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If you are hunting ancestors then this is the page to look at.  Happy hunting.

I know, an all inclusive table of links is nearly impossible.  Cyndi's List is pretty close to "all inclusive" though.  We've put here links to places that we thought you might find helpful and some links that you might otherwise not know about.  Hopefully you'll find them helpful.

We will place a reciprocal link simply for the asking.  Just write to the webmaster at the email address in the footer.

Interesting information...

Some useful genealogy terms and definitions are found at
Free online genealogy instruction is available from the LDS Church and BYU presents a good glossary of genealogical terms.
SK Publications makes copies of census records in print and CD
There is often good historical material on eBay.  Search for old maps, atlases, genealogy books, magazines & newspapers and church histories...  Be careful, some sellers have used products or poor photo-copies that are priced higher than presently available full retail.

Cherokee County Specific Links

SCGenWeb Archives - Cherokee County
SCGenWeb Tombstone Project - Cherokee County
The Cherokee Chronicle Newspaper
Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce
Cherokee County Public Libraries
The Gaffney Ledger Newspaper
Limestone College, Gaffney South Carolina
Welcome to Gaffney

Related Genealogical Societies

National Genealogical Society
Association of Professional Genealogists
South Carolina Genealogical Society
North Carolina Genealogical Society
Broad River Genealogical Society, Shelby NC
York County Genealogical and Historical Society, Rock Hill SC
Genealogical Society of Old Tryon County, Forest City NC
Pinckney District Chapter, South Carolina Genealogical Society
P.O. Box 1428 - Spartanburg, SC 29304
The Piedmont Historical Society, Upstate SC
Is there a Cherokee County South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Society that is not a sub-group of an existing multi-area society?  If not, why not?

Our neighbors USGenWeb sites

USGenWeb Project
South Carolina SCGenWeb Project
North Carolina NCGenWeb Project
Spartanburg County South Carolina SCGenWeb Project (a parent county)
Union County South Carolina SCGenWeb Project (a parent county)
York County South Carolina SCGenWeb Project (a parent county)
Cleveland County North Carolina NCGenWeb Project
Rutherford County North Carolina NCGenWeb Project

The several family history search engines

some of these have both paid and free services

Family Tree Software

I've used Family Tree Maker, Family Origins, Personal Ancestral File, and Legacy Family Tree.  I've found that each had advantages and disadvantages and I've also found that each has a truly loyal following.  I presently use Legacy Family Tree version 4 almost exclusively, I like it - it has all of the tools that I need - it meets my needs well.  Some people don't like it and prefer something else.  Only you can decide which you like best.
If cost is among your primary considerations then check out Personal Ancestral File or Legacy Family Tree.  They are both full featured programs that are available for download free.  If what you want is a high availability of supporting CDs then Family Tree Maker is a good bet.  In my opinion, Family Origins has the best file merging function out there.
One of the best reviews that I've seen is called the Genealogy Software Report Card.

Links to the Rootsweb message boards for the several Cherokee Counties:

Cherokee County, South Carolina
Cherokee County, Georgia
Cherokee County, Alabama
Cherokee County, Iowa
Cherokee County, Kansas
Cherokee County, Oklahoma
Cherokee County, Texas
Cherokee County, North Carolina

Links to GenCircles message boards for the several Cherokee Counties.

Cherokee County, Alabama
Cherokee County, Georgia
Cherokee County, Iowa
Cherokee County, Kansas
Cherokee County, North Carolina
Cherokee County, Oklahoma
Cherokee County, South Carolina
Cherokee County, Texas


Genealogy Forms and Tables

Blank forms at Ancestors provided in .pdf format.
You need the free adobe acrobat reader  in order to download a .pdf form.
Family Tree Magazine has posted some forms online in .doc format.  You need a word processor like Miscrosoft Word or WordPerfect in order to download a .doc file.

There is also a pretty good article (IMHO) about variant name spellings in the Family Tree Magazine archives.  Written by your webmaster...  :-)
Our "How to Get Started" page explains some of the basics of family tree research...
A great page with information about where to begin your research and some useful forms is Genealogy Instructions for Beginners...
Duane and Mary have presented some fantastic forms online.
Need to calculate relationships?  2nd cousin or 1st cousin once removed?
Try this chart.
Need a quick understanding of what is a "First Cousin twice removed" versus a "Second Cousin"?  Try this article...


some of my vintage and antique postcard images: 

which are stored here more for my convenience than any other reason -- enjoy!

USGenWeb volunteers may link directly to my graphics if desired -- all others, please load them to your own pages....

also visit the SCGenWeb postcard collection



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