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Columbia, Richland County, South Carolina

The Smiths

The Smiths of Richland County and Vicinity

Felix Smith. Plat 200 acres on Santee River (Saxe-Gotha) 2 Jan. 1748. Plat 4:423 200 acres 2 Feb. 1748, N side Santee, otherwise Congaree River.

Peter Smith. Plat 50 acres on Broad River (the Congarees) 16 Sep. 1749. 100 acres 14 May 1770.

Thomas Smith. 150 acres 12 Mar. 1750.

Bartholomew Smith. Plat 100 acres near Broad River (Saxe-Gotha) 26 July 1751.

John George Smith. Plat 100 acres in Saxegotha Township 5 June 1753. Grant 100 acres in Saxegotha Township 4 July 1754. Memorial (as Smit) 100 acres on Twelve Mile Crk., Berkly Co., Saxegotha, 27 Aug. 1765.

John Bartholomew Smith from Cronica Zurkus alias Feisler, L& R, 150 acres on Santee River, opposite Saxe-Gotha Township 1762-63.

Henry Smith. 100 acres 12 Sep. 1771.

Data from Sue A.C. Lever in 1923 to Edward Luther Green for his history of Richland County.  Supplemented by files of Theresa M. Hicks:

Great Great Grandfather Stephen Smith came from England...granted land in Craven Co., Camden Dist. 1765. On a branch of Broad River called Cedar Creek, bounded: vacant land.  They settled on the creek on a very high bluff. The house is still there over 100 years old [junction of Big and Little Cedar Creeks]. [Plat Vol. 19, p. 556. Warrant 5 Nov. 1771...laid out unto Stephen Smith...150 acres on a Branch of Crooked Run in Craven Co. Bd: SW land laid out name not known and part on Michael Littner's land, SE part on Mary Boyds land and part on Jennet Boyds land, NE on John Alstons and on Agnes Boyds, NW on name unknown.  Dated 28 Mar. 1772.] There were Smiths settled on land joining old Great Great Grandfather's land. Stephen Smith's wife was Mollie. She lived to be 115 years old. Stephen was a soldier in the American Revolution in Col. Thomas Taylor's regiment. They were parents of:

            1.         Andrew Smith md. Mollie Night:

                                    Patty Smith md. David Long

                                    Stephen Smith md. Betsy Souter

            2.         Abraham Smith md. Mary. After his death, she moved away.

            3.         Sallie Smith bd. Smith burial ground between Big & Little Cedar md. _______ McGraw

            4.         Stephen Smith md. Mary Eve Hamiter (dau. of Jacob Hamiter) - She had two brothers and one sister. Jacob md. Betsy Turnipseed, Adam md. Barbary Turnipseed, Margarette md. Daniel Ruff. Adam and Barbary lived not far from the Smiths. Children of Stephen Smith:

                                    John H. Smith b. 31 Mar. 1796 d. 1867, Irwin Co., Ga. md. 1824 Sarah Hendrix b. 1806. Moved to Ga. Children:

                                                George Smith d. about 20 yrs.

                                                Jesse Smith killed in War

                                                Susan Smith md. Grady Parker

                                                Mary Smith md. Fears, then Robert Todd, then Maggard. She was living in Waxahachie, Texas.

                                                Daniel Smith b. 1831 md. Arinthia Wadsworth. Lived in Ga. and Fla.

                                                Nancy Smith md. Haithcock

                                                John Wesley Smith b. 1839 d. in War

                                    Catherine Barbary Smith b. 17 Apr. 1788 d. 7 Sep. 1881 md. 1808 George Souter b. 1783 d. 12 Feb. 1821 (son of George & Fannie Outz Souter). Children:

                                                John d. about 16 yrs.

                                                Frances (Fannie) md. Thomas Hendrix

                                                Daniel md. Charlotte Turnipseed, then Susan C. Hamiter

                                                Mary (Polly) d. about 8 yrs.

                                                George Wesley d. Sep. 1899 md. Priscilla Turnipseed d. 31 Oct. 1879 md. 1881 Sallie Kirkpatrick d. 1890

                                                Charlotte md. Jacob Leitner

                                    Mollie (Mary) Smith md. Samuel Lever (son of Jacob Lever):

                                                Jacob Lever md. _____ Corley

                                                Catherine Lever md. _____ Wingard

                                                John Lever

                                                George Lever md. Dorothy Sundricker and (2) Harriet Leitner

                                    Nancy Smith b. 21 June 1800 d. 1888 md. 1816 John Lever b. Oct., 1796 d. 26 Dec. 1877, native of Lexington Co. moved to Richland (son of Jacob (from Germany) & Mary Souter (dau. of Fannie Outz & George Souter) Lever):

                                                Mary Ann Lever b. 26 Nov. 1817 d. 13 Nov. 1831

                                                Martha Lever b. 16 Mar. 1820 d. 7 Apr. 1891 md. Daniel Leitner

                                                Stephen S. Lever b. 17 Sep. 1822 d. 10 Nov. 1862 md. Susan Turnipseed

                                                James W. Lever b. 5 May 1825 d. 2 June 1895 md. Maggie Ruff, Sallie Blair

                                                Frances K. Lever b. 1829 d. 12 Apr. 1872 md. Thomas Fridy

                                                Nancy E. Lever b. 28 Apr. 1831 d. 16 Apr. 1848

                                                John D.F. Lever b. 20 June 1834 d. 1 June 1907 md. Nannie L. Ruff

                                                Jefferson Jesse Lever b. 16 Feb. 1837 d. 30 Jan. 1913 md. 5 Oct. 1860 Susan Ann Charlotte Leitner b. 5 Oct. 1841 d. 27 June 1931. Moved to Marion Co., Fla.

                                                William H. Lever b. 24 Dec. 1839 d. 22 July 1878

                                                Susan M. Lever b. 25 June 1843 d. 11 Feb. 1914 md. William A. Ruff

Children of Adam Frederick and Barbary Turnipseed Hamiter:

            1.         Mary (Polly) md. Felix Turnipseed (1789-1866)

            2.         Nancy md. George Turnipseed

            3.         Betsy md. William DuBard. Children:

                                    Adam DuBard md. Catherine Turnipseed

                                    Phillip DuBard md. Barnhart

                                    Billy DuBard md. Nipper

                                    Nancy DuBard md. Jim Kelly

                                    Betsy DuBard md. John Barnhart

                                    Fannie DuBard md. David Turnipseed

                                    Mary DuBard md. Henry Turnipseed

                                    Katie DuBard never md.

            4.         Sucky md. Daniel Graddick

            5.         Frederick md. Elizabeth Scott

            6.         George md. Fanny Scott

            7.         John md. a McKinstry

            8.         David md. 1822 Harriet Kleckly

Children of Daniel and Margarette Ruff:

            1.         David Ruff never md.

            2.         Silas Ruff md. Judith Elkins

            3.         Daniel Ruff md. Jane E. Kennedy

            4.         Nancy Ruff md. Isaac Lang_on

Green's history: Levi Smith, a native of Virginia, a Tory, kept a store near McCord's Ferry.

Estate of Calvin Smith Box 28 pack 684, Richland Co. Adm. Bond: Samuel P. Jones, David Coalter. No date. Adm. Bond: [Dr.] Samuel Park, Robert Howell, Samuel Rowan. 4 June 1791.  Warrant for Appraisers: Samuel P. Jones. 22 Apr. 1813. Citation by Mr. Robert Howell. 7 Apr. 1794. Citation to Samuel Park 16 Apr. 1791. Published in Marshall Meeting House by James Tolleson, Minister of the Gospel.

From Green's history:

Bartlee Smyth md. Caroline Neyle (dau. of Sampson Neyle of Charleston). They were merchants. Caroline was born in England. Bartleee d. before 1802. His widow md. later Nicholas Herbemont, who had a son by a previous marriage: Alexander Herbemont. Robert Smyth d. not long after his son. Bartlee and his wife are buried at Trinity. Robert owned the land on which the rectory of Trinity stood. Robert Smyth, Esq. d. 1799. His will 1796 named: daus, Ann Harleston Smith, Mary Avis Glaze, and son, Bartlee Smyth.

From Richland Equity Record #126 (out of order on microfilm and is located following #226):  Nicholas Herbemont and Caroline his wife, late Caroline Smyth the widow of Bart. Smyth dec'd. vs. James Carson, Charlotte Marshall the widow, Wm. Pembroke Marshall, Samuel Percival and Elionor his wife, Caroline Marshall & Charles Marshall. The children of the Hon. William Marshall, dec'd. Also case of Reese heirs of Jesse Reese.

Will of Peter Smith, Richland Co. 7 July 1791 or 24 March 1797. Wife: Sarah. Daus: Catey, Nancy. [See also Equity #115, Richland Co.]

Equity Miscellaneous Papers Box 27: At the time of her death, Nancy the dau. of the testator who had intermarried with Reuban Gill, had living 2 children: Sarah now Sarah Martin and _____ now Martin the wife of Josiah Martin by me and of which circumstances the title to the said Negro Tom became vested in said Sarah and...that upon or before the death of the testator's widow the said Reuban Gill got possession of the said Negro. Dated 1815.

Sarah Smith (may have been nee Martin), wife of Peter Smith d. 1802/1808. Their children:

            Catey Smith

            Nancy Smith md. Reuben Gill [Had 3 children by Nancy and 4 or 5 children by another wife.]

Peter Smith in his will of 1797...bequests to Thomas McPherson, James McPherson son of James McPherson, dec'd. Nancy Campbell dau. of James Campbell. Peter Campbell. Witn: William McGrew, John Elders, Henry Moore.

5 Sep. 1800. Richland Co. Charlotte Smith wife of Thomas Smith named as an heir of John Faust.

Estate of Drury Smith. Box 28, pack 685, Richland Co. Adm. Bond: Sarah Smith, Claiborne Clifton, John Partridge. 28 Jan. 1803. Letters of Adm. to Richard Smith, Jr. 28 Jan. 1803.  Inventory by John Watson, Conrad Myers, Richard Smith, Sr. 9 Feb. 1803. Citation 9 Jan. 1803. Warrant for Appraisers: 28 Jan. 1803. Jesse Smith received his amount in full.

1808.  Balsier Faust...Mary Ann Smith daughter of Balsier Faust and wife of Alexander Smith.

Richland Co. Estate Box 28, pack. 683. Alexander Smith. Citation by Elindor Smith 9 Feb. 1808. Adm. Bond: Elinder Smith, John Bryce, James Strange 20 Feb. 1808. Warrant for Appraisers 20 Feb. 1808: Laban Chappell, Peter Duaker, Jacob Duaker. (Disaker?)

1810 Richland Co. Census:

Mary & Sally Smith  2 M under 10  2 F under 10  1 F 16-26  1 F 45+.

Andrew Smith        2 M under 10  2 M 10-16  1 M 26-45  2 F under 10  1 F 10-                       16 1 F 26-45

May, 1817.  Richland Co. Eliza Smith named as an heir of Andrew Domini.

Will of George Smith, Richland Co., dated 20 Nov. 1817 ...wife...grandson George Hughes son of Isaac Hughes...grandson John Smith son of Thomas Smith...son George Smith. Appraisers: Robert Miller, John D?????, John Wyche.

Edward Faust son of Balsir Faust. Mentions Aunt Charlotte Smith and her children.

Wit: J.J. Faust, John McElwain, Brother Hughes. Ex: wife and Thomas Smith. Wife: Lizzy, sons George, Thomas.

Will of William Ellis 13 Dec. 1817, Richland Co. names Martha Smith, dau. of Eleanor Smith.

Estate of Edward D. Smith Box 28, pack 686, Richland Co. Warrant for Appraisers: Sarah Tucker Smith. 11 Nov. 1819. Appraisers: D??? Faust, ????h Waring, Thomas Willison. Will 26 June 1819. Mrs. Sarah Tucker Smith, widow, Ex.

The will of John Pearson, Richland Co., in 1819 names daughter Judith Smith...son-in-law George E. Smith.

1820 Richland Co. Census:

Andrew Smith  2 M 10-16  1 M 45+  2 F 10-16  1 F 45+.

Stephen Smith 1 M 10-16  1 M 16-26  1 M 45+  1 F 45+.

27 Oct. 1822.  Richland Co. Stephen John and Rachel Smith's children: John C. Smith, Alexander Tobias Smith, Harriet Smith. Rachel Smith md. Stephen Burke.

1808. Rachel, the widow of John Smith, married Stephen Burk. [Ordinary Journal, Richland Co.]

1830 Richland Co. Census:

Jno. Smith    2 M under 5  1 M 5-10  1 M 30-40  1 F under 5 1 F 20-30.

Andrew Smith  1 M 20-30  1 M 30-40  1 M 60-70  1 F 60-70

1833.  Heirs of Christian Feltmetz: John Smith, Margaret Smith, Martha Smith (later Rawlinson), Sarah Smith (later Williams).

Equity Roll 127 & 1/2, Richland Co.: Henry McKinzie and Mariah his wife vs. Thomas Baldrick, Joseph White and Sarah his wife, Robert Weston, William R. Howell. Mariah McKinzie only child of Joseph Smith dec. of Orangeburg. Joseph Smith's widow Sarah md. Joseph White.

Congaree Baptist Church, Richland Co.: Sacred to the Memory of Mrs. Jane E. Smith consort of M.J.McD. Smith who d. 14 Aug. 1846.

1859.  Heirs of Christina Hornsby...Mary Ann wife of Reubin Smith.

Estate of William H. Smith, Richland Co. Estate Box 59, pack 1459. 27 Feb. 1868. Adm. Bond: Elias Gradick, David Gradick, Daniel W. Leitner. Feb. 14, 1868. Citation to kindred and creditors.

Died Richland County after a long and painful illness Mrs. Emma Caroline Smith in the 62nd year of her age. [Baptist Courier, Mar. 10, 1870]

Scott's Random Recollections: Isaac H. Smith, classmate of E.J. Scott. The Rev. Isaac Smith [a Methodist, preached in 1787 at Col. Thomas Taylor's - Green's history].

From the files of Theresa M. Hicks, Professional Genealogist

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