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Columbia, Richland County, South Carolina

The Smiths

The Smiths of Spartanburg County, S.C.


Came just before the Revolution from Bull Run, Va. and settled in vicinity of Glenn's Spring.  Father came from Wales, and the mother, a Miss Fleming, from France. [Some date from Landrum's history of Spartanburg] [See Numbers I through V.]

I.          James Smith

            A.        John Smith settled in Union Co., S.C.

            B.         Enoch Smith to Ala.

II.         Fleming Smith b. 1745 Fairfax Co., Va. md. Prudence Bland, dau. of JOhn Bland.

            A.        Dorcas Smith b. 1771 md. 1796 John Page b. 1777- left S.C. by 1804. [See Page file.]

III.       Thomas Smith never md.

IV.       John Smith

            A.        Thomas Smith to Georgia

            B.         Daughter

            C.        Susanna md. Thomas Finch

V.        Charles Smith md. ca. 1760 Catharine Rhodes. Revolutionary Soldier. Deacon and Moderator in Philadelphia Baptist Church in 1805. D. 1824:

            A.        Elijah Smith. Deacon of Philadelphia Baptist Church in 1803 d. 1834 md. Diana Ham (sister of James Ham):

                        1.         Moses went to Ga. ca. 1835

                        2.         William S., a mechanic. Deacon of Philadelphia Baptist Church

                        3.         Enoch H., farmer. Clerk of Philadelphia Baptist Church md. Nancy:

                                    a.         Dr. Robert M. Smith b. 19 Oct. 1833. Politician. md. Adeline Skinner of Walnut Grove, S.C.

                                    b.         Elias Smith

                                    c.         Albert Smith

                        4.         David H. Smith, blacksmith and woodworkman.

                        5.         Noah H. Smith, farmer

                                    a.         John B. Smith

                                    b.         Lecil Smith

                                    c.         W.J. Smith

                                    d.         E.B. Smith

                        6.         Colonel Daniel H. Smith, farmer md. Jane Lan(d)ford, dau. of John. Clerk and Deacon of Philadelphia Baptist Church:

                                    a.         The Rev. William Pinckney Smith md. Miss O'Shields who d. in 1898.

                                    b.         Marshall G. Smith d. 1890.

                                    c.         Ella Smith, unmd.

                                    d.         Dau. md. John W. Stribling.

            B.         Sanford Smith, blacksmith, had a gun factory, d. by 1822 (Spartanburg Co. Estate #1760) md. 15 Jan. 1801 Mary Morrow, (dau. of Samuel Morrow, Revolutionary Soldier, and Janet Nelson) b. 13 Sep. 1782, Spartanburg Co., S.C. - estate 1854 (Spartanburg Co., S.C. #1546) Two of the daughters went to Ala.; one went to Illinois. Children:

                        1.         Samuel M. Smith

                        2.         David M. Smith

                        3.         Robert R. Smith, a mechanic

                        4.         Martha Smith md. Robert Story

                        5.         Jane Smith md. Enoch Finch

                        6.         Amanda Harriet Smith b. 22 Feb. 1823 d. 7 Feb. 1897 md. 3 Aug. 1843 Berryman H. Bearden (son of John H. Bearden (b. 1785 d. 29 Mar. 1846) and Rhoda Moore (d. 1 July 1885, Conway Co., Ark) (or son of Lilly, a Cherokee Indian) and grandson of John Bearden (b. 1744/1755 d. 1840) and Nancy Hillman - members of Tyger River Church) b. 1 Mar. or 1 Nov. 1824 d. 18 Dec. 1894, a Baptist minister and farmer. Went to Conway Co., Ark. [Some of data on this family from Jerri Shaw (See her file) and from Luther Bearden, 2110 Sylvia Drive, Batesville, Ark. 72501-7765]

                        7.         Catherine Smith md. Robert H. Johnson

                        8.         Sarah b. ca. 1809 md. David H. Smith b. ca. 1809, son of Elijah Smith. [In 1850 Spartanburg Co. Census]

                        9.         Nancy Smith md. Enoch H. Smith, son of Elijah Smith:

                                    a.         Martha Smith b. ca. 1820 md. Gabriel Moore b. ca. 1810 [In 1850 Spartanburg Co. Census]

                                    b.         J.M. Smith

                                    c.         R.M. Smith

                                    d.         E.S. Smith

                                    e.         A.S. Smith

                                    f.          Sarah C. Smith

            C.        William Smith, gunsmith, d. by 1804 md. Sarah/Sallie Trail:

                        1.         Franklin Smith. [Did he die 1815?]

                        2.         Daughter md. Giles Bearden b. 1799 ‑ Friendship Baptist Church on Dutchman's Creek. [Think she was Elizabeth.]

            D.        Daniel Smith md. Elizabeth Trail

            E.         Moses Smith drowned a young man, unmd., 1814

            F.         Aaron Smith - to Missouri

            G.        Martha Smith md. Hugh White

            H.        Abigail Smith md. Joseph Golightly ‑ went west

            I.          Elizabeth Smith md. Robert Page

            J.          Rachel Smith md. James Page

            K.        Ann Smith md. William Page [Three sisters married three brothers.]

            L.         Mary Smith md. George Sloan


William Smith of Wrightstown, Pa. md. Mercy:

I.          Ralph from Bucks Co., Pa. to S.C. in 1765. Md. 1750 Mercy Penquite. Moved to Spartanburg after first wife died. Md. 1761 Ann Hibbs of N.J. One account says he was raised among the Quakers of N.J. but did not follow them; however, see Quaker records. Justice of the Peace. Revolutionary Soldier:

            A.        William Smith b. 20 Sep. 1751, Bucks Co., Pa. Revolutionary Soldier. Stationed for a time in Wood's Fort, near Beaver Dam Crk. County Court Judge. State Senator.  U.S. Congressman. D. 22 June 1837, in the 86th year of his age. Md. Mourning Bearden. dau. of Mrs. Lettice Bearden, who was a sister of Gen. Richard Winn of Fairfield Dist., S.C.

                        1.         Isaac Smith. Colonel. Senator. Representative. Md. a Miss Barry

                        2.         Eber Smith, M.D. d. 1827. (Spartanburg Co. Estate #1998) Representative. Md. a dau. of Gen. Thomas Moore. Md. (2) Jane Ashford of Fairfield Dist.

                                    a.         First marriage: Aaron Smith. 

                                    b.         Second marriage: 1 son, George Ashford Smith who d. 1858 in Charleston, S.C. He inherited a tract in Fairfield Co.

                        3.         John Winn Smith, M.D. Changed name to Winsmith. Representative.  Senator. Delegate to State Convention of 1852. Md. Catherine Faber.

                        4.         Elihu Penquite Smith. Representative. Md. Christina Faber. 9 children.

                        5.         Eliphas Twining Smith. Judge. To Ala. Md. Elizabeth, dau. of General Washington Earle. Md. 2nd in Jacksonville, Ala.

                        6.         Ralph Smith. Merchant and farmer. Md. Susan Turner of Clarke Co., Ga.

                        7.         William Smith. Moved to Fairfield Dist. Planter. Md. a Miss Ashford of Fairfield Dist.

                        8.         Aaron Smith

                        9.         Lettice Smith md. William Jenkins of Chester Dist. Moved to Talladega, Ala.

                        10.       Massey Smith md. Thomas Rabb of Fairfield Dist.

                        11.       Polly/Mary Smith md. Joel G. Brewton of Spartanburg Dist.

                        12.       Jane C. Smith md. William Bogan of Union Co.

                        13.       Sarah Smith

            B.         Samuel Smith. Revolutionary Soldier.

            C.        Aaron Smith. Revolutionary Soldier. Killed at Battle of Cowpens.

            D.        Rachel Smith

E Zapher/Zopher Smith


John Smith b. 15 Nov. 1779, Baltimore Co., Md. d. 15 Oct. 1865, near Fulton Presbyterian Church near Greer. Md. 6 Jan. 1799 at Nazareth Presbyterian Church to Ellen McElrath b. 1781, County Down, Ireland, d. 10 Jan. 1863 near Greer. John Smith was a member of the Episcopal Church but since there was no Episcopal Church in the Greer area, he became a member and an Elder in historic Nazareth Presbyterian Church in 1815. When he removed to below Greer, he was a member of Mt. Tabor Presbyterian Church. He helped organize and was a member of Fulton Presbyterian Church. Children: 

I.seq level1 \h \r0 > Jane Smith 1800‑1886 md. 1816 Henry Howe

II William Smith 1803‑1857 md. 1825 Lucinda Ford

III Mary Smith 1805‑1857 md. 1831 Lewis W. Ford

IV.       Robi(n)son Smith b. 11 May 1807 md. 1826 Mary M. Ford

V.        Nathaniel Smith b. 1810 md. 1840 Elizabeth McClimons and in 1858 Martha Glenn

VI.       John Thomas Smith 1812‑1887 md. 1833 Nancy A. Wood

VII.      Michael McClimons Smith 1815‑1866 md. 1844 Mary Ann Dickson

VIII.     Samuel G. Smith b. 1817 md. 1840 Elizabeth Wood

IX.       Henry Dickson Smith b. 1820 md. 1839 Charlotte Wood and after her death to Mary Wood

X.        Elizabeth Smith b. 1823 md. 1848 T.W. Jones

XI.       Oliver Perry Smith b. 1826 killed by lightning 1853 md. Jane E. Glenn.


Spartanburg Co., S.C. Records:

1804. Charles Smith returned into court a citation issued in favour of his claim on the estate of William Smith his son & petitioned on act. of an infirm state of Body that his claim be no longer considered & Sandford Smith claimed the Adm.

1805. Inventory of 2d Sale of estate of William Smith dec'd. return on oath of Sandford Smith.

1807.  Sanford Smith, admr.of Wm. Smith Gun Smith decd. returned a full settlement with Salley Smith widow of said decd. having alotted and paid her one third....

1819.  Settlement of estate of William Smith by Sanford Smith, admr. being 3 legatees. Franklin Smith an heir of William Smith who is a minor above age of 14. Isaac Compton, his gdn. Elizabeth Smith, minor above age of 14. James Moore, gdn.

1808.  Granted a Citation to Jane & Wm. Ross Smith on estate of James Smith dec'd.  Granted Letter of Adm. to Jane & Wm. Ross Smith on estate of Capt. James Smith.

1814.  Granted Charles Smith to adm. estate of Moses Smith.

Will of Edward Smith recorded 15 Aug. 1814. To Wife: her decease to be divided among my seven children: Charles Smith, Holman Smith, son‑in‑law John Lipscomb, David Lipscomb, Richard Simmons, Reuben Smith and John Willis, my two sons to be liberal to my three daus: Betsey, Frances & Patsey; to son‑ in‑law William Burton; to son‑in‑law Thomas Smith; heirs of my son William Smith. 17 Apr. 1815. Wit: William Smith, Moses Waters, Betsey Waters. Proved by William Smith.

1815.  Granted a citation to Elijah Smith to admr. estate of Daniel Smith, dec'd.

Will of Charles Smith, yeoman...grandchildren, children of my decd. son William; to grandchildren, children of my dec'd. son Daniel; to the Philladelphia Meeting House; rest of my estate to son Aaron, allowing my Dear wife her living, and allowing my son Elijah, half of my Blacksmith tools; after making my daughters equally alike with what the one has received, and as to my son, Sandford dec'd., I have given him all that I can afford. Son Aaron, sole exr. 14 Dec. 1822. Wit: E. Underwood, James Rainwater, Edward Lipscombe.

Will of Eber Smith, Phisician, 6 Oct. 1827. Son: Aaron Smith; son George Ashford Smith...tract in Fairfield Dist, being his mother's distributive share of her father's real estate; to my present wife Jane Smith; remainder divided between my sons Aaron and George; my brother, John W. Smith, exr. Wit: Wm. P. Underwood, Richard Underwood, Obadiah Vise.

Will of William Smith. Son: Eber Smith; son: Ralph Smith; son: Isaac Smith; son: William Smith; son: John Winn Smith and Elihu Penquite Smith; dau.: Sarah Smith; dau.: Jane Smith. 9 children. Lettice wife of William Jenkins, Eber Smith, Sarah Smith, Mary wife of Joel G. Brewton, Jane C. Smith, John Winn Smith, Elihu P. Smith, Massey wife of Thomas A. Robb, Eliphus Twining Smith. Wife: Mourning Smith. 3 Oct. 1835. Wit: James Hamm, Mark Bennett, Turner Roundtree. Proved 10 July 1837.

See also Landrum's history.

Quaker Records in S.C.:

David and Hannah Smith from Pa.

1776.  William, Aaron, and Rachel (children of Ralph Smith).

1776.  Zopher Smith, son of Ralph.

1778.  William Smith.

1779.  Daniel Smith.

1784.  David Smith.

David Smith, son of William and Mercy Croasdale Smith of Pa. MOU 1761 Hannah Hibbs, dau. of Jeremiah & Hannah Jones Hibbs...moved to Padget Crk., Union Co., S.C. Entered again into unity. [Their children are recorded in Bush River Monthly Meeting.]


From the files of Theresa M. Hicks, Professional Genealogist

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