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An index of the 1920 Census of Cherokee County South Carolina is online in the SCGenWeb Archives for the county....


There are far too many professionally run databases online for us to consider posting family files to this page by ftp.  Instead we encourage everyone interested in posting such files to consider the following resources:

Wills, Biographies, Obits, Deeds, and other historical documents are appreciated by the Cherokee County SCGenWeb archives at http://www.rootsweb.com/~usgenweb/sc/sca_cher.html these files are searchable and help increase hits and connections to cousins.  Send contributions to Victoria Proctor.

Family Search of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints provides a great resource of searchable records and family histories.  Instructions for submitting new information is provided on their web.

Rootsweb, World Family Tree, and Ancestry.com each have searchable databases of user GedCom submissions.  GenCircles provides a unique service in that their database searches for matches within submitted GedComs automatically and they also provide for automatic indexing by GENDEX and GeneaNet.

The Cherokee County SCGenWeb query board (hosted by Rootsweb) is a good place to post questions, comments, and documents.  That board automatically sends all posts to the SCCherok-L@rootsweb.com mailing list.

Inclusion in this list does not indicate any specific endorsement of these sites by the Cherokee County SCGenWeb Project, the SCGenWeb Project, or the USGenWeb Project.

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