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The work you'll find on the Tombstone Project pages is very important.  Every day another cemetery is destroyed by development or lost to neglect.  Even without human interference, some of these grave markers are getting old and we soon won't be able to read them at all.

For those interested in cemetery preservation, there are a number of publications and organizations actively involved in that work.  It is truly sad the number of monuments damaged by well meaning conservators who lack the requisite knowledge to actually preserve the monuments.

Browse around the Tombstone Project and other cemetery pages a bit and see if there is a cemetery out there that you might be willing to tackle the transcription of.  If you do find useful information in one of these transcriptions, take a minute to thank the transcriber.  Their continued dedication to cemetery transcriptions is what provides many of us with that single clue that "cracks the case open..." 

Note that we do not maintain any of these archives.  They are the generous donations of time from others working in the provision of free genealogical information...

sctombstone.gif (100x86 -- 6762 bytes)The Tombstone Transcription Project has placed a great resource page of Cherokee County cemeteries at:

Bill Floyd has created a great resource online called The Cemeteries of the area that was Old Tryon County NC and Upper SC which lists many cemeteries of interest to Cherokee County researchers.  Don't miss his page!


Cherokee County Cemeteries

The following are some Cemeteries located in Cherokee County. Any correction or additions would be appreciated!  This is a table compiled by Paul Sarratt and edited by Victoria Proctor prior to 1999 with some additions since then as we are made aware of them.

We've added a few which were found through GIS and web searches as well as researcher contributions.  Very few of these transcriptions are maintained on this server but instead, links are provided to the external source.

Those in hyperlink have been transcribed and have data listed online.  Do you have a transcription of one of these cemeteries that isn't already online? 

Cemetery Name Location
Abingdon Cemetery Wilkinsville
Antioch Baptist Cemetery near Grover
Antioch 3 Cemetery Grover
Asbury Cemetery Pacolet
Austell Cemetery

Austell Cemetery

Berry Memorial Baptist Church Gaffney
Beulah Cemetery  
Old Blacksburg Cemetery Blacksburg
Blalock Cemetery  
Bridges Cemetery  
Buffalo Baptist Church Cemetery Gaffney
Burns Cemetery  
Byars 1 Cemetery  
Byars 2 Cemetery  
Byars 3 Cemetery  
Camp 1 Cemetery  
Camp 2 Cemetery  
Canaan Cemetery  
Cherokee Creek Baptist Cemetery  
Christian Fellowship  
Clary Cemetery  
Clingham Memorial Cemetery  
Concord Cemetery  
Corinth Cemetery  
Crestview Cemetery  
Deal Cemetery  
Divine True Holiness Cemetery  
Dye Cemetery  
Ellis 2 Cemetery  
Etter Cemetery East of Blacksburg
Fairview Cemetery  
Frederick Memorial Gardens  
Furnace Place Cemetery  
Gaffney Memorial Park  
Galilee Cemetery  
Goode Cemetery  
Gordon 1 Cemetery  
Gordon 2 Cemetery  
Green Bethel Cemetery  
Heathcock Cemetery  
Holt Cemetery Blacksburg
Hopewell Cemetery  
Horton Cemetery Chesnee
Horton Cemetery # 2 Chesnee
Howser Cemetery  
Huskey Cemetery near Gaffney
Huskins Cemetery  
Island Creek Cemetery  
Johnson Cemetery Chesnee
Jolly Cemetery  
Jones 1 Cemetery  
Jones 2 Cemetery  
Limestone Cemetery  
Linder Cemetery near Gaffney
Lipscomb Cemetery  
Little Memorial Cemetery  
Love Springs Cemetery Cowpens
Macedonia Cemetery Cowpens
Robert Martin Cemetery near Cowpens National Battlefield
Midway Baptist Church  
Mikes Creek Cemetery Boiling
Mount Paran Cemetery Blacksburg
Mount Sinai 2 Cemetery Gaffney
Mount View Cemetery Blacksburg
Mount View Cemetery Cowpens
Mount Zion Cemetery Pacolet
Mullinax Cemetery Kings
New Pleasant Baptist Cemetery Cowpens
Oak Grove Cemetery Kings
Oakland Cemetery Gaffney
Painter Cemetery Chesnee
Parker Cemetery Abingdon Creek
Pine Grove Cemetery Blacksburg
Pleasant Grove 1 Cemetery Hickory
Providence Cemetery Gaffney
Robbs Cemetery Boiling
Rock Springs Cemetery Blacksburg
Ross Cemetery Blacksburg
St Peters Baptist Church Cemetery Grover
Sandpit Cemetery Boiling
Sarratt 1 Cemetery Blacksburg
Sarratt 2 Cemetery Boiling
Sarratt 3 Cemetery Boiling
Shady Grove Cemetery Cowpens
Smith Cemetery  
Smith 2 Cemetery Gaffney
Smith 3 Cemetery Grover
State Line Baptist Cemetery Chesnee
Stewart Cemetery Grover
Suck Creek Cemetery Chesnee
Watkins Cemetery Cowpens
Whig Hill Cemetery Pacolet
White Plains Cemetery  
Williams Cemetery near Cowpens National Battlefield
Willis Cemetery Pacolet
Wisher Cemetery near Blacksburg
Youngs Grove Cemetery Blacksburg

If you would like to work on a transcription project at one of the above cemeteries or, if you have already transcribed a cemetery and would like to ad your work to these resources, please drop us a line.  You might also consider donating transcripts to the SCGenWeb Archives or to Bill Floyd's collection...

The following are drawn from GNIS-SC listing of cemeteries in Cherokee County SC.
CLINGHAM MEMORIAL CEMETERY : cemetery : Cherokee : 350759N 0812902W : Grover (NC)
FREDERICK MEMORIAL GARDENS : cemetery : Cherokee : 350622N 0814142W : Gaffney
GAFFNEY MEMORIAL PARK : cemetery : Cherokee : 350142N 0814230W : Gaffney
LIMESTONE CEMETERY : cemetery : Cherokee : 350313N 0813944W : Gaffney
MOUNTAIN VIEW CEMETERY : cemetery : Cherokee : 350659N 0813139W : Blacksburg South
OAKLAND CEMETERY : cemetery : Cherokee : 350335N 0813901W : Gaffney
PLEASANT GROVE CEMETERY : cemetery : Cherokee : 345333N 0812958W : Hickory Grove
WHIG HILL CEMETERY : cemetery : Cherokee : 345738N 0813920W : Pacolet Mil


bs00554_.gif (78x66 -- 9922 bytes)There is also a very good collection of cemetery transcriptions in print form in the family history collection of the Cherokee County Public Library.


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