Henry, Hardy, Winny, and old Patience, also all "my stock of cattle, horses, mules,"house furnishings, etc., "all the money or any other property coming to me from my brother, Donaldson Turner's Estate, except $450.00, which I loan to my beloved daughter, Rebecca Ann Turner", etc., and a Negro man, Tom. Executrix: Mildred Lewis Dupree, Executrix without any Security.
Witnesses: Nancy A. Birdson, John Batts, John J. Birdsong.
Will proved on oath of John J. Birdsong, and the writing of John Batts, another of the subscribing witnesses (who resides out of the Commonwealth) was proved by the oath of Augustus C. Batts.----Mildred Lewis Dupree, the Executrix named in said will being under age; on the motion of Thomas S. Turner, ...etc....with Sterling H. Murfee,Wm. M. Glomer and James H. Williamson his securities entered into and acknowledged Bond in the penalty of $20,000.00....etc....Certificate granted Thomas S. Turner certificate for obtaining letters of Administration...etc.
NOTE: The above Will also is recorded in Book 15, p. 539, Madison County, Alabama.
Page 56


Order Book, No. 1 (1781-1789):

Page 3. 2 March 1781. Ord'd. that Thomas Dupree's precinct as surveyor be extended to the county line & that the hands on the other side of Fountain's Creek be added to the said road and that they attend the said Thos. Dupree & Keep the same in good repair according to Law.

p. 4. 6 Apr. 1781. Jeremiah Dupree appointed Ensign.

p. 136. 24 June 1784. Lewis Dupree against Thomas Lightfoot for trespass damages, Lightfoot ordered to pay.

p. 140. 22 July 1784. Ordered the Sheriff to Credit Thomas Dupree Senr for eight Taxable Slaves enlisted through mistake.

p. 146. 22 July 1784. Lewis Dupree against Thomas Lightfoot. Same as above.

p. 162. 23 Sept. 1784. Henry Tillar against Cordal Dupree and Isaac Rowell - In Debt for 7 Lbs. with interest from 5 Dec. 1783.

p. 163, 23 Sept. 1784. Jeremiah Dupree and Cordal Dupree on Jury to enquire as to Damages in Suit of Frederick Raines against Allen Jones, Admr, of Chappell Gee, deed. Ordered that 29 Lbs. 4s be levied against the Defendant.

p. 191, 24 March 1785. Judgment against Cordal Dupree and Clifton Harrison for 9 Lbs, 16s. 8p. with interest from 9 Dec.1784 in favor of Henry Tillar,

p. 196. 24 March 1781;. James Vaughan against Cordall Dupree. "This Suit abated, defendant being returned no Inhabitant".

p. 198. 25 March 1785. Hannah Westbrook against Cordal Dupree and Jeremiah Dupree - In Debt. Judgment 4 Lbs, 2 s, with interest from 1 Jan. 1784.

p. 202. 25 March 1785, Ordered that Benjamin Rives, Burwell Brown, John Britt and Jeremiah Dupree or any three of them appraise the estate of Mary Lundy, deed.

p. 202. 28 Apr.1785. Petition of William Sturgis against Jeremiah Dupree for Debt is Dismissed at costs of the Defendant.

p. 203. 25 March 1785. William Blunt and Mary his wife against Thomas Dupree - for Debt - 2 Lbs, 18s. 6 p. and interest from 4 July 1777. Defendant did not appear. Ordered to pay,

Page 57


Order Book 1 -

p. 203 25 March 1785;. William Dupree against Dempsy Tooke - In Debt on Note of 2 Lbs. and interest from 1 July 1784. Payment ordered.
p. 210. 6 May 1785. Thomas Dupree is discharged from paying Taxes and Levies for Lucy, a Negro Woman, belonging to Thomas Dupree - for the future.
p. 210. 6 May 1785. Hannah Hives is discharged from paying future Taxes and Levies for a Negro Man, Cuff, belonging to her.
p. 210. 6 May 1785. Turner Bynum against John Dupree - In Debt. Discontinued by agreement of the Parties.
p. 213. 26 May 1785. William Dupree against Frederick Davis - In Debt by Note for 2 lbs. 2 s. with interest from S Sec. 1784. Ord'd paid.
p, 218. 23 June 1785. James Hayley, Assignee of Isham Fennell, Assignee of Richard Gordan, against Lewis Dupree - In Debt. Ordered to pay 5,000 Lbs. of Crop Tobacco with interest from 13 Feb. 1784, and costs of execution.
p. 224. 29 July 1785. Hannah Westbrook against Jeremiah Dupree - Upon a Rep (?) levy Bond, 6 Lbs. lls. 9 p. with interest from 1 April 1785.
p. 251. 2 Dec. 1785. William Blunt and Mary his wife against Lewis Dupree Admr. of Robert Dupree and Jeremiah Dupree (his Security). Ordered to pay 7 Lbs. 11 s. 1 p. with interest from 1S May 1785.
p. 315. 22 March 1787. Ordered that the Sheriff Credit Jeremiah Dupree for Taxes and Levies for one Negroe tithe enlisted in his Taxable Property for the year 1786, According to Law.
p. 335. 23 Aug. 1787. James Hayley against William Dupree for Debt.
Note. Ordered to pay 2 Lbs. 8 s. with interest from 25 Dec. 1786.
p. 335. 23 Aug. 1787. William Hines and Elizabeth his wife against John Donaldson, Milley and Arthur Turner. Widow's Dower laid off for Elizabeth,
p. 354. 28 Feb. 1788. Lewis Dupree's Will probated. Isham Fennell, Henry Hayley, Simon Turner, and Lewis Dupree, or any three of them to appraise the Est. of Lewis Dupree dec'd.
Continued -

Page 58


Order Book 1

p. 355. 28 Feb. 1788. Thomas Dupree, Admr. of Simon Rives Dec'd Estate against Lewis Williamson's Executors. Injunction granted Plaintiff on Motion by his atty. to stay execution of the Judgment at common Law obtained by the Defendants against him in this Court until the Matter be heard in Equity - Entered into Bond with sufficient Security.
p. 388. 24 Oct. 1788. Will of John Dupree, decd proved by Oaths of Jeremiah Dupree and James Dupree, Witnesses thereto. Lewis Dupree and Jeremiah Dupree Securities for the Executors Isham Fennell and John Justice
p. 389. 24 Oct. 1788. Lewis Day Dupree, and Elizabeth Dupree made choice of Jeremiah Dupree for their Guardian, and the said Jeremiah Dupree is appointed Guardian to Robert Dupree all being orphans of John Dupree.
(Note: This order was in error in that they were not John Dupree's orphans, but orphans of John's son, Robert Dupree, dec'd).
p. 415. 28 May 1789. Read Dupree and Wife against Simon Rives Executors. Discontinued at the Costs of the Plaintiffs.
p. 419. 23 July 1789. Upon the Attachment obtained by James Dupree against William Gilbert for debt - Jeconias Parks, the Garnishee saith he hath nothing in his hands of the defendants.
p. 426. 27 Aug: 1783. The above case dismissed.
Order Book 2, (1790-1799)
p. 39. Nath'l Thompson Plaintiff against Lewis Dupree's Executors, Defendants. On the Motion of the Debts. by their attorney commission is awarded them to examine and take the depositions of Lewis Dupree, Senr, Reid Dupree, and Jeremiah Dupree on their giving the Plaintiff legal notice of the time and place of taking the same. And this Suit is continued until the next Court for the Depositions to be returned therein. 27 August 1790.
p. 40. Jeremiah Dupree Guardian to Robert and Elizabeth Dupree made return of Guardians' Account. 23 Sept. 1790.
Page 59


Order Book 2

p. 50. Nathaniel Thompson heir at Law against Elizabeth Dupree...etc. Executors of Lewis Dupree who was administrator of James Thompson. Ordered that Deposition of Rind Foster of N. C. be taken. 26 Nov. 1790.
p. 54. 27 Jan. 1791. On motion of William Womack, certificate was granted him to obtain Letters of Administration on Estate of Sarah Dupree dec'd.
p. 66. 25; March 1791. Ordered that Elizabeth Dupree and Mich'l Warren, Exors. of Lewis Dupree decd pay unto Lurana Harris 319 Lbs. of Tobacco for seven days' attendance as a Witness for them and travel 12 Miles four times in suit of Nath'l Thompson according to Law.
p. 71. 6 May 1791. Elizabeth Dupree, Orphan of Robert Dupree decd made choice of James Dupree for her Guardian. Bonded with Benj. Rives and Turner William an.p. 85. 8 July 1791. James Dupree appointed Guardian to Robert Dupree, Orphan of Robert Dupree decd. Bonded with Britton Bynum & Allen Bass.
p. 100. (Failed to get date). On motion of Elizabeth Dupree and Michael Warren, Executors of Lewis Dupree decd Who was adm'r of Robert Dupree decd who was admr. of James Thompson decd - leave to file Bill of injunction for stay of Execution of a Judgment at law obtained by Nath'l Thompson against them in the County Court - Leave to file granted.
p. 203. 24 May 1792. The above case dismissed as settled by both parties.
p. 200. 23 May 1793. Inventory of Estate of Sarah Dupree returned.
p. 313. 22 Jan. 1795. James Dupree's mark being a swallow fork in the left, and a flower de leuse (Fleur de lis!) in the right ear is ordered to be established as his mark according to Law.
p. 406. 25; Feb. 1796. John Brown junr. against Thomas Dupree and Lewis Dupree jr. - Asked that they produce Will of Thomas Dupree dec'd. Motion dismissed after Court heard evidence of Defendants,
(NOTE:) - It is presumed that Thomas Dupree, Sr., died late 1793 or early 1794. He made Deeds of Gift to his children, Thomas Dupree, Lewis Dupree, Rebecca Brown, wife of John Brown, Jr., and Elizabeth Thompson, wife of James Thompson; also to his granddaughter, Elizabeth Thompson, in 1792 and 1793. These gifts included land and Negroes, and the last Deed was dated 27 June 1793. He may have retained some land. His name is shown on the Greensville Co. Personal Property Tax List for 1793 with son, Lewis. There was no Will recorded.
Continued -
Page 60


Order Book 2

p. 400. 24 Dec. 1795. Sterling Bass and Elizabeth his wife granted Letters of Administration on Estate of Robert Dupree dec'd William Stewart and Alien Bass, Securities on $3,000 Bond.
p. 400. 24 Dec. 1795. Alien Bass, Joseph Turner, James Dupree, and John Brown, or any three of them to appraise the Est. of Robt. Dupree.
p. 400. 24 Dec. 1795. Ordered that Elisabeth Dupree and Michael Warren, Exors. of Robert Dupree decd be summoned to appear and render an account current of said decedent's estate at next Court.
p. 479. 24 March 1797. Robert Dupree against Sterling Bass, Admr. of Lewis Day Dupree dec'd. "The Court are of opinion that the said Slaves Amy & her increase could not by Law be entailed by Thomas Day upon Sarah her (his) Daughter as the same were not annexed to Lands; therefore that Robert Dupree who intermarried with the sd Sarah became entitled by his sd. Marriage to the absolute right of the said Slaves - That at the Death of the sd Robert the sd Slaves were in the first place liable for his debts and after the payment of the sd. Robert's debts the sd. Lewis Day Dupree became entitled to the sd. Slaves as heir at Law and was liable for his debts and after the payment of the sd. Robert's debts the sd. Lewis Day Dupree became entitled to the sd. Slaves as heir at Law and was liable to pay his Brother and Sister an equal proportion of the Appraisement of the sd. Slaves- That at the Death of the sd. Lewis Day Dupree the sd. Slaves were in the first place liable to satisfy his sd. Brother and Sister their proportion of the Appraisement of the sd. Slaves after that the same should in the second place be liable to the payment of the sd. Lewis's debts all of which being done the surplus of the sd. Slaves if any to be equally divided between the Complt. (Complaintant) and Deft. (Defendant) as the heirs at Law of the sd Lewis Day Dupree Therefore It is decreed and ordd that Jesse Jordan, James McKendree and William Brown or any two of them do state and settle Defendant's Accts. Current of the Estates of the sd Robert Dupree and Lewis Day Dupree decd agreeable to the above --- and make division between the Complaintant and Defendants of the sd. Intestates Debts as above mentioned, and make report thereof to the next May Court in order to make a final Decree."
p. 571. 7 Sept. 1798. Elizabeth Morgan formerly Tooke against Hayley Dupree and Priscilla his wife, Thomas and Littleton Tooke Infants by Willie Clark their Guardian. Lands of Dempsey Tooke dec'd and Dorcas his wife divided betw. the Complt. Eliz. Morgan, formerly Tooke, Thomas & Littleton Tooke, children of sd. Dempsey Tooke decd. & Dorcas, his wife - Ordd that Hayley Dupree and wife make and execute Deed or Deeds in fee simple for the manner in which land was divided.
Continued -
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Order Book 3

p. 30. 14 April 1800. William Dupree appointed Surveyor of the Road in room of James Clark.
p. 43. 9 June 1800. Thomas Dupree against Alien Bass - In Debt.
p. 334. 12 Sept. 1803. Ordered Sheriff to pay Willie Dupree Seventeen pounds 19s 11 p. for rebuilding the Otterdam Bridge by Ord. of Crt. p. 367. 13 Feb. 1804. Lewis Dupree Gent. is appointed and qualified as Commissioner of the Revenue for this County the present year according to Law.
p. p. 524. 9 Dec. 1805. On the Motion of James Dupree Certificate was granted him for obtaining Letters of Administration on the Estate of former Wife Dolly Dupree decd he having made Oath thereto and acknowledged Bond with Approval Security for that purpose according to Law.
Order Book 4
p. lr2. Lewis Dupree paid by Court for repair of lower bridge an Fountain's Creek. 13 Oct. 1806.
p. 358. 12 June 1809. Elizabeth Dupree and Mich'l Warren, Exrs. of Lewis Dupree who was admr. of Robert Dupree, against Sterling Bass Adm debonis non of Robert Dupree decd and Elizabeth his wife. Their Attorney ordered to take deposition of John Justice.
p. 372. 13 June 1809. Benjamin D. Dupree against Elizabeth Thompson Admr. of Sterling Thompson decd. Attorneys to choose "umpire".
Order Book 5.
p. 30. 9 July 1810. Lewis Dupree the present Sheriff hath Signified to the Court his intention to continue in sd. office far the ensuing year which is ordered certified to the Governor and Councel according to Law.
p. 91. 11 March 1811. Lewis Dupree bonded for $20,000 as Administrator of Estate of Benjamin D. Dupree dec'd. Frenetta Dupree widow of sd. Benj. D. Dupree relinquished her right to the administration in favor of Lewis Dupree, in writing.
Continued -
Page 62


Order Book 5;

p. 99. 12 March 1811, William Dupree, Exor of Hailey Dupree deed against Turner Taylor, Thomas Connelly, and Simon Turner for pay ment of Debt with interest from 17 Dec, 1808,
p. 168. 15; Oct. 1811. Ordered the Sheriff to pay Willie Dupree P69 for building a bridge across Three creeks at Washington Goodrich's. p. 169. 1S Oct. 1811. Ordered that Sheriff pay Willie Dupree $5 for erecting a Gallows on the Public Ground, by order of Court, p. 184. 9 Dec. 1811. Frenetta Dupree widow and Relict of Benjamin D. Dupree dec'd, Plaintiff, against Lewis Dupree admr. of Benjamin D. Dupree dec'd, Defendant and George Henry Dupree Infant heir of the sd. Benjamin D. Dupree dec'd. On motion of the Plaintiff Lewis Dupree is assigned Special Guardian to the Infant Deft, to defend him in this Suit, Ordered that Turner Williamson, Simon Turner of Simon, and Francis E. Williamson or any two of them allot and as sign to the plaintiff Dower in Tract of Land Slaves and other personal Estate belonging to the Estate of Benjamin D. Dupree dec'd Husband and that they make report to the Court.
p. 187. 9 Dec. 1811. The Court appoints Lewis Dupree, Guardian to George Henry Dupree orphan of Benjamin D. Dupree deed. Green Turner and John Brown, his Securities on $10,000 Bond.
p. 212, 11 May 1812. Keziah Dupree's Indenture, bargain and Sale, to Thomas Dupree, Junr. proved by Wm. M._________ & William Dupree, Witnesses.
p. 221. 8 June 1812. Commonwealth against Willie Dupree. Upon Presentment of the Grand Jury for retailing Spiritous Liquors without a License, (Ah! Who told??)
p. 317. 8 March 1813. Frenetta Dupree, widow and Relict of Benjn D. Dupree deed, Plaintiff, against Lewis Dupree, Admr. of Benjn D. Dupree dec'd Defendant. Division of Land, Slaves, etc. To Frenetta Dupree, widow, etc. - 53 A, of land bound by Henry Dupree's line to Mill road, including the mansion house and the following Slaves: Jeffry, Charlotte and child Meverson (?), a boy, and other items. To George H. Dupree the following: 104 Acres of land, balance of above tract, and slaves, Isaac, Betty and child Fereby, Winnie and child Watson, Sam, Mary, Washington Claracy - and many other things. Division made 10 Jan. 1812. Mrs. Frenetta Dupree is to pay George Henry Dupree 17 Lbs. 10 s. 2 p. Dated 5 March 1813 by Turner Williamson, Simon Turner Junr, and Francis E. Williamson,
Page 63


Order Book 5

p. 214. 11 May 1812. Ordered that Alex Maddill, Jno. Avery, Nath. Land and Edmunds March or any three of them do audit state and examine the account of Lewis Dupree late Sheriff with the County for the years 1810 and 1811 and make report thereof to the Court.
p. 216. 8 June 1812. The Commissrs. apptd to Examine the account of Lewis Dupree Gent late Sheriff with the County this day made their report which was Examd and allowed by the Crt and ord to be Recorded. (Return recorded in Deed Bk. 4, p. 293).
p. 505. 15 Nov. 1814. Martha Dupree widow of Thomas Dupree Senr deed relinquished her right to Administration of sd dec'd Estate in favor of Britton Bynum and James Tillar. Securities, Sampson A. Robinson, Henry Wyche Wm. S. Jeffries, John Prichard, on $100,000 Bond.
p. 511. 13 Feb. 1815. Deed of Gift from Thomas Dupree Senr to George Henry Dupree proved on oaths of Lepris D)upree, a witness, and by Isaac R. Walton junr. acquainted with handwriting of John Jeter another witness.
p. Sil. 13 Feb. 1815. William Dupree's Will proved by Lewis Dupree and Joel Mayes, Witnesses. Jno. Prichard, Person Williamson and Henry Dupree, Securities for Lewis Dupree, Exor.
p. 511· 13 Feb. 1815;. Henry Dupree, Security for Ann Smith, administrator of Est. of Ethelred Smith, deed.
p. 517. 13 March 1815. Court appointed John Brown Guardian of Jeconias Parks (dec'd) orphan, Arthur Parks. Lewis Dupree, Security on $10,000 Bond.
p. 517. 13 March 1815. Mary Dupree with Lewis Dupree and John Brown her Securities on $5,000 Bond was appointed Admr. of Estate of Thomas Dupree deed.
p. 517. 13 March 1815. A Register of Slaves imported into this State by Lewis Dupree, Guardian of Sarah D. Bell, was this day Returned into Court and Ordered Recorded.
NOTE: Later Order Books were not examined.
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These items were gleaned from so-called "DEAD" Files, Nos. 1-4 and are located in the office of the Clerk of Court, Emporia, Virginia, in steel drawers. They are the original manuscript documents, and of course contain many signatures.

Old Chancery Papers "Dead" Files l-4:

Answer of Nathaniel Thompson, defendant, to Bill of Complaint of Michael Warren and Elizabeth Dupree, exors. of Lewis Dupree. Mentions "Rendy Foster residing without the limits of this Com'wlth." Michael Warren and Elizabeth Dupree said they heard that "Rendy Foster'' was insane. Thompson's deposition states he considers herto have been compos mentis (mentally competent), etc., when she signed her deposition. (Her deposition was not found). See Order Book 2, p. 50, 26 Nov. 1790.
NOTE: Miranda Foster is shown in Will of John Dupree (d. 1788); no relationship given. Her mother may have been a deceased daughter of John Dupree. Edmund Jordan and Thomas Jordan, also were mentioned in this Will, and may have been brothers of Miranda.
(Same reference as above) -
Petition of Herbert Hines one of the children of Sarah Hines dec'd who was Daughter of Benjamin Chapman Donalson dec'd. Benj. Chap. Donaldson was in his lifetime seized and possessed of considerable Estate real and personal. His Will 9 May (no year shown, but see Brunswick Co. Wills, Bk. 4, part II, p. 418 - Will dated 9 May 1775; prob. 22 May 1775) devised to Sarah Hines - slaves, namely, Isle of Wight Surry, Jack Jacob, etc. On the day of the said Sarah Hines the mother of your orator and two other children, to wit, Mary and Elizabeth Hines. John Pritchett their special Guardian. (Not entirely clear to researcher).
On the reverse of this document was: Nov. 1786, Mar. 1787, Mar. 1790, and, Case Dismissed Nov. 1790. Turner Tynum, James Turner, and John Britt were appointed by the Court to divide the Estate.
(Same reference as above)
Bond in amount of Sixty f___ (five-?) pounds in favor of James Williamson Exor of Lewis Williamson signed by Thomas Dupree Jr., Admr. Est. of Simon Rives deed., Read Dupree, and Herbert Rives, dated 29 March 1788; given to stay Execution of Court Judgment in favor of Wiilliamson for 29 Lbs. 19 s. 6 p, with interest, until the hearing of the matter in Equity.
Page 65


Deeds, Bk. 1, p. 56. 13 Oct. 1783. Thomas Jordan & Olive, his wife, to Thomas Moss; 100 A. in Greensville Co.
Witnesses: John Rosser, Jeremiah Dupree, Jno. Brewer, W. W. Wyche.
Deeds; Bk. 1, p. 85. 8 Dec. 1783. William Nicholas to Robert Little of Northampton Co: 25 A. on south side of Fountain's Creek, Greensville Co. Witnesses 1 Henry Haley, Thos. Dupree junr., & Holliday Haley.
Deeds, Bk. 1, p. 140. 20 Dec. 1765. The subscribers have comply'd with the above order in laying off Jane Parks' her allotment and Dower to oth best of our knowledge.
                                  Lewis Dupree Senr (LS)
Ret. to Co. Crt. 22 Dec. 1785.    Lewis Dupree junr. (LS)
                                  Isham Fennell (LS)
Deeds, Bk. 1, p. 156. 8 Feb. 1785. James Dupree of Greensville Co. witnessed a Deed of Henry Howard to Burgess Bass, Southampton Co.
Deeds, Bk, 1, p. 199. 4 June 1787. Roger Gregory witnesses a Deed between Thos. Goodrum and Jane, his wife, and Rowell.
Deeds, Bk. 1, p. 215. 1 Oct. 1787. Turner Williamson and wife, Judith, sell 80 A. to Matthew Mayes, known as Exum I,Williamson Place, formerly surveyed on so. side of the Meherrin River, Greensville Co., adj. James Turner, Jeremiah Dupree, Turner Bynum, and Benj. Rives.
Deeds, Bk. 1, p. 223. 3 Oct. 1786. Herbert Hines sells 400 A. that was given to Sterling Hines, brother to the sd. Herbert Hines, by Benjamin Chapman Donaldson, grandfather to the sd. Sterling and Herbert, and descended to the sd. Herbert Hines by death of his sd. bro. Sterling, as Heir at Law. Sale to Francis Dancy, and Chislon Morris.
Witnesses: Batt Peterson, Chas. Ross,
Matt. Mayes, Turner Bynum.
Deeds, Bk. 1, p. 236. 13 July 1788. Drury Jordan, Senr. Deed of Gift to his two sons, Upshaw and Drury Jordan, for love and affection 180 A. on Fountain's Creek.
Witnesses: Chas. Harrison, Thos. Dupree, Mary Knight.
Page 66


Deeds, Bk. 1, p. 14. 17 Oct. 1781. Lewis Dupree Jr. purchased from John Britt, both of Greensville Co., 100 A. for 5 Lbs., land on so, side of Meherrin River, part of land formerly land owned by Simon Turner, adj. Benj. Rives' line to Wm. Turner's line formerly, to earner gum on Francis Williamson's line - Thos. Turner's line, and various courses of Meherrin River to first station.
Witnesses: Henry Haley
           Thos. Dupree junr    John Britt (LS)
           John Dupree junr.
                         Proved 20 (or 28) Feb. 1782.
Deeds, Bk. 1, p. 224. 22 May 1788. Jacob Dupree and Molly his wife of
Greensville Co., to Drury Jordan, 150 A. for 150 Lbs., land where
Jacob now lives on no. side of Fountain Creek, adj. Kendrie's Line
on Jerry's Hill, Old Lucy's Branch, Joshua Clark, Wm. Ezell, and
John McKendrie.
Witnesses: Wm. Goodrich             Jacob x Dupree (LS)
           Eliza Clark              Molly x Dupree (LS)
           Sally Dickins
Deeds, Bk. 1, p. 266. 20 July 1789. Lewis Dupree Senr: to Lewis Dupree junior both of Greensville Co., 154 A. for 154r Lbs., land in Greensville Co., beginning at a Gum on John Dupree's line & along it to Gum in field, thence along Thomas Dupree's line; along Donaldson Turner's line.
Witnesses: James Dupree
           Nathaniel Thompson         Lewis Dupree (LS)
           Jeremiah Dupree
                                 Prov. 23 July 1789 on oaths of witnesses.
Deeds, Bk. 1, p.267. 1 April 1789. John Dupree junior and Rebecca his wife of Greensville Co., to John Justice of same, 168 A. for 105 Lbs., land in Greensville Co., beginning at Tree in Nathaniel Thompson's line, south on Lewis Dupree's line, dawn road Eastward to Red oak in James Haley's line to corner tree by Simon Turner's line, Northward on S. Turner's line, thence eastward to a corner in Lewis D. Dupree's line.
Witnesses: Green Turner         John Dupree (LS)
           T. Bynum              Rebecca x Dupree (LS)
           Burgess Bass
           Charles Ross                Prov. 25 June 1789.
Deeds, Bk. 1, p. 274. 25 July 1789. William Vincent to Jacob Dupree, 200 A. adj. Bennett and Pearson. Witnesses: Robt. Michell, Wm. Bennett, James Mitchell.               William Vincent (LS)
Prov. 22 Oct. 1789.    Martha Vincent (LS)
Continued -
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Deeds, Bk. 1, p. 297. 19 June 1790. Lewis Dupree Senr of Greensville Co., to John Goodwyn, 200 A. far 15O Lbs., land in Greensville Co. on south side of Meherrin River being tract whereon said Lewis Dupree now lives, beginning at Simon Turner's line to Fennell's line east to Fennell's and Mayes( corner Hickory to Bynum's earner, to Womack's corner, to white oak between James Dupree and said Lewis Dupree Senr
Witnesses: Robert Hicks
           Matthew Mayes          Lewis Dupree (LS)
           James Parham
           Turner Williamson                     Prov. 24 June 1790.
Deeds, Bk. 1, p. 404. 24 Sept. 1791. 160 A. for 116 Lbs. 5 s. 8 p. Lewis Day Dupree to Simon Turner, both of Greensville Co., land on south side of Meherrin River bounded by sd Simon Turner's line; by Isham Fennell's; Jno. Grinstead's; Thomas Dupree's Senr.; by Lewis Dupree's Junr; by Nathaniel Thompson, and by Jno. Justice's line; it being the Land and Plantation willed and devised to the sd. Lewis D. Dupree by John Dupree Grandfather, and a part of two Patents granted to sd. John Dupree, one for 220 A. on 17 Sept. 1731; the other for 503 A. on 12 of Jan. 1745. Said land is free & clear.
Witnesses: John Justice
           Green Turner          Lewis D. Dupree (LS)
           James Dupree
           Henry Hailey                Prov. 22 Dec. 1791.
Deeds, Bk. 2, p. 39. 24 Jan. 1793. Bill of Sale. Elizabeth Hines sells eighteen Negroes for 90 Lbs., to be equally divided in three parts between Donaldson Turner, John Turner, and Lewis Dupree, and Mildred his Wife.
Witnesses: Nathaniel Thompson Elizabeth x Hines (LS)
John x Wimdom (?) Prov. 24 Jan. 1793·
Deeds, Bk. 2, p. 40. 21 Dec. 1792. Thomas Dupree Senr, Greensville Co., to my Daughter, Elizabeth Thompson, for love, etc., Slave, Bob.
Witnesses: Celia x Carris
           James x Dupree      Thomas x Dupree (LS)
           Lewis D. Dupree
           James x Thompson
Deeds, Bk. 2, p. 41. 21 Dec. 1792. Thomas Dupree Senr of Greensville Co. to my grand daughter Elizabeth Thompson - Slave, Randall.
Witnesses: Celia x Garris
           Lewis D. Dupree        Thomas x Dupree (LS)
          James x Thompson
                       Continued -

Page 68


Deeds, Bk. 2, p. 47. 8 Dec. 1792. Lewis Dupree Senr. for Natural Love and affection which I bear towards my son James Dupree - Give him my Land and Plantation - 386 Acres, beginning at hickory to his corner White oak, to his corner in Dimon Turner's line, to swamp in Matthew Mayes's line, West along Mayes's line as it runs to Turner Bynum's red Oak - to a corner on Elizabeth Dupree's line, to Nathaniel Thompson's line, to a corner in Lewis Dupree's junr line, to Donaldson Turner's line to maple in Simon Turner's line. Also, four slaves, viz. Drew, Phill, Stephen, and Jacob, 2 feather beds and one Rugg; all my cattle, two tables, and one Chest, one earner cupboard, one flax wheel and hackle, all the Crockery Ware on my plantation,one copper Kettle, one _____, the Churnin my house, all my kitchen furniture, three Axes, one Grubbing Hoes, three Weeding Hoes, 3 hilling hoes, 3 plough hoes, 1 pr. Steelyards and all the Geese, 1 Pr Iron Wedges, and my great Bible---To have and to hold, etc.
Witnesses: Allen Bass
           Sterling Bass      Lewis Dupree (LS)
           Nath'l Thompson
                              Prov. 28 Feb. 1793.
Deeds, Bk. 2, p. 80. 3 June 1793. Thomas Dupree of Greensville Co. - Deed of Gift - to my loving son Thomas Dupree, of Co. and State aforesaid for Natural love Pc affection - give and grant Land and Slaves (to wit) 370 A. Land, beginning at corner of Jackson's line, thence down swamp to Mike's Swamp to Lewis Dupree Senr Line - all my land on East side of sd Swamp except 31 A. in a survey to itself on Meherrin River whereon I had formerly a Fishing Place. Also, Slaves, Cooper, Peg and Andrew.
Witnesses: Jacob x Dupree (L)
           Michael x Jordan             Thomas x Dupree (S)
           John Justice
           Lewis Dupree
Deeds, Bk. 2, p. 81. 27 June 1793. Thomas Dupree to John Brown junior and Rebecka Brown, my daughter, for love, etc., sd John Brown having intermarried with my daughter Rebecka - hereby give, grant 9 Negro Slaves which John Brown now has possession of.
Witnesses: John Justice
           Thomas Dupree jr.       Thomas x Dupree (LS)
           John Jeter
Deeds, Bk. 2, p. 59. 6 Mar. 1793. Jacob Dupree purchases 94-3/4 A. from Edmund Llewelling & wife, Sarah, for 33 Lbs. 7s. 6 p., on so. side of Micry Swamp, adj. Jabez Morris, Joel King, down Wyche's Old Path, to Edward Moore's and Samuel Pass's.
Witnesses: Isaac Howell, Anne x Llewelling. Prov. 28 Mar. 1793.
Continued -
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Deeds, Bk. 2, p, 88. 3 June 1793· Deed of Gift. Thomas Dupree Senr of Greensville Co. for love goodwill and affection towards my loving son Lewis Dupree of same co and state - A Tract of Land whereon I now live containing 1(29 A. (More or Less) and bound Begin. at John Grinsted's line to Isham Fennell's line, to Simon Turner's line to corner of Jackson's line, dawn Jordan's Swamp to Mich's swamp to Lewis Dupree's line; also a separate survey of Land lying being in Greensville Co. on Meherrin River whereon I formerly had a Fishing Place containing 31 Acres - Also slaves, Moses, Roger, Hannah, Archer and Patt (or Pall).
Witnesses: Jno Justice        Thomas x Dupree (LS)
           Thomas Dupree junr
           Jacob x Dupree            Prov. July Court 1793·
           Michael Jordan
Deeds, Bk. 2, p. 109 (or 209). 25 July 1795. Seley Jordan of Greensville Co. to Henry Hayley of same, ll71/2 A. for 39 Lbs. 2 s. 4 p., formerly property of Wm. Phillips (deed) which "I have a Deed for, from Mark Phillips, Elizabeth Whiteheart, and Michael Jordan". (Note: Seley Jordan mentioned as "she").
Witnesses: Lewis Dupree, Thomas Dupree, and Cordall Francis.
                                  Prov. Sept. 1795.
Deeds, Bk. 2, p. 156. 10 Mar. 1794. Herbert Rives of Richland Co., State of S. C., sells 360 A. for 200 Lbs. to Joshua Mayes, land bound by Matthew Mayes, John Spence, John Turner, Wm. Hines, Wm. Lundy Calls it his "Plantation".
Witnesses: Robt. Hicks          Herbert Rives (LS)
           Simon Turner
           Tim'o. Rives     Prov. Sept. 1794.
(NOTE: Herbert Rives' Will probated Richland Co., S. C., July 1794. Made bequeast to Priscilla Dupree, daughter of Reed Dupree and wife, Mary Dupree. - Mary was Herbert's sister, children of Simon Rives).
Deeds, Bk. 2, p. 162. 3 Jan. 1794. Jacob Dupree and Mary his Wife to Isaac Rowell, all of Greensville Co., 94-3/4 A. for 51 Lbs. 5 s., Tract in said Co. on south side of Micry Swamp, beginning at Micry Swamp at corner of Jabez Morris line to Joel Knight's line on Wyche's old path to Edw. Moore's line, to Samuel Pope's corn. With this exception, that in case James Mitchell who is, and has for years past been absent he having a claim of his wife's dower, should return the same still to be liable to him in the aforesaid dower", etc.
Witnesses: Wm. Tomlinson junr.      Jacob x Dupree (LS)
           Edward Moore              Mary x Dupree (LS)
                         Prov. Sept. Crt. 1794.
                                                Continued -
Page 70


Deeds, Bk. 2, p. 200. 20 July 1995. Turner Bynum and Mary, his wife, to Henry Cox., 1SO A. for _____, land purchased from John Britt, bound by Harry Bynum's (dec'd) land.
Deeds, Bk. 2, p, 218. 3 Oct. 1795· Lewis Dupree Snr. of Greensville Co., for and in consideration of the natural love and affection which I have and do bear towards my three Sons and two daughters, to wit, Jeremiah Dupree, Cordall Dupree, and Reed Dupree--Daughters Elizabeth Gregory and Rebeka Horton, - have given and granted unto .... etc, the Negroes to each respectively that I shall hereafter mention To Jeremiah Dupree three Negro Slaves named Ben, Isham, and Dilcy and all their future increase- To Cordall Dupree two negro Slaves named Jethrew and Primus -- and to Reed Dupree two negro Slaves named Jack and Edward -- and to my daughter Elizabeth Gregory five negro slaves named Tamur and her three children, and a boy named Jery and all their future increase.. and to my daughter Rebeka Horton two negro Slaves named Judah and her child the name of it unknown and all their future increase.
Witnesses: Allen Bass
           Sterling Bass        Lewis Dupree (LS)
           Na Thompson
           Robert Dupree               Prov. Oct. Crt. 1795.
Deeds, Bk. 2, p. 219, Lewis Dupree Senr: of Greensville Co., Va., for 6 s. current money, but more especially in consideration of the natural love and affection I have and bear towards Dolly Dupree, my Granddaughter...etc... a Negro boy named Abram.
Witnesses: Allen Bass
           Sterling Bass              Lewis Dupree (LS)
           Na Thompson
           Robert Dupree                    Prov. Oct. Crt. 1795·
Deeds, Bk. 2, p. 432. 14 Oct. 1797. Jesse Jordan and Jane Jordan, his wife, of Greensville Co., to Hezekiah Jordan, 230 A. for 350 Lbs., land on so. side of Fountain's Creek; Isham Lundy's line and Elizabeth Lane's line.
Witnesses: Isham Lundy
Choslon Morris            Jesse Jordan (LS)
Jas. McKendree            Jincey Jordan (LS)
                                        Prov. Oct. 1797.
Deeds, Book 2, p. 488. 20 July 1798. Hayley Dupree and Priscilla his wife, Co. of Greensville, to Elizabeth Morgan, formerly Tooke, Thos. Tooke, Littleton Tooke, children of Dempsey Tooke deed., 213 A. for 6 s., land adj, Wm. Dupree's line to Benj. Sykes' to McKendree's.
Witnesses : H. Y. Pritchett.      Hayley x Dupree (LS)
        Prov. Sept. 1798.          Priscilla x Dupree (LS)
Page 71


Deeds, Bk. 2, p. 489. 27 Sept. 1798. Elizabeth Morgan to Thomas Dupree, land adj. William Dupree, Benj. Sykes, Littleton Tooke, 64 A. for 55 Lbs. Wit: H. Y. Pritchett, Benj. Clark, Jas. McKendree
                                       Prov. Sept. 1798.
Deeds, Bk. 2, p. 511. 27 Feb. 1799. Joseph Parks and Elizabeth, his wife, of Greensville Co. to Nathaniel Thompson, 157 A. for 117 Lbs. 15 s. land on Elizabeth Dupree's line, Britton Bynum's, and Solomon Thompson's.
Witnesses: Simon Turner
           Britton Bynam           Prov. Dec. 1798.
           Lewis Dupree
Deeds, Bk. 2, p. 531. 6 Jan. 1799. Deed of Gift. Hayley Dupree to his son, William Dupree, 143 A. on north side of Fountain's Creek in Greensville Co., adj. Benj. Clark; land of orphans of Dempsey Tooke, and Hayley Dupree.
Witnesses: Jno. Turner         Hayley x Dupree (LS)
           Nath'l Thompson
           Lewis Dupree      Prov. Feb. 1799
           Henry Jordan
Deeds, Bk. 2, p; 596. 8 Jan. 1800. Turner Bynum and Mary his wife of Northampton Co., N. C., to Lewis Dupree of Greensville Co., Va., 321 1/2 A. for 40,000 weight of Petersburg inspected Tobacco, average 1200 wt. paid by sd Lewis Dupree, Tract of land in Greensville Co. Beginning at Corner of Henry Dupree's line and Henry Cox's, to James Dupree's line, to line of Orphans of Matthew Mayes dec'd, to Wm. Womack's line to Jno. Spence's line.
Witnesses: W. W. Wilkins
           Jos. Turner          Turner Bynum (LS)
           Turner Williamson
         Prov, Feb. 1800.            (No wife's signature)
Deeds, Bk 2, p. 592. 28 Sept. 1796. Jacob Dupree and Wary his wife, of Greensville Co., to Isaac Rowell, 100 k. for 95 Lbs., land on north side of Fountain's Creek, adj. Tomlinson, Vincent, Wm. Bennett, Batt Peterson, Robert Morris, and the Halifax Road.
Witnesses: Rebeka Jeter
           Martha Jeter                 Jacob x Dupree (LS)
                    (Wife did not sign)
Continued -
Page 72


Deeds, Bk. 2, p. 627. 5 July 1800. Isham Lundy & Dorothy, his wife, of Greensville Co., to Hezikiah Jordan, of Northampton Co., N. C., 390 A. for 375 Lbs., land adj, Atkinson's and Bass's line.
Witnesses: Henry Tillar, Jas. Tillar, Joshua C. Lundy.
Prov. Sept. 1800.
Deeds, Bk. 2, p. 482. 16 Dec. 1797. Turner Williamson, Trustee,by appointment 23 Feb. 1790, to Henry and Turner Bynum of Greensville Co., sells to Joseph Parks of Greensville Co., 367 A. for 275 Lbs. 5 by a "Late survey, bound by land of Britton Bynum, Turner Bynum, the Estate of Lewis Dupree deed, and James Hayley, and the said Joseph Parks.
Witnesses: James Dupree
           Henry x Parks                Prov. Aug. 1798.
           Edwin Davis.
Deeds, Bk. 2, p. 597. 1 Aug. 1799· Villiam Hines to Robert Dupree and Donaldson Turner, two tracts, 322 k. and 70 k. for 265 Lbs., in Greensville Co. on both sides of Fox Branch, subject to the widow Ann Hines Dower right.
Witnesses: Simon Turner, Joshua Hayes, Lewis Dupree.
Prov. Feb. 1800.
Deeds, Bk. 2, p. 215. 22 Oct. 1795. William Vincent and Margaret, his wife, to Jacob Dupree, 200 k. for 100 Lbs., land on no. side of Fountain's Creek, adj. Peterson's, Cremore's, Vincent's, Clark's, Bennett's, and Mitchell's. (No witnesses). Prov. Oct. 1795.
Deeds, Bk. 3, p. 90. 19 Dec. 1801. John E. Dawson Greensville Co., to Thomas Dupree of Northampton Co., N. C., 97 A. for 1121 Lbs., land on south side of the Great Swamp; adj. Henry Harrison's line, Mrs. Ross's line to Fountain's Creek, to corner of Peterson's land, Jeremiah Parks', and the Beaver Pond.
Witnesses: James W. Clark
           Hez'h. Jordan             John E. Dawson (LS)
           Thomas Pelham           Annabella Dawson (LS)
           Haley Burt
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Deeds, Bk. 3, p. 126. 24 Feb. 1802. Robert Dupree and Polly his wife to James Turner, 59 A. for 79 Lbs. 15 s,, including another tract of 20-3/4 A., part of land purchased of Wm. Hines of Southampton Co. (1st tract), and the remainder adj. Jas. Parham's line, Capt. Jno Turner dec'd line, and Donaldson Turner's line.
Witnesses: Isaac Metcalf              Robert Dupree (LS)
           Timothy Allen              Polley x Dupree (LS)
           Sally x Hynes          Prov, Apr. 1802.
Deeds Bk. 3, p. 157. 2 April 1801. John Spence to Lewis Dupree, both of Greensville Co (Appears to be a mortgage for a loan). 220 A., all that tract where my Father lived and died and known by the ancient reputed lines of Joshua Hayes, Donaldson Turner, and the sd. Lewis Dupree. (Loan due to be paid Dec. 25, 1801).
Deeds, Bk. 3, p. 159. 18 Aug. 1802. James Dupree and Dolly, his wife, of Greensville Co., to Henry Dupree of same., 221 A. for 298 Lbs., land on south side of Meherrin River, adj. Lewis Dupree's line, Henry Dupree's line, Nath Thompson's line, Simon Turner's and Mayes',
Witnesses: Green Turner
           Drury x Grant             Jas, Dupree (LS)
           Simon Turner junr.        Dolly Dupree (LS)
Deeds, Bk. 3, p. 173. 7 May 1802. James Dupree to John Turner, both of Greensville Co., 100 A. for $500., land adj. Simon Turner's Line, James Dupree's, Nathaniel Thomson's, to Lewis Dupree's line and John Turner's. Witnesses: Henry Dupree
           J. C. Lundy
           Joshua Mayes                    Jas. Dupree (LS)
           Lewis Dupree
Deeds, Bk.3, p, 187. 18 Aug. 1802, James Dupree and Dolly his wife, to Simon Turner, all of Greensville Co,, 153 k, for $206 Lbs,, land on south side of Meherrin River, beginning Nath'l Thompson's line, and adj. Henry Dupree, John Turner, and Simon Turner.
Witnesses: Green Turner
           Henry Dupree           Jas Dupree (LS)
           Drury x Grant          Dolly Dupree (LS)
Deeds, Bk. 3, p. 452. 24 Nov. 1800. Jacob Dupree and Mary, his wife, of Northampton Co., N. C., to Benjamin Clark of Greensville Co., Va., 100 A. far 60 Lbs., land on north side of Fountain's Creek that "I purchased of Wm Vincent", adj. Vincent's line, Benj, Clark, Wm. Bennett, Peebles, Ann Davis, Emry's & Old Graveyard. Jacob x Dupree (LS)
Witnesses: Isham Lundy, John Brown junr., Jno. Murrell, James Tillar,
               Prov. Jan. 1806.
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Deeds, Bk. 3, p. 490. 1806. Harrison Estate to Thomas Dupree - sold by the Commissioners: Lewis Dupree, Thomas Turner, Donaldson Turner.
Deeds, Bk. 4, p. 124. II, Aug. 1809. Lewis Dupree appointed Sheriff. Bond signed by Lewis Dupree, J. (1. Lundy, Henry Dupree, Turner Williamson, and John Brown junr.
Deeds, Bk. k, p. 389. 26 April 1813. Thomas Dupree and Martha Dupree his - wife, to Benjamin Chapman Dupree Bynum, 351 A. for $1.00 - Love and affection to my grandson, etc., land adj. George Dupree's line to Meherrin River, and to Braxton Robinson's line.
Witnesses: Lewis Dupree, Henry Dupree,
           Wm. McMasters, Kinchin Peterson.
Deeds, Bk. 4, p. 443. 10 Feb. 1814. Benjamin Stewart and his wife, Faithy, formerly Faithy Dupree, of Franklin Co., N. C., John Justice and Mary, his wife, formerly Mary Dupree, and Hannah H. Mayes, formerly Hannah H. Dupree of Greensville Go., to Henry Dupree, 200 A. - two tracts of land in Greensville Co., for $3000. Land bounded by the River Head to lands of Lewis Dupree and Henry Dupree's lands pure of James Dupree, where Henry now lives; other tract on south side of Meherrin River, adj. Henry Smith (dec'd) lands, Turner Williamson's Allen Jones, and' adj. 100 A. tract being land devised to sd. Henry Dupree by his Father, Lewis Dupree.
Witnesses: Turner Williamson        Benj. Stewart (LS)
           Wm Harrison               Phatha Stewart (LS)
           Lewis Dupree              John Justice (LS)
                                    Mary x Justice (LS)
                                    Hannah H. Mayes (LS)
Deeds, Bk. 4, p. 444. 15 Feb, 1814. Henry Dupree relinquishes all claims against the Estate of his father, Lewis Dupree, deed., and the Estate of his mother, Elizabeth, deed.
Witnesses: Turner Williamson
           Wm Harrison
           Lewis Dupree
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Deeds, Bk. 5, p. 40. 9 Dec. 1816. Lewis Dupree and Mildred A. Dupree, his wife, to Benjamin C. D. Bynun, all of Greensville Co., 18 A. for $613.68 paid by James Tillar and Britton Bynum, Admrs. of Thomas Dupree deed. "in obedience to a Crt decree", Lewis Dupree and Mildred, his wife, deliver sd.. Benjamin C. D. Bynum the sd. 18 A. of land in Greensville Co., on the Meherrin River between sd Lewis Dupree and Thomas Dupree Snr. deed, above the old fishing place, "agreeable to a Deed executed by his grand Father Thomas Dupree dec'd".
Witnesses: Francis E. Williamson
           John A. Person        Lewis Dupree (LS)
           Robt. R. Peebles      Mildred A. Dupree (LS)
                  Prov. 10 March 1817.
Deeds, Bk. 5, p. 121. Dec. 1818. Hayley Dupree to Davis Dupree, both of Greensville Co., 29 1/2. for:vll8, land heired from his father, Thomas Dupree deed, bound by lands of Geo. M. Williamson, Tazwel Dupree, Lewis Dupree and Dupree, infant children of Thomas Dupree junr, dec'd.
Witnesses: M. D. Berry          Hayley x Dupree
           George x Dupree
           Person Williamson           Prov. 14 Dec. 1818.
Deeds, Bk. 5, p. 363. 17 Sept. 1821. Tazewell Dupree mentions his deceased father, Thomas Dupree.
Deeds, Bk. 5, p. 366. 8 Dec. 1821. Mary Dupree mentioned by Tazewell Dupree as his mother and the widow of deed Thomas Dupree.
Deeds, Bk. 5, p. 371. 24 Dec. 1821. Phadra Dupree mentions her deceased father Thomas Dupree junr. and "my mother Mary Dupree widow of Thomas Dupree junr deed".
Deeds, Bk. 5, 10k. 16 Dec. 1817. Littleton Dupree and wife, Janett Dupree, to Geo. M. Williamson 18 1/2 k, for $130 - a late survey in Geo. M. Williamson's line, the lands of Haley Dupre, orphan of Thomas Dupree jr. dec'd,
Witnesses: Irwin B. Mayes
           I. C. Lundy          Littleton Dupree (LS)
           Lewis Dupree         Janett x Dupree (LS)
                           Prov. 10 Aug. 1818.
Deeds, Bk. 5, p. 495. 2 Feb. 1824. Henry Dupree & Rebecca Dupree, wife, to Benjamin Jordan, 486. A. Henry & Rebecca Dupree, of State of Georgia. (Failed to complete abstract: Witnesses may have indicated the location of Henry and Rebecca).
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Deeds, Bk. 6, p. 222. 12 March 1824. Tabitha Cumi Dupree to Amy Harris, sold two tracts descended to her by death of her Father Thomas Dupree Junr. deed., 32 A. in Greensville Co., and 1/7 of 40 A. which was Mother, Mary Dupree's dower.
Witnesses: Jas Tillar        Tabitha Cumi x Dupree (Seal)
           Chas Clarke
           Lewis x Dupree minor                Prov. 2 Apr. 1827.
Deeds, Bk. 7, p. 12. 23 Nov. 1821. James Tillar, Greensville Co. Va., and Sally B. Dupree, widow and relic of John Dupree, deed. of sd. County. Marriage shortly intended. It was agreed that should Sally survive James Tillar after marriage she not have title to land purchased by "Tillar from Wm. k. Wardlow and Wardlow purchased from Tillar and his former wife, and which said Martha became entitled by inheritance from her father Thomas Dupree senr deed", and James Tillar not to claim any part of note due Sally B. executed by Lewis Dupree Dated 6 July 1819 for $40.90.
Witnesses: Mildred T. Williamson        James Tillar (LS)
           Lewis Dupree                  Sally B. Tillar (LS)
           Joel Mayes        Prov. 1 July 1822.
The Dupree Deeds become numerous in Books 6 and 7 and thereafter, and no effort was made to abstract most of them.

Bk. 4, pp. 208 and 209. 14 Jan. 1811. Lewis Dupree bonded as Sheriff.
          Bond signed by
                  Lewis Dupree
                  Turner Williamson
                  J. C. Lundy
                  John Drown
                  Henry Dupree

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The following were omitted from the DEED Book 2 abstracts, through error:

Deeds, Bk. 2, p. 172. 22 Jan. 1795. John Justice and Mary, his wife, to John Jeter, both of Greensville o., 168 A. for 100 Lbs., tract of land formerly belonging to John Dupree, Senr., bound by Nathaniel Thompson's land, thence southward to Elizabeth Dupree's, Jas. Hailey's, then eastward to Simon Turner's and northward to Nathl. Thompson.
   (No witnesses) Acknowledged by Justice and proved Jan. 1795.
Deeds, Bk. 2, p. 201. 3 July 1795· John Goodwyn and Anne, his wife, to Matthew Hayes, all of Greensville Co., 200 k. for 150 Lbs., land on south side of Meherrin River, being part of tract "whereon Lewis Dupree Senr lives".
      (No witnesses) Ackn. by Goodwyn; prov. July 1795.
Deeds, Bk. 2, p. 428. 21 Aug. 1797· Jesss Jordan to Isham Lundy, both of Greensville Co., 390 A, for 390 Lbs., land adj. Atkinson and
Samuel Bass.
Witnesses: Thos. Dupree
           Lewis Dupree            Prov. Sept. 1797.
           Mildred Dupree

               1781-1825. Comp. by Catherine L. Knoor, 19SS.

p. 20. 12 Jan. 1782. Haley Dupree & Elizabeth Garris, widow.
                                      Surety, Daniel Fisher p. 1
p. 20. 4 Aug. 1797. Robert Dupree & Polly Hines, dau. of Ann Hines who consents. Surety, Drury Grant. Wit: Saley Hines (Sally-?).  Mar. 16 Aug. by Rev. Wm. Andrews, Methodist. p. 37.
p. 20. 22 April 1805. Thomas Dupree & Martha Jeter. Sur. Frances Hill.
Wit: Burchett L. Sykes & John Jeter. Mar. 25 April by dev.
James McKendree P. 55.
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p. 20. 25 June 1788. William Dupree (Sc Jennett Cato, dau. of John Cato, who consents & is surety. Wit: Jesse Howard. Mar. 5 July by Rev. William Garner. p. 13.
p. 40. 30 Nov. 1787. John Justice & Mary Dupree, dau. of Lewis Dupree, Jr. who consents & is surety. Mar. 16 Dec. by Rev. John Meglamore. p, 11.
p. 6. 7 Nov. 1803. Simon Bass & Angelina Dupree.
        Sur. Robert Fox. Wit: Lewis Dupree & Irvin Mayes. Mar. 9 Nov. by           Rev. Jas. McKendree.
p. 6. 23 May 1793. Sterling Bass & Elizabeth Dupree.
      Sur. Allen Bass. Mar. by Kev. Wm. Andrews, Methodist p. 27.
p. 28. 15 Oct. 1784. John Hall & Elizabeth Dupree, dau. of Jacob Dupree who consents.
      Sur. Jno. Brown, Jr. Wit. Amey Dupree. p. 30.
p.44 1 Sept. 1823. Isham G. Lundy & Elizabeth A. Dupree.
      Sur. EtheLred H. Lundy. p. 92.
P. 48. 7 June 1821. Joel Mayes & Elizabeth R. N. Dupree, dau. of Sally B. Tiller. Sur. James Tillar. M. by Rev. James E. Morris. p. 94.
p. 48. 28 Jan. 1790. Joshua Mayes & Hannah Hill Dupree, dau. of Elizabeth.
       Sur. Gardner Mayes. Wit. Lewis Dupree & Michael Warren Mar, by Rev.         Wm Andrews, Methodist who says "Mays". p. 19.
p. 57. 23 Jan. 1817. Harman Powell & Faday Dupree.
         Sur. John Brown. Mar. by Rev. Wm. H. Comann. p. 78.
p. 11. 6 Rug. 1803. Britton Bynun & Jincy Dupree.
         Sur. Thos. Dupree. Mar. 24 Aug. by Rev. Jas. McKendree. p. 51.
p. 51. 6 Dec. 1816. John Moyler & Martha Dupree.
         Sur. Thos. K. Moyler.
         Wit. Wm. H. Comann. Mar. by Rev. Wm H. Comann. p. 77.
p. 10. 12 July 1790. John Brown & Rebecca Dupree.
         Sur. Lewis Dupree.
         Rev. Wm. Andrews, Methodist p. 21.
p. 4. 14. Sept. 1824. Tomlin Avent & Sarah E. Dupree, dau. of Henry Dupree.
         Sur. Benjamin Fenner. p. 94.
p. 45. 26 March 1810. Wm. McMasters & Rebecca Dupree, dau. of Thomas Dupree,
         Sr. Sur. Jas. McKendree.
         Wit. Richard Crum. Mar. 29 March by   Rev. James McKendree. p. 66.
p. 67. 7 March 1798. Benjamin Stewart & Phatha Dupree. Sur. Joshua Mayes                                                                p. 38.
p. 70. 11 March 1805. James Tillar & Martha Dupree. Sur. Thomas Dupree Sr.
                                                              p. 55
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p. 70. 5 Nov. 1821. James Tillar & Sally B. Dupree. Sur. Edmunds Mason. Mar. 28 Nov. by Rev. Thos. Moore. p. 87.

p. 71. 26. Jan. 1809. John Turner & Elizabeth Prichard. Sur. Thomas Dupree. Wit. Lewis Dupree. p. 64.

p. 71. 8 Sept. 1818. john Turner & Elizabeth H. Mayes. Sur. Lewis Dupree. Wit. Joel Mayes. Mar. 11 Sept. by Rev. Francis Hill. p. 80.

p. 72. 3 Mar. 1797. Simon Turner & Nancy Bynum, dau. of Lucy Bynum. Sur. Brittain Bynum. Mar. by Rev. Wm. Andrews, Meth. Simon Turner was son of John & Priscilla (Blunt) Turner who m. 11 Feb. 1762 in Southampton Co., Va. p. 36.

p. 13. Bond. 28 Jan. 1788. David Walton & Rebecca Wyche. Sec. Wm. Wyche.

p. 27. 6 Feb. 1793. John Lundy & Dorcas Tooke, widow of Dempsey Tooke. Sec. & wit: Isaac Metcalf & Robert Hicks.

p. 27. 23 May 1793. Sterling Bass & Elizabeth Dupree. Sec. Allen Bass.

p. 29. 8 May 1794. Donaldson Turner & Mary Brown, widow. Sec. & witness, Lewis Dupree and S. Turner.

p. 34. 10 Mar. 1796. Cordall Francis & Lettisha Hayley. Sec. Henry Hayley, father; wit. Willie Clark.

p. 34. 26 May 1796. Presley Britt Pc Mary Womack. Sec. Wm. Wommack, father. Wit. Benj. Rieves & Turner Williamson

p. 74. 13 Dec. 1814. George Mason Williamson & Rebecca McMasters. Sec. and Wit. Wm. Goodrum & Thomas Dupree, Sr. (Note: Rebecca was dau. of Thomas Dupree, & she had prev. married Wm. McMasters 26 Mar. 1810).

p. 108. 16 Dec. 1830. Thomas S. Turner & Rebecca A. Dupree. Sur: Mildred A. Dupree, mother; and Clifton Harrison.

p. 110. 28 Dec. 1831. James M. Tillar & Elizabeth Dupree. Sur. Edwin S. Clark.

p. 117. Maclin Harrison & Sarah Dupree. Sur. Haley Dupree, father.  Wit. Wm. Powell. (Failed to note date, but bef. 1843 & aft. 1831.)

p. 120. Lewis Antone & Maria Dupree. Sur. Jas. H. Williamson & Sum. Blow. (Failed to get date - see above).

p. 129. 2 May 1843. Henry Y. Jean & Mary Jane Dupree. Sur. &` Wit. Littleton Dupree, parent.

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p. 136. 9 July 1849. James W. Doyal & Margaret E. Dupree. Sur. Madison Dupree, father, and Jas. H. Person.

p. 133· 21 Aug. 1847. Capt. Madison Dupree k Sarah B. Fox, widow. Wit. Robt. H. Deakins, Elizabeth Spence, and W. H. Clarke, Jr.

-Book l, p. 462. 13 Jan. 1799; prob. May 1802. Will of William Wommack.
Wife: Anne Wommack Daughter: Mary Britt.
Executors: Wife and Daughter.
Witnesses: Wm. Lundy and James Lundy, Jr.
Wife and daughter refused to qualify as Executors, and Lewis Dupree was appointed as Administrator of the Estate.
Records of Chancery cases begin about 1830, and therefore were not examined. Prior to that time they appeared to have been included in Order Books; however, the original manuscript papers could not be located, except for the period before 1800 for which a few documents were found. These were examined, though nothing of significance was found.
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Dupree, Hailey, Greensville Co.
                         Court Booklet p. 13, Certf, 2
                         Commissioners Bk. III, p, 22

Dupree, Jacob, Greensville Co.
                         Court Booklet, p, 13, Certf, 1
                         Commissioners Bk, III, p. 22

Dupree (also Duprey), John, Greensville Co.
                         Court Booklet -- (none)
                         Commissioners Bk, IV p. 317

Dupree, Lewis, Greensville Co. -Court Booklet, p. 13.

Dupree, Lewis Sr., Greensville Co. - Commissioners Bk. III, p. 22

Dupree, Lewis Jr., Greensville Co. - Commissioners Bk. IV, p. 318.

Dupree, Thomas, Greensville Co. - Commissioners Bk. IV, p. 317.

Dupree, Thomas, Greensville Co. - Certf. 1.

Dupree, Thomas Jr., Greensville Co. - Certf. 1.

Dupree, John, Brunswick Co. - Court Booklet, p. 28, Certf. 1.
                          Commissioners Bk. 1, p. 110.

Dupree, Lewis, Brunswick Co. - Certf. 1.

Dupree, John Sr. - Halifax Co. - Certf. 1. (2 Index cards).

Dupree, Lewis Jr. - Halifax Co. - Certf. 1.

Dupree, Lewis Sr. - Halifax Co. - Certf. 1.

Dupree, Joseph - Lunenburg Co. - Court Book, pp. 4,5. Certf. 1
                          Commissioners Book IV, pp, 8, 9,

Dupree, Thomas, Lunenburg Co. - Court Bk.,pp. 9, 25. Certf. 1.
                          Commissioners Bk. IV, pp. 8, 9.

(This information from Card Index files at State Archives. Richmond Va. )

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Bk. 10, p. 294 (1710-1719). Francis Dupee - 46 A.   )
                                                          Definitely, the
Bk. 12 (1724-1726), p. 406. - 200 A.(So. side James River)
                                                           Dupuy Family.

Bk. 10 (1710-1719), p. 36k. Bartholomew Dupee - 133 A.)

Bk. 14 (1728-1732, p. 351. John Dupra - 270 A. "Unto John Dupra of Isle of Wight County", on south side of Meherrin River in sd. Co., and described as "new land". Patent dated 17 Sept. 1731·

(NOTE: This was the first Dupree Patent found in Va. records, although it is almost certain that Jean Dupre had one.)
Bk. 12 (1724-1726), p. 226. Benjamin Chapman Donaldson of Surry Co. 250 A. in Isle of Wight Co. on south side of Meherrin River, adj. Edwd Brantley, Micrey Meadow, and Jackson's land, and adj. Banks of Meherrin River. 22 Feb. 1724.

Bk. 22 (1743-1745), p. 563. John James Duprey of Amelia Co. - 800 A. on both sides of Ellis's fork of Flat Creek, adj. Edw. Jones and Childrey's line. 20 Sept. 1745.

(Note: Many later records prove the name to have been DUPUY. )
Bk. 25 (1745-1747), P. 546. Lewis Dupra Junr. - 315 A. in Brunswick Co., beginning at Comins Corner Hickory on Turner's line..thence along Turner's line west seventy poles to his Corner White Oak...joining the lines of James Turner and David Comins....east 16 poles to Gum on John Durpra's line....north to Crab-Tree on John Lucas's line... then north to Corner Hickory on Lewis Dupra, Senr. David Canins Line. 12 Jan. 1746.

Bk. 25 (1745-1747), p. 567. John Duprey - 503 A, in Brunmvick Co., joining lines of Simon Turner and Lewis Duprey, to Thomas Parsons Corner, to John Fenills corner, to white oak on Mary Haley's line, to Parkers corner. 12 Jan. 1746.

Bk. 26 (1747-1748), p. 76. John James Duprey (Dupuy) - 400 A., in Amelia Co., on both sides of Flatt Creek. 25 June 1747.

Bk. 27 (1748-1749), p. 156. John James Dupuy - 400 A., originally Patented to Peter Depone, Goochland Co., on south side of James River on the west side of the lower Manakan Creek. 20 May 1749.

Bk. 32, p. 574. (1752-1752). Thomas Dupre - 32 A. on south side of Meherrin River in Brunswick Co., adj. John Lucas. 13 June 1755.

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Bk. 32 (1752-1752), p. 592, Thomas Dupre - 70 A. in Brunswick Co., on south side of Meherrin River, adj. Tho. Parsons, Jno. Lucas. 13 June 1755.

(NOTE: Something on the positive side develops here. These are the first Patents for a THOMAS His first appearance "on the scene" was 12 July 1748 (Deed Bk. 3, p. 49O, Brunswick Co.) when Lewis Dupree Senr. convey 90 A. of land to Lewis Dupree Junr. Thomas was a witness to this Deed. Then on 6 Oct. 1748 (Deed Bk. 3, p. 492) John Dupree Conveyed 135 A. of land to Thomas far 5 Lbs. It seems that this Thomas was just coming of age, and therefore would have been the son of either Lewis Sr. or of John.)-
Bk. 34 (1756-1762), p. 703. Lewis Deapree and Stephen Wiles - 382 A. in Lunenburg Co., on lower side of Buffalo Creek, down Roanoke River, adj. Luke Wiles. 10 Sept. 1760. (Note: This Lewis was son of Thomas Dupree of Lunenburg Co.).

Bk. 34 (1756-1762), p. 858. James Dupra - 50 A. in Brunswick Co., adj. Dolinson's (Donaldson) line. 14 Feb. 1761. (Note: James' first mention was in 1745 when he purchased 320 A. from Amos Horton).

Bk. 34 (1756-1762), p. 925. Lewis Dupra - 779 A., in Brunswick Co., adj. Turner's line, Jno. Dupra's line, Lucas's line, to Cummon's corner, and Curtis' corner. 7 Aug. 1761.

Bk. 10 (1710-1719), p. 342 Francis West - 132 A. For and in consideration of diverse services performed towards making the new Settlement for the Saponie Indians at Christanna pursuant to a treaty with that Nation ...... give, grant, etc., unto Francis West of Isle of Wight County, 132 Acres of land on the north side of Meherrin River in said Isle of Wight Co., part of tract whereon said Indians lately dwelt and which they have surrendered to us. 17 Dec. 1717.

(Note: Inventory of Francis West's Estate, Jan. 10, 1718, Isle of Wight Co., Bk. II, page 1. This was found in the Index; however, too late to trace further during this research trip).
Bk. 14 (1728-1732), p, 357. Francis West - 235 A., on upper side of the Main Form of Deep Creek in Prince George Co. 17 Sept. 1731.

Bk. 15 (1732-1735;, p. 294. James Watson - 303 A., in Upper Parish of Nansemond Co., beginning at stake on his own corner; adj. Joseph Rogers Junr line, Wm. Speight's line, & Jno, Watson's line. 20 Aug. 1734.

Bk. 17.(1735-1738), p. 30. James Watson - 400 8., in Hanover Co., both sides Beaver Cr. adj. Jno. Thomas' & Mr. Jouiet, Col. Symes corner.
                                                15 March 1735.
                                                       Cont'd -

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Note: The following Patent was not found in the Patent Index, and no doubt was overlooked.
Ref: Executive Journals, Council of Colonial Virginia, Vol. 5, (Nov. 1, 1739 to May 7, 1754);

p. 154. At a council held June 15, 1744. To John Duprey - 500 k. on south side of Meherrin River in Brunswick Co.

To James Turner - 1500 it. in south side of Meherrin River, including the land he lives on.
Same reference, Vol. IV, p. 11. April 19, 1722. Mathew Mayes, William Mayes, Howel Edmunds - leave granted them to take up and Patent any quantity of Land not exceeding 1,000 acres, adjoining their several plantations in Prince George Co.
(From Here and There)

Ref: Executive Journals, Councils of Colonial Virginia, Vol. II, p. 127: ...sev French Protestant Refugees are lately arrived in York River in ye Nassau Capt Tregian Comand.... 9 March 1700/1.

p. 246. 25 May, 1702. Peter May a French Refugee stated he came into this Country on ye ship Nasaw Capt Rich'd Trogian Cmdr with several other French refugees. - after coming Mr. Daniel Brabant did promise to take care of him but afterwards carried him to Court and their bound him for five yeares and then sold him. The matter was referred to King William County Court.
p. 360. Mentions the French in King William County in 1703.
CUMBERLAND CO., VA. - Wills, Bk. 2, p. 169. WILL of John James Dupuy. Seven children: Bartholomew, John, James, Peter, Martha,(m. Foster), Mary Hatcher, Elizabeth Dupuy, Susannah Lockett. (Error by typist: Peter Dupuy, shown as son was a brother to John James Dupuy). Grandchildren: Susanna Dupuy, dau. of Bartholomew; Mary Foster, Susannah Hatcher; Susan Trabue; John, James, Joel, and Brittain Lockett. Wife - unnamed. Will dated or probated 9 Feb. 1775.
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Ref: Vestry Book and Register of St. Peters Parish, New Kent and James City Counties, 1684-1786:

p. 349. William s of Robt Depref bapt: ye 24 of Octor: 1689
Mary daugt: to Robt: Deprefs bapt: ye 9 of November 1690
Sarah     " of    "    "    & Mary his wife bapt: 4 Sept 1698
Elizabeth daut of "    "     baptz ye 19 July 1702
Eliz: wife of Robt: Depres departed this life Sept 27 1689

Index of Each of Following Checked:
Blackwater Baptist Church, Southampton Co., 1776-1804.
Meherrin Baptist Church, Lunenburg Co., Minutes, 1771-1837.
Mill Swamp Baptist Church Records, Isle of Wight Co., 1777-1790.
South Quay Baptist Church records, 1775-1827, Nansemond Co.
Chuckatuck (Friends), Isle of Wight & Nansemond Cos., marriages, Birth,
           Deaths, etc., 1647-1756.
Bruton & Middleton Parish Register, 1662-1797, James City & York Co. Charles City Parish Register, 1648-1800, York Co.
Christ Church Parish Register & Miscellaneous 1653-1814, Middlesex Co. St. John's Church, Henrico Parish, Records, 1730-1860, Richmond City.
St. Paul's Parish Register, King George & Stafford Counties, 1716-1796. Vestry Book of Blisland Parish, New Kent & James City Counties, 1721- 1786.
A few items from Albemarle Parish Register
p. 132. Susanna d. of David Hines and w. Christian; b. Oct. 15; c. Dec. 3, 1745; gdpt. John Gray Edmonds, Phyllis Edmond, Jane Bane.
p. 259. Susanna d. of William Hines and w. Rebecca; b. March 17; c. Sept. 22, 1754; adpt. Thos. daug jr., Eliza Hines, Eliza Peete.
p. 19. Daniel s. of Amos Horton & w. Sarah b. June 25; c. Sept. 28, 1740; gdpts. John Sledge, Jno. Peebles, Rebecca Sledge.
p. 130. Matthew Gibbs was godparent to son of Richard Bird & wife Sarah,                                                                     1750.
p. 50.    "       "     "    "        " Jno Parham & w. Mary.
p. 94. Daughter born to Matthew Gibbs and wife Parnel, 1748.
p. 276. Matthew Gibbs was gdpt. for s. of Thos. & Anne Parham, 1752.
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Ref: William & Mary College Quarterly, Vol. 3 (July 1894 - April 1895):pp. 167-8. Isle of Wight County. There is an interesting Will of Capt. John Day, dated Jan. 9, 1700, on these pages. He names children: James, Thomas,William, Elizabeth. His mother, Mrs. Mary Copley. Sister Chapman and Sister Swan. Wife, Mary Day. His father's name was James Day - ref. Vol. 7, p. 211. - The thought occurs that John and James Day might be the ancestors of Thomas Day who d. Southampton Co., Va., 1771, and whose daughter, Sarah, married Robert Dupree.
Card File, State Library, Archives Dept., Richmond, Va. - Bounty Warrants:
      Negative for Dupree.
Petitions 1775-1778: Negative for Dupree.
Dunmore's War 1774: Negative for Dupree.
Ref: Colonial Bertie County, N. C., Vol. III. (Comp. by Mary Best Bell, 1964). Colonial Bertie County encompassed present bounds of Tyrrell, Edgecombe, Northampton, Granville, Halifax, Nash, Wilson, Hertford, Martin, Washington, Orange, Vance, Franklin, and Warren Counties.
Edgecombe Precinct was formed from Bertie Precinct in 1732.
p. 168. Deed Bk. E, p. 26. Sept. 22, 1735. Thomas Smith to Francis Myrick of Isle of Wight Co., Va. - 300 A.
Witnesses: Lewis Datrie (Dupree??) Joseph Parker, jurat, and
           Charles Travers, jurat.
Ref: Collections of Virginia Historical Society: Vol. 5, pp. 74, 75. General List of French Protestant Refugees, "ca. 1714", established by
Du Roy Guillawne, Henrico Co., Va:
(In part only)
Jean Cairon             Abra. Remy
Pierre Chastain         Anthoine Trabur
Jean Forquerand         Jacob Cappon
  "     Dupuy            Jean Powell
  "     Guerrand         Jean Dupre (& 1 woman, 1 girl)
Jacques Sobler          Nicollas Souille
Estienne Bonard         Pierre Deppe
Jean Bioret              Gillaume Martin
Jean Levillain                (and others)
Continued -
Page 87


Collections of Va. Hist. Sec., Vol. 5;, Continued -
p. 114. June 1744 - A List of King William Parish
(In part only) John Levilin         Rene Chastain
               Peter Soblet         John Sullivant
               Peter Guerrant       Peter Depp
               Janne Dupres Tevis   Peter Orringe
               Pierre Forqueran     Abraham Salle
p.78. 21st Feb. 1721, was born Jean Gil(mer) of Jean Gaspar (Gil)mer and of Susanne, his wife; was baptized by Mr. Fontaine....Mary Dupree, wife of Jean Dupree declared that this child was born the day and year above....J. Soblet, Clerk.
NOTE: It might be well to observe here that Jean (John) Dupree's wife is called "Mary Dupree"; whereas, in his Will he mentions his wife's name several times as "Jane Dupree" (1734). After his death, a Jane Dupree is listed for several years among the tithes of King William Parish. It would appear then that Mary was his wife by an earlier marriage.
pp. 45-48. The names are given for French Protestants arriving on the first, second, third, and 4th Ships. In general, these names do not appear to include those on the 1714 list. Negative for Dupree.
Ref: The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography: Vol. IV, p. 432. A quote from a footnote on this page:
In "La France Protestante", Vol. III, p. 833, we find the following notice of this family (Castaing) (Chastain), ancienne famille de Manvezin (at foot of the Pyrennes, in extreme south of France, on Northern frontier of Spain), Jean Castaing, practicioner (lawyer), fut pendant long temps un des membres actif de Consistoire de sa ville Natole en XViie siecle "En 1635 ses collegues au sein de ce conseil etaient Sebastian de Saint-Faust, docteur, Joseph D. Lamigue, docteur; de Gouland bourgeois; Isaac Dirah; Jean Machat, docteur, deputi en synode de Castres, 1637, John Charles, Medicin; Dupre, bourgeois, Jean Dubarry, Notarie; Etienne Lassene, docteur; ante Cadours, Marchand."
Vol., 11, p. 302. Tithes, King William Parish, 1710, among others there are listed:
            Jean Dupre        (First record found)
            Jean le Villain
            Pierre Chatain Jean Forqueran
Continued -

Page 88


(Va. Mag. of Hist. & Biog. ), Cont'd:       (Tithes)
  Vol. 11, p. 430. 1711- Thomas Dupre          1 (First appears)
           p. 431  1711 - Jean Dupre          1

   "   12,    435. 1712 - Jean Dupre           1
   "   13, p. 439. 1713 - Jean Dupre           1 (Listed
                                           Thomas Dupre 1 consecutively )

Thomas Dupre does not appear on subsequent lists of Tithes; however, Jean DuPre is mentioned through 1734.   Observe the number and, at times, names of Jean Dupre's Tithables in the years given below:

Vol. 12, p. 23.  1715 - Jean Dupre 3 Tithes (Gaspard Corn & John G. Garner)

"   12, p. 37.  1717 -                 1    "
"   12, p. 241. 1719 -                 1    "    (& 1 1/2 Bu. of wheat)
"   12, p. 246. 1720 -                 1    "    (& 2 Bu. " ")
"   12, p. 250. 1723 - " DuPree       1
"   12, p. 254. 1724 - Jean duPree    2 (& Pierre Perut)
"   12, p. 369. 1725 - Jean duPree    2 (& Pierre Perut)
"   12, p. 370. 1726 - Jean duPree & Daniel Guerant took the oath as Vestrymen.
"   12, p. 371. 1726 - Jean duPree    2 Tithes (& Pierre Perut)
"   12, p. 373. 1727 - "The Sieur Daniel Guerant and Sieur Jean duPree were elected                 by a plurality of votes as church wardens for the year 1727"
"   12, p. 378. 1729. - Jean Dupre    4 Tithes (None named)
"   12, p. 382. 1730 - Jean Dupre     4 " (& his blacks)
Vol. 13, p. 68 - 1731 - Jean Dupre     4 "
"   13, P. 70 - 1732 - John Dupre     3 "
"   13, p. 76 - 1733 - Jeane Dupre (Pierre Forqueran, Tobi, &
"   13, p. 78 - 1734 - Jean Dupre " Nanni)
"   13, p. 80 - 1735 - Janne Dupre " (Note: Jean d. 1734; this was his wife).
"   13, p. 176. 1736 - The Widow Dupre 2 Tithes
"   13, p. 180. 1737 - The Widow Dupre 1 "
"   13, p. 182. 1738 - The Widow Dupre 1 "

The 1736 list of Tithables included: Moyse Forqueran, Jean Levilian, Mathieu Jordin Pierre Depp, Hene Chastain, Jean Williamson, Pierre Gueran.

Francois Dulapied (Delpish..?) was included among the Tithes for 1720.

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(Va. Mag. of Biog. & Hist.), Cont'd
Vol. 12, p. 384. The present vestry, named above (this included Jean Dupre), agreed to pay 5 Lbs. in wheat and maize viz: the wheat...etc., to Jean Okeley who binds himself to transfer across the river and back all the parishioners of the parish of King William, from morning at the break of day to dusk; namely, men and women on foot and on horseback.

Vol. 29, p. 519. May 30, 1753. Will of Col. George Newton, Norfolk County and Town. To wife Apphia, lot and house where I live and lots, etc....where John Duprey, Mr. Greenleafe, and Mr. Hardin dwell.
Prov. July 1762.
Ref: Lower Norfolk County, Va., Antiquary:
   Vol. 3, p. 125. Abstracts from Norfolk Co. Marriage Bonds:
                   Apr. 7, 1755· Wm. Alexander with Sarah Dupree.
                                                    John x Dupree
                                                    William Alexander.
NOTE: Some research should be done in Norfolk County. The thought occurs that the above John Dupree could have been the one who removed to Burke County, Georgia, "in the prime of life". (See under "Georgia").

Ref: Tyler's Quarterly:
Vol. 8, p. 197. (Alabama) Amelia Martain married the second time, 9th Jan. 1828. M. at Huntsville, Ala., Richard Holding of same. Ceremony performed by Wm. E. Dupree.

Ref: Quit Rents of Virginia, Roll of 1704:

170 - Dupra, Giles, Elizabeth City County 150 A. (Only Dupre listed).
NOTE: Nothing further has been found concerning this man.

Ref: Excerpts from THE SULLIVANT FAMILY, by Joseph Sullivant, 18 74 .

One Daniel Sullivant was Clerk of Court in Nansemonde Co; he and others of the Court were turned out of office 25 Apr. 1704 (See James Blair's, Secretary of the Council of Va., affidavit of that date - Maladministration against Gov. Nicholson) - for lending his support to one Capt. Swann, who was chosen Burgess for that County. (See "History of the Church in Virginia.", Coll. by Dr. Hawkes in England from original Archives).

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(The Sullivant Family) - Cont'd -

.....Nor do I know positively at what time our ancestors of this name first came to America, but my father said it was a long time before he was born, and they came first to N. C., and settled near the Lucas family, with whom they had been connected in the old country, Ireland.
My father's father was named Michael, and married a Miss Lucas, and removed into that part of Lunenburgh Co., Va. (afterward Mecklenburg).
Michael left three children, Lucas, Michael, and daughter Anne who married her cousin of the Lucas family.
Sons of Michael Sullivant and Hannah Lucas were Lucas and Michael. Michael drowned crossing Roanoke River. Lucas was born 1765, Mecklenburg Co,, Va.
NOTE: This is interesting background for the Michael Sullivant who died in Brunswick Co., Va., ca. 1738/9 (see Br. Co. Wills), and who named Lewis Dupree one of the executors of his estate. Michael of the Will was not the same as Michael of "The Sullivant Family, but no doubt they were close kin.
On p. 7 it was noted that the Starling Family was of English Descent. The relationship of the two families was not studied, however.

Ref: Marriages of Charlotte Co., Va. (1764-1815, comp. by Catherine Lindsay Knoor, 1951·

p. 23. 28 Dec. 1813. William Dupree, Jr. & Betty Portwood, dau. of
                     Thos. Portwood. Surety: Thos. Roberts.
                     Witnesses (None. William Jr. s. of Wm. Dupree, Sr.p. 503.

p. 15. 7 Sept. 1801. John Cheaney and Mary Dupree, dau. of Wm. Dupree.
                     Surety: Jas. Cheaney. p. 313)

p. 15. 23 Apr. 1800. Reuben Cheaney & Julia Dupree, dau. of Wm. Dupree,
                     Surety: Jas. Cheaney. Married 24 Apr. by
                     Rev. Edward Almond. p. 292.

Continued -
Page 91


Marriages, Charlotte Co., Va., Cont'd:

p. 20. 21 Oct. 1807. William Crutcher and Susanna Dupree, dau. of William
                     Dupree, Surety. William, s. of Reuben Crutcher.p.403.

p. 25. 23 Jan. 1813. Harmon Elam and Nancy Dupree, dau. of William Dupree,
                     Surety: William Dupree, Jr. p. 501.

Ref: Mecklenburg Go., Va., Marriages, 1765-1810, Cell. & Comp. by Catherine B. Elliott.

Dec. 11, 1787. Mar. Bonds. John Dupree & Nancy Short. Surety: Thomas Buford. Consent: Jacob & Mary Short, parents of Nancy.
(See Brunswick Co., Va. Marriages. Marriage performed
Dec. 12, 1787 - Bond issued the 1lth). March 8, 1784. Marriage Bands. Drwy Dupree and Ann Atkinson. Surety: John Crews. Consent: Median Atkinson, mother of Ann.
Oct. 11, 1784 Marriage Bonds. Lewis Duprey & Median Atkinson. Consent:
Drury Duprey. Minister: Henry Lester.

March 24, 1792. Marriage Bonds. James Pinson & Sarah Dupree. Surety:
Joseph Glenn. Consent: Lewis Dupree, father of Sarah.
Marriage record, Halifax Co., Va. (See below).

Ref: Marriages of Halifax Co., Va., 1753-1800, Comp. by Catherine L.


p. 74. James Pinson & Sarah Dupree, consent of Lewis Dupree. 22 Mar. 1792. Surety: Jos. Glenn. Married by Rev. Reuben Pickett who says "Dupuy". Returned 19 Apr. p. 23.
Ref: Pittsylvania Co. Va., Marriage Bonds, 1767-1864, Comp. by Genealogical Society of Utah, 1937;
p. 75. Dupee,William & Sarah Blair, 7 Apr 1787. Sarah Dupee, mo(ther)
p. 75. Dupree, Robert H. & Cornelia E. Conway, 22 Oct. 1862.
       Robt & Jenny Dupree, Pts. James W. & Ann Conway, Pts.
p. 75. Duprey, John & Sally Walker Stokes, 9 June 1788. Silas Stokes, f.
(Wit) Allen Stokes.
Page 92


Bk. 3 (1781-1824), p. 668. Will of Jesse Dupree. 1 Aug. 1821; prov. Nov. 1822, My grandson: Thomas E. Browning - my Negro Sam, to be hired out annually for grandson's support & schooling.
Granddaughter Ann Boice Brouning - Negroes Sarah and Tim (same use),
"             Elizabeth Isabell -  Negro Winney.
"             Ann Boice Isabell - Negro Edmund )Hired out for her
Slave, Julia, to be emancipated by the laws of the country (support) when she is 21.
Slave, Hillman, to be sold when he is 18, & money divided among grandchildren.
To my Son Lewis Dupree one Dollar.
To Sarah Brouning One Dollar.
And I hereby nominate and appoint my friend Mungo T. Ponton my true and            lawful executor.

Witnesses: Harvey Holt               Jesse Dupree (Seal)
           James C. Faucett.

Book 8, p. 299. 7 March 1764. Louis Dupree of Brunswick County, Colony of Virginia - gives Power of Attorney to John Rutledge Esq, of Charleston in Province of South Carolina -- to demand - sue forlevy, revoke, receive of or from every person or persons whom it shall or may concern and particularly of Mathew Gibbs late of Halifax Co. Province of N. C. (These actions to be taken on behalf of said Louis Dupree.) - This document given more fully later under DEEDS.
NOTE: Efforts were made to learn something of this situation from the records in Charleston, S. C; however, to no avail. More research needed in Halifax Co., N. C., Minute Books, particularly, which have not been searched. - Nothing was found in Brunswick Co., Va.
Bk. 24, p, 312, 30 Sept. 1818. Jesse B. Wiggins to Lewis Dupree, both of Halifax Co., 375-3/4 A. in Halifax Co. for $1,773, paid by Lewis Dupree. On south side of Burnt Coat Swamp, beginning at Turkey Branch, Mat. C, Whitaker's Corner, to dividing line between Aquilla Morris's and Wiggin's to Jacket Swamp.
Witnesses: M. T. Ponton, J, W. Batchellor.
                 Prov. by Mungo T. Ponton & Reg. 26 Oct, 1818.
Continued -
Page 93


Bk. 25, p. 496. 2 April 1822. Deed of Trust from William Suit to Lewis Dupree. Lewis Dupree to sell all land whereon Suit now lives at public sale, and pay all of Suit's creditors.
Witnesses: Lawrence Dickerson.
                                    Wm Suit (Seal)
        Prov. May Court 1822.        Lewis Dupree (Seal
Bk. 25, p. 597. Lervis Dupree to John Branch, both of Halifax Co. 3 Aug. 1822. Land mentioned in above Deed of Trust sold.
Bk. 29, p. 396. 22 Feb. 1837. Lewis Dupree to James G. Ford, Halifax Co, Lewis Dupree of the Go. of Stewart and State of Georgia. 375 A. tract of land in Halifax Co., N. C., on south side of Jackit and Burnt Coat Swamp, adj. Bradford's line, Whitaker line, on east side of Turkey Branch, to old dividing line between Jesse B. Wiggins and Morris.
Witness : S. Whitaker.                Lewis Dupree (Seal)
          Prov. Apr. Crt. 1837.
Bk. 33, p. 356. 15 Oct, 1853. Joel W. Duprey of Prince Edward  Co., State of Va., Executor of John Duprey, dec'd., of his Widow Mary Dupray, Deceased, by Edmund Wilkins of Northhampton Go., State of M. C., his Agent & Authority in fact for & in consideration of $20 in hand Pd. by James C. Bruce - Edmund Wilkins has bargained & sold to said Bruce two Shares Capital Stock of Roanoke Navigation Co. now standing in the name of John Duprey, deed.
Witness: W. W. Daniel.           Joel W. Duprey Executor (Seal)
                                     of John Duprey dec'd
                                     of Mary Duprey deed
                                   By Edmund Wilkins
                                        his Attorney in fact (Seal)
Bk. 34, p. 442. 24 Aug. 1858. Sa-ah S. Dupree et al. Marriage contract with William Barclift, Halifax Co. Mentions she is legatee of Estate of Madison Dupree deed, her late husband, and full distributee. Wit - Wm L. Long.
Bk. 8, p. 279. 9 Dec. 1762, Matthew Gibbs Jun., Halifax Co., Province of N. C., for 500 Lbs. to Matthew Gibbs Sen.
Witnesses: Wilson Williams
           Joel Slaughter            Prov. Apr. 1763 by Wilson Williams.
Page 94


Bk. 8, p. 299. (Details of Power of Attorney referred to on a previous page). HALIFAX COUNTY- 7 March 1764.
Louis DuPree of Brunswick County Colony of Virginia has ordered constituted and appointed and authorized John Rutledge Esq. of Charleston, Province of South Carolina Attorney at Law my true and lawful attorney for me in my name and to my use demand sue for Levy revoke receive of or from every person or persons who in it (Note: presumably the Province of S. C.) shall or may concern and particularly of MATHEW GIBBS late of Halifax County in Province of North Carolina all and singular such sum or sums of money debts - - merchandize Estate Effects and things Whatsoever, who now of or hereafter shall or - - - - payable or belong to me or destined from me by manner of Ways or Means whatsoever - - Whether by book and bond bill note account disbursments or by what other reason causes or means soever....etc....... and use all lawful methods in my Name to recover prosecute, plead answer defend ....etc. 7 March 1764
In presence of                      Louis DuPree (Seal)
       John Persons and
       Robert Peoples
            the 7th of March 1764. Prov. on oath of Robt Peoples.
Bk. 33, p. 601. 29 Oct. 1855. Madison Dupre, of Greensville Co., State of Virginia - for love and affection to my son in law James W. Doyal of Halifax Co., State of N. C., and for the sum of $25 -- Slaves, namely, Easter, Henrietta, Isom, Vilet, Joe, Rubin, Adeline, and Tom. (No witnesses).
                            Madison Dupree (Seal)
Acknd by Madison Dupree & prov. 29 Oct. 1855·
Bk. 34. p. 89. 24 Sept. 1855. James B. Dupree to William H. Shields, both of Halifax Co., 845 A. for $2300 - one third part of a certain tract formerly belonging to the late Benjamin W. Davis, Halifax Co.
Witnesses: P. E. Smith, Jr.
           A. B. Hite (?)             J. B. Dupree (Seal)
                     Prov. July 25, 1856.
Page 95


Ref: Halifax County, N. C. Marriages, Comp. by Mrs. Leon Anderson.

p. 3. Barclift, Wm S. & Sarah B. Dupree. 8-31-1858. Jno H. Lacy (Wit)
p. 7. Browning, Elisha & Sally Dupree. 11-17-1817. J. B. Faucett.
p. 22. Isbell, Pendleton & Polly Dupree 6-12-1815. T. H. Jones.
p. 37· Rochelle, William L. & Ann Lewis Dupree. 12-15-1831. Geo. W. Gary.
p. 39. Shields, William H. & Ann N. Dupree 4-22-1850. W. J. Lawrence.
p. 66. Isbell, Pendleton & Mary, dau. (of) Jesse Dupree. Will Bk.3-678,1813. (See above)
p. 166. (List at Archives). 15 Dec. 1831. Rochelle, William L. and Ann Lewis Dupree. Geo. W. Gary, Bondsman. John H. Harwell, witness.



Ref: Chowan County Marriage Bonds (Typed copy):

p. 89. Jones, Lewis - Susanna Ambrose 6 Aug. 1752
                         (widow)       Witness: Alexander Doyle & Edmd.
Hatch. Bondsmen: Charles Roberts, Thomas Gilbert.
p. 89. Jones, Lewis - Ann Halsey 18 June 1761. (Bondsman-?) Miles Hallsey. Witness: Tho. Jones,
(No other Lewis Jones & no Duprees - male or female).
Bk. p, p. 79. Lewis Jones -Wi11. 27 March 1763; prov. Apr. 1763. To my Dau. Ann Cortis - Cattle, etc. To all my five children: Lewis, Ann, James, Josiah, and Isaiah,... etc.

     Jno Lewis                  Lewis x Jones (Seal)
     Nicho E. Coke

(No Duprees)

Page 96


Bladen County:

Book 65, p. 542. James Dupre, Senr., 200 A. in White Marsh Swamp.l9 Nov.1787.
James Dupree - Requested 320 A. Branch of Green Swamp, 22 Oct. 1762. Not iss. (No Bk. & page No.)
Bk. 66, p. 277. James Dupre. 10 Mar. 1779. 200 A. in the White Marsh Swamp, include. the upper part of Canetuck Island, begin. at Gum on his upper corner.
Bk. 47, p. 272. James Dupree. 23 Oct. 1782. 150 A. on West side of Waggamaw Lake, aj. his line, and Lambertons line, to Duncan Morrison's Corner, to Gibbs upper line.
Bk. 47. p. 324. Lewis Dupree. 23 Oct. 1782. 320 A.,"Called Bogue:" begin. on his line.
Brunswick County:
Bk. 62, p. 181. 15 Nov. 1787. Lewis Dupree. 160 A., on Branch of
Shallote River (Confiscated property of Christopher Gains), known by name of Mulberry.
Bk. 66, p. 296. Lewis Dupre (Dupree). 76 1/2 A. on Both sides of Little Shallot River, line dividing his from Mrs. Daniels land. 11 July 1788.
Bk. 77, p. 811. Lewis Dupre. 16 Nov. 1790. 300 A. below Beaver Dam Branch, on North side of Elizabeth River.
Bk. 66, p. 292. Lewis Dupree. 11 July 1788. 337 A. on Branch called Shingle tree, S. W. side of Jakan (?) Swamp, beginning at Pine on Francis Allstons.
Bk. 77, p. 77-78. James Dupre, Dupree. 11 Nov. 1790. 100 A. on West side of Waggamaw river, adj. on West side of the Marsh Run, ending on line of Snake Island.
Bk. 77, p. 79. James Dupre, Dupree. 16 Nov. 1790. 100 A., on West side of the Run, & on west side of the Marsh Swamp which divides this from upper line of his first survey.
Bk. 77, p. 79. James Dupre, Dupree. 16 Nov. 1790. 100 A. on west side of the run of the Marah swamp, & on West side of Waggamaw.
Bk. 77, p. 82. James Dupre, Dupree. 16 Nov. 1790. 100 k. on west side of Marah Run, & w. side of Wagamaw, beginning at stake dividing this from upper line of second survey.
Continued -
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Edgecombe County:

Bk. 31, p. 42. James Dupree. 16 Dec. 1778. 62 A. beginning at pine at his own corner on Bee branch in Owen and Cravey's line, to his own line, Sherod Harris's line, to Long Branch.
(Note: The Index Card for this was Durham Co., however, the land was in  Co.)
Bk. 56, p. 184. Sterling Dupree (also Starling). 93 A. beginning at a Gum on his own corner on John's Branch to Jno. Meek's, thence to James Dupree's corner, Rc to Sherrod Harrises.
Johnston County:
Bk. 153, p. 40. James Dupree. 22 A. 25 Oct. 1849.
Bk. ? , p. 196. Peter H. C. Dupree. 8 1/4 A. beginning at Maple on a pond.
18 Apr. 1874. Bk. 2, p. 103. Wm. Dupuis Sr. (No date shown, but it was Entry #84, Grant #758) 300 k. on West side of Falling Creek.
Bk. 15, p. 86. William Dupius. 100 A. on south side of Neuse River.
7 Jan. 1755. Bk. 13, p. 70. William Dupius. 100 k. on south side of Neuse River.
7 Jan. 1755· Bk. 10, p. 424. William Dupius. 300 A. on west side of Falling Creek. (No date).
Pitt County:
Bk. 29, p. 273. Sterling Dupree. 1 July 1779.426 A. on south side of Tarr River of Autree's Creek, beginning at Jas. Dupree's to Mathew Owin's line, to Richard Proctor's line, to hickory in Benjamin Duprees line, to Mathew Randols corner.
Bk. 43, p. 46. Starling Dupree (also spelled Sterling in Grant).
21 Oct. 1782. 50 A. on south side of Tarr River to Pine in the Lamb Pond, pine in Gabriel Alien's line to co. line adj. Sterling Dupree's line.
Revolutionary War - Tennessee Grants:
Dupree, Mial. 7 Aug. 1797. 640 A. requested in Davidson Co. (Tenn.), and assigned to Chas. Brown. - On Harpeth River.
Page 98


Bk. 3, p. 165;. 21 May 1815. Will of Jacob Dupree.Daughters: Amy, Phada, and Mary Curtis. All lands except 50 A. adj. lands of Ann Roper. Amie, one negro boy named Holland, one choice horse, one cow and calf, one bed and furniture, and one third part of all my pewter. To Phada, one negro girl named Hannah, one 2nd choice horse, one cow and calf, one bed and furniture, and one third part of all my -Pewter. Mary Curtis, one negro woman named Abba and child Suckey and their future increase, one third choice horse, one cow and calf, one bed and furniture and one third part of all my pewter. To my granddaughter Elizabeth Dupree the fifty acres of land of Ann Roper. To my grand son Benjamin Hall*one negro boy named April, one sorrel mare, one bed and furniture and one cow and calf. To my grand son James Hall* one bed and furniture and one cow and calf.
My Negro man Roger shall make choice of either one of my children as his owner. Residue of estate to be divided between my son James Dupree and my daughters Amie Phada and Mary Curtis.
Witnesses: Lewis Dupree
           John Justice        Jacob x Dupree (Seal)
           Samuel Rivers Prov. by
                           the witnesses Dec. Court 1815.
*This could be Hill instead of Hall; however, it looks more like Hall.
Will Bk. 4, p. 207 Oct. 28, 1830. Will of Henry Hill. Mentions grandson,Curtis Dupree, and granddaughter, Martha Dupree. Prov. Dec. 1839.
(Does not mention Dupree daughter).
Will Bk. 1, p. 367. 16 Aug. 1786. Will of Drewry Gee.
Wife: Mary Gee. Daught er : Boyce Dupree.
Sons: James Tillar Gee & Gerald (?) Gee (May be first named.)
Bequeast of Mill Lease to Jesse Dupree.
Executors: Son: James Tillar Gee
           and Jesse Dupree.
Witnesses: Howell Gee
           Gerald Young       Prov. Dec. 1786 by Gerald Young
                                             and Allen Jones.
Page 99

NORTHAMPTON CO. N. C. - WILLS, Continued -

Bk. 3, p. 115. 9 Dec. 1813. Will of Keziah Depree, Northampton Co. My daughter Sally - all my wearing Clothes.
My Grand daughter Keziah Gilberd - Bed, etc., and one half of my Estate not already given away.
My Granddaughter Mary Gilberd - the other half of my Estate.
My Executor to keep Keziah Gilberds share until she arrives "to lawful age or marrys".
Executor: My friend John Brown.
No witnesses, but the Will was proved at March Court 1814 by the oaths of Christopher Forster, Ann Forster, & Patsey Cornwell.
Bk. 1, p. 170. 23 June 1768. Will of John Day jun. of Northampton Co.
Wife: Lucy
My two sons: Lewis Day and David Day.
Daughters: Sarah Day and Lucy Day.
Executor : Wife, Lucy Day
Witnesses: Edm'd Day, John Jones, Elizabeth Jones.
                   Prov. Sept. 1768 by Jno Jones and Lucy Day.
Bk. 2, p. 244 Will of Edward Davis. 22, 1796.
Sons: John Davis, Edward, Arthur, Samuel.
Daughters: Mary Dupree, Sarah Davis, Lucy Davis.
Sarah Davis.
Executor : Son, Arthur Davis.                Edward x Davis (Seal)
Witnesses: John Wade
           Eliz DeLoach            Prov. June 1803.
Bk. 3, p. 193. 22 Jan. 1816. Will of Michael Warren.
Wife: Jane Warren - plantation known as Kay's place, etc.
My nephew - Henry Dupree - $333.
To Collin W. Barnes, $200.
To Daniel Mason esqr., $333.
To Elizabeth Justice, dau. of John Justice, $100.
Bequests also to:
  Grand children of my brother Henry Warren.
  Grand children of my brother Joseph Warren.
  Grand children of my sister Mary Day.
  Children of my sister Elizabeth Dupree.
Executors: Collin W. Barnes esqr. and William H. Hardee.
Witnesses: Nath'l Stevenson
           Wm Stevenson               Michael Warren (Seal)
Sela Mahona
                          Prov. June 1817.
Page 100


Bk. 4, p. 45. 11 April 1828. Will of Mary Dupree.
   Sons: Davis Dupree
         Littleton Dupree
         Hayley Dupree
         Tazwell Dupree
         Lewis Dupree
   Daughters: Phada Dupree
              Tallitha Cumi Dupree (Tabitha Cumi Dupree)
   Executor : Son, Davis Dupree.
  Witness: Michael Harris.
                                 Prove. Dec. 1828.
Bk. 5, p. 45. 29 May 1844. Will of Tabitha Dupree.
Sons: Chislon Morris
      New Morris
      Maddison Dupree
      John D. Dupree
      Lewis Dupree
      Gideon Dupree
Daus: Rebecca C. Clarke
Grand-daughter: Margarite Dupree
Grandson: Theodore Morris.
Executor: Son, Maddison Dupree
Witnesses: William H. Hardee
           Joseph W. Magee
                             Tabitha x Dupree (Seal)
             Prov. March 1844.
Bk. 5, p. 285. 25 July 1860. Mary Dupree - Will.
Grand daughters: Cristena Howell
                 Jennet Howell
Executor : My friend Kindred Howell.
Witnesses. Saml. A. Warren
           W. T. Stephenson                Mary x Dupree (Seal)
                      Prov. Dec. 1863.
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(The following are abstracts of original Wills on file at the North Carolina State Archives, Raleigh):

File C. R.71.801.1, page 34. -

Will of Charles Gregory, Northampton Co. 10 Nov. 1766.Sons: Charles Gregory Hardy Gregory, Arthur Gregory, Jesse Gregory.
Daughter: Silvia Gregory.
Hardy to have the Plantation where Hardy lives.
Arthur to have the Plantation where "I now live."
Bequeasts made to Charlet Gregory and to Keziah Gregory. No relationship stated.
Lawrence Smith, Benm. B. Smith, Wm Jenkins.
Executors: Samuel Haze (?) and Jas. Smith.
Proved Feb. 7, 1767 by Wm Jenkins.
(NOTE;: This Charles Gregory may be the ancestor of the Charles Gregory who married Elizabeth Dupree, daughter of Lewis Dupree, Sr., of Greensville Co., Va. - Cordall Dupree, a brother of Elizabeth, appears in the records of Putnam County in the 1820s, and a Hardy Gregory also was there about the same time.
File C. R. 71.801.2, page 3 -
Will of Sylvia Gregory, Northhampton Co. 5 Nov. 1777.
Bequeasts made to Arthur Gregory; also to Kizziah Gregory and
Charlotte Gregory, daughters of Aaron Gregory, Dec'd.
Witnesses: Lawrence Smith
           Absalom Smith               Sylvia x Gregory (Seal)
           Wm. Smith             Prov. Sept. 1783.
    (Failed to note Executor's name)
File C. H.. 71.801.2, p. 18 -
Will of Robert Horton, Northampton Co., N. C.Wife Ann Horton
Son: Robert Horton and the rest of my children, William, Francis, John, Marge's, Ann, Sarah, and Joannah.
Executors: William Garner and Banks Meacam.
Witnesses: Jos. Carter, Samuel Garner, Mary Sanders.
                          Proved by all witnesses March 1779.
(Rebecca Dupree, sister of Elizabeth (Dupree) Gregory, married a Horton).
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Bk. 7, p. 14. 23 Sept. 1779. Robert Simpson of Northampton Co., N. C., to Jesse Depree (Dupree) of Brunswick Co., Va., 175 A. for 1,030 Lbs. Cur. Money of Va., tract in Northampton Co. on Karbey's Creek at the mouth of Yeller Meadow Branch to Edward Sessions (?) line, Thos. Coker's Cart Path, Ely Williams line.
Witnesses: Charles Gregory      Robert Simpson (Seal)
           Cordy Dupree
           Robert Boyakin                  Prov. Dec. 1779 by Chas. Gregory.
Bk. 7, p. 314. 7 Jan. 1785. Robert Little and wife, Milly of Greensville Co., Va., to Thomas Dupree of Northampton Co., N. C., 400 A. for 112 Lbs., Cur. Va. Money, Tract in Northampton Co. on south side of Fountain's Creek, beginning at a Sassafras in the Virginia line on Middle Fork of Spring Branch, south to Holaday Haley's line, and to Fairfax line.
Granted to Robert Little by Patent Oct. 1783.
Witnesses: Jeremiah Ehry
Henry Jordan                     Robert x Little (Seal)
                                Milley x Little (Seal)
        Prov. March 1785 by Henry Jordan.
Bk. 7, p. 430. 20 Dec. 1786. Howell Gee to Jesse Dupree, both of Northampton Co., 730 A. for 370 Lbs. Va. money. Land with Mill on same which was leased from Alien Jones for 10 yrs. from 1 Jan. ensuing the Date hereof- the Lease dated 17 March 1786.
Witnesses: James Dupree             Junr Howell Gee (Seal)
Willey Dupree                 Prov. June 1787 by James Dupree Junr
Bk. 7, p. 431. 3 March 1787. Jesse Dupree to Antony Armistead, both of Northampton Co., 175 k. for 190 Lbs. Cur. Va. money. Land in said County, beginning in Karby Creek at mouth of Yellow Meadow Branch to Edw. Lowry's line, to Thos. Talers cart path, and to Williams Corner line.
Witnesses: Thos Williams
            Autho Tucker                      Jesse Dupree (Seal)
                    Prov. Jan. 24, 1788.
Bk. 8, p. 15. 3 Sept. 1787. Charles Gregory and his wife, Elizabeth of Northampton Co., N. C., to Cordal Dupree of same, 110 A. for 40 Lbs. Va. money. Land in Northampton Co., on south side of Cypress Swamp, begin at Benj. Spiveys Corner to mouth of Devils Branch & Batt Jordan's line.
Witnesses: A __?__ Gregory              Charles x Gregory (Seal)
           Wm Lewis                     Elizabeth x Gregory (Seal)
         Martha Gregory          Prov. Sept. 1787.
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Bk.8, p. 191A. 29 Nov. 1788. Robert Littleton James Dupree, both of Northampton County, 25 A. for 10 Lbs. Va. money. Tract in Northampton Co., beginning on Corner of Road in Thomas Dupress Line to Clarks line, and Robt. Finneys line.
Witnesses: Sterling Bass Junr            Robert x Little (Seal)
           Rebekah x Little       Prov. 6 April 1790.
Bk. 8, p. 308. 9 Aug. 1791. Cordall Dupree and Charles Gregory, both of Northampton Co. to Archibald Wood of Greensville Co., Va., 140 A. for 60 Lbs. Va. money far tract in Northampton Co., on south side of Cypress Swamp, beginning at Benj. Spiveys line to mouth of Devils branch, to Batt Jordan's line, and Gregory's line.
Witnesses: Jno. Jordan                         Cordall Dupree (Seal)
           L. Bottom                           Charles Gregory (Seal)
                       Prov. Dec. 1790.
Bk. 9, p. 7. Nelson Newsum to Thomas Dupree. April 14, 1791. (Could not locate).
Bk. 9, p. 231r. 21 Nov. 1792. Nancy Smith to Cordall Dupree, both of Northampton Co., 140 A. for 30 Lbs. Va. money. Land in Northampton Co. on Long Branch, Sexton's Line, Brown's line, to Deep Run.
Witnesses: Waddill (?) Bass
           Thos. Caines                   Nancy x Smith (Seal)
           Mathew Gregory            Prov. Jan. 3, 1793.
Bk. 10, p. 91. 5 Dec. 1793. Thomas Dupree of Greensville Co., Va., to John Turner of Northampton Co.   N. C., 400 A. for 275 Lbs. Cur. Money, Tract in Northampton Co., beginning at a sassafras in the Va. line on the middle fork of Spring Branch, south to Holliday Hayley's line, East to Exum's corner pine and John Fairfeldrs (?) line.
Witnesses: Edward Moore
           Lewis Dupree                   Thos Dupree (Seal)
                                   Prov. March 1795.
Bk. 10, p. 122. 7 Jan, 1794 Cordall Dupree to Thomas Garner, both of Northampton Co., 188 A. for 70 Lbs. Va. money, tract in Northampton Co., beginning at Benj. Brown's line, Dupree's Run to Jesse Boykin's corner pine, to Long Branch, to pine in Arthur Gregory's line, and Thos. Jordan's corner - all houses, orchards, gardens, waterways, etc.
Witnesses: Mathew Gregory
           Wm Brown                        Cordall Dupree (Seal)
           Robert Boyakin           Prov. Sept. 1794.
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Bk. 10, p. 406. 1 April 1793. James Dupree of Greensville Co., Va., to Elijah Hunt of Northampton Co., Va., 75 A. for 70 Lbs. 10s. Va. money, tract in Northampton Co., beginning at Sarah Clark's, adj. Robt. Finney's and Thos Dupree's.
Witnesses: Robt. Boykin               James Dupree )Seal)
Cor Dupree
                  Prov. by Cordal Dupree, Dec. 1798.
Bk. 11, p. 266. Sept. 1804. Tabitha Morris and James Dupree -
Marriage Contract. (Failed to obtain details).
Bk. 12, p. 133. Jan. 5, 1803. Joseph Gee of Halifax Co., N. C., to Jacob Dupree of Northampton Co., N. C., 34 A. for 29 Lbs. Va. Money, tract in Northampton Co., beginning at dividing line between Jno. and Benj. Hall, adj. Peter Peterson's line, said Dupree's line, and Massey's (?) line.
Witnesses: James Davis                  Joseph Gee (Seal)
           Thomas Smith
           John Dupree              Prov. March 1803.
Bk. 12, p. 136. 10 June 1802. Batt Jordan to Cordall Dupree, both of Northampton Co., 150 A. for $400, tract in Northampton Co., beginning at head of Pottasy (?) Swamp, adj. Smith's line, Hart's, Stewart's, and Batt Jordan's Corner.
Witnesses: Joshua Emmory              Batt Jordan (Seal)
           Samuel Emmory      Prov. March 1803.
Bk. 12, p. 327. 1 Feb. 1804. Cordall Dupree and William Smith, of Northampton Co., to James Byrd of Soampton Co. & State of Virginia. 157 1/2 A. for 163 Lbs. Va. money, land in Northampton Co., begin at Fork of Pottecaney (?) Swamp - up the west prong to Jno. Hart's corner, to Frances Steward's corner, to Michael Warren's.
Witnesses - none.               Cordal Dupree (Seal)
       Ack. June Court 1804    William Smith (Seal)
Bk. 12, p. 348. 26 March 1804. Thomas Dupree of Greensville Co., Va. to John Turner of same, 750 A. for $2,500, tract in Northampton Co., N. C., Begin at Sassafras in Va. Line to Holliday Hayley's line, adj. John Evans, Arthur Jordan, Littlebury Smith, & Isham Fennell's Mill Pond, Rob. Finnie, Jas. Watkins, and Clark's
Witnesses: Mildred A. Dupree
           Lewis Dupree           Thomas Dupree (Seal)
           John Seycester (?)           Ack. by Dupree Sept. 1804.
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Bk. 10, p. 301. 2 Jan. 1797. Thomas Dupree to James Garris, both of Northampton Co., 60 k. for 40 Lbs. Va. Cur., begin. at John Davis's line, to Jonathan Pope line, Jno. Allen's line - orchards, houses, waterways, etc.
(Could not read names               Thomas Dupree (Seal)
          of witnesses)          Prov. March 1797.
Bk. 10, p. 265 6 Dec. 1796. Ann Fairfax et al of Northampton Co., to Thomas Dupree of Greensville Co., Va., 50 8. for 12 (?) Lbs. Cur. Va. money, tract in Northampton Co., begin at road near school house, adj. Jno Took's and Thomas Dupree's.
Witnesses: Lewis Dupree, Jurat.           Ann x Fairfax (Seal)
                                         Olive x Fairfax (Seal)
     Prov. by Lewis Dupree June 22,1797. Sally x Fairfax (Seal)
Bk. 10, p. 265. 5th 1796. John Turner of Northampton Co. to Thomas Dupree of Greensville Co., Va., 400 A. for 300 Lbs. Tract in Northampton Co., beginning at Sassafras tree in Frize line at Middle Fork of Spring Branch...south to Hayleys line, Took's corner, & Fairfax line.
        Lewis Dupree, Jurat              John Turner (Seal)
        Donaldson Turner
Bk. 10, p. 300. 1 Nov. 1796. Brittain Capell et al of Richmond, Va., to Jacob Dupree of Greensville Co., Va., SO A. for $333-1/3, tract in Northampton Co. on north side of Caleshole (?) Swamp, adj. Anne Roper, Peterson's line, Chas. Gee's line, Kinchen Peterson, Wm. Epps, and Hicks' line.
Witnesses: Isaac Howell, Robt Hicks,)    Brittain Capell (Seal)
           James Dupree, Moses Floyd)    Ann x Capell (Seal)
                Prov. by James Dupree July (?) 1797.
Bk. 10, p. 292. 24 Feb. 1797. Jesse Bittle to Jacob Dupree, both of Northampton Co., 190 1/2 A. for 75 Lbs. Va. Money, tract in Northampton Co., adj. Henry Hill, Norse Meadow Branch, Edmund's line, & Jas. Tarver's.
Witnesses: James Dupree
           Jo Peterson                Jesse Bittle (Seal)
                       Prov. July 21, 1797.
Bk. 10, p. 394. 9 Oct. 1798. John Tooke Sr. to Thomas Dupree, both of Northampton Co., 300 k. for 225 Lbs. Va. money, tract adj. Evins, Jordan's, Jos. Smith.
Witnesses: Robt Finney)
           Jno Evans    John Tooke (Seal)) Prov. by Finney July 10, 1799.
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Bk. 13-371. 1 June 1807. Thos. Andleton to Cordell Dupree, both of Northampton Co. - Deed of Trust involving Andleton's indebtedness to Samuel Smith for 30 Lbs. 5s. Va. money. (No information pertaining to Dupree family involved).
Bk. 14, p. 82. 22 May 1809. Jacob Dupree to James Dupree, Jr., both of Northampton Co, 190 A. for $3.00 land in Northampton Co., beginning at Henry Hill's line, along this line to Horse Meadow Branch to Edmund's line, Lawrence Smith's line.
Witnesses: James Davis            Jacob x Dupree
         Nancy x Ingram              Prov. Oct. 24, 1809.
Bk. 15, p. 59. 9 Jan. 1810. James Brantley to James Dupree, both of Northampton Co. Deed of Trust involving Brantley's indebtedness to Willie Clark for $45.00 Brantley's security to James Dupree was 160 A. in Northampton Co., adj. Sterling Peebles, Sam. Holt, Robt Little, John Harding and Elizabeth Morreson, and Negro boy Dempsey.
Witnesses: Samuel Johnson.
                                    James Brantley (Seal)
                                    James Dupree (Seal)
Bk. 16, p. 229. P7 Dec. 1803. John Gray and wife, Nancy, to Jesse Dupree., all of Northampton Co. 158 A. for $520, tract in Northampton Co., formerly purchased by the late Drury Gee and the late Thomas Webb. "There has been suit in Court Of Equity for Halifax Dist.- upon condition that Drury Gee, Sally Gee, Mary Gee, infant children of James T. Gee shall allow said Jesse.....etc. (Note: Jesse Dupree was Administrator of Gee's Estate).
Witnesses: Jeptha Dupree        John Gray (Seal)
           Oren Cas Stephens         Nancy Gray (Seal)
                        Prov. 27 Dec. 1803.
Bk. 16, p. 252. 27 Dec. 1812. Rebecca Lassiter to Jessee Dupree, Admr. of Est, of James T. Gee, deed.
(Note: This involves essentially the same situation mentioned in the foregoing Deed).
Witnesses : Same as above. Prov. May 25, 1813.
Bk. 17, p. 193. 8 Jan. 1816. George McDowell, of Wake Co., N. C., to James Dupree, of Northampton Co., 100 A. for $20, land in Northampton Co., "the same as descended" to McDowell by death of his mother, Mary McDowell who died enstate" (sic).
Witnesses: Jno Brown         George McDowell (Seal)
           T D Brown        Prov. April 23, 1816.
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Bk. 17, p. 233. Aug. 6, 1816. Jacob Dupree, Dec'd. Division of Land. At the Northampton Co. Court March 1816, John M. Benford, John Coker,Benj. Person, James Naper, and James Davis or any three of these were ordered to divide the lands of Jacob Dupree, dec'd, to wit: fifty acres to be laid off adjoining the lands of Ann Roper to Elizabeth Dupree and the residue of said lands divide equally among Amie Dupree, Phada Dupree, and William Wilton in right of his wife, Mary Curtis, and report to same Court. Accordingly, the following division was made:
Lot #1 - 90-2/3 A. drawn by Phada Dupree.
    #2 - 90-2/3 A. drawn by Wm W. Wilton in right of his wife, Mary
    #3 - 90-2/3 A. drawn by Anny (Amy-?) Dupree and 50 k., (Curtis.
                 adjoining land of Any Roper's allotted to Elizabeth
                 Dupree agreeable to Will - All lots have equal value.

Bk. 17-p. 244. 1 Dec. 1815;. James Dupree to Edmund Hill, both of Northampton Co., 190 1/2 A. for $512.50, land adj. Henry Hill, Edmund's line, and Wm Hardy's . Witnesses: James Williams
           Harmon x Hill              James Dupree (Seal)
       Ack. by Dupree June Crt. 1816.
Bk. 17, p. 125. Sept. 1815. Jacob Dupree to John(?) Bass. (Very dim, and difficult to read this Deed).
Witnesses: Annie x Dupree
           Tabitha x Morris (?)
Bk. 17, p. 99. 6 March 1815. John Peebles, Sheriff, to Thomas Braddy, 50 A. for $120.50, tract in Northampton Co., bounded as follows by the land of the estate of Henry (or might be Thomas) Jordan, the estate of Chris. Morris and others. This property taken into hand of the Sheriff to satisfy Execution of the County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions against James Dupree for sum of seventy one dollars and ninety seven cents and fifty six pounds 7/6 while said sum was measured by Isham Fennell and Christopher Foster against James Dupree on record of said Court....etc. The land therefore was put at public auction and sold to the highest bidder.
Witness: Thomas Branch        John Peebles (Seal)
                   Reg. 20 May 1815.
Bk. 17, p. 100. 6 March 1815. John Peebles, Sheriff, to John New, piece or parcel of land in Northampton Co., bounded by land of Sherry Morris, William Epps Fortney. (Note: This is the same kind of deed as the foregoing). No goods or chattels of James Dupree were found, and
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Deed Bk. 17, p. 100, Cont'd:

to satisfy the execution of the Court judgment against James Dupree the Sheriff seized a"certain piece or parcel of land situate lying and and being in the county of Northampton, belonging only to him the said James Dupree in right of his wife Tabitha formerly widow and relect of Christan Morris the whole of her dowery estate of land as descended to her the said Tabitha by the last will and testament of her former husband Christan Morris". Sale by public auction.
Witness: Thomas Branch.
                                        John Peebles (Seal)
Reg. 20 May 1815.
Bk. 20, p. 460. Recorded Mar. 21, 1821. Jesse Dupree to Drewery Geo.
(Note: Originally the compiler had searched for this Deed on p. 46,
and of course failed to locate it. It is noted that others show
it as p. 460, which undoubtedly is correct. Also, please note
the "Drewery Geo" above, which also may be incorrect, as others have it as "Geo. Drewery").
Bk. 20, p. 77. 14 Jan. 1817. James Dupree of Northampton County "State of Va." (?), to William Mack Dowell (McDowell) of Wake Co., N. C., 100 A. for $25;. Land in Northampton Co. Said amount of $25 paid in hand to James Dupree by Harman Rowell (his Unkle) - who is to have use of the land until William Mack Dowel shall arrive at age of 21; Rowell then to give up the land to his nephew, Wm Mack Dowell.
Witnesses: Geo. Jordan
           John Brown                James Dupree (Seal)
                        Prov. by Jno Brown Dec. 1818.
Bk. 20, p, 410. Jan. 26, 1821. Wm. H. Welton and wife, Mary C. Welton of Greensville Co., Va., to Hayley Dupree of Northampton Co., N. C., 92 1/2 A. for 103 Lbs. Va. money; land bound by Jno Bass, Harmon Rowell, Peter Peterson Est., Amy Pass* and William Epp. Said tract divided to Mary (late Dupree) by her dec'd Father Jacob Dupree.
Witnesses; Hugh Burford            Wm H Welton (Seal)
           Ann Stokes              Mary C Welton (Seal)
Prov. 7 Mch 1820.
*(See Sussex Co. B%rriages (Va.).
Bk. 24-275 Dec. 16, 1828. Henry Dupree to Lewis Dupree (TR)*
                                            *Trustee .
Continued -
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Bk. 21, p. 48. 17 Feb. 1821. Hailey Dupree and wife, Martha, to John Bass, both of Northampton Co., 90-2/3 A. for $343.00 tract bound by Peter Peterson Est., Amy Bass, Wn Eppes; it being land divided to Mary C. Welt on...etc .
Witnesses: Benjamin Prince             Hailey x Dupree (Seal)
           Hugh Binford                Martha x Dupree (Seal)
           Jno M. Binford         Prov. by Benj. Prince Dec. 1821.
Bk. 22,p. 409 21 Feb. 1826. Haley Dupray of Northampton Co., to James Jeane, tract in Northampton Co., leading from the State Line to Moody Stover, adj. Wm Moody.
Witnesses: Thomas Moore                    Haley x Dupray (Seal)
           William Marshall        Prov. March 1826.
DUPREE Deeds Not Abstracted: (From Index)

Book  Page    Date

  8   195      1-28-1790 Jesse Dupree and Boyce Gee, his wife, to Alien Jones.

  9     7      4/14/1791 Thomas Dupree, Greensville Co., Va., from Nelson
                           Newsum. Wit: John Davis, Elias Sewter (Suiter-?).

(Note: These two Deeds were unintentionally overlooked).
22  119     3/15/1924 Henry Dupree from Benj. S. Jordan, exec., et al.

22  179     6/10/1824 Davis Dupree from James T. Finnie et al.

23  23     11/24/1826 Madison Dupree from John B. Peebles.

24 46       1/16/1828 Henry and Rebecca Dupree to John Kirkland.

24 277     12/16/1828 Henry Dupree to Thomas W. Bynnm. Deed of Trust.

24 144      6/10/1828 Davis Dupree from Wm. H. Tunnell.

25 298     15/18/1831 Henry Dupree to Lilliam Bottom Deed of Trust.

31  57      3/21/1829 John N. Dupree from Robert Hancock. Deed of Trust.

25  57            ?    John N. Dupree, Tr. from Sarah Kee.

25 322      6/29/1831 Madison Dupree to Norflit Ivey.

Continued -
Page 110


Book Page Date

26  191 12/3/1833 Henry Dupree to Charles H. Kee

26  185 12/10/1833 Tabitha L)Dupree from John New.

26  133 6/19/1833 Davis I)Dupree to John H. Hall.

26  215 1/29/1834 Henry Dupree to George Kee.

27  153 11/15/1835 Dower: Gideon Dupree(juror) et al to Drewry Walden,

27  326 1/31/1837 Dower: Gideon Dupree (Juror) et al to Temperance (Brantley.

27  365 3/21/1837 Gideon Dupree to Norborn Southall. Deed of Trust.

28  68 Gideon Dupree to John Carter. Deed of Trust. 5/30/1837.

28  158 2/16/1838 Madison Dupree to N. M. Long.

28  168 10/19/1838 Henry Dupree to Richard Moore.

29  297 3/10/1841 Madison Dupree to Silas Hart.

30   80 3/19/1842 Tabitha Dupree et al to Joseph Collier.

31  142 3/11/1844 Madison Dupree from B. G. Clarke.

32  159 3/22/1847 Madison Dupree from Newsom B. Johnson. Deed of Trust.

32  168 3/6/1847 Madison Dupree to Andrew J. Vaughan.

33   61 12/9/1848 Madison Dupree to Barnes G. Clark.

34  290 3/5/1852 Madison Dupree, Tr(ustee) to Arthur T. Long.

Page 111


Ref: Worthampton Co. (N. C.) Marriage Bonds, A-Y, comp. by Genealogical
Society of Utah.

Page 65. Dupree, Davis & Rebecca J. Inman. 21 Apr. 1829. Matt. Calvert.

         Dupree, Gidean & Mariah Barkley. 13 July 1835. L. G. Dupree.

         Dupree, Lewis & Nancy Mintan. 15 June 1827. Haily Dupree.
                                                Witness: Matt. Calvert.

         Dupree, Lewis & Mary Nicholas. 25 P)ec. 1828. Taswell x Dupree.
                                                Wit: Jno. W. Harrison.

         Dupree, Littleton & Martha w. Emmery. 30 Dec. 1823. J. W. Harrison.
                                                Wit: Thos. Peele, Jr.

         Dupree, Littleton & Sarah B. Dunn. 26 Sept. 1848.
                                                Wit: Wm H. Hughes.

         Dupree, Madison & Adaline Liscomb. 20 Apr. 1825;. Thos. Powell.
                                                J. W. Harrison

         Dupree, Simon & Sally Dupree. 28 Jan. 1828. Wit: Matt Calvert.

Page 112


Bk. D, p. 165. Benjamin Evans and Mary, his wife, of Pitt Co., N. C., to Sterling Dupree of Brunswick Co. of Colony of Va., 200 k. for 80 Lbs.
Witnesses. David Hines, Peter Hines, Henry Williamson. 3 Jan. 1771.
Bk. D, p. 169. Benjamin Evans to Sterling Dupree, 450 A. for 60 Lbs.
Witnesses: David Hines, Richard Bdten Dunn, Chas. Evans, Jr.
14 Mar. 1771.
Bk. H, p. 44. 26 Oct. 1779. Meredith Corbett to James Dupree, both of Pitt Co,, 39 A. for 10 Lbs., tract on south side of Tar River, south side of Autrey's Creek.
Witnesses: William Corbett
           Benjamin Dupree

Bk. H, p. 102. April 1780. Sterling Dupree to Benjamin Dupree, Pitt Co., 140 A. of 150 Lbs.,land on south side of Tar River, NW side of Autrey,s Creek, part of Grant to Sterling Dupree dated July 1, 1779.
Witnesses: James Bynum

Bk. H, p. 105. 20 April 1780. Sterling Dupree to James Dupree, both of Pitt Co., 120 A. for 100 Lbs., land adj. James Dupree's line and Benjamin Dupree's line, part of Grant to Sterling Dupree.
Witnesses: James Bynum
Bk. O, p. 135. 1797. Sterling Dupree to Thomas Dupree, both of Pitt Co., 1,070 A. for 1,070 Lbs.
Witnesses; William Moye
           Benj. C. Dupree.
Bk. ? Thomas Dupree to Stephen Cobb, both of Pitt Co., 180 A. for $810., Tract of land in Pitt and Edgecombe counties, on south side of Autrey,s Creek. Witnesses: Ben. Tison; R. R. Dupree. 22 Jan. 1829.
Bk. MM, p. 109. 12 Aug. 1848. Thomas Dupree to Thomas B. Dupree, son of the said Thomas Dupree, both of Pitt Co., 520 A. for "love & affection".
Witness: Edward Cobb .
Continued -
Page 113


Bk. SS, p, 601. 6 March 1856. Thomas B. Dupree to James B. Dupree, 287 A. excepting that land sold by Thomas B. Dupree to Joseph R. Cherry and Bennet P. Pitt, estimated to contain 1024 A.
Witness: Joseph Cherry.
Bk. SS, p. 609. Thomas B. Dupree to Redmond R. Dupree, 250 A. for $877.
Witness: J. A. Dupree. 11 Jan. 1870.
Bk. Q-4, p. 392. 1 Feb. 1887. James T. Dupree to J. A. Dupree, ---- for $1,300.
Bk. N, p. 327. 23 Jan. 1797. Thomas Dupree to Sterling Dupree, both of Pitt Co., two negro girls, Cate and Smith (?), for 400 Spanish-milled dollars.
Ref: Johnston Co. Wills on file at State Archives, Raleigh, N. C.  File No. C. R. 56.801.1. Will of Richard Byrd. 12 Nov. 1807.
Sons: John Byrd; George Byrd, Bright Byrd; Richard Byrd; and Redin Byrd. Each to have 638 k. of land. Redin Byrd to have his acreage from top (or tip) of Creek to Laz Matthews line - to Philip Johnston's line. Mentions some land already given to his children.
Daughter: Elizabeth Allan, 638 A., adj. Samuel Car, B___ton Ryals line, Philip Johnston's.
Bright Byrd to have two years' schooling.
Grandson: Benjamin Byrd, the son of Benjamin Byrd, 150 A. on Stony Fork.
Son: Benjamin Byrd's widow, Zilpha Byrd, 2Os.
Executors: My two Eldest sons Edward Byrd and John Byrd.
Witnesses: Laz Matthews
           Benjamin Martin                    Richard x Byrd (Seal)
Prov. by witnesses Nov. Term of Court 1818.
Edward Byrd "Qfd" (Qualified as Executor).
Page 114


Records Bk. A (Grants), p. 40 -
14 June 1767. Edward Wingate to Lewis Dupree, both of Brunswick Co.,321 A. on Wagamaw River, known by the name of Pyraway and formerly in possession of Lewis Johns.
Witness: Sam'l Dupree         Edward Wingate (Seal)
         Needham Gause      Prov. June 1767.
Record of Deeds, Bk. A, p. 13 -
3 Dec. 1764. Lewis Dupre and John Stanaland witness Deed of Nathan Benson to Jno Stevins.
Record of Deeds, Bk. A, p. 58.-
1 June 1768. Lewis Dupree and Wm. Dry Jun. witness Deed from Thomas Dick Esq. coroner, late of Brunswick Co., to Isaac Marion.
Records Bk. A (Grants), p. 41 -
16 Nov. 1790. State of N. C., Grant #251, of 300 A. to Lewis DuPre, in Co. of Brunswick on north side of Elizabeth River, beginning at first bluff below the Beaver dam branch, Westwardly, to a Marsh, thence North and West to edge of the Beaver dam run at a bend in run, thence West to Stake on Bell's line, thence south to Elizabeth River.
       9th Aug. 1789, Wm Goodman, by a Flat annexed.
Records Bk. A (Grants), p. 261. 16 Nov. 1790. State of N. C. - Grant #236 to James Dupree for 100 A. in Co. of Brunswick on West side of run of the Marsh Swamp on dividing line between this and his first survey.
Records Bk. A (Grants), p. 262. 16 Nov. 1790. State of N. C. - Grant #233 to James Dupree of 100 A. in Brunswick Co. on West side of Waccamaw River adj. on West side of the Marsh run and bounded on line of Snack (Snake) Island.
Records Bk. A (Grants), p. 263. State of N. C. - Grant #237 - 16 Nov. 1790 - to James Dupree for 100 A. in Brunswick Co. on West side of Marsh Swamp on West side of Waccamaw to stake on his own line.
Records Bk. A. (Grants), p. 264. State of N. C. - Grant #245. 16 Nov. 1790. To James Dupree, 100 A. in Brunswick So. on West side of Marsh Run, West side of Waccamaw, adj. his upper line.
Continued -
Page 115


Record of Deeds Bk. B, p. 278 (or 280 - newly numbered) -
1 April 1786. Arthur Spears, State of South Carolina, to Lewis Dupree
of Brunswick Co., N. C., 100 A. for 70 Lbs., land in Brunswick Co. opposite "Bacons Enlet", to head of Jos. Hewits corner, along Beans line near Galloway's Swamp - to a Blaze standing at Little Shallote, to line of Jos. Hewits.
Witnesses: Wm Cause                Arthur Spears (Seal )
           James Chears
Proved in open Crt on oath of Wm Cause - Ord'd to be Reg'd June Term
1786- Lewis Dupre* Clk
*Usually signs "DuPre".
1784. Lewis DuPre witnesses Deed with John Weull for John Gains.
Records of Deeds Bk. B, p. 450 (or 448 (Grant) - State of N. C. Grant #113, 11 July 1788. To Lewis Dupree, 337 k. in Brunswick Co., lying on Shingletree Branch, southwest side of Jakaw Swamp, beginning at Frances Allston's line.
Records of Deeds Bk. C p. 61,. (Grant) 11 July 1788. State of N. C. to Lewis Dupree, 762 A. in Brunswick Co., on both sides of Little Shallotte River, including Marsh on both sides, beginning at dividing line between Lewis Dupree and Mr. Daniels.
Records of Deeds Bk. B, p. 121. 20 March 1779. Lewis Dupre of Brunswick Co. to Wm Grissett, 320 A. for 350 Lbs. proclamation money, tract on Waccamaw River known by name of Pyraway, formerly in possession of Lewis Johns.
Witnesses: Willes Rowe                  Lewis DuPre (Seal)
           Wm Townsend         (Date proved not shown)
Records of Deeds Bk. B, p. 189 (old #187)-
28 June 1784. Lewis Dupre and William Cause Esquires being appointed by the County Court March Term 1784 to appraise and divide the Estate of Usher Espy dec'd pursuant to his Last Will and Testament, a certain parcel of Negroes....etc,
                                       Lewis DuPre', Clk
Also: The same for the Estate of William Lord, dec'd. 23 June 1784.
Continued -
Page 116


Record of Deeds Bk. B, p. 222. 16 April 1774.
Josias Allston, Parish of Prince George Province of South Carolina, to Francis Allston of same, Planter, 385 A. for 10 Lbs., Plantation or Tract in Brunswick Co. called "Calkins's Neck", part of land both of Mr. Joseph Allston on branches of Little River, parish of St. Philip, Province of N. C., bound by North Branch of Little River, Josias Allston, Esq., all houses, woods, stables, waterways, etc.
Witnesses: Nich's. Christian
           Peter Bacot Junr            Josias Allston (Seal)
           Lewis DuPre
                        Prov. 5 Apr. 1774, L. DuPre' Clk
NOTE: No Marriage Records or Minute Books found in Brunswick County. They may be at State Archives, which has not been checked for this county.
Found no DuPre, Dupree, Wills in this county.


Will Records begin 1808, the year county established. None for DuPre, Dupree.
Records in the County for Marriages and Deeds begin 1850. It is presumed the early records are at the Archives in Raleigh, and they have not been checked.
Page 117



Bk.-OO, p. 18. 4 Oct. 1856. Cornelius DuPree of New Hanover Co. to Daniel B. Baker - Mortgage Note for $2,000, for tract of 446 A. in said county, "Handy Hall, recently known as Atlantic detreat", beginning at the Middle Sound on the Beach to the Main Channel, sold to Cornelius and Daniel DuPre Jr. 7 Apr. 175;5 by Duncan M. Bryant; also tract in Moore Co. on north side of Deep River on Fayetteville Road - the tracts to secure said Note.
Witness: Sam R. Bunting              C. DuPre (Seal)
                    Prov. Oct. 8, 1856.
Bk. 00, p. 246. 27 Sept. 1851. George Ferguson to Daniel DuPre and Cornelius DuPre, all of Wilmington, New Hanover Co., one Lot in Wilmington for $1,700.
Bk. KK, p. 273. 2L July 1853. Daniel McMillan to Joseph DuPre, both of New Hanover Co., 1/3 of two tracts in New H. Co. for $80 - on south side of Burgaw Creek, and North side of Horse Savannah Branch.
Witness: J. C. Cowan.                        Prov. March 1853.
Bk. EE, p. 565. 20 March 1848. Mortgage. Cornelius DuPre and Daniel DuPre to Daniel B. Baker. $1,200, secured by "One 5 Barrell Still and equipment". Witness. Benj. B. Ruggles.
                                      C. DuPre (Seal)
               Prov. 6 May l848.      D. DuPre (Seal)
                                      Danl B. Baker (Seal)
Bk. VV, p. 117. 20 July 1867. Patrick H. Hand to Joseph DuPree, both of New Hanover Co., 139 A. for $550, tract in New H. Co., beginning at Mouth of Horse Savanna Branch to run of Burgaw Creek, on south side of Burgaw Creek to Cowans Corn.
Witness: H. H. McKeithen. Prov. Nov. 1, 1867.
Blk. p-43. 14 A April 1857. Cornelius DuPre to Wm B. Meares, both of New H. Co. Property on the Sound formerly known as Shandy Hall, more recently as Atlantic Retreat, for $4,000.
Witness: Elijah Willis                        C. DuPre (Seal)
                        Prov. Nov. 20, 1863.
Bk. SS, p, 45. 4 Oct. 1856. Daniel DuPre Junr to Cornelius DuPre, both of New Hanover Co., property beginning at Middle Sound to near the Beach at the Mainland, known as Shandy Hall Tract.           D. DuPre Jr (Seal)
Witnesses: D. DuPre & E. Willis.       Prov. Nov. 20, 1863. $2,500.
Page 118


Bk. 00, p. 250. 8 Jan. 1856. Daniel DuPre and Cornelius DuPre, of City of Wilmington, to H. McCowel of same, Lot in city for $2,500.
Witness: Thomas H. Harvey
                                         D. DuPre Jr (Seal)
         Prov. Feb. 5, 1857.              C. DuPre (Seal)
Bk. 00, p. 451. Prov. May 2, 1857. Cornelius DuPre and Daniel DuPre Jr., Co. of New Hanover, to John D. Bellamy of same, Lot for $350.
Witness: Hayle Pole
                                          C. DuPre (Seal)
                                          D. DuPre (Seal)
Bk. II, p. 367. 5 March 1852. E. E. Pearce Jr. and wife, Sarah Maria, to Joseph DuPre, all of New H. Co., 139 k. for $75, land in two tracts in same county on south side of Rurgaw Creek, and North side of Horse Creek.
Witness: Jno M. Henderson.
                              Prov. March 1852.
Bk. SS, p. 48. 13 April 1857. Dan'l B. Baker of Brunswick Co., to Cornelius DuPre of New H. Co. Release of previous Mortgage for $5.00, for which the property Shandy Hall now Atlantic Retreat was security.
Witness: Elijah Willis.
NOTE: New Hanover County Will Books date from 1735; however, the Index was negative for DuPre, Dupree. Marriage Records were not seen.
Court Minutes have been published, and were examined. Negative.
1755 Tax List of New Hanover Co. (The North Carolinian, Dec. 1957,p.309
Also negative for DuPre, Dupree.
Members of Safety Committee, 1774-5-6, Wilmington, N. C., comp. by
Ida B. Kellam, 1959, - Negative.
Marriage and Death Notices in Newspapers Published in Wilmington, N. C. 1797-1842, and Marriage Contracts of New Hanover County Citizens, 1728-1855, comp. by Ida Brooks Kellam, 1959. - Negative.
Page 119


Bk. 1, p. 460. 8 Jan. 1796. Will of Amelia Dupree, Bladen Co., N. C, .....I give and bequeath unto Mary Powell, Esther Powell and Zylphia Powell my Negro fellow named Dennis to be equally divided amongst them. .....I give unto John Gibbs my Watch and large metal pot. I give untoMrs. Morrison one of my feather beds. I give unto Sarah Gibbs one be and my two mahogany tables. I likewise give unto Sophia Gibbs one feather bed my riding saddle and cloak. I give unto my niece Susannah Moore my trunk with my wearing apparel. I constitute and appoint John Gibbs to be the Executor of this my last Will and Testament. -
       This 8th day of Jan. 1796.             Amelia Dupree (Seal)
Witnesses: Duncan King
           Robert Gibbs            Probate date not shown.
Bk. 1, p. 497. (Undated). Will of John Gibbs, Bladen Co., N. C.
Wife: Amelia Gibbs - the use of my plantation during her life where I now live in Bladen Co. After her death, said Plantation to go to my nephew John Gibbs, son of George Gibbs. To my nephew John Patrick, son of sister Petty Larkins....etc. After my wife marries or is dec'd my brother George Gibbs is to have his choice of Negroes and stock for his children as he think proper.
Executors: My brother George Gibbs, John Burgoin, and Alexander Duncan.
Witnesses: Step'n Stinton                   John Gibbs (Seal)
           Edward Chin (?)
           Jas Roe               Prov. Aug. 1771.
The Courthouse in Bladen County, N. C., was burned, and there are no Marriage Records before 1890 (ca.), nor Minute Records.
Page 120


Deed Bk. 1, p. 365. 23 Oct. 1782. State of N. C. - Grant #708, for 150 A. to James Dupree, Bladen Co., on West side of Waccamaw Lake - to Dupree's line, adj. Sam Bestons (?), and Duncan Morrison's line, and Gibbs' upper line.
Deed Bk. 1, p. 588. 19 May 1789. Benjamin Smith, Brunswick Co., Executor Last Will and Testament of Hon William Dry, dec'd. to "Josiah and Garner and Samuel Dupree" (Note: Should appear as "Josias Garnier Dupree and Samuel Dupree"), of Bladen Co., 320 A. for 150 Lbs., tract in Bladen Co. and in Brunswick Co. on Waccamaw Lake, the S E ward tract and half tract formerly belonging to the Estate of Roger Moore, Esq. Dec'd.
Witnesses: William Weare
                                      Benjamin Smith (Seal
Prov. by Wm Weare Feb. 1790.              Exrs to Wm Dry
Deed Bk. 19, p. 408. 28 June 1780. Ralph Miller to James Dupree. Ralph Miller and Ann, his wife, to James Dupree, both of Bladen Co., "two several tracts or parcels" in Chason Co., on West side of Pee Dee River on Brown's Creek, 300 A. each., adj. Mr. Gald - 2,000 Lbs.
Witnesses: Robert Scott
           Eliz. Scott                    Prov. Nov. 1780.
Bk. 19, p. 517. 29 March 1769. Maurice Moore and Mary Parish his wife to James Dupree of Brunswick Co., "two several tracts in Counties of Bladen and Brunswick, containing 640 A. and 356 A., on West side of Waccamaw Lake - the 356 A. joining the 640 A. at the Lake, originally Granted to Roger Moore Esq. by Patent dated 20 May 174l.
Witnesses: Samuel Neal
           Joshua Bowman
State of North Carolina, New Hanover Co. Whereas Samel Neal and Joshua Bowman, witnesses, are dead, said Deed not registered-- I the subscriber, heir at Law of Maurice Moore Esqr.-...etc.... and acknowledge this Deed...etc.
Witnesses: James Dupree Jr.
           Peter Robeson         Alfred Moore (Seal)
                     Prov. 8 June 1782.
Bk. 25, p. 306. 23 Oct. 1782. State of N. C. Grant #788, to James Dupree of Bladen Co., 150 A. in same county, on West side of Waccamaw Lake, beginning at Lake and adj. James Dupree's line and Lamberton's Line, Duncan Morrison's corner by Gibbs' upper line.
Bk. 25, p. 545. 19 May 1789. Benj. Smith of Brunswick Co., Exor Est. of Hon.Wm Dry, dec'd to Joseph Garnier Dupree and Samuel Dupree of same, 320 A. for 130 Lbs., tract in Bladen and Brunswick Cos. on Waccamaw Lake, s.e. ward, a tract & a half tract.
Witnesses: James Dupree and George Wease. Prov. Feb. 1790.
Continued -
Page 121

BLADEN COUNTY, N. C. - DEEDS, Continued -

Bk. 26, p. 257. 23 April 1789. James Dupree to Jonas G. Dupree, Planters, both of Bladen Co. (Jonas G. Dupree also is "Josias Garnier Dupree" in this Deed). Two tracts of land for 27 Lbs. 10s; 200 A. begins at the Lake - to Poke Island, to West side of Alligator Branch. 356 A. joins other tract at Lake, which land was granted to Roger Moore Esqr by patent 20 May 174-.
Witnesses: Donald Pain and Wm. Betts.            James Dupree (Seal)
                        Proved Aug. 1791.

Bk. 34, p. 78. 5 Nov. 1782. Lewis Dupree to Nathaniel Moore, both of Bladen Co., two tracts of land in Bladen Co: 500 A. beginning at Aligator Run to West side of Aligator - and all part of a lower tract from upper side of Little Pine Island in the Marsh of lower side of White Oak Island.
Witnesses: Thos. Godfrey
           Lewis Dupree                    Lewis Dupree (Seal)
Bk. 36, p. 422. 23 Nov. 1771. Marriage Agreement between James Dupre, Silversmith (Note), and Amelia Gibbs late wife of John Gibbs Esqr Dec'd, and George Gibbs Esqr. and Joshua Bowman atty at Law - Whereas John Gibbs late of Bladen county, Esqr. by his last will and testament did bequeast therein to his loving wife the sd. Amellia Gibbs the use of the plantation whereon she then lived in Bladen Co. and any one of the Negroes she chose, all household furniture twenty (or ninety) or one half of residue of his negroes and stock, and in case Amellia should intermarry and have issue of her body lawfully begotten her moiety should go to her issue and their heirs, etc... and whereas a marriage is intended to be shortly had and solemnized between James Dupre and the said Amelia Gibbs and it is agreed between them that James Dupre shall have...., etc...(no property rights belonging to Amelia Gibbs that were bequeathed to her by her former husband John Gibbs....Estates to be separate and hers not liable for his debts, etc. George Gibbs and Amelia Gibbs to have control with Joshua Bowman, etc.).
Witnesses: John Cahoon                   James Dupre (Seal)
           Mary Green                    Amelia Gibbs (Seal)
                                        Joshua Bowman (Seal)
                                        George Gibbs (Seal)
Bladen Co - November Term 1785 - above was proved in open Court by Mary Green and ordered Registered.
                                       John White C. C.
NOTE: A James Dupree was an "ARMOURER" in North Carolina during the Revolutionary War, and it appears that he must have been the above James Dupree, inasmuch as calls himself a "Silversmith" and which skill would qualify him for such an undertaking as "Armourer".
Page 122
(Some Swann Wills)

It has been said, but not proven, that Samuel Swann of Perquimanns County had daughter, Elizabeth, who married Lewis Dupree, Sr., of Brunswick County, Va., later Greensville County. The following Wills (abstracts) are given for possible future reference of those interested:

Ref: North Carolina Wills and Inventories, Abstracts of Wills 1690-1760, by Grimes, J. Bryan, 1912: p. 368. Swann, Samuel - Per9uimans Precinct. Sept. 12, 1707. Apr. 20, 1708. Sons: William (Bible & Seal ring), Sampson, Henry and Thomas: Land and "all the goods I have sent from London"; Samuel, John. Daus: Elizabeth and Sarah Swann. Brother: Richard Bland, of Va.
Wife & Exec: Elizabeth Swann.
Witnesses: Eliz. Thickpen, Ann Moseley, John Lillington, Frances Foster, Edwd.
   Moseley Clk. of Crt. - J. Knight.
"Impression of what seems to be a coronet on seal. Letters Testa. w/a copy of Will annext to this Will, sgnd by W. Clover & sealed PP-/a seal af the proprietors - a cross Surrounded by Coat of Arms of the 8 Lords Proprietors II. (Thought this interesting).
p. 368. Swann, Samuel. Jan. 8, 1753. April Crt. 1753 Perquimanns Co, Daus: Mary, wife of Richard Claten; Sarah, Ann, Elizabeth, Martha, Jane, and Margaret. (No sons). Other legatees: Jesse Hendley and John Vail (brother). Executars: John and Jeremiah Vail (brothers). (Note - half-brothers perhaps..?). Witness: Edmund Hatch, Clk of Crt.
(Swann Seal used).
Ref: In a separate volume Of Grimes' N. C. Wills and Administrations (or Inventories) is the entire Will of the following:
p. 429. Swann, Thomas - 7 May 1733. 9 Aug. 1733. Pasquotank Co., N. C.
Wife: Rebecca. Daus: Rebecca and Elizabeth. Sons : Samuel, William. Children to be educated in Christian manner "when they attain to Age"......"or marry"...etc. Witnesses: Benja. Pritchard (a Quaker), Mary Edwards, Saml Wise.
Executors : Wife, Rebecca, and respected friend, Cole. Edward Moseley.
Note: Thomas Swann was nearer the right age Was spoken of as "Cole. Thomas Swann" in proving this Will.
Note #2: It would appear that that the daughter of the above Thomas Swann would have been nearer the right age to have married Lewis Dupree, Sr., than a daughter of the other two Swanns, if indeed such a marriage took place.
Page 123

         Name                           Cemetery Location

Dupree, Addie G.
b. Nov 19, 1863                      Pitt Co., Farmville, N. V.
d. Nov 18, 1901                      Maplewood Cem.

Dupree, Francis M.                   Pitt Co., Farmville, N. C.
B. Nov 27, 1856                      Maplewood Cem.
d. July 27, 1912

Dupree, Dennis Pitt Co.,             Winterville, N. C.
b. Nov 27, 1866                      Zion Hill Church Cem.
d. Nov 10, 1911

Dupree, J. A.*                       Pitt Co., Greenville, N. C.
b. Jan 2, 1847                       Cherry Hill Cem.
d. Aug 23, 1901

*Note: Vol. I, p. 53, of Pitt County (N. C. ) Gravestone Records, comp. by Jeannette Cox St. Amand, 1960, gives the name as Joseph A. Dupree, and Pitt Street as the location of the cemetery --
Also, according to the above record, the following gravestones are in this cemetery:
Walter B. Dupree b. April 1885; d. Dec. 1885.
Alvin D. Dupree b. 1888; d. 1947.
(To continue with first listing):

Dupree, Alice                        Johnston Co., Angier, N. C., Rt. 1
b. Dec 2, 1888 Dupree                       Cem. No. 2 (or 1-?)
d. Sept 22, 1903 - Dau. of W. A. and Bettie Dupree.

Dupree, W. H.                        Johnston Co., Angier, Rt. 2
b. ----                                     Dupree Cem. #2
d. ----
                A Confederate Soldier in Co. C., 31 N. C. Inf. CSA.

Dupree, Allie                        Johnston Co., Angler, N. C., Rt. 1
b. 1809; d. 1903                             Dupree Cem. #1
             Wife of Thomas Dupree

Dupree, James G.                     Johnston Co., Angler, N. C., Rt. 1
b. May 24, 1836                               Dupree Cem. # 1
d. Jan 20, 1912 - Conf. War Vet.

Continued -

Dupree, J. T.                        Johnston Co., Angier, N. C., Rt. 1
b. 1848; d. Mar 20, 1875                      Dupree Cem. #1

Dupree, Julia A.                     Johnston Co., Angler, N. C., Rt. 1
b. Oct 22, 1836                               Dupree Cem. #l
d. Feb 11, 1902

Dupree, Florence                     Lenoir Co., Kinston, N. C.
b. Jan 30, 1856                               Maplewood Cem.
d. Jan 3, 1898

Dupree, Jesse F.                     Lenoir Co., Kinston, N. C.
b. May 31, 1842                                Maplewood Cem.
d. Jan 13, 1898

Dupree, Maggie W.                    Lenoir Co., Kinston, N. C.
b. Aug 13, 1844                                Maplewood Cem.
d. Jan 4, 1873 - Consort of Jesse Dupree.

Dupree, Martha                       Lenoir Co., Kinston, N. C.
b. Apr 29, 1869                               Maplewood Cem.
d. Sept 10, 1870 - Dau. of J. T. and M. J. Dupree.

Dupree, Furney                       Lenoir Co., Kinston, N. C.
b. May 16, 1842                               British Chapel Cem.
d. July 10, 1903

Dupree, Henrietta                    Lenoir Co., Kinston, N. C.
b. 1838 - d. 1891                            British Chapel Cem.

Dupree, Laura D.                     Lenoir Co., Kinston, N. C.
b. June 26, 1859                             Sharon Cem.
d. Dec 5, 1888 - Wife of James E. Dupree

Dupry, Matilda Louisa                Wake Co., Raleigh, N. C.
b. d. July 21, 1835                          City Cem.
      Age 9 yrs 17 dys. - Dau. of Bernard and Anna Matilda Dupree,

NOTE: The foregoing cemetery or gravestone information was taken from a Card File Index of Cemetery Records, N. C., located at the State Archives, Raleigh, N. C; that is, with the exceptions noted.
Ref: (Book) Tanbstone and Census Records of Early Edgecombe, comp. by Ruth Smith Williams and Margarette Glenn Griffin, 1959.
p. 44. Richard T. Eagles Gem., located Crisp, N. C. in residential section, with iron fence; handsomely marked stones; well kept:
Martha 8., wife of lihn Dupree, May 25, 1817 - Jan. 28, 1893.
Continued -
Page 125


(Tombstone & Census Records of Early Edgecombe, Cont'd):

p. 44 Dupree Graveyard. Located at rear of about the first old house after passing Town Creek on road from Pinetops to Tarboro; overgrown:

Wm T. Dupree, Aug. 12, 1833 - Sept 12, 1891

Laticia Frances, wife of above, Mar 18, 1839 - Mar 21, 1908.

Margaret E. Mercer, Nov 11, 1855 - Oct 23, 1858. (Probably dau. of David V. Mercer and wife, Martha A. E. Dupree who were married Nov 22, 1851(, by Elder Bennett P. Pitt.)

NOTE: There were other cemeteries in which much later generations were buried.


Lower Cape Fear Gravestone records (Bellevue Gem., Wilmington, N C.), comp. by Ida Brooks Kellam, Vol. III.
Lower Cape Fear Gravestone Records (General), Vol. I. (Same compiler)
Cemetery Records: Bladen, Cumberland and Sampson Counties, N. C.,
comp. by Richard Clinton Chapt. DAR, Clinton, N. C., 1958.
Monumental Inscriptions of the British West Indies (from the earliest date), collected by Capt. J. H. Lawrence-Archer, 1875.
A Genealogical Record of the Davis, Swann, Cabell Families of N. C. and Va., by Thos. Frederick Davis, 1934.
Bible Records of Suffolk and Nansemond Co., Va., by Fillmore Narfleet,
WILLS: Pasquotank and Camden Counties N. C., 1752-1798, (1962. comp. by. Bertha Burgess Cahoon, 1960.
Page 126
(From Here and There)
Ref: Abstracts of Bertie County Marriage Bands (2 Vols.). Negative.
        "       "  Carteret   "       "      "   (2 Vols. .    "    .
        "       "  Perquimans "       "      "   (2 Vols. .    "    .
        "       "  Granville  "       "      "             .     "    .
Ref: Index to War of 1812 Vouchers, comp. by Maurice I. Toler, Archivist II,
         1962. Negative except for the following:
         p. 46. Dup(ree), Sterling Sgt. Northampton Co.
         p. 131. Redm(an), James For timber furnished. Beaufort.
Ref: Records of Jones Co., N. C., 1779-1868, Vol. I, camp. by Zae Hargett Gwynn. p. 596. Deed Bks. 16 & 17 (1823-1827): p. 151 - July 27, 1824. James A. Bryan Council S. Bryan and Nancy Dupee (indexed Dupree), formerly Mancy Bryan - of Twiggs county, Georgia, to Edward S. Franks of Jones So., N. C., tract of land for $2,000, located in Jones Co. on no. side of Simmon's branch and Dam Branch near Trent River, which we as heirs of Nancy Bryan, deed, formerly the wife of George Simmons, deed, and which land was willed to Nancy Simmons by her husband, George, both dec'd.
Witnesses: Isaac Ramsey, Sarah Bryan, Jno. Houston.

(Note: It is more than likely that Nancy (Bryan) Dupree, Twiggs Co., Ga., was the wife of Ira Ellis Dupree, son of Jeremiah Dupree, in which case she would have been his first wife. His second wife was her sister (?) Fanny Bryan.

Ref: (Same reference) - p. 645, Bk. 18 (1828-1831), pp.243, 244: Ira E. Dupree of Twiggs Co., Ga., gives Power of Atty to Sarah W. Miller of Jones Co., N. C. - Attested to by Ira E. Dupree, Justice of Inferior Court, Twiggs County, Georgia.
Ref: (Same reference), p. 672., Bk. 19 (1832-1836), p. 51. Dec. 25, 1832. Daniel DuPree witnesses Deed for State Bank of N. C. for land sold to James Marrett, Jones Co., N. C.
Ref: BUTE COUNTY, N. C. MARRIAGE BONDS (typed copy - Archives):
Pa. 5 Wren, Joel - Bettsy Allen  5 July 1777
           Of              of
St. John's perish.      Same. Witness:       Thos. Machen, C. C.
Ref: History of the University of North Carolina, 1789-1868, Vol. I. p. 638. (1853) "For sixty-four years Daniel Dupree, the Clerk of the State Bank, had posted the books in journal and ledger, being paid by the Treasurer".
Continued -
Page 127


History of University of N. C., Cont'd:
p. 286. Nov. 22, 1821, Gen. Robt. Williams, dec'd, former Treasurer of UNC.
His books were "in such disorder that an expert accountant, Daniel Dupre,was employed to straighten them and the expence, $110, collected out of his (Williams') estate".
P. 815. Graduate of 1862: Ovide Dupre......St. Martin's Point, La.
p. 817. Graduates of 1863: Of the matriculates with the class, Alcee Dupre,
of Louisiana, Captain, member of the Legislature.
p. 728. Commencement of 1862: In the Senior Class the 1st honor was awarded to Mr. Frank M. Leigh, of Columbus, Miss., then with the army about Corinth.
The 2nd distinction was assigned to John A. Cameron, Ovide Dupre', of Louisiana..,etc,