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Camp Events & Activities
Charles Devens Jr. Camp No. 10, Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

The Devens Camp meets (unless otherwise noted) at the South Carolina Confederate Relic Room & Military Museum in Columbia, South Carolina, with the meeting starting at 1:00 p.m. The meetings are open to the public and anyone interested in the Camp is more than welcome to attend these Meetings. For more information on the Events & Activities of the Charles Devens Jr. Camp No. 10, please contact either the Camp Commander or the Camp Secretary.

2012 (1862)

April 27th to 29th: 5th Annual Department Encampment, Roswell, Georgia

May 19th to 20th: Living History, Fort Moultrie, So. Carolina

May 28th: Memorial Day Services, National Cemetery, Florence, So. Carolina

June 15th to 17th: 150th Fort Lamar Memorial Service & Living History, James Island, So. Carolina

June 23rd: Camp Meeting & Barbeque, Sumter, So. Carolina

August 25th: Camp Meeting & Grave Marking, Columbia, So. Carolina

December 1st: Camp Meeting, Columbia, So. Carolina

December 8th: Wreath's Across America, National Cemetery, So. Carolina

Graves Registration Project

In 1995, the National Organization adopted a resolution forming a National Graves Registration Project to help create and maintain a national database of the burial sites of veterans of the Civil War. The efforts of this project have resulted in the collection of gravesite information from across the nation.

While participating in this project, S.U.V.C.W. Camps and members serve their communities in several different ways. Many Camps compile lists of locally buried Civil War veterans and donate them to local historical societies and libraries as well as answer inquiries from families about a Civil War ancestor’s grave location. Other Camps create websites about their efforts and make grave location information available on the Internet, or volunteer at local National Cemeteries to help create computerized burial registers and compile historic information about the cemeteries and the people buried in them.

Another local benefit of this project’s efforts is the identification of the unmarked burial sites of Civil War veterans. Many members, after finding an unmarked veteran’s grave, request and place a Civil War military headstone at the site, a final tribute to an otherwise unknown hero.

Departments, comprised of a group of Camps in their respective states, provide a network that allows the smooth flow of information and requests to and from the National Organization.

At the national level, the National Graves Registration Officer provides a secure, central data repository for all members and Camps to send their gathered information. The information is submitted on forms provided by the National Organization, or through the online National Graves Registration Database via the Internet. To access the site, go to Scroll down the opening page to a section called “Quick Links” and click the button titled “National Graves Registration Database.” Once there, you simply create an account and once it is approved, the National Graves Registration Officer will send you an email approval for online data entry to the National Graves Registration Committee who will then verify the information and put it into the permanent database.

The success of the National Graves Registration Project depends on the devotion of members and friends to serve the memory of the Civil War veterans in their communities.

For more information visit the National Graves Registration Project.

Florence National Cemetery in Florence, South Carolina

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